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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Sanctuary 101 Recruitment

I would like to join if possible. I’m very active in Kong games.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rise of Mythos Maintenance November 13th, 2013 6PM PST - 10PM PST

I can log in to the server on Firefox but I can’t log in on Chrome…

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / The Truth about Evade, Regenerate, and all other Chance related stuff...

First off, this is a terrible thread with no insight. Second, titling it “The Truth” without even trying to have any truth is terrible. Third, don’t use capitol letters randomly in your title.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 1.3 PvP Sneak Peek - Join the Hall of Heroes!

I’m just glad they are improving the game by giving more rewards to the top players instead of expanding out the pool of players to be rewarded. They know what matters to them.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / what can a ranger do in King's Mausoleum challenge?

For the alt strategy:
Ranger can stack multiple decays (3, 4, or 5 damage) as well, or so I hear…

It’s odd to mention units that can eat nukes and not mention skeletons at all, or Westley (unless they’re area effect?). Does she do holy damage somehow, which is perhaps meant by “magical sunder”? That would be a bit ironic.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] Announcing Splinter War PVP Event!

A cap on the energy put into the event per day would solve the wb problem nicely.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / An angry guide to Windy Cliff

Bump because lots of people still suck at windy.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Bosses and their tactics

I think what’s more helpful for a lot of fights is telling people what to not bring, specifically no vigilance units for stage 2 Dark Forest. I hate the 10+ minute fights caused by people being lazy and/or dumb.

Yes, vigilance + sunder armor can work, but combos are generally dumb without a big payoff and that doesn’t work on elves anyway. Cerebus Hegemon is the only vigilance unit I can think of that’s actively good there.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Mechanic Change Suggestion

Heroes don’t get to block because they get upgraded hp. If everyone had their starting hp, they would die much faster even without crits.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / vampire castle, region 8

I had no problems with any of the region 8 levels >_> don’t see why there’s a thread for this

Because he’s a priest? Feel free to be a dick though.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / if person is AFK during boss fight

As I’ve said before, Time World, a game that came out much before this and uses hero battles as a smaller part of the game, is capable of handling this situation. It’s baffling that this game, which is entirely based around the concept, has no way to deal with this.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Guide] Pack and Alchemy Statistics

Ignoring most everyone else on the thread for combining:

-The sweet spots for combining blue to purple are 4 and 9.
-Waiting and combining 9 cards at once will give the best chance of exactly one success (relevant for rep reward cards). (Assuming your alch lab is good enough.)
-Combining 4 cards is best if you are getting the blues from packs, since getting 9 takes a very long time and there’s a benefit from being able to use the card you care about if you get it.
-Having more combines with fewer cards increases the odds that you get 0 or 2+ cards at the expense of getting exactly 1; I consider this effect minor compared to not waiting 1-2 months for a new card.
-If you have 6 copies of a blue card you already use (e.g. petrify), that’s the first safe point to efficiently try a combine, since you will have 3 left if you fail.

Also, who saves up 12 blue cards and then decides what to do with them?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / No fun in this PvP...Sanct rules

Actually, having just put my antirush deck against sanc, here is one reason why sanc should be nerfed in pvp… it is BORING to fight against. Even with 30 cards, fights can go decently fast IF people play units. However, sanc means don’t play all your cards in order to not bite it against sanc → fights can take forever. Every commonly available slower unit that can break a stalemate is either hard countered (heroic/rage/faith unit dies) or soft countered (unit has 3-4 health after two turns, probably dying to whatever is sanced anyway).

Mage v mage (antirush) is quite boring too, but at least petrify/deep freeze don’t stop you from playing units.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Kicking problems...

Originally posted by deathvonduel:
Originally posted by gummyapples:

I’ve been kicked before, because impatient shits couldn’t wait literally 10 seconds for me to change my deck for stage 2 (it was Dark Forest). My proposal is that room owners cannot kick you until after 2 minutes (the same amount of time it would take for the room owner to be auto kicked). People will be too impatient to wait 2 minutes to kick you. The only people who will be kicked after 2 minutes are afks, or people who gave the host a really good reason to wait 2 minutes to kick him out.

As exceedingly impatient as that is (and if it’s literally 10 sec, sucks for anyone that lagged), I have to ask, why the heck do you need to change deck for DF? How bad was your team?

It’s not really about need (although I’ve had bad teams), but using the right deck can save everyone a few minutes, which really adds up over time. Given that you need a few hours to do everything in this game, time is much more limiting than energy. People certainly shouldn’t be punished for having an intelligent setup.

Incidentally, anyone who kicks a person after 10 seconds to save time is an idiot. I still think it’s more likely they wanted to bring their buddy.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / No fun in this PvP...Sanct rules

Sanc is at most the fourth biggest problem in pvp:
1. Merger
2. Big spenders
3. Rush
4. Sanc

I see no point to restarting this discussion.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Kicking problems...

The main advice I’d give is to stay away from the 3x guild member runs when it’s a different guild. A significant fraction of them are spoiled brats that can’t be bothered to do another run for when their 4th member is busy, so they take a random for stage 1 and kick them for stage 2. Even if you ask in advance, they may still do this.

Other, actually justified reasons people will kick you (not specific to the OP):
-Full auto (especially without notice), depending on the run. If it’s sanguine hard or above, I’ll kick people for making the run take forever by autoing (unless they have some awesome deck).
-Using a dumb strategy in windy hard and above. Usually they should tell you if you’re being dumb first.
-Being a dick in general. Just because the internet is full of them doesn’t mean that behavior is justified.
-Taking too long to click ready. I won’t wait much more than a minute for someone to ready for part 2.
You can partially avoid this by telling people if you have to run off and pee or something.

When in doubt, just be the room owner. Playing only with guild members/friends is really inefficient.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Any 'Hope' for free-to-players ??

If they did the intelligent thing and just expanded the range for each tier of pvp rewards, people would not complain. As it is, they didn’t and people are right to complain.

However, free players get what they put into the game. The real loss comes from people who pay to support the game but will still be crushed. I normally throw some $ (kreds from free stuff, but close enough) at a free game if I like it and have played it long enough, but this game is steadily going away from free/low paying players…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Kings and Legends Server Maintenance Tuesday, 9/17 6PM PDT

Again, they should just give players max activity for the maintenance day and maybe mail out a few prizes. I don’t know why this is summarily ignored, but gamefuse is doing a lot to piss off the player base lately.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Server Merge 9/17/13

They should broaden the pvp rewards by a lot. Probably like 3x (not 2x, because this was forced on us). Other than PvP, I don’t care much either way. I don’t think 20k silver is going to satisfy anyone if it ruins pvp.

Also, why can’t US players go on the Euro server instead? If the tournament timing is the same, their super late tourney should begin at a decent time for US players.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Seems reasonable

Originally posted by Pinchfire:

Unfortunately that’s the biggest problem of the game and I can’t see it being resolved in the future as well. There is simply 1 class that’s dominating the PVP and the other ones don’t stand a chance (if not heavy buyer). Frenzy as skill is incredible – 3 wait card that kills 4 enemy monsters with 2 CD or less,

If you let someone kill 3-4 monsters with frenzy, you probably deserve to lose. Even if you have that many monsters to rush, two werewolves can kill someone pretty quickly without needing three.

Double Stab is 2 CD and makes (purple) 6 dmg to 2×1 grid (compare to Priest’s Smite – 2CD, 7 dmg, to 1 monster only)

Not a fair comparison.

Anyway, ranger is probably the best class in pvp, but playing intelligently can give other classes a good shot. In particular, put hp pressure on them and they start to become rather mortal.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Battle Priestess and Battle Abbess

Yep, this sure is old. It’s totally worth buying some human packs to get one if you’re a new player, however.

Originally posted by 3picSmil3yfac3:

Um… no? Make it weaker and it has no point. In 1v1 PVP, it’s a hassle to bring out because of RUSH decks. And when I do, they just summon an elven rebel and it counters me

Lol. This guy has not actually played out that matchup. (Regarding the elf tanks.)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / An angry guide to Windy Cliff

You CAN get through a run with fewer, but you’re relying heavily on your teammates to pick up the slack. Vigilance units get smacked by deadly blow early on (as well as frenzy in your case). With a tengu, you already hit the enemy unit. They’re still quite useful later on for picking up stray mifzunas and keeping tengu from hopping en masse over a phantom.

A deck with few backstabbers (and no nukes) is asking for someone to take a mifzuna (or the units from chief) to the face later on and die. Sometimes, that won’t happen or it won’t matter… but I’d rather play it safe.

Edit: Sanc + vigilance works like a nuke on the starting tengu that would backstab the unit anyway, unless you get hit by deadly (another reason to bring tengu and/or use sanc on the 4th turn or later) or frenzy (DON’T sanc 1-2 cd units). So, priests could get away with less.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / An angry guide to Windy Cliff

Cards to bring to Windy Hard
15 cards max: 5-6 backstabbers, 2-3 tanks, 3+ nukes, remainder vigilance/support spells

#/#/# = attack/hit points/delay (e.g. 3/7/3)

Top tier:
Any 3 delay 3 attack backstab tengu
3/11/4 backstab tengu
3-4 delay vigilance units with at least 4 attack
Phantoms/desperate souls
Repeating vigilance heroic xbow captain (probably 1 max)

Petrify/sanc/5+ damage fissure/6+ damage multitarget nukes/10+ damage nukes

Good tier:
3/6/4 backstab tengu (if you don’t have at least 5 backstabbers)
3/7/4 templar
3-4 delay tanks with at least 3 armor (1 is useful unless everyone actually brings 2 phantoms)
2/?/4 vigilance Cerberus (bring tanks or else this is terrible)

5+ damage multitarget nukes/7+ damage nukes/ deadly blow/3+ damage encourage
Premeditation (0-2 depending on hero hp)

Mediocre tier:
2/3/1 backstab tengu or better (if you don’t have at least 5 backstabbers)
1-2 delay 3 attack vigilance units
2/7/3 green backstab tengu
3/6/4 vigilance zombie (I hate this card but it’s arguably in the good tier)
3/7/3 or 3/10/4 vigilance spears
Fenris, 4 dmg assassins
Purple explosive barrel (8 damage, area effect, use it wisely)

Deep freeze, 5+ damage nukes, 3-4 dmg whirlwind strike, charm (if you’re smart, don’t bring it if you aren’t smart)

I’m not sure tier:
Command: first strike (probably good)
2 dmg encourage (probably mediocre)
Forgetfulness (probably mediocre to don’t bother)
Inspire (probably mediocre to don’t bother)

Don’t go to windy hard tier:
2 damage vigilance units (including the 1 dmg repeating vigilance xbow, unless you’re a warrior)
Martyr units
2 armor tanks, even thunder lizard
Frost nova, fog of war
1 attack buffs, command vigilance, disruption, armor buffs, crummy rupture, weak nukes

Don’t go to windy and I hate you tier:
Whirlwind units
Cavalry/pegasus/non-backstab tengu
Distraction units
Lucanus and other crummy healers
Any walls
^I’ve seen all of these in windy hard…

Preemptive responses:

-Frenzy automatically cuts 1-2 delay units to mediocre.
-3 armor tanks have a lot of value when there are a few tengu lined up in a row, which is common. Phantoms are better, but there are lots of cases where you nuke + drop, and sometimes 3 armor tanks will do better than a phantom.
-The templar is better than other 1 hit vigilance units because it can backup tank and because it heals, which is a big difference over time.
-Deep freeze is pretty overrated because you can’t reliably block lanes due to the chief dropping at random intervals. Even if you look like a hero and freeze the assassin master that’s 3 units away from a phantom, the phantom will probably fear or kill one of the units, walk over, and die. When I’m playing as a mage, I don’t bring it.
-Assassins and fenris tend to not kill the units you need to kill (as in, the ones next to your hero) and sometimes don’t kill a unit at all. They’re filler.

Also, save yourself some trouble and ask people about their windy deck halfway through stage 1. There are lots of people who have a terrible deck, won’t ask, but will change if you ask.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / September Events

Looks promising; it’s good to see the support for free/low paying players.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Reputation/class change

You can get to 15 quite fast if you have a rep deck and a few blue cards.