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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Does anyone have TukkunFCG decks that still actually work

I use phantom’s deck with great success. There are 2 exceptions though. I am having trouble with the “wins in a row” for level 4 (16) and level 8 (19). Any thoughtful suggestions there?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 22. AI:TG Game Guidelines

This post highlights the aspects of the game (AI:TG as a whole) that affect the Battle Arena (BA).

  • Spending Coins
    Once you have purchases all your permanent upgrades, you can start buting crates in the xxxx….

  • Pet
    Getting a pet too early will eat up all your valuable resources, such as bacon. If you find that your pet is too hungry, let it die and resuscitate it later when you are richer.
  • Boost
  • Cards
  • Progress bar extensions
  • Rest – WC
  • Tech Lights
  • Random Fruit

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 21. Miscellaneous Bonuses

  • Battle Formulas
    A little known aspect of the battle formulas is that many bonuses are used as multipliers on each other. For example, maximizing your MP stat gives a bonus to all your attacks. Talk about combo vs rage too.

  • Dragon

  • Event Calendar

  • Epic Skills

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 20. Spirit

When a Spirit weapon is equipped, MP becomes Spirit. For each piece of Spirit item you equip, your maximum Spirit is raised by 100%. In Spirit mode, you deal more damage as you gather more Spirit, and can use Spirit to cast powerful skills. Some of the Spirit skills (Enrage, Elemental Boost, Invincibility) can be looted from monsters.
If you use Spirit armor and accessories but don’t use a Spirit weapon, you lose 10% MaxMP per Spirit item equipped.
I’ve been wondering, how do you get S, D and F spirit skills?
Equip a spirit weapon and kill bosses (Maybe rare/epic normal mobs work too?
I’m unsure EXACTLY how).
They’re little scrolls just like pixel throw, except purple instead of blue.

Q. Why am I seeing Spirit skills and a Spirit bar instead of the MP bar I used to see?
A. That’s because you’re equipping a Spirit weapon.

Q. How do I increase maximum Spirit?
A. Equip Spirit armor and accessories.

spirit IAs

Spirit Rock – Can be used on +10 items to turn a regular item into a “Spirit Item”, or to turn a “Spirit Item” into a regular item. When a weapon is a “Spirit Item”, Spirit will replace MP and all active skills will be replaced. When an armor piece or an accessory item is a “Spirit Item”, maximum Spirit will be increased and maximum MP will be decreased.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 19. Equipment: Rebirth

What is good rebirth gear?
Weapons like GG/DD
Armors like DW/DW

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 18. Equipment: Start, Mid-Game, End-Game

pb/es guide

armour guide


Starting is when you figure out how things work and do your first Ascends.
Midgame is when you’ve got 500/500 armor and weapons (or possibly u20).
Endgame is when you have Ultimate Equipment (r500 uniqued).
Finalgame is when you have max floor Demon Slayer.

What is good early game gear?
Your first really practical weapon will be a PB/ES. Use anything you want until then.
Your first armor will something like a Berzerker/Berzerker

Crafted items are always better than looted ones because of crystals, but you don’t have crystals. Try these looted armors if you, for example, have a full set of something.
Otherwise, Crimson Set is good for you.

I agree anyway that Strange Box is probably good to master first— spawn+drop is a decent ability, and it’ll give you the ability to start upgrading it with chips (it’s the best non-WM drop rate IA in the game when fully upgraded).


What is good mid-game gear?
Weapons like CB/GS, CB/BS, OSS/OSS
Armores like CM/KM, KM/KM, HBB


What is good end-game gear?
Uniqued weapons like Light Glaive or some kind of Ultimate Element weapon from SD
(like Ultimate Lightning Spear)

Where do i get Demon Slayer?
Demon Slayer armor comes from floors in Endless Dungeon divisble by 5.
The higher the floor the better the stats
(50% to come from floors divisible by 5,
50% chance to just get normal Dragon Slayer armor)

nonrelent: so whats the deal with the ultimate set from the quest menu/
kewllewk: but I just need one more
nonrelent: how many ascends needed, is it any good?
kewllewk: it’s not a count of ascends anymore
kewllewk: and it’s really really good to have
kewllewk: at least a few of the pieces
nonrelent: ahh. tooltip says it is ;9. Whats needed now?
Uroogla: the weapon’s the best robacon weapon, the pendant’s great, the earrings are the best
Uroogla: the armor’s blah, the trinket’s a joke

I need a u7 CGR ULS dedicated for ED and TH, and a u7 LG (Maybe CGR’d, maybe uniqued) dedicated for SC and DP
I’m using my 3600 LG, nothing can beat that for now
well, you see, 2k attack weapons are not comparable to 3600 tier 57 weapon
elnub: melee or not

Meteoric’s good?
BenB311: for when you want bonuses.
BenB311: when tier matters more than stats
BenB311: so… for obtaining u7 skins, for pix/coin farming DP…
killerdby500: So Rob.
BenB311: Oh, yeah
killerdby500: though you loose the stun and slow
BenB311: Meteoric Glaive is the first meteoric anyone should get.
BenB311: Fantastic robo weapon
BenB311: MG is best for things like SD and ED, whereas LG or staves are better for TH and MBR
BenB311: of course, that all changes once you get ultimate sword… that’s the best robo weapon ever :P
BenB311: tier 100 ftw.

what gets you aura?
Uroogla: AURA has a score requirement
Uroogla: 3500(?)
rdj522: I got AURA while getting u12; you just need 3500 score.
rdj522: 10c casual WM in under nine minutes is good enough,
assuming you hit all the rooms.

what is u20? i’ve long forgotten
rdj522: CHAOS armor dropped from 10c HC WM.

