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Topic: Game Programming / Kongegate revenue problem!!!???

how toasty? xD.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

A great addition to kongregate would be a music player where you could select songs from the sounds collab.

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Topic: Kongregate / Argue Beta Testers

I’ll test. :D

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Topic: General Gaming / why runescape shouldn't be here!

I think having a Runescape ad/demo is reasonable (even through I really hate the game), but don’t have it sitting on the front page covering up better games. I agree with whoever said this previously. If they want people to play Runescape, then they should pay to put an ad like every other MMORPG. Right now, it’s sitting there like an ad.

Then they would be supporting Kongregate and thus indirectly supporting the developers of better flash games. At least in my opinion.

For those people who are judging Runescape itself, I think it sucks, and is a boring waste of time. No offense to the people who play it. WoW and Ragnarok (private server FTW) are better. Bucketloads better.

I’m for taking Runescape off the front page

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Topic: General Gaming / Solar Chiefs Guide: Tips & Weapon Specs

Weapon Weaknesses:

This is what I’ve basically found out about the weapons from playing against various oppenents…and the general response I usually counter against them.

Gun Turret suffers from low damage. —→shoot back harder

C4 is kinda hard to aim, and can’t shoot all the way across. —→move away

Newton Rocket can end up hitting you if you go for a tricky, weak shot. —>move closer in
Death Laser can be dodged quite easily. -
→keep moving around

Any other advise?