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Topic: Technical Support / Kongregate not working on Firefox

I get the exact same problem as the OP with a fresh install of Firefox. I just installed Firefox to see if The Last Stand: Dead Zone would crash as much as it does on Chrome. So I had to use chrome just to post this.

With Firefox I can’t access a single page on Kongregate, it just immediately pops up the error that something isn’t working.

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Topic: Kongregate / People don't understand the comment rating system

I haven’y used these forms very much obviously so excuse the lack of knowing how to put something in a quote box.

“I thought that that was partially the point of the ratings, to allow people to vote whether they agree with the comment at hand or not.”

That is the misunderstanding I was pointing out in the intial post. The way they have the rating system setup is that + means that you like the comment/found it helpful. BUT the – is that the comment is inappropriate/offense/spam it is NOT setup to be used as a “I disagree with what that guy said” button. That is why it hides the comment at -3 so that people can quickly get offensive/spam posts hidden so that others won’t have to see those types of posts. It is not there to for you click on because someone posted a viable comment but you disagree with his opinion.

So thank you for helping show the misunderstanding of the system.

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Topic: Kongregate / People don't understand the comment rating system

The negative rating option on comments is there simply to allow people to self enforce spamming and offensive comments, but this is not what is it being used for.

I’ve noticed that more and more people are negative rating a comment simply because it is a different opinion then their own. These comments are not using foul language, harassing, insulting, or spam. They are simple different opinions which are perfectly acceptable to have as a comment.

I get that people may really like a game, but to try and hide all the comments who don’t think the game is amazing is just childish. It is worse that the comments get hidden as soon as they get to -2 which means a couple of people (or even the designers of a game) can hide comments quickly.

Kongregate either needs to enforce proper usage of the comment rating system or change the system to work as the following: Change the positve/negative options to agree/disagree and add a new button for Inappropriate (or something similar). This way all the people who feel they need to click the minus button when someone doesn’t love the game they do still can but without misusing the system. Posts won’t get hidden unless the Inappropriate button is pushed too many times.

Thanks for reading.