Dark Glaive drops from epic monsters, just like all the other elemental wand weapons.

The very best possible bacon sword would be bacon sword + demon slayer weapon, both enhanced to +10 with chaotic growth rocks and fully uniqued pre-fusion, then fused, finished leveling to get even further over the normal 3k attack cap (you get a few more levels here if you used chaotic growth rocks instead of attack enhancers pre-fusion), and then finalized. The end result would have ~4300 attack and bonus tier 33 (with unob 5).

For a generally-good bacon sword that is MUCH more affordable, I’d recommend bacon sword + gold cannon (highest-rank fusable weapon besides demon slayer). Since none of the stats on the sword matter besides attack and bonus tier, just enhance bacon sword with attack rocks to +10, gold cannon with attack rocks to +9, fuse, add another attack rock, and finalize. If you use level 10 attack rocks, that should give you a ~2450 attack bacon sword at the end with bonus tier 23 (with unob 5).

radio’s u20 guide

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--


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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--


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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 17. Equipment: General Guidelines

Good green bonuses = Exp/Spawn Rate,
good orange (non-weapon) bonuses = Attack, Mastery,
Ignore Defense (use enough Mastery and Ignore Defense to max those
at 95% then use Attack after that),
good purple bonuses = Attack Power (99% of the time), Exp/(Rare, Boss, Epic) Kill.

Good orange weapon bonuses = Boss Damage, Rage Attack (maybe later on in game
once you have the Bacon Sword so Robacon lets you idle with rage),
Buff Effect (sometimes at least).
There are some situations where you want to use different
bonuses such as maybe Drop Rate green, or Light Element green, or MaxMP purple,
or Accuracy Orange/Purple etc etc but the ones I suggested will be used nearly
always when youre doing “regular” stuff.

What Bonus Rocks do I use?
orange: rage dmg or boss dmg
purple: attack power

For weapon, green EXP, orange Rage Attack or Boss Damage, purple Attack Power. For armour you may want to experiment a bit. Generic is EXP/Attack/Attack Power. You may want to replace purples with MaxMP, some oranges into +MP%, just to better utilize mana power. Some Rage Depletion might be also a good idea

Short answer is 3 pieces attack, 2 crit. That means 3 armor pieces (both halves) enhanced with all attack rocks, 2 with all crit rocks.

Long answer is that you should attempt to get your crit damage as close to cap (1000%) as possible without going over, while taking into account all the other sources of crit damage (the rest of your gear, IAs, ring, skill build, combo crit…). This is of course quite a bit more difficult to figure out exactly, so generally people just do 3 attack, 2 crit.

Power potion should clearly win for you since you only need the mastery from mastery pot (so it essentially saves you 47 tiers worth of mastery on a DS piece, the rest you can get from skills).
Power on the other hand provides you with 75 tiers worth of attack and MP for a total of 150 tiers, so after adjusting all other bonuses you essentially get 103% attack for pretty much free after switching from mastery pot to power pot.

Put u5 enhancer on weapon after fusion before finalizing it. You want to put some unob enhancement on armour too. u5 is expensive, you might opt for something cheaper like u2 or u3. It still works really well.

That unobtainium enhancement can be useful for:
- u7 crystal armor (the highest-tier mining armor at tier 57
— note that since it matches your pickaxe rank, you’ll need to use unobtainium pickaxe to get it at rank 500)
- u7 light/dark glaive (also at tier 57, this is the best Robacon weapon that gets the benefits of being ranged)
- u11 purple loot armor

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 16. Rebirth

At r500, just buy a rebirth potion, go to Ye Olde Pub and drink it.
Rebirth screen:
Like with ascensions, you’ll have the option to rebirth or not. You need to decide before the rebirth potion times out, or you’ll have to craft a new one(I think it was 2 minutes or something). It will reset your BA rank to r40, and that’s it.
Rebirths need serious preparation. Rush it before getting midgame gear, and it might take you a month. Go in prepared with a good r40 set, a r100-ish weapon and full midgame gear, all 500/500(crystals of (ultimate) rarity, available at lv 100 item maker career) and properly enhanced, and u20 + AURA, and it should take you less than two days.
So it stands between a week or two of farming at r500, then between 5-10 rebirths, or just one rebirth off the bat.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 15. Ascension

Ascend / Ascension
Refers to the act of starting over from level 1 with bonuses after reaching level 9000+. In order to ascend, you have to:
Reach level 9000 and Battle Arena rank 200.
Feed the Dragon of Wisdom 200 times in one day.
Click the Sword of Ascendant in the Dragon of Wisdom screen.
Go to the Battle Arena, equip the Sword of Ascendant, go to Ye Olde Pub.
Defeat The Ascendant.
Choose the option “I’m ready to ascend!”
You will start over from level 1, and the number of times you have ascended will be displayed on the top right corner. You can click it to open the Ascension menu, where you can see your rewards for ascending and spend your Temporary Perk Points and Permanent Perk Points.
After ascending 5 times, you will unlock Hard and Impossible ascensions, which are harder but more rewarding.

Talk about limiting the amount of coins you have in storage.

Feed the dragon 200 times and be over rank 200 in BA. Click the sword, you now have Sword of the Ascendant in BA. Equip it in Ye Olde Pub. The Ascendant will spawn. Kill him.
Ascension screen:
First 5 times you reach this screen you will have the option of staying at lv 9000/9001 or ascending, meaning starting from lv 1 again, but keeping all your stuff. After those 5 ascensions you will get the options of doing hard and impossible ascensions, which are ascensions where you need to rebuy progress bar speed, boost and features when they unlock. You keep all feature progress, you just need to pay for them again.
Medium ascension needs 2.5T exp, Hard is 5T exp and impossible is 10T(to lv 9000). Hards and imps have some level penalties for BA. Imps are the worst.

Use the Impossible Ascension Checklist to pave the way for the most efficient ascension possible.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

*PART 14. Zones: Specific Strategies* * Dark Pyramid (DP) * Corruption ** You can press Shift + R to reset monster stats. * Special Arena (SA) * MEGABOSS' Revenge (MBR) * Secret Dungeon (SD) "SD for first time": * Endless Dungeon (ED) stats to care about for ED: hit%, dodge%, master%, double hit%, absorb on weapons and stuff, rage power and boss damage crescendo, coup de grace, mana power IA probably censor sheep or CHAOS ring probably knockback potion power or mastery, depending on setup * Spooky Crypt (SC) Spooky crypt is not to be confused with the two Secret Crystals (SC1, SC2) and xxxxx. * Triangle Hideout (TH) For TH, the key is to realize that you’ll eventually get one-hit KO’d no matter how far you get. While investing heavily in defense-oriented skills can push that OHKO point up a little higher, a much better idea is to completely forget about defense and go full dodge/eva. This will allow you to go past the point where you would start getting OHKO’d. "TH strategy": Following this strategy, you should forget things like Overpowered Tanker, Invisible Armor, and Combo Protection (except maybe for the +eva, and then only if you don’t have anything better to put the points into). Instead, you should get your dodge% to 90, full revive and absorb (which I see you already have, so that’s good), and focus more on increasing your max damage output. Giving Robacon a ranged weapon and killing Triangles before they can reach you after spawning is the key to a high streak along with the high dodge/absorb and revive to hopefully recover from the occasional lucky shot. In addition to the above, take your skill points out of MP Recovery, you should be using w-potions for recovering MP so these points are wasted. Same with Elemental bonus — Triangle does not have an element. For damage, invest in Coup de Grace + status effects. Cap mastery (this should always be capped! what are you doing?!? ;)), double hit, ignore defense. Find a way to maintain Rage, even if it means having to resort to combo strike. Better would be to get rage depletion low enough and spawn rate high enough that your rage is maintained “naturally” so you can keep combo for combo power/critical. “Balance” rage attack and boss damage, i.e. optimize the product of rage attack * boss damage. I suggest the knockback ring, but you should compare your (max damage * rage attack * boss damage) with rage/cruelty/knockback rings and compare to find which is best. After that, increase your max MP if possible to get more out of the mana power skill, then increase your potion efficiency via Adrenaline if your MP gets high enough that it becomes difficult to refill it between Triangles. Revenge skill can also be a good source of extra damage if you can get your max HP higher than 2M and keep your current HP low (I find this happens naturally due to poison from Triangle) — you can also take advantage of this at the start of the raid by going to -Infinity to set your current HP low. Invest in weaken and crescendo if you have extra skill points lying around, but these are not as good as the other things above. TH: don’t go for damage at all, evasion, dodge% and negate effect are all you need (and revive for good measure :P) * Mining Mining is done when equipping a pickaxe in any zone along the main line of the map. If you have unob pick, use it until you get crystal set as drop. Purple and pink ultimately are the best, but for a decent starting set colour of pieces does not matter. Enhance with crit/speed as needed. If you don’t have the unob pick, you want to get the unob asap for the pick. Legendary Weapon for extra Drop Rate and Boss Damage... Master Hunter for more Boss Damage. Crescendo for even more damage... gshowfan199: Quick Attack and QA Improve, because they're your best bets for mining actively. killerdby500: CdG too. I assume gshowfan199: Of course. And all 4 Status skills maxed out at 30. gshowfan199: You can put points into Power if you want the boosted attack to last longer, but it's not vital. gshowfan199: Now, the reason I say it's incomplete is this: I largely left Reward-type skills alone. Combo Reward is obvious and maxed out, as is Five-Leaf Clover. (Higher SC2 encounter rate) Freakish_Flyer: Five-leaf clover doesn't affect SC2 rates gshowfan199: Well, it does affect Drop Rate, so... Oh well. Freakish_Flyer: Yup, still worth taking * Defend Mission needs a special wand that you craft to beat it. "read this": * Foodlandistan Just throwing a quick tip out there. I was farming bacon in Foodlandistan and found that the CHAOS (capital letters) IA kills each spawn instantly. The active ability “Attack: Ignore Defense” is the cause, if given enough time to cool down. For those of us lacking extreme respawn bonuses it works wonderfully. Don’t forget to equip Dark Ruler for the autoloot and go in Worst Moon for the best results :) Bacon/Brocolli Foodlandistan, HC WM, Ultra IA, Dark Ruler Unobtainium Material WM, CHAOS IA, and dark ruler "@(Back to Top)@":
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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 13. Locating Equipment Drops/Rewards

There are many different types of equipment that are dropped from different zones. Listing them all in this forum would be rather pointless. Therefore, only the most often used equipment drops/rewards are mentioned here.

Note: More precise information is located here: Drop Mechanics


XXXXX Group these into earring, pendant, medal, trinket XXXXX

  • Anti-Checkpoint Pendant

  • Cursed Pendant
    It gives you a permanent Nightmare Buff as long as the pendant is equipped, and its effects are :
    -99% Attack/Defense
    +40% EXP
    +80% Coins/Pixels
    +120% Drop rate

It’s good for mining and Defend mission because attack and defense don’t matter for these purposes

  • Four-Leaf Clover

  • Dominator Gem

  • Mega Triangle Gem

  • Immortal Pendant

  • Unobtainium Pendant


  • Loot Armor
    • Purple armor of Loot
    • Blue armor of loot
    • Green armor of loot

  • Neon Skin

  • Secret Dungeon (SD)
    The Secret Dungeon is arguably the major focus of your career in the Battle Arena (BA). A number of different armor sets are obtainable from SD. Fighting in SD in Casual mode rewards you with limited duration items. Fighting in SD in HC mode rewards you with permanent items. The items, from lowest to highest strength, are:
    • Holy Glory Armor (HG)
      Pieces from this set are awarded simply for opening all treasure chests in an SD run.
    • Dark Angel Armor (DA)
      Pieces from this set are awarded for beating Secret Dungeon with a score of at least 2,100. Chests do not need to be opened. Beating SD implies being able to defeat the final CHAOS boss.
    • Chaos Armor
      Pieces from this set are awarded for beating Secret Dungeon with a score of at least 2,800. Chests must be opened to achieve this score. Beating SD implies being able to defeat the final CHAOS boss.
    • CHAOS Armor (u12)
      Pieces from this set are awarded for beating Secret Dungeon with a score of at least xxxx. All 10 chests must be opened in WM mode to achieve this score.
    • CHAOS Armor (u20)
      Pieces from this set are awarded for beating Secret Dungeon with a score of at least 3,500. All 10 chests must be opened in HC WM or Apoc mode to achieve this score.
    • CHAOS Armor (u25)
      Pieces from this set are awarded for beating SD 10c HC Apoc. In case you haven’t figured it out, this is end-game stuff… don’t expect to be doing this after your first day of playing.

  • Endless Dungeon (ED)
    As with SD, Casual mode gives you limited duration drops and HC gives you permanent drops, but because ED is extremely difficult in HC mode, people stick to Casual fights. The drops of interest in ED occur on every 5th floor (5, 10, 15, etc), at which point opening all 10 chests grants you a 50% chance of getting Demon Slayer (DS) or Dragon Slayer Armor. Demon Slayer Armor is the more prized armor and therefore it gets to keep the DS acronym.


  • AURA
    If you’re looking for a setup for idling, then you probably want to aim for CHAOS armor paired with an AURA.

What is Aura?
Aura comes from defeating SD with a score of at least 3500.
It’s a weapon that auto attacks for you
(Put 15 Accuracy enhancers on it)

CHAOS AURA (as it’s called in-game) is a reward for completing WM SD. I think you also need a score of at least 3500, which should be reachable without HCWM if you open 10 chests (maybe less, not sure how the score calculation works).
It’s a rank 318 weapon that auto-attacks enemies anywhere on-screen at a ridiculous rate. It’s a bit weak in numerical damage, but the rate of fire makes up for it. At least for idling purposes. (It’s not the best weapon when you need power for the streak-based raids, though it’s still fairly decent if you’re stuck with it because of gem of constancy.)
AURA also gives a set bonus with the CHAOS armor (a rank 318 fusable armor set also dropped by WM CHAOS, often referred to as u12/u20/u25 because of its unusually high unobtainium bonus), of +250% boss/non-boss damage and +35% spawn.

  • PB/ES from Dark Pyramid (DP)
    The Dark Pyramid currently drops the Pyrabow (PB) and the Evil Sword (ES). The higher the level of your bonus damage, the higher the level of the PB or ES that is dropped. This part of the game is being changed in version 1665. Since almost anyone in chat can help you with PB/ES, there’s no point talking about it here.

  • Epic [element] Weapons
    Included under this designation are Light Glaive and Dark Glaive.

  • Ultimate [element] Weapons

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 12. Locating Common Drops/Rewards


Rings are similar to other equipment items with the exception that they cannot be modified and are equipped in the Change Ring tab of the Menu button. Only one ring can be equipped at a time and all Rings are lost upon death.

The best place to collect the main rings is in Dark Pyramid (DP). Main rings are also randomly dropped from other areas. The secondary rings can only be obtained in The Corruption or Secret Dungeon (SD).

FYI: The first ring you will use the most is Protection Ring. Wearing this ring will prevent the loss of ALL your rings when death hits your character. This means that you can walk into any battle without much concern for the consequences. As you level up you will outgrow this ring in order to enhance your overall fighting stats.

Materials for Crafting

In general, the harder the zone (or the battle difficulty) and the tougher the mobs that you kill, the larger the amounts and value of these materials you get. There are exceptions to this rule but they involve complex variables. There are also some basic strategies for obtaining certain specific items, as follows:

  • Pixels
  • Crafting Material(CM)
  • Enhancement Material
    The best place to obtain these is from mining.

  • Superior Crafting Material
    Dropped only from bosses and rare mobs.

  • Unobtanium Material
    Dropped only from bosses and epic mobs. The best place to obtain these is idling in Foodlandistan with WM, CHAOS IA, and Dark Ruler. You might need to increase your Epic Rate and Drop Rate.

  • Chaotic Fragment of Chaos (CFoC)
    These are only dropped in Secret Dungeon (SD) and Endless Dungeon (ED).

  • Crystal of Rarity (CoR)
  • Crystal of Ultimate Rarity (CoUR)


As with Materials for Crafting, the harder the zone (or the battle difficulty) and the tougher the mobs that you kill, the larger amounts and value of the enhancers that you get. While this is true for all enhancers, there are also some specific techniques that can be used to acquire some useful enhancers:

  • Protection Enhancers
    These can only be crafted. They are dirt cheap and extremely valuable.

  • Chaotic Growth Rock (CGR)
    These can only be crafted.

  • Mystery Enhancers
    The most reliable way to obtain mystery enhancers via drops/rewards are from Triangle Hangout (TH). The only other reliable way to obtain them is by crafting or purchasing from the special shop, which are both expensive options.
    • Mystery Enhancer Identifier
      Obtained by reaching a kill streak of 10. Note that Spooky Crypt (SC) also drops one of these for a kill streak of 200. Each is dropped only once per day.
    • Armor Mystery Rock
      Obtained by reaching a kill streak of 20, 30, 40, once per day.
    • Weapon Mystery Rock
      Obtained by reaching a kill streak of 50, once per day.

  • Unobtainium Enhancers
    Weapon and Armor Unobtainium Enhancers can be crafted. Crafting Accessory Unob Enhancers is NOT recommended.

    Some other ways to obtain these enhancers are:
    • Spooky Crypt (SC) gives an increasing level of Accessory Unobtainium Enhancer for increasingly higher levels of kill streaks.
    • The Battle Master in the Advanced Training Zone gives a reward for every 1000 BP awarded. This reward is a level 5 Weapon Unobtainium Enhancer.

  • Unique Enhancers
    The most reliable unique enhancers that can be obtained via drops/rewards are in Triangle Hangout (TH). The only other way is to craft them, which is very expensive.
    • Armor uniques are obtained by reaching streaks of 60, 70, 80, and 90, once per day.
    • Weapon unique is obtained by reach a streak of 100, once per day.
    • Accessory uniques are obtained by reaching a streak of 110, and every 10th onwards, also once per day.

      If you would like more detail about this: List of ways to get Unique Enhancers

  • Bonus Rocks: [S], [I], [S][I]
    • [S] Rocks
      When you start playing, the only place to get these is from Pixelated Mystery Boxes (PMB). These are also dropped when using WM.
    • [I] Rocks
      These are dropped when using HC WM or Apoc.
    • [S][I] Rocks
      These are only dropped when using HC Apoc.
      There are 2 methods for getting these rocks.
      (1) The easier method is only good for getting orange and purple [S][I] Rocks. It involves mining at r500 with Unobtainium Pickaxe, in HC Apoc, with the Revive Skill. You want to get as high a drop rate as you can. See Mining Info to learn more about mining.
      (2) The harder method is good for obtaining ALL colored [S][I] Rocks. It involves running SD in HC Apoc, with at least a 667% Epic Rate and as high a drop rate as you can achieve (at least 1667% being most optimal). The bonus here is that you do not have to kill Chaos or CHAOS to obtain [S][I] drops.

      If you would like more detail about this: Guide to SI Bonus Rocks

Bonus Machine

So you have a ton of Bonus Rocks saved up, and they are all the wrong type?? The Bonus Machine is the answer to your problem. This is the yellow brick located in the bottom right-hand side of the Abandoned Lab zone. It will let you change the bonuses of any item you place in its slot (weapon, armor, bonus rocks). The exception to this is any item with the “Cannot apply Bonus Rocks” tag on it.

  1. The first step is to set your preferred bonuses. You do this by selecting the Bonus Preference tab of the Menu button. Then you scroll through each of the options you prefer. If you skip this step, you will waste many chances, which are limited to 50 per day.

  2. The second step is to click on the Bonus Machine in the Abandoned Lab zone. Then select the Item button and find the item whose bonus you want to change. Ctrl Click on that item and place it into the machine’s slot. Finally, you can cycle through the changes until you get the desired result. If you run out of chances, you can buy additional chances but that can be expensive.


The common potions, such as Mastery, Power, and Reward are obtained from Quest/Business Rewards. They can also be crafted but this should rarely be needed. When used, these potions apply the corresponding Buff for a finite amount of time. The Buff and the time left for its effect are displayed just above the BA buttons. If you use a potion to get a buff it will override any other temporary buff obtained through active or passive skills.

Some rarer or lesser-known potions (buffs) are listed below:

  • Anti-Curse Potion

  • Air Bubble
    Drops from Alien Secret Box
    100% drop chance

  • Elixir of Greatness
    Drops from CHAOS with Hardcore AND Apocalypse active AND with 10 chests opened
    100% drop chance

  • Loot Magnet

Enrage – Increases your Rage Attack, Rage Speed, Damage and decreases Rage Depletion.

Nightmare – Heavily decreases your Attack and Defense, but your rewards are also increased.

Anti–Curse – If you enter the Secret Dungeon while having this buff, you will deal more damage and take less damage (making the raid easier), but reward is also decreased.

Loot Magnet – Allows you to automatically loot most loot drops (they will fly to you).

Monster Magnet – Increases monster spawn rate and makes monsters move towards you faster.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / --TBD--

PART 11. Crafting

Crafting is a critically important part of BA. It is how you will obtain many important items you will need in your journey through the game. The materials used for crafting are:

  • Pixels
  • Crafting Material(CM)
  • Enhancement Material
  • Superior Crafting Material (SCM)
  • Unobtanium Material
  • Chaotic Fragment of Chaos (CFoC)
  • Crystal of Rarity (CoR)
  • Crystal of Ultimate Rarity (CoUR)

To craft an item, you must first go to the Item Crafting tab of the Menu button. From there, you can choose one of several categories. Once you have chosen an item to craft, you click on it and then press Craft This Item!.

  • The orange plus sign means that the item is pre–enhanced.
  • The green clock sign means the item is timed/temporary.
  • You need recipes to craft certain items. You can click on the Recipes button for more information on how to unlock them.

There are many crafting options available to you. Take the time to skim through these descriptions. Really!! All you have to do is click on the item and then hover over its icon for the corresponding description. They are self-explanatory. When you start, a large number of recipes are not available. To find the requirements to unlock these recipes, click on the Recipe tab in the upper right hand corner.

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PART 10. Battle Difficulty

Casual(cas), Hardcore(HC)

There are two difficulty levels built into this game. Casual (cas) difficulty is the default mode. When you play on Casual difficulty, you’ll see a green [C] next to the Map button. Hardcore (HC) difficulty is harder with increased monster stats and special abilities, but rewards are also increased. When you play on Hardcore difficulty, you’ll see a red [H] next to the Map button. You can change the difficulty of the Battle Arena by clicking the Change Difficulty tab of the Menu button and choosing your desired difficulty.

Worst Moon (WM), Apocalypse(Apoc)

There are two secret modes that are a very important part of mid to late game content. They are Worst Moon (WM) and Apocalypse (Apoc). These modes make fighting harder but also increase the rewards obtained.

  • Worst Moon (WM) mode is activated by having either Invisible X ally or Worst Moon Gem trinket equipped. It decreases your stats and increases your rewards.
  • Apocalypse (Apoc) mode is activated by having both Invisible X ally and Worst Moon Gem trinket equipped. It further decreases your stats and increases your rewards.

Battle Difficulty Bonuses

The different battle modes present you with different constraints and bonuses. The following is summary overview of what these consist of:

  • Casual
    This is the normal mode and the mobster values shown in descriptions are applied.

  • Hardcore (HC)
    Enemy values are doubled (2x) and rewards are time and halved (1.5x).

  • Worst Moon (WM)
    Your critical chance and damage are reduced to one quarter (1/4).

  • Apocalypse (apoc)
    Your critical chance and damage are reduced to one sixteenth (1/16).

XXXXX Is there more we can say to these bonuses? XXXXX

The following shows the naming conventions and what they represent:

  • cas
  • WM (represents cas WM)
  • Apoc (represents cas Apoc)
  • HC, HC WM, HC Apoc

Secret Dungeon (SD) Chests

The secret dungeon makes regular use of some important terminology. There are 10 chests in every SD encounter. The number of chests (n) opened is referred to as nC. For example, 0C means that zero chests are opened, 5C means five chests are opened.

FYI: SD 0C lets you attack the final bosses Chaos and CHAOS at their easiest, and SD 10C forces you to attack Chaos and CHAOS at their hardest.

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PART 9. Robacon/Robroccoli (Rob)

Robacon/Robroccoli (Rob) is an assistant that you can hire to help you with fighting monsters. It does not matter which version you use, they both work exactly the same. Rob requires a steady stream of bacon/broccoli to keep fighting with you. There are three main benefits to using Rob:

  • It gains experience for its equipped weapon 2x faster than your character would.
  • The only stat that matters from its weapon is attack.
  • Its bonuses are applied to all your character’s stats.

For each enemy you fight, Rob performs a single attack on that enemy using its attack stat. It also eats one piece of bacon/broccoli per attack. A list of exceptions follows:

  • In Dark Pyramid (DP), it does not attack enemies and does not eat any food although it still gives you the benefit of its weapon bonuses.
  • Rob does not attack evolving monsters but still helps you with the bonuses. This means that:
    • In Spooky Crypt (SC), Rob does not attack.
    • In The Special Arena (SA), Rob attacks only the final boss.
  • In Smiley Island (SI) and Tower of Doom (ToD), Rob does not help you in any way. It apparently cannot provide the proper password.

To equip a weapon on Rob, you must first travel to Ye Olde Pub, click on Rob to bring up its status window. From here, you can then click on the Item button. Now you can choose a weapon and press Ctrl + Click on it and then place it in Rob’s weapon slot. The weapon’s Rank requirement must be lower or equal to Rob’s rank. Note that you can also feed Rob from this status window by clicking on the little green box with the arrow.

Rob gets 15 bacon/broccoli per day – just after the day rollover. You can also find a token amount each day from the loot sack in Ye Olde Pub and in 2012: Ye Olde Pub. Your main source of food will be from rare/epic monster drops. When you finally become strong enough, you can go to Foodlandistan where food is plentiful. Foodlandistan is also the place where Robacon and Robroccoli can be switched by defeating the monsters. Doing so automatically converts all your bacon to broccoli and vice versa.

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PART 8. Mobs/Invisible Allies/Chips


The mobs are beautiful artistic pixelated depictions of …laughter… well, not really! What catches people with this game is the interesting playability, not the graphics.

Once you have killed a mob, you can look up it’s detailed information in the Bestiary tab off the Menu button. Hovering over the boxes only gives you the kill info, you actually have to click on the box to see the detailed info.

When fighting mobs, the colors of their names can be used as an indication of their strength. This color scheme is based on the relative value of your level compared to theirs. It’s just a guide but feel free to ignore it if that suits you:

  • Yellow – The monster is too weak for you.
  • White – The mob is suitable for your current strength.
  • Red – The mob is either much stronger than you or is simply a really high level.
  • Purple – The mob is a boss. Bosses tend to be OP compared to other mobs in a zone.

The borders on mob labels also have specific meaning.

  • Yellow – This mob is a rare version of the mob. It gives more loot.
  • Green – This mob is an epic version of the mob. It gives even more loot and more EXP.

Invisible Allies (IA)

You can tame a monster by killing its rare or epic form and looting the invisible ally scroll that it drops. Once tamed, the scroll becomes an Invisible Ally (IA). You can then go to the Invisible Ally tab of the Menu button and equip it. Equipping an IA gives you up to 3 passive abilities, which work like equipment bonuses. It also gives you up to 3 active bonuses, that work like active skills. These active bonuses are based off of your own character stats.

When an IA is equipped it gains experience by fighting enemies of the same level or higher. Total exp is added for each kill with the criteria listed below. For example, if the enemy is an epic form of your IA then your ally gets a total of 30 exp. If the enemy is not the same as your IA then your ally gets at most a total of 1 exp.

  • +1 exp if enemy is at least the same level
  • +1 exp if enemy is the same as your IA
  • +8 exp if enemy is rare or epic
  • +20 exp if the enemy is epic

When your IA reaches 10,000 ally exp, it becomes Mastered. Mastered IAs that are used to fight their own monsters give a 20% exp bonus for that monster. That monster also has an increased chance of appearing in its rare or epic form. These rare/epic monsters then also have an improved reward.

If you would like much more detail about IA drop rates and bonuses: IA Info.


After a monster has dropped its IA, it’s rare or epic form then has a chance of dropping a Chip for itself too. Chips are stored and can be found in the Chip tab of the Items button. These chips can only be used if your IA is mastered, so it’s a good idea to master the IAs from the zones you fight in the most.

FYI If your inventory fills up with chips you can’t use, sell them. You can get more later.

When your IA is mastered you can use the corresponding Monster Chip on it – up to a limit of 10 times. Each of these will upgrade the IAs passive skills by 10%. After applying all 10 chips, this means an increase in the power of the passive skills by 100%.

Once an IA has been upgraded to [+10], there are 2 different uses for Monster Chips:

  • Use the Chip to add 100 to that monster’s kill count.
  • To summon the Ultra form of the monster in an attempt to tame it.

You can summon an Ultra form of a monster with the following steps:

  1. Set Battle Difficulty to HC APOC.
  2. Travel to the Danger Zone.
  3. Click on the chip to summon the Ultra.
  4. Defeating the Ultra will be extremely difficult – prepare to die.

If you are successful:

  • the kill count for that monster is increased by 1,000
  • your IA will now become an Ultra Ally. Its passive abilities will be increased even more.
    Note: Some IAs just become Ultra’s automatically.

You will mostly encounter yellow chips in your travels but there are actually 3 different types of chips (yellow, green, red):

  • Yellow chips have already been described above.
  • A Green chip will immediately bring your IA to [+10] if it is not already there. Otherwise, a green chip can be used to summon a better Ultra monster than a yellow chip will, or add 1000 to your monster’s kill count.
  • Red chips are even stronger than green chips.

If you would like more detail about Chips and Ultra IAs: Ultra Info.

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PART 7. Zones: Access

Very Important: Just because you meet a zone’s rank requirement, it does not mean that you are ready to kill it. It only means that you can go ahead and try if you are brave enough, …mwahahahaaaa…. The best thing is to just ignore the rank requirements and test new areas while wearing the protection ring when you feel you might be strong enough. Something else to keep in mind is that most bosses are OP relative the the mobs in a zone. Make sure you can handle any bosses in a particular zone before deciding that it’s safe.

FYI: The best place to kill mobs is usually the highest place where the bosses don’t kill you. If bosses give you a hard time then you are losing efficiency.

Access to most zones is straightforward. Once you have traveled to a zone manually you can use the map to transport there instantly. The map can be obtained by purchasing the VIP Ticket from the Feature Shop.

The following zones have special requirements or tricks to access:

  • Abandoned Lab (AL)
    From the Danger Zone, there is a slightly discolored up arrow in the middle right of the zone. This takes you to the Abandoned Lab. Rank requirement = 180.

  • Censor Ship (CS)
    From the Pirate Ship Interior, there is a little black dot on the right side. This takes you through the Censored Departure and then finally to Censor Ship.
    FYI: The Censored Departure is where you can find Hidden Treasure Map pieces.

  • Dark Pyramid (DP)
    From The Desert, click on the rectangular doorway in the pyramid.
    FYI: You can access DP by bypassing desert mobs before they attack you.

  • Deserted Alley
    From Advanced Training Zone, jump through the window.

  • Lullaby Lake
    From Mystic Forest, only after your first ascension.

  • Pokayman City
    From Binary Battlefield, there is a little red dot in the middle of the room. Rank requirement = 250.

  • Secret Beach
    From the Dark Portal, there is an arrow in the bottom left corner of the room. It’s almost invisible.

  • Secret Entrance
    From Pokayman, there is a little grey dot in between the two buildings.

  • Smiley Island (SI)
    From Mystic Path, you must enter the correct password. A hint is provided to you that says: Password is case-sensitive.
    FYI: The boss will refuse to show up in this zone if you have Auto Attack on.
    FYI: This is the place where you can complete all Roflhunter quests.

  • Spooky Crypt (SC)
    To obtain permanent access to the Spooky Crypt, you need a Spooky Crypt Key which can be obtained by throwing To–Be–Nerfed Gems (TBNG) in Dark Pyramid entrance. The key has a low drop rate so be ready to throw tons of TBNGs at the entrance!

The following zones are raids and require an invitation to enter them. The invitation is in the form of an envelope in the top left of the screen.

  • Corruption
    Is available at 00:15 and 00:45 of every hour.

  • The MEGABOSS’ Revenge (MBR)
    Becomes available every 15 minutes.
    Note: You must defeat The MEGABOSS in The Special Arena to unlock this raid.

  • Endless Dungeon (ED)
    Is available at the 30 minute mark of every hour.
    Note: You must defeat Special Dungeon(SD) to unlock this raid.

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PART 6. Using Enhancers/Fusion/Finalizers

Using Enhancers

When using enhancers on an equipment item (weapon, armor, or accessory), an important consideration is the item’s Enhancement Count. This is a number that appears in square brackets next to the Item Name. If there is no number, then a value of 0 (zero) is assumed. The key restriction for any item is that it’s maximum Enhancement Count is [+10], which means that it is Fully Enhanced.

Most item enhancers will increase the Enhancement Count by 1 when applied. The only exceptions are:

  • Unobtanium Enhancers, which can be applied at any time.
  • Unique Enhancers, which can be applied only to an item that is fully enhanced and fully leveled.


Fusion is a way of combining two different items of the same type to produce a new stronger item. Note that a fused item cannot be fused again. Let’s assume two items “A” and “B” are being fused. The naming convention “A/B” means that this item was produced by fusing A in the primary slot and B in the secondary slot.

FYI: When an item has a “Cannot Fuse” tag on it, it cannot be fused.

Setting up the fusion menu requires a number of steps. You must first go to the Item Storage tab of the Menu button. Once there, click on the yellow F button on the far right side. Then click on the “Items” tab at the top left and use Ctrl+Click to select an item and place it in the primary slot. Then select another item for the secondary slot. The fused item will appear instantaneously in the inventory, without a confirmation.

There are a additional considerations to remember when fusing item A/B:

  • The resulting rank will be the average of the ranks of the two original items A & B.

  • The resulting stats are rounded from (A’s stats) x .62 + (B’s stats) x .57. In order to take advantage of rounding it’s probably better that the enhancements on both items A and B be similar.

  • There is a special trick known as the 10/9 rule for fusion. This means that prior to fusion, the enhancement count of the primary item is 10 and that of the secondary item is 9. Then on post-fusion, you can add 1 more enhancement to the item. The reason is mathematical and has to do with how rounding affects the result.

    FYI: It is normally not worth applying enhancers to timed items (items that expire within NN days) before fusion. This is because of the cost of doubling the enhancements relative to how long the item will last.

  • The unob value is averaged. If you have two pieces without any unob then it is best to apply a single unob enhancer post-fusion.

  • The bonuses of the new item will be those taken from item A and none from item B.

  • XXXXX any others? XXXXX

For those of you that are keen on squeezing out as much as you can out of fusion, you can experiment with different combinations using the Fusion Simulator.


Finalizer enhancements are usually applied to an item after you have fully enhanced, leveled, uniqued, unob’ed, and possibly fused it. After finalization, the stats can never be changed again. The bonuses (green, orange, purple) can changed BUT only with [S] bonus rocks or [S][I] bonus rocks.

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