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Topic: Realm Grinder / Everything is Awesome (35k buildings at R13 and other benefits) Booster Build

R13, 11.73 Vg (1.173e64)
Easily got to 33k buildings, and starting to slow a bit. Going to leave it up while I sleep and should be able to get the 35k by then.

EDIT: Nope. Only got about 100 more buildings. Ending this run with 33,755 buildings total.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / I love you.

I only love my cats.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Grey Screen Issue with Angel Bloodline

I’ve had issues with grey screen as well. Sometimes I can tell it’s going to happen, other times it happens overnight. It’s very frustrating to lose a bonus just because the game has an issue.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Update issues

Use pastebin. Shouldn’t be posting saves on here anyways.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Anticlick Challenge?

Except it’s very unlikely that something like this would be put in, due to the potential for extreme abuse.

How about thinking of other ways to do an anticlick challenge that would be achievable for someone who’s on a further reincarnation?

Originally posted by Audaces:

My case exactly, and I can unlock them now, because 36h playtime is so unprofitable… I normally soft reset at least once an hour.

So? This is an idle type game. Take a break and get them. It’s not a race.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Balance of Heritages

I agree that the Undead Heritage giving +3 assistants does feel very weak compared to any of the other heritages. I have no opinion on the other heritages.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Autoclicker/Injuries

Originally posted by PIELIKEI:

I play this game on a laptop while programming. I have a youtube video playing on another computer and am siting on a futon. If you don’t play this game on a laptop, or if you aren’t programming, or if you don’t watch a video while playing this game and sit on a futon. YOU ARE PLAYING THIS GAME WRONG. The only true way of playing a single player online game is my way. Because I’m always right.
Youtube is a free, large online service, that helps distract you while you play idle games. Dont play idles if you dont want to watch youtube.
Now. You must play this game on a laptop like I do. Otherwise that is cheating. Because some computers have better graphics, you can see the buttons in higher definition and therefore can click them better. Also, if you hooked your laptop up to a tv screen/moniter, that is also cheating because all the buttons become bigger and easier to see.
Now if you aren’t programming this is inherently unfair. That is because all the time I could be watching numbers slowly go up like you, I am spending looking for bugs. Which means that you are spending more time on this game than I do. This is cheating.

I see your futon and raise the bid with a bed. Every one should be able to comfortably play while sleeping. Just tape your finger to the mouse or something, you’ll figure it out.
Youtube? Pfft. That doesn’t include everything I want to watch. I’m too busy watching all of SG-1 again.
Laptop? Nope. I’m totally ruining your game by using a full computer. With a nice widescreen monitor. gasp HOW DARE I RUIN YOUR GAME BY DOING NOTHING THAT HAS ANY EFFECT ON YOU?!?
And instead of programming… I’m playing other idle games. You are wasting your time programming when you could be playing multiple idle games at once!

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Topic: Realm Grinder / What faction should i choose

Right here, 4th post.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / dwarves/drow

I got the 200 excavations done with under 15 Qi gems. However, the last 10-15 excavations were one per soft reset. And then back to grinding gems so that I could get the coins up to actually finish unlocking.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Auto Clicker Cap at 30 :(

I do use an autoclicker. It’s an older one, very easy to use, and caps at 10 cps. So this game capping at 30cps does not affect me.
I use the autoclicker for my enjoyment and to not hurt my hand (or destroy my mouse) playing all these clicking games.
Do I care if some one else has gotten further than I have with a better one or without using one at all? Nope! I don’t compare myself to the leader boards. On almost every game that has them, there’s some one who’s rigged their game to cheat and get an insanely high score.

Do I approve of the cap to cps? I honestly don’t care either way. People are going to abuse the system anyways.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Suggestion: Workspace line

CyrikRiand, same resolution, but I don’t leave firefox full screen. I have it windowed so that it takes up 3/4th, and I keep an eye on other stuff in the background. to give you an idea of about where it’s usually at. Sometimes not as wide, but never goes less than half screen.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / Suggestion: Workspace line

Any time you have more than one workspace available, it turns into 2 lines. When it drops down to 1 or 0 workspace available, it reduces to 1 line. Frequently this has lead me to place the last one some where I didn’t want it.
Is there a way to widen the area where the number of workspaces available is so that it stays either one line or two lines? I honestly don’t care which, I would just like it to stay the same no matter what number is there.

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Topic: Trimps: General Discussion / What makes a good map?

Not the “Legendary” map, but I think it comes pretty close!
Size 33
Difficulty 82%
Loot 155%

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Bastille Day Mini Quest!

