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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] New Update

Here’s some fun bugs and/or problems.

I keep getting hit by RPGs without see anything fired. No smoke trail to follow, just a red blink and most of my armor is gone.

I have been shot a full second or more after getting behind cover. Lag issues have been a constant problem even though my ping is usually under 20. Nothing quite as fun as getting shot by invisible people.

The area damage on the tank’s main gun is way too small. I have put shells right between peoples’ feet and failed to kill them.

You still haven’t fixed the bug where you pop out of a vehicle staring up at the sun instead of straight ahead; it’s always fun to die because of that one.

In other areas, as long as I’m posting:

The gun I bought for a short reload no longer has a short reload, the gun I bought for mid-range accuