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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion - Advanced search

This would be so great. I often want to be able to search for multiple tags at once, like action + rpg.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] After Level 120

Might be kinda harsh against players who care about their win/loss rate. I do wish the game offered more to do in the way of earning exp/gold/karma without waiting though at these higher levels. It’s like if the game seemed kinda slow and dull before, after 120 it’s so much worse.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] I need easy xp!

I think you’re looking at it the wrong way.

I managed to beat a player 44 levels higher than me today (simply because he had exp relics on instead of his powerful ones: otherwise I’d have no chance). Guess how much exp I got for it? 238 exp… the same exp you’d get for beating an easy NPC two or three levels higher. There appears to be a significant cap on exp so grinding players significantly higher than you isn’t very effective for leveling up (though useful to do at least once for achievements).

If you want to level up quickly, it’s pretty simple. Get some exp relics like scarab stone (that’s useful no matter what level you are and cheap in terms of karma) and pick on easy NPCs (not players) two or three levels higher than you. Do that repeatedly and skip battles while your 2x exp bonus is in effect. You’ll be able to level up under 10 minutes easily before the 2x counter runs out.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] After Level 120

How are people supposed to level up? There are no NPCs and very few players above that level. I’ve been grinding the few players above that level like Syuall, Catface, and BTrenary, but it only lets me fight them several times at once until I have to wait ages to be able to fight them again with a message saying, “Let’s leave them alone for a while.”.

So far the only reasonably steady option seems to be doing assists and zombie runs which still involve a lot of waiting (I’ve already assisted every ally that needs assistance). Is there something I’m missing? At this rate it might take me a full day just to get a few level ups.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] DPS (Damage per second)

A lot of people mention the hypothetical scenario with a fast weapon where the enemy has 1 hp (or less than one attack worth of health). In that case, the damage of the weapon doesn’t matter, only how fast it is, since any attack that lands is going to dispatch the enemy. There the fast weapon can give a slight edge.

However, there is also a scenario where the slow weapon is actually better. Let’s say we have two weapons:
A) 10 damage, 3 attacks/sec (30 DPS)
B) 15 damage, 2 attacks/sec (30 DPS)

Now let’s assume no criticals and take an unarmored opponent who has 15 hp. Assuming the attacks don’t miss, the slower weapon, B, will dispatch the opponent in 0.5 seconds: it’ll kill him with the first hit. The faster weapon will actually take ~0.66 secs (requiring two hits) meaning the slower weapon in this case actually kills the opponent faster.

This might seem really counter-intuitive, but in this case, given two weapons of the same DPS at different speeds, the slower weapon can actually kill an enemy faster!

At the end of the day, it’s really hard to say for sure that the faster weapon of the same DPS is always going to perform better. Any edge we can gain between a faster or slower weapon of the same DPS is going to be quite subtle, but one thing that’s definitely going to be different is the amount of variance in results. The faster weapon will be more consistent, but at the same time it’s not going to give you lucky results or unlucky results quite as often as the slower weapon, where the results are going to inevitably vary more.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] DPS (Damage per second)

Speed | Faster is better, because the more you hit, the more chances you have at critting.

From a strict damage throughput standpoint, this isn’t the case.

Let’s assume we have two weapons:
A: 10 damage once per second
B: 5 damage twice per second

Let’s assume a fixed time frame of 10 seconds, disregard misses, and assume that criticals do 3x normal damage (it’s actually irrelevant whether it’s 2x, 3x, or even 10x):
A: 10 hits (1 critical) = 9×10 + 1×30 = 120 damage
B: 20 hits (2 criticals) = 18×5 + 2×15 = 120 damage

On average, in spite of the fact that the faster weapon deals twice as many criticals in the same time frame, we still end up doing the same total damage because the criticals themselves will only do half damage. The results are exactly the same for both weapons which may be counter-intuitive to some.

Misses are also irrelevant. If 20% of those hits miss, then we expect an average throughput of 80% (96 damage).

That said, it can still make sense to prefer the higher speed weapon of the same DPS, but not merely because it lands more criticals. It’s for two reasons:

1. lower variance (more consistency): a lower speed weapon is going to result in more outcomes in the same time frame. As with the Law of Large Numbers (, more trials in the same time period = more consistent outcome. Both will average the same results in the long run, but there’s going to be less short-term deviation with the faster weapon simply because it’s going to get more attacks in given the same time period. On the flip side, the slower weapon will give more varying results which means you have a higher probability of getting very unlucky or very lucky, even though it evens out in the long run.

2. Less time wasted. Say we have an opponent with 55 health. Without landing criticals, weapon A in the above example would require at least 6 seconds to defeat the opponent. Weapon B could dispatch him in 5.5 seconds. That half a second difference could make the difference between winning/losing and affect how much damage your ninja takes before you dispatch him. That said, if we consider criticals into the equation, the amount of damage dealt in a given time frame can vary considerably and still averages the same for both weapons, so it really comes down more to consistency (#1 above) than anything else.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Top Shot: The Game] Best Gun

Personally like M16A1 + A2. The fact that they count as carbines, rifles, automatics, and semi-automatics allows them to be used for a whole lot of challenges, and they’re all around good in all those categories.

I think the Bersa Thunder is actually pretty nice though. I prefer it to the Beretta 17 for challenges where I don’t need the bigger clip because of its low recoil.

I also like the M1 Garand even though it only counts as a rifle, it’s really good for long shots.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] Patch 1.0.4

Please don’t nerf class skills without implementing reset first!

Tsubame Gaeshi is the main reason I went down the samurai path instead of the popular rogue path. Now I want a refund and am playing more on my second account with rogue. It’s a fairly difficult skill to pull off in PVP. It was the ultimate one-trick samurai skill given that tri-cut/open wound are quite inferior (I’d much rather take the rogue skills otherwise) — emphasis on one-trick as in getting hit by one of these should really turn the tide of the battle if not end it. Perhaps snapp was right in recommending that you nerf it but he had other valid points in his post that the other samurai skills are almost useless, so now the one really useful skill us samurais have is now only 75% as effective as it was before. Likewise, us samurai have a much harder time landing blows than a rogue which makes samurai fury inferior to eternal punishment as well: I’d strongly argue that the slight increase in attack range is clearly inferior to a much wider attack angle and superior mobility.

Put yourself in the samurai’s shoes. We have a terribly hard time hitting stuff compared to the rogue with our significantly inferior attack angle. Our one trick up our sleeve is to utilize the rogue’s wide, easy-to-land attack against the rogue through counters/tsubame. Both of these skills cost a lot of AP while the rogue is dancing around us and capable of hitting us left and right while we’re blindly stabbing around at the dark.

I imagine rogues aren’t too happy about poison blade either but now rogues look a lot more appealing with their wide attack angle and stun kick/throat slice when I can’t have my ultimate counter be quite as ultimate as it used to be (not to mention that failing to land it leaves one extremely vulnerable for a while). It was already quite difficult to pull off in the first place.

As for PVP, it’s really annoying that when opponents disconnect, I lose my AP and don’t seem to get any reward for it. It’s happened to me 2 times already just within the past hour where people (probably deliberately) disconnected. A disconnect should count as a loss for the disconnector and win for the other player or else we should at least get an AP refund or the game should have some anti-disconnect measures.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Pocket Warriors] Suggestion: The 4th Move/Giving Weapons a Purpose

I think the idea of special moves allows for an interesting dynamic. As others have pointed out, I think it needs some balancing: skull crusher just sounds way better than anything else (half damage for 3 turns?).

However, I think then the game becomes a bit too dominant on special moves as they cannot be blocked, and the rules for a clash seem kind of unfair to newer players who are already at enough of a disadvantage.

What if the special moves still require you to select attack, parry, or block, and it only yields the status effect if the hit is successful? Then I think the game would have a more interesting dynamic, as it’d require you to be fairly confident about what move the opponent will do next to successfully execute the special. I think that would help keep the game dynamic as it is now, with only the special applying if you make a successful hit, otherwise it’s wasted, so getting a successful special strike on an opponent can be kind of a rare but really nice thing. This way we also don’t have to worry about clash rules and a person down to 20 health against a sword that hasn’t used its special yet won’t have to feel like he already lost the match, e.g.

I really think making the specials work this way would help make the specials really ‘special’ rather than something that has to be a part of every match that starts dominating the gameplay.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / A sincere request from a fan to EdgebeeStudios. Skip to the last 2 lines if you do not want to read.

Regardless, the game is non-competitive. No tournements, no monetary rewards. Nothing. Zero. Don’t whine about not being able to compete with nolife kids; I don’t think you’d enjoy competing with them either, based on your attitude.

The game is competitive for a lot of people. This is not a game that keeps players at risk of losing the game. I currently have almost 40 million gold. I couldn’t go bankrupt even if I tried. There is also no beating the game either: it’s never-ending, so there is not much point to playing the game for a lot of people except to try to compete and become the most efficient shopkeeper.

The one thing I dislike is that things like premium recipes cost tokens. It gives too much of a competitive edge to those of us who are willing to pay the price of a dinner for the game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Some depressing calculations about Tyrant's energy system

As for appointment-type play being addictive, that may be the case, but I think calling it “casual” is very misleading. A casual game should be something that’s easy to stop playing and then pick up again at any point, not something that makes you want to schedule your life around it. Marijuana might be a casual drug. These games are like heroine. They demand daily attention, however short, and basically punish you otherwise.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Some depressing calculations about Tyrant's energy system

Ever used cheats in a game? How long does the fun last after that?

I fit into the category of players who has a lot more money than time. My work schedule is flexible, meaning I can work almost any day of the week, and I earn ~$20/hour. I’m not rich, but playing a game for 3 hours means I just lost $60, so if spending that much money means I saved 3 hours or more of work, it’s worth it to me.

That said, I still hate paying money for most games even though I have money because it basically feels like cheating when most people can’t/won’t spend money on the game. This is especially the case if spending money on the game gives me some sort of advantage that would take ages to earn without spending money, or worse yet, cannot be earned without paying. At that point I feel like I’m cheating and have an unfair advantage.

I’ve been suckered into paying for a few games of this sort, but they weren’t fun. I got suckered into it out of impatience, and it did have a nice effect of allowing me to get quickly bored with the game and toss it into the trash can so that I can forget about it. These games might sucker people like me, but they’re ultimately forgettable like a horrible movie with an amazing trailer. Once you pay for it, you realize that it was all just a way to sucker you to pay cash.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / I find out how luck and critical hits actually work!

How luck actually works:
1 point = 1% or 2% (not sure yet) increase in chance to deal critical hit
critical hit = 2x weapon damage

I was getting frustrated by this mystery stat, luck, which I invested 10 stat points to increase only to find it doesn’t seem to help so much. As a result, I decided to find out exactly what it does.

I did this by using two computers and my other account, stinky473 as a test dummy (150 hp, no def) and the Colt King Cobra pistol (40-50 damage).

Surprisingly, I found that I could deal 80-100 damage with the pistol, but only rarely. Curious, I decided to meticulously record the damage results over 100 shots. Here are the results which I recorded with the aid of a quick little console application I wrote:

43 damage 0/1 criticals (0%)
50 damage 0/2 criticals (0%)
47 damage 0/3 criticals (0%)
45 damage 0/4 criticals (0%)
40 damage 0/5 criticals (0%)
40 damage 0/6 criticals (0%)
47 damage 0/7 criticals (0%)
86 damage 1/8 criticals (12.50%)
46 damage 1/9 criticals (11.1111%)
44 damage 1/10 criticals (10%)
41 damage 1/11 criticals (9.09091%)
47 damage 1/12 criticals (8.33333%)
50 damage 1/13 criticals (7.69231%)
50 damage 1/14 criticals (7.14286%)
45 damage 1/15 criticals (6.66667%)
45 damage 1/16 criticals (6.25%)
50 damage 1/17 criticals (5.88235%)
45 damage 1/18 criticals (5.55556%)
80 damage 2/19 criticals (10.5263%)
80 damage 3/20 criticals (15%)
40 damage 3/21 criticals (14.2857%)
84 damage 4/22 criticals (18.1818%)
50 damage 4/23 criticals (17.3913%)
45 damage 4/24 criticals (16.6667%)
94 damage 5/25 criticals (20%)
40 damage 5/26 criticals (19.2308%)
46 damage 5/27 criticals (18.5185%)
49 damage 5/28 criticals (17.8571%)
50 damage 5/29 criticals (17.2414%)
43 damage 5/30 criticals (16.6667%)
48 damage 5/31 criticals (16.129%)
50 damage 5/32 criticals (15.625%)
40 damage 5/33 criticals (15.1515%)
40 damage 5/34 criticals (14.7059%)
40 damage 5/35 criticals (14.2857%)
50 damage 5/36 criticals (13.8889%)
46 damage 5/37 criticals (13.5135%)
80 damage 6/38 criticals (15.7895%)
47 damage 6/39 criticals (15.3846%)
49 damage 6/40 criticals (15%)
47 damage 6/41 criticals (14.6341%)
50 damage 6/42 criticals (14.2857%)
44 damage 6/43 criticals (13.9535%)
50 damage 6/44 criticals (13.6364%)
45 damage 6/45 criticals (13.3333%)
41 damage 6/46 criticals (13.0435%)
48 damage 6/47 criticals (12.766%)
43 damage 6/48 criticals (12.5%)
48 damage 6/49 criticals (12.2449%)
50 damage 6/50 criticals (12%)
40 damage 6/51 criticals (11.7647%)
80 damage 7/52 criticals (13.4615%)
48 damage 7/53 criticals (13.2075%)
40 damage 7/54 criticals (12.963%)
43 damage 7/55 criticals (12.7273%)
42 damage 7/56 criticals (12.5%)
80 damage 8/57 criticals (14.0351%)
47 damage 8/58 criticals (13.7931%)
39 damage 8/59 criticals (13.5593%)
46 damage 8/60 criticals (13.3333%)
94 damage 9/61 criticals (14.7541%)
44 damage 9/62 criticals (14.5161%)
40 damage 9/63 criticals (14.2857%)
44 damage 9/64 criticals (14.0625%)
45 damage 9/65 criticals (13.8462%)
41 damage 9/66 criticals (13.6364%)
98 damage 10/67 criticals (14.9254%)
42 damage 10/68 criticals (14.7059%)
49 damage 10/69 criticals (14.4928%)
40 damage 10/70 criticals (14.2857%)
41 damage 10/71 criticals (14.0845%)
100 damage 11/72 criticals (15.2778%)
48 damage 11/73 criticals (15.0685%)
94 damage 12/74 criticals (16.2162%)
41 damage 12/75 criticals (16%)
41 damage 12/76 criticals (15.7895%)
44 damage 12/77 criticals (15.5844%)
40 damage 12/78 criticals (15.3846%)
48 damage 12/79 criticals (15.1899%)
40 damage 12/80 criticals (15%)
80 damage 13/81 criticals (16.0494%)
40 damage 13/82 criticals (15.8537%)
40 damage 13/83 criticals (15.6627%)
40 damage 13/84 criticals (15.4762%)
40 damage 13/85 criticals (15.2941%)
40 damage 13/86 criticals (15.1163%)
47 damage 13/87 criticals (14.9425%)
82 damage 14/88 criticals (15.9091%)
41 damage 14/89 criticals (15.7303%)
98 damage 15/90 criticals (16.6667%)
42 damage 15/91 criticals (16.4835%)
46 damage 15/92 criticals (16.3043%)
46 damage 15/93 criticals (16.129%)
48 damage 15/94 criticals (15.9574%)
49 damage 15/95 criticals (15.7895%)
80 damage 16/96 criticals (16.6667%)
44 damage 16/97 criticals (16.4948%)
40 damage 16/98 criticals (16.3265%)
41 damage 16/99 criticals (16.1616%)
40 damage 16/100 criticals (16%)

As we can see, over 100 shots I was able to get double damage about 16% of the time. My luck is 10. It was nowhere close to 50%. I believe 1 point of luck actually increases critical chance by 1%. It’s possible that it’s 2% as well. To find out whether it’s 1% or 2%, I’ll need more samples: 100 shots is not nearly enough to accurately test the results of a random number generator.

Note that it makes no difference in critical chance whether we shoot torso, leg, or head. However, a head shot always seems to deal 50 normal damage (max weapon damage) and 100 critical damage, while a leg shot deals 40 normal damage (min weapon damage) and 80 critical damage.

However, this should give everyone a better idea of how luck works. It is definitely not a 5% increase in critical chance but critical hits do deal double damage.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Comparing shotguns to submachine guns.

Have to agree with the article wholeheartedly. I don’t even think DPC/DPS is so relevant here. The majority of people will go down pretty quickly with even a skorpion let alone an mp5.

Perhaps shotguns are good in some situations, but the players who have to choose between a shotgun and SMG who can’t afford both will most certainly be new players with the goal to rank up and get an assault rifle. If you want to do this quickly, the SMGs with their rapid fire rate are your best bet. Just spray any moving target and watch the frag counter increase.

To say which one is better in all situations might be rather biased, but I think anyone who has tried both will fully agree that the fastest way for new players to level up and get coins quickly is to favor SMGs over shotguns.

The one major exception might be combo farms. If you have people standing in line for you, the slightly faster reload time of a shotgun could help sustain a longer combo chain, but in practical war DMs, you’re going to generally get better chains with an SMG than shotgun.

For a start, missing while shooting a moving target isn’t a very big deal with the rapid fire rate of an SMG. Miss a few shots with the shotgun and it’s like missing with a pistol: valuable time will be lost and meanwhile your enemies will probably be spraying you with an automatic weapon which will cost you your life. The slower fire rate of the shotgun also means that you will be wasting more time killing wounded enemies who would have gone down with 1 shot with a weaker, faster-firing weapon as well.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / What does a critical hit do?

I think it’s tricky because imagine the amount of time invested to increase luck to 10 to deal that 1.5x damage.

If we invest the same amount of time to increase def, we’ll be able to take 2x damage!

If we invest the same amount of time to increase health, we’ll be able to take 6x damage!

If we invest the same amount of time to increase accuracy, we can kill people with a heavy machine gun from long range fairly reliably (without any accuracy increase, heavy machine guns like the RPD shoot all over the place and it’s hard to hit anything that’s not in close/medium range).

Given how good these other stats are, I really don’t think it overpowered to have a critical hit deal double damage. I think it reasonable even if it dealt 2.5x or 3x damage. In fact, it seems like the direct way to counter the tanks who get so much of a boost by increasing health and defense. How can we kill a heavily armored person when even really good weapons like Aug deals only 170 damage? That’d require 40 to 42 shots normally if they completely maxxed out health and defense with artifacts. The natural counter seems to be through critical shots.

I also think head shots should completely negate the effects of defense. Perhaps a critical shot could then be the same as a head shot: defense no longer applies. It can be an armor bypass. Then someone with really high luck can negate the effects (not always since there’s no way to get 100% critical chance) of someone with really high def.

That’s the reason I initially increased luck anyway. I first made my character into a tank. Then I thought I was way too powerful and encountered people like bandi, gunr, and mmm_toms who were as much of a tank as I was. I thought the edge I’d have over tanks would be through luck which is a commonly neglected stat: it seemed most logical (kill a heavily armored person through critical hits; that’s the way it often works in RPGs).

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Ability to block people with artifacts from joining your tournament

I think it’d be nice if we could disable artifacts and certain weapons with regular maps as well, not just tournaments. I love my hp and def artifacts: they make me a tank, but it feels a little too overpowered. I can imagine how annoyed the other players must be to find that it takes 40 to 42 shots with an Aug to kill me. It also makes the game not so fun for me: everything turns into an exp/cash grind and isn’t so challenging anymore when I can just stand in the center of space labs and massacre people (with the exception of gunr, bandi, mmm_toms, and a few other people who have the same kind of def/hp that I do or people with m202 rocket launcher). I’d like to play the game sometimes on more equal ground and not be constantly accused of being a hacker or having people ask me if they can kill me to see how many shots it takes due to my artifacts. Being able to disable them could make the game more challenging and fun even for those of us who have them.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Ability to block people with artifacts from joining your tournament

Originally posted by Dever:

As solutions, players can have the ability to disable artifacts, artifacts will be disabled in blocked games, or artifact skill points can add to the level like a ‘+’ modifier, so level restrictions can be enforced.

Disabling artifacts would be a much more reasonable option than blocking users who have them.

The tricky thing about artifacts and cash weapons is that there are ways to legitimately earn them. It’s not like they are exclusive to low level players paying for the game with a credit card. Just this past week I earned 94 cash without doing tourneys (I’m a level 37 with no life and unlocking a couple extra gold medals helped). People always think I’m getting all my cash with credit card, hacking, or scamming when it’s not the case. It doesn’t take me more than 15 minutes now to earn 250 frags in a deathmatch game: I got 2000 in under 3 hours. In a single day I can easily earn 20 cash. Almost everyone thinks that requires hacking or dumping lots of money into the game when it doesn’t: just good old fashioned game addiction and a total neglect of personal well-being. :-D

There also seems to be this predominant focus on artifacts vs. cash weapons. One should realize that purchasing an LGH Laser is enough to pay for a great number of artifacts. A lot of silly players seem to go for the weapons when I went for the hp/def artifacts instead, and that made me so powerful that most people single me out as the hacker when the guy next to me is shooting people with a 1500 cash weapon and is 15 levels lower than me.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Optimized money making

Originally posted by kakashi870:

Farming = Putting no effort in and getting rewarded.

Farmers are almost as bad as scammers imo. :P Only difference is they don’t take from anyone.

I’m currently level 37. Up until level 27 or 28, I never farmed (neither combo nor flag farming). I was leveling up fast enough just killing people in DMs and that’s much more fun than combo farming. However, after that, it became increasingly hard to level up. Before I would just join space labs DMs and shoot people all day for cash and exp. I never left until 250 frags or over, and I was getting plenty of exp.

However, now at level 37, I get so little exp this way. It’s not because I require more exp to level up (now I need almost 6000 exp to level up but I don’t consider that to be so bad), it’s because killing so many players gives me 0 exp. The best I can hope for is 1 exp per player, but anyone level 16 or under gives me 0. The only person I know at my level is Bandi and he only gives me 1 exp while being pretty tough to kill. I can often get godlike combos in most small DM maps but if the godlike combo is on a guy level 16 or under, I get 0.

As a result, the only way I can get any decent exp nowadays without farming is to make games only for high level players, and still no one wants to play with a level 37 so I’m usually by myself the whole time. That still gets me nowhere most of the time, so the only way left for me to gain exp at any reasonably stable rate (even though it’s sooooooo slow) is to flag farm.

I don’t like flag farming: it’s a nasty aspect of the game and so boring, but there needs to be more ways for high level players to legitimately earn exp than to flag farm. When we can get godlike combos on level 16 players shooting us with Augs and get 0 exp when they can still kill us and get 10 exp for it, that’s pretty annoying. There’s no point for me now to join a game unless there are players level 17 or over unless it’s CTF or I’m grinding 250+ frags for cash only. Just the other day I got the 2000 frags gold medal and only got around 500 exp in that game after 3 hours with repeated godlike+ combos because so many players were too low level to give me good exp. Maybe the game just needs more high level players.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Tdp4 needs to have cheaper guns!!!!!!

Originally posted by UndeadEm0:

i really enjoy this game very much but im tired of my old winchester,i cant earn money by only 1 money and 1 exp,u should doubled or triple it for higher lvls that kill low levels

Shotguns are a terrible choice IMO. I don’t know why so many people go for shotguns instead of MP5. There’s a simple way to get exp (and therefore the cash and coins necessary to buy decent weapons) fast. Get yourself an automatic weapon like MP5 as soon as possible then join a full DM on a small map like space labs, nuclear sand storm, or gothic, and start shooting at anything that moves. Avoid games with really high level players. Make your own if needed.

Using a shotgun will give you kills much slower than MP5. By spraying bullets with the MP5, each bullet might not do as much damage, but you got way more ammo and you can kill wounded players from far away with a lucky shot. Just spray and pray and you’ll get those frags soon enough. You can’t do that effectively with a shotgun.

I also don’t think it’s necessary to save a long time for aug (coins or stats) if you can already afford AK47. Saving up for dream weapons just makes you stuck with a crappy weapon for much longer and the time you spent saving up with the crappy weapon for the dream weapon will most likely be far longer than if you had bought something affordable right then and there. Decent weapons will pay for themselves soon enough. Don’t make yourself miserable with Mp5 saving for Aug as it’ll be a lot more tedious and not as fun as getting something like AK47 or M16 right away.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Skill point trade

Personally I hate all RPGs with a skill reset button, even though I’d like to have one now (I invested 7 points in luck and wish I used it on accuracy instead). I think instead players should be forced to make real decisions about how they build their character, even if it’s not optimal. Otherwise, and especially with a game like this which only has a few RPG-like leveling elements, everyone will reset their skills to build the cookie cutter optimal character and there will probably be very few variants to choose from given that we only have these 6 base stats.

At that point the game might as well not provide choices about how to build your character. On the other hand, if the game provided very legitimate variations of character builds, a skill reset button might be okay. For instance, if someone who focuses on luck and accuracy first could very practically beat someone who instead focused on hp and strength with a small weapon like a handgun or sub-machine gun when the strength/hp guy has a heavy machine gun, that would be interesting. But that’s not the case right now.

Another thing that would really help is if the game did a better job explaining what the skill points do. Right now one has to look outside of the game (like in these forums) to find out that increasing a point in def actually increases damage reduction by 5%. Then no one will feel like their choices were made as a result of a mistake.

Finally, there are potentially bugs in the game with stats like strength. One can buy an RPD with the aid of a strength artifact then sell the strength artifact and still keep using the RPD. A skill reset button would likely inherit similar problems and be capable of being abused in this way. Such a problem would need to be addressed first.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / We need a legitimate trading system

The introduction of tournaments has lead to an introduction of a new form of game abuse: trading and/or giving away coins/cash (which includes scamming and a lot more begging).

It makes the game full of scammers and beggars and fills the game chat with a lot of spam from people who want to trade/scam/beg or people complaining about being scammed. It’s annoying and there’s a direct way to mitigate it: provide a proper system to let players exchange coins/cash with each other.

It also makes those of us looking for legitimate tourneys have to put up with a lot of private trading/scamming games in the list when tournaments could really be tournaments: a way for players to challenge each other and gamble a bit in the process.

I don’t see a way to prevent people from abusing tourneys in this way, so I think the solution is simple: make a proper system to do what people are already abusing with tournaments, and then the whole process can be cleaner, smoother, and with a lot less annoyances for those who just want to play the game as it’s meant to be.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / reload glitch

Actually letting everyone know of the glitch would probably help get the glitch resolved more quickly. If it’s something only a few users know about, then it may never get addressed. It’s not like it’s a hack; it’s a genuine bug in the game logic.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / What does a critical hit do?

Yes but how much extra damage? Double damage? Triple? 10% extra damage (eww)? I increased my luck considerably on a gamble (I’m level 37 at the moment so it’s not like I started out with luck though), but it doesn’t seem to help that much. It seems like the most useless stat (even more useless than strength even though getting strength beyond 8 is totally useless).

With accuracy, hp, and def, I can see considerable improvements by just investing a few points, but luck remains one of those mystery stats. With strength and explosives it’s harder to tell (strength does nothing but unlock weapons), but at least they’re unlocking weapons and someone with a grenade/rocket launcher can probably see the effects of increasing explosives skill.

No one seems to really know what luck does exactly except some vague notion of increasing critical chance by 5% with no idea what extra damage is caused by a critical hit and I’m currently annoyed that I invested so much time increasing luck only to find that it seems to barely help. All the other stats are well established (+50 hp for health, +5% damage reduction for def, +5% spread reduction with accuracy, +5% extra grenade/rocket damage with explosives, and weapon unlocking with strength), but people’s understanding of luck seems really vague.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Ways to earn coins, cash and exp

Originally posted by JavelinOU:

As I already told, artifacts are for “lazy” users. The increase skills. But you can increase skill by getting level up

That’s not necessarily true as one cannot increase stats beyond 10 by normal means. It would be quite lazy to get artifacts before maxing out stats by normal leveling means since leveling up is not so hard, but artifacts can make you immensely more powerful once those stats are maxed (75% damage reduction is twice as good as 50% damage reduction). We can say the same thing about weapons that take cash(energy guns, heavy machine guns, rocket/grenade launchers, assassin).

I think one problem is that artifacts have no level requirements. It can be a quick and easy way for early level people to have insane stats. I’m level 37 and I’ve played against people around level 12 with better or equal stats and significantly better weapons (I have RPD, they could have a SAW). I even played someone earlier who was level 17 with the M202 rocket launcher (the one that fires 4 rockets dealing 1800 damage each) and plasma shocker (1500 cash). Just the cash required for those weapons is more cash than I’ve earned in the entire time I’ve been playing the game, and I’ve earned a lot of cash.

Since the game has tournaments now, that’s especially unfair if someone level 25 could be pwned by a level 5 who spent several hundred dollars of their money on this game. A ‘no artifacts’ tournament option might help (people can already make tournaments which only allow weapons of their choosing which exclude the weapons that require cash). However, that punishes the high level players who legitimately earned some artifacts either through tourneys, medals, or just good old-fashioned frag grinding.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / What do the skills actually do?

I’ve tested out def and it definitely seems to be the case. I have 17 def and 17 health and it currently takes 40-42 shots with the aug to kill me (I’ve let ppl kill me plenty of times since they always want to kill the level 35 guy with high hp). Aug deals 140-170 damage, 155 damage avg. 155 * 41 = 6355 which is precisely the amount of damage you’d need to deal to kill someone with 17 def and 17 hp (950hp / 0.15 = 6333.33) if 1 def provides 5% damage reduction.