Helped him find 10 horses, only 4 were used in the parade. The others must be spares.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Survey]Players Tastes & Achievements

1. Elves.
2. Angels. To get the most out of them, you have to be on top of casting everything. Haven’t gotten to the latest casting upgrades on them, as I just started on neutrals.
3. Angels, I think. Possibly Fairies.
4. Undead.
5. 9.4 B
6. 44.25 No
7. 6139
8. 13.57m
9. 19,903

I’ve only recently unlocked the Neutrals, so haven’t had much time to form an opinion either way on any of them.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Trimps Classic] 2 questions

Originally posted by wooli:

Perhaps offline only calculates the resource gained from the shrimps and does not do battles.

Actually, I kind of agree with this. Since the battles are pretty complex, it would make sense for those to be an active thing only.

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Topic: Project Restoration / Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support

I have been trying to make sawdust. I have put brush in the machine about 20 times, and have only gotten 4 sawdust.

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Topic: General Gaming / Terraria Vs. Minecraft

I like, and play, both.
Terraria is good for its 2d style, has a variety of bosses and setups with gear and weapons already in the game.
Minecraft… It’s awesome for the near unlimited modding possibilities. Want to ride a chocobo? Yep, there’s a mod for that. Bee breeding, different trees, insane amount of decorating mods, magic mods, weaponry, technical, anything. There’s even a questing mod. Just look at some of the popular packs that have been set up by people.

Terraria is great for straight game playing, Minecraft is way better for changing up the rules whenever you want.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Add Me Thread V3

Added everyone on this page who posted before me.

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Topic: Time World / New people!

100% here for the badges only, then getting away from it. So boring…

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / PvP for gp!

Sure. Add PVP.
Don’t add any extra bonus things for it, as it’s just for fun. And don’t stick in any penalties either. Have it turned off by default, and people can turn it on.

I feel PvP has no real part in this game, but if it’s wanted, you shouldn’t hurt those who don’t like it. When it feels like you have to PvP to keep up or get things that you need, it becomes not so fun.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Why this Update blows! (V 2.0)

The new UI is not as nice. It’s cluttered and bright. The scrolling from price to buy is quite annoying.
Every time I click on upgrades, Unity crashes. And I have to completely shut down firefox, as it shows the screen that it crashed on in every tab until I do so.

This is the end of my AdVenture Capitalist gaming. It’s gone from good, better, awesome to utter crap with this latest update. I’ll miss my lemonade stands, but I’ll live.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] It's annoying to explode when you run out of fuel.

Think of it more as a human than a robot. If you as a human run out of fuel, you die. So if the machine (AI lifeform) runs out of fuel, you “die” and the entire memory for that trip is gone with that reincarnation of yourself.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / To LanderZ, DotD Council Suggestions (From a Cow)

Also with guilds, something to share a raid with just your guild, rather than posting it in chat. As it is now, it takes two lines and cuts the link in half to post it in guild. Tinyurl is a way to get around it… But I’ve seen enough trouble with tinyurl links leading to other trouble that I hesitate to use them.

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Topic: Outernauts / some suggestions

Originally posted by TeaLike:

6. something for pvp player, and something for pve lover and female players. dont make it fight fight and fight. make some skillful challenge to get lovely dress . desigh some lovely and very rare pets .

Okay. I’m on other forums where yes, we get an avatar to dress up. I know some guys who love it more than the girls do. Please don’t be sexist.
We’re also in a quasi-military group (The Outernauts! And of course Major Stache!), so yeah, some uniforms are standard. But we do have options on what gear to wear. It’s not about style, look at the bonus for each piece of equipment.

Originally posted by PasMieux:

Possibility to enhance the metal type of your beast when you fuse the same two beasts ?

There are metal shards to change the metal of your beast before you fuse. Or after. Plan ahead and maximize your benefits!

Originally posted by PasMieux:

PVP. I am not that much interested. I just fight back the people who beat me to check how that was possible in the first place, I am so strong. More seriously, it is more to check what beast pack they use. Which means nothing, since they possibly changed for some others in between, so… And it is a bit unfair, how can you manage w 3 beasts if your opponent has 6 ?

You can get Star Gems (premium currency) in game. Yes, it is unfair. You can save up your SG to get another slot opened. The 4th slot is only 50 SG. 5th is 100, 6th is 200. A lot of people bought SG with real money. Supporting the game and the developers. This is common in many many games. Why not give them a bonus or a boost?
BUT. Outernauts does give you the chance to get SG without buying them. Save what you get, plan ahead for what you want or need to get ahead.

The game is still being developed, there are things for more endgame playability (other than breeding) in the works. Keep an eye on their website!