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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Daily limit usage for the on-line shield (to avoid autorefreshers aka 24/7 players)

Ow now we are talking about it

’’ Improvements

Notifications: you should get a Kongregate app notification if attacked ’’

THAT IS ANNOYING AS HELL, not only are you spaming my kong, but also my email with it, please please make it an option my head is going nuts over that crap please thanks

( and ones again sorry for my spellings mistakes)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Daily limit usage for the on-line shield (to avoid autorefreshers aka 24/7 players)

you can also just make an automatic pop up, witch came ones a hr or half hr people need to press ok for, dont they do that in lets say 2 min for exampel, then they get logged out and need to login again, ( that will prevent people from using that thing who controll the mouse for them ( idk whats its called that program) )

Or simply just ‘’ hire ’’a few some secret mods in here who report to you ones in a while when they find cheat, but honestly not many from kong cheat, cus we use it more as a ‘’social come together’’

Personal i play this game while im working, cooking and cleaning ect ect, to get my mind of what i am doing so the time fly ya know, and i know most player does that, and when i/we do that, we easyly passes the 6 hrs, from kong, and i see no reason for punish us for that, all you do is just forcing us to play less, with a time limit on 6 hr a day, and for the rest of the time we will find some other games, witch may or may not replace this one with time, personal i alredy found another game to replace this when the 6 hr shield end, (when this update will go trough.)

My advice to you is; Lisen to what youre members of this game has to say, cus its ours time you are messing with, and this game can easyly be replaced, but losing a few 1000 players becaus of a bad update, is something diffrint :) cus i bet not only us from kong will be mad about it!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Daily limit usage for the on-line shield (to avoid autorefreshers aka 24/7 players)

i think 6 hrs is a little, 8 or 12 hrs would be better.

on first thought it were a good idea, then i thought more about it and then its seems as a bad idea..

CUS you gotta remember, ALOT of players, play as much as they does, becaus its a part of theire alliance strategy, when they are about to lose, for exampel, also its kinda bull shit in the alliance war, exampel; i go attack from my 2nd colonie, meanwhile someone from the other alliance attack me with nuke and collekt 500 wp, and destroy almost my whole base, when i come back and i lost my units on my main, witch is pretty expensive to build. and i gotta start all over. and then when i wanna attack form my 3d colonie then i come back and BOOM i got attacked again, cus my main get constant rebuildet, but my bunkers and units in gate dont come back and thats make me more defenceless. ( sorry if i writed alot of spelling mistakes and it were confusing.)

Bus basis you leave many players defenceless and they they keep rebuild, that will be a huge problem for colonies,

a better idea would be to place an login box before you enter the game ( in that way people cannot use auto refresh )

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Topic: Kongregate / Reports of users!

Thanks you for your fast answer, and well written answer, i appreciate it very much :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Reports of users!

Hey i like to know why reports of users often get ignored evean when you are MANY who report them?

i wont say any names trough you are velcome to write.

But in this game i often play there is 2 people, who ALWAYS are a jerk to everyone and i know that most of the gamers from kong in that game has muted them trough time, and reported them as well but why is it they not evean is giving warnings, now almost a week ago i got pic of the chat to prove it and still they wont do anything. please how bad is a person going to act before they starts to get warnings or ban?

Isent it enoug they always calling people slu* whor* and alot more and much worse?

what is the limits for how a person can act on kong chat before its starting to have contikvenses

and btw sorry my bad englich :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Trader scam list (updated)

Sap was misunderstanding a deal, indeed but when she notice the fault she wanted to return the lost units and some extras, then demdisco went nuts cus he dident want that he wanted the original deal,(( he evean deleted his friend bunkers,)) i told sap not to give him the original deal cus she alredy said sorry and wanted to recover his lost and more to, he wouldent have that, so i said to her to give him nothing,,, and btw we talking about 4 UNITS.!!! and yes i said to demdisco that i would attak his alliance if he keept messing with my members siens its not the first hime i got complanes about him, and his attitude personal i just muted him like 2 mounth ago. and if that makes me a scamer go ahead :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Halloween 2012!

i dident got anything from my last halloween attack evean trough i killed alot :S usealy i get between 40-80 but this time i got 0 and its was one of my best attack ever what to do? i know im not the only one who sometimes missing thoes points ):

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Topic: Kongregate / Chat behavior.

I know, thats usealy also what i end up with, ( the muting part)

- and about the mod, i cannot ask a mod to be there all the time lol xD

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Topic: Kongregate / Chat behavior.

sorry for the line that is patched up by some of the words, i think i must have used some kind of code i dident realized i was using.

