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Topic: Wartune / world boss

I think it’s the wrong question. The right question would be, is there a way to make more damage being a critical mage, as it’s not only the crit stat that will grant you huge gains. The level of the crit stat is important, the setup of the Astrals (you’ll need Sniper’s Edge and Determination to maximize the effect, that’s one less free spot. You might need Astral spots to tank all hits, you might not… the used skills might be of importance .. etc. .. etc.. I think this matter is pretty complex. The only way to make sure if you char is able to gain more from WB is to try it in the end.

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Topic: Wartune / Battlegrounds

You just have to bite through the time you don’t lose often enough for Dryad Bombing, still falling prey to the bigger players, that’s the only time that really sucks, but most ppl but the whales get to this point every 5-10 levels.

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Topic: Wartune / Battlegrounds

Hehe, that was funny. It’s mean to be this way. Wouldn’t make much sense if players that invested a lot of time (and maybe cash), chosen their gear wisely, payed a lot of gold to Get high Astrals and Guild Skills high, wouldn’t reap any benefit from this. It’s almost as cute as the 7k BR lvl46 (completely bare of any set bonus of cause) that complained today about Arena and BG being unfair. Relax and enjoy the view until you get stronger, or switch to PvE only, which is a bad idea imho.

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Topic: Wartune / Strange flash problem with tanks

Hello Everybody.

I am currently running WT mostly on a quite weak machine with only 1GB of memory, it’s not perfect but usually playable quite nicely, though I need to refresh a lot to maintain speed. I might get only 80% from WB, especially because fighting him manually doesn’t make much sense with this config, but that’s ok for now.

I experienced a big problem with the tanks event on Linux though. Every time the action starts, including secondary weapons, my screen would start to freeze, the effects of the ice, fire and lightning simply stay on screen until I am unable to move anymore. I don’t even see other players moving this way, so the only way to play then is trying to get out again, while spamming the normal shot at an unknown target.

I fixed it some time by installing a newer flash version than in the repository, but directly from adobe. Tanks worked fine this way, but everything else was choppy and buggy. It already started with the first logo at start up. It looks like flash simply doesn’t show everything and keep some stuff on screen, but it worked.

I updated my window manager yesterday, including the updated flash package from the repo (same version than the one from adobe now). Everything was back as it was before, WT worked nicely again, but I got frozen during the tank event.

The main problem is, that it probably wasn’t only the installation of the other flash version. I would be able to write a shell script at least, if I knew the exact cause of the problem I experienced. I want to play WT smoothly with everything displayed correctly, but I don’t want to nerf my tanks team every attempt at fixing this matter.

It would be great if anybody had some idea about this problem, maybe experienced it him-/herself.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] VIP Luxury Pack

It’s really annoying that it’s this way every time. There are often specials I might like to buy and I am often left with the only chance to load Kreds at Monday. Sure, I could load some in Advance, but I don’t want to have a ton of Money in Kreds I might not use for a long time.

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Bugs

It started today during WB ..

I lost my connection during the loading of the WB Event, since then, I can’t enter anything but the city. Loading anything but menus and the farm causes the client to hang at the loading sword. I already tried to clear the cache (again, did it after the update and it takes forever until everything loaded for me, especially the WB), but I always find me stuck at the loading sword. I already filed a ticket about the WB thing, but I thought it’s only a matter until the WB ends. I was already kicked from spire earlier, getting only the chests for the Bosses killed when I was still online .. but no exp at all (and I could have used this exp well, because I just leveled my char above 50)

I always thought ppl are strange because they keep yelling for compensations, but I start to feel handicapped meanwhile, because I already lost many millions of gold and daru at WB.

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Custom Player Designed Mounts, Wings and Clothing

I wonder why they didn’t give us the specs of the models they use. It might be easier for some to create them right away. It doesn’t make much sense to create a 2D sketch or model for someone used to design stuff.

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Topic: Wartune / Crazy updates ruining nice games in the end.

Hello Everybody!

Here it is, finally, the update, that might ruin a formerly nice game. Not that we only lost our old rune system, our collected and payed runes are worth only a few rune exp points and that the life runes (from the warrior’s mark event) are nearly worthless now (remember that one of those was worth the equivalent of 50k, or was it 20k? now it’s only 5k), noooo, the BG splitting changed as well, making a stay below the big levels almost worthless. This way, only investing more cash will be able to give you some extra strength. The strange fact, that everybody will need morph cards now, is making things even worse.

I am still uncertain if I keep playing WT, but they won’t see any money in the near future. My main problem is, even if I can adapt to the changes, they might change anything again this dramatically and it’s possible that it’s something I can’t tolerate next time.

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Topic: Wartune / One-Click Astral Broke, cant get red astral from it.

I had the feeling that the moment in which I clicked played a role too, but that was just a coincidence. Everything else is magical thinking, and that’s basically a mental condition gringrin.