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Topic: General Gaming / Castaway 2 in Development

Brand new screenshot posted to our Twitter:

This screenshot shows off the hero wearing some armor, and also shows how we solved the problem many users had with Castaway 1, where you could not see your character behind objects.

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Topic: General Gaming / Castaway 2 in Development

Hey Kongregate fans,

Just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that Castaway 2 is in development, and actually nearing completion.

We have listened to all of your great feedback from Castaway 1, and are proud to say that we have implemented all of the biggest requests and have fixed all of the glaring mistakes.

Some of the new features include:
- Pet Revival system
- Huge inventory
- An actual story line :)
- Crafting items/armor/weapons
- 30+ weapons in various categories (Swords, Daggers, Clubs, Staffs, Ranged, etc)
- 15+ spells
- Skill/Stat point system
- New enemies/pets
- Bosses and Mini-Bosses
- Easier controls with more freedom for movement
- We have done away with the isometric view for a more traditional view
- Action based attacks (you no longer double click an enemy to automatically attack it. You are now in control of your attacks. Press spacebar to swing your weapon Zelda-style).
- In game day/night cycles with some quests and enemies only appearing at certain times.
- Control your pet’s temperament (aggressive attacks anything in sight, assisting help you attack when you fight an enemy, and passive which stays away from battle).
- Hot Keys
- Pet types that have different characteristics, movement styles and attack techniques.
- More surprises!

Follow us on Twitter (@LikwidGames) or check out or website community for more updates, including beta screenshots.

Thanks for the support!
Likwid Games

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Topic: General Gaming / Ultimate Defense 2 is Out!

I’ll have it up on Kongregate later today when it is publicly live :)

I appreciate all the comments. I have listened to you guys, and have hopefully improved Ultimate Defense 2 enough to make it more of a success on this site than the first one was.

Thanks again!

Likwid Games