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Topic: Off-topic / I interviewed my Grandma

I intereviewed my Grandmother this morning…

It was hillarious!

She couldn’t believe I had actually recorded the whole thing!

Man that was fun.

Anyone else do anything awesome?

If you want to listen to the interview I can message it to you.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

the grinning terrror

ever attempted the grinning goliath? try your skillls and deastroy it! HARDCORE! NOTE you must have haredcore mode on and you must be below rank 125 and level 1500

Objective: kill the grinning goliath


1. NO cheats (obv)
2. you MUST have hardcore on
3. you cant be obove rank 125
4. you must be below level 1500


  • Medal Name: medal of goliaths
  • Skin Color: #ABCDEF
  • Eye Color: 171/205/239
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Topic: Kongregate / what do you think the points will be for?

i think every time you lvl up you should get a “green star” which you can give to a game
to increase or decrease somones rating by more than normal that way you can help out the game
that gave you the points in the first place

or maybe certain games will have lvls that you have to have a certain amount of points to play
or maybe you can use points to do somthing like buy extra playing time for games like dolphin olimpics like buy another minute for 10 points or somthing

idk whatever they choose to do with points will be fine with me (as long as they DO somthing)