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Topic: Wild West Town / Grey screen

I have been trying for weeks to play this game, I have never been able to..It just sits on a grey screen and nothing ever happens. I am using Chrome and I have tried IE and Firefox, no luck. Flash is updated.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Friend Whack Cap

I think this was a needed change. Bushwhacker should not be a “he who can add the most people wins” type game, which with unlimited whacks it was. 100 a week to me is a fine amount, it could be a few more..I agree with the 25 a day. 25 energy packs a day, 25 friend whacks a day. Energy games are not meant to be played non-stop that is why they use energy. If you are complaining about not being able to play non-stop maybe energy games are not for you.