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Topic: Kongregate / Chat behavior.


Is it just me, or does people become more and more mean in the chatrooms, spiciealy in the game chats?

I have personal played Galaxy Life, alot lately, and in the game chat people get more and more mad, there is argue’ in publich. saying – ‘’go F* your mother ’’ ‘’ F* you’’ and alot more im not going to repeat in here and the fun part, after one called the other alot of insulting they often end up saying ‘’ just leave and grow up’’

If you ask me then its that person who need to grow up and learn to talk/chat with respect.

I know its not my job to get them to behave, but i often ask them to take thoes talks/argue’ to another place or simply ask them to talk nice, and then they continue often at me. so i end up muting them.

What do you think? is is just me who bumb into the chat in bad times? Or do you experience the same around in the chats.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] don't attack other people's planets

Originally posted by squiddoodle:

Try to stop other people from attacking other peoples planets if you want to loot someone do it to a computer player please.People really want to do things on galaxy life then when you come on your planet is attacked and it’s annoying that people have to wait for other people have attacked.Besides i suggest you destroy someones planet if they attacked you.Or at least try to settle it down.It’s other peoples property you are destroying thats why the combo of fighting continues.

That is kinda the whole idea with this game, its basis the only thing you can do in this game? so why stop?

and if you dont like to be attacked. then make sure you always got a colonie shield. ans stay FAR AWAY from an alliance :3

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] People, who think have a good base, but dont.

Serious people. this kind of conversations does not belong in a forum.

A froum isent here to highlight and especially not to demean other people.
So im kindly asking you to stop and move this conversations to a more private place.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] nOOb Tips! :D

Originally posted by loading___:

Rule 6: This game is still Beta, don’t go ripping you’re hair, fur or whatever you have on your body out if it has a hiccup or two, such as you sending someone a gift and the person not getting it, or they get it from someone else with a different name.

this game is a MMO game, no matter how much they work, this game will ALWAYS be a beta game :3

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] More Ranks

Yeah that is an good idea mark :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Alliances

Hellow. my name is Lee. im the owner of Flying Demons.

Flying Demons ( FD) does not take any more member cus’ we simply cannot find enoug enemies to everyone, some time we jump into very inactive guilds. and the more members we have the lower does the war points pay out. so we mainly stick to 10-15 members and often thats also to much.

plus we want people to earn more war points than they give out.

the standert from eatch guild is diffrint. and i think ours ( fd ) has the highest standarts of them all.
to join FD you got to forfill thoes as a minimum

Lvl 30+
Star base lvl 5+
Gold/mineral mines lvl 7+ ( all of them)
compact / banks lvl 7+ ( all of them)
you gotta play trough kong.
you gotta have unlucked and upgrading as many troops as poseble.
you gotta have a good defence
you gotta be active
You gotta earn more war points than you give out.

things we also like to see but isent a requrement:
We preferm users with only 1 planet in eatch solarsystem and they cannot be close to eatchother.
we also preferm users who chat active. and are sweet ( we dont like jerks lol)

A guild war work like this:

a war last for minimum 15 hrs but can be up to 3 days depend on the war points earned
the lower lvl and the lower starbase your have vs your enemy the more war points you earn.
you win by having a KO (knock out)
you get a ko by having a huge ammount war points more than the other alliance.
if you dosent get enoug war points for a ko you will have to wait till the time is up and the alliance with most war points will win.

I cant answer for why other dosent fill up theire members cus when FD was the only guild on kong, everyone keept complane about we dident fill up out maximum member withc is 50. then they made theire own to avoice the requrements on FD. then they put up very simulary ones.

i hope that answered some of your question if not feel free to write to me on kong or wisper to me. im happy to answer more questions..

From Lee
( sorry for the bad englich of mine)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] Halloween 2012!

If you are going to destroy my planet with no reason at all, im gonna get really mad

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Galaxy Life] More Ranks

Hey, my name is lee, and i really enjoy to be a General, evean trough i would love some more ranks in the alliance!

they dosent have to do anything spicieal, just be like private. might one with a bit more power.

Here is just some ideas i just had:

Army General ( alliance owner)
2nd. General ( 2nd highest rank now its named captain )
Lieutenant ( shuld be abel to start war and accept memberd(not kick) )
Major ( shuld be abel to start wars)

and the rest shuld be like private

Lieutenant Colonel
2nd Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant

^^, just some fun i thought could be fun, cus my alliance ( Flying demons ) take guild wars very serious, and id like to reward them for there effort, and they cant all be captain :)

What do you people thing?