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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / What to buy

Originally posted by RoyWolfgramm:
Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Buy KSG! Cheap and fun to play with. :D

^ Troll

Actually KSG is quite a fun to play with. Considering OP didn’t mentioned his skills, playstyle, fav maps – why not KSG then?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / The ST Kinetics CPW should be added in the game?

Sako TRG should be added in the game.
Legendary weapon, strange it’s still not here.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / What to buy

Buy KSG! Cheap and fun to play with. :D

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to badge more MMOs

I also would like to have more chinese MMOs on Kong. And idle games too! Those are the best!

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / SMG, which one?

Wondered why no one mentioned PDR and Veresk, quite decent SMGs with easy tasks.
Haven’t tried MPX, though somehow I think it has nothing unique to add to game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to rename Kongregate to "Idlegate"


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Topic: Kongregate / how to get rich off of kong

“Warriors are coiming!”


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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / my last buy for now

Quite a nice secondary, though I like GSh-18 much more.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Noveske vs ACR (post WC)

There are countless topics comparing ACR and Noveske, two of the most used GP weapons. But it mostly comes to comparing those two with and without w-tasks. And most importantly – not considering future wc for both weapons.

Let’s theorize about which one will be better after both of them receive WC (I suppose it won’t take too much time for it). Considering both rifles are AR-15 based, it should be fine to predict both will have quite similar WC trees close to M4A1.

With WC ACR users will finally be able to replace that ugly Eotech to something clearer, making ADS on long ranges even more deadly. Noveske on the other hand will be quite usable even without w-task and that tiny collimator could be replaced as well.

So what will be better? ACR’s 40 round mag or Noveske’s mobility?

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Avatar Wall

Sure :)

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Topic: Ballistic / Anyone going to buy overkill?

I suppose I’ll give it a try if it’s ~10$ or less.
Ballistic without all those OP legendaries should be fun.

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Topic: Ballistic / Bring back Ballistic kongregate

Originally posted by DERPgaming1:
Originally posted by DRACC45:

i made this topic for anything who wants ballistic back i say get rid of that rule breaking piece of crap Contract Wars that game sucks the graphics are bad and no one likes it if you agree to bringing Ballistic back give this topic a like

Idiot Contract Wars IS SIMPLY BETTER than this piece of crap game. Are you serious? do you know what good graphics are? what an idiot.

CW and Ballistic are very different games. Though hit detection and general gun-play were better in Ballistic.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Noob weapons?

I won’t call Noveske Silenced a noob gun, as it’s w-task requires some significant skill to complete (noobs like me can’t do it). SA58 OSW task isn’t easy either and is quite grindy.

For me ultimate noob guns are both TKPDs, as they require no w-tasks and are absurdly easy to use.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / guys quick question on wat the LAST weapon I should buy?

I agree on sidearm suggestion. Get SH and GSh (and probably unbreak FNP). Those will cover all your sidearm needs.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate is dying: How we can fix this

I thought of starting similar topic myself.
If Kongregate isn’t dying, it surely transforms to something new, which I don’t like. But I don’t completely agree with reasons stated in OP.

I think most important issue is slow demise of flash gaming itself + rise of Steam-based (Greenlight/Early access) indie gaming. I’ve come to Kong in 2009 and I remember that we had constant flow of quite decent games. Especially series like Protector, Sonny etc. Nowadays some of successful, higher-quality series like Monster Den and Rebuild moved to Steam, so we’ll have no more of those games here on Kong. Hence instead of getting gems like Epic Battle Fantasy, The Last Stand, Mardek RPG we receive more IDLE games and whaling-spend-$500-to-p@wn MMO games. That’s some serious decline of quality.

Cashgrabbing is also a very disappointing trend. For example we have Realm Grinder, which isn’t bad, but it’s quite primitive flash game, but items there cost $1-50. No, thanks, I’d rather buy some AAA title on Steam for that money. While Kong games were almost 100% free it was a viable alternative to PC gaming. Now when games on kong and games bought via digital distribution have pretty same prices but HUGE difference in quality… Pretty obvious.

End of support for Unity player. Unity was quite a chance for Kong with high quality games like Ballistic and Contract Wars. But Unity is already out of Chrome. Ballistic being remade as a stand-alone with coming to Early Access. Browser-based Ballistic is already down. Contract wars is still here, but it’s too being reworked for stand-alone. Not sure how much longer it will remain in browser.

It’s not rude mods or lack of rules, it’s something deeper which affects all industry (newgrounds and AG are affected too I suppose).

I completely agree on this:

truth be told, flash games are dying and doesn’t help much, people are now most interested in free to play junk, Idle games, get badge of day and go home.

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Topic: Kongregate / Legend Knight: GOTY 2015???

It’s so awesome, that I saw 3(!) Zeuses in one battle. Though they hid their real name(s) and called themselves simply ’Executioner".

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Topic: Kongregate / Legend Knight challenge

It’s so terrible I have no word to express it.
Awful decision Kong, awful.

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Unlimited grenades, flies, moves ultrafast.

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Topic: Ballistic / Votekick is crap

How devs treat original Ballistic makes me want to skip Ballistic Overkill completely. Not a customer support I’d like to have.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / HK 416 Why does it suck so bad...

Originally posted by da_reaper121:
Originally posted by SJIPlayz:

this is why i recommended the m416 better stats for higher weapon set but still a badass hk…

i would say like 70-80 firerate with 40 damage 90 acc

What you fail to realize is that they are the EXACT SAME GUN. The M416 is the HK416 AFTER a lawsuit by Colt firearms Forced HK to change the name. The 416 Should have the same firerate as the M4a1 IRL.

It makes me curious too. HK416 is supposed to be an upgrade to AR series, yet in game it’s strictly inferior to M4.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / HK417D and the RFB Need More Mags.

Originally posted by Iwajira:
Originally posted by TheOwnag3:
Originally posted by Iwajira:
Originally posted by TheOwnag3:

The game at current state is unplayable and and you’re worrying about one gun having one more mag than other….


Just because you feel its unplayable doesn’t make it so. I and many other people play this game every day and do well maybe you need a better pc and internet connection.

I see you are new to game and quite bad at english. The game is playable, you press the START button to play… I meant that there are stacks, unbalance, missing features, lazy devs, terrible updates… And no, i have a beast gaming PC and sanik-speed NASA internet

I have 5 level 59 accounts and over 700 pro kills between them all with K/D’s over 4.5. I have a great PC and good internet, maybe you just suck. I have already addressed the stacking problem and the point of this forum is to balance some guns. There may be un-implemented features yes, but saying the developers are lazy while already admitting there are updates almost monthly is an impatient and quite childish thing to say. As for the quality and frequency of the updates I find that adding maps, balancing guns/skills and adding weapon customization to existing guns and new ones is more than adequate. Especially because they are simultaneously working on the standalone version of the game.

Oh and how’s my English you prick?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV] Video Wars contest

Originally posted by HopShot:
Originally posted by ZpLitzor:

My bad video in which I stack like a true nub.

Loved the music. My nr 1 atm

It’s really awesome. Andy James is terrific guitar player. Love his instructional videos.

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Topic: Ballistic / Grenadier Skill Build

Sorry for offtop, but how to use GL Grenadier properly?
For me, grenadier works better with MPs or SMGs. Can’t get decent results with GL.

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Topic: Ballistic / WORST PLAYERS

Originally posted by Kuramakyubi:

These are classes that players usually use and exude the worst behavior in the game


Usually people who play those are jackasses

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / What You Love And Hate About This Game?


  • game is quite fun overall
  • WC concept (realization could be better though)


  • some elements of game are too hardcore for casual player
  • really dislike devs’ behavior, they are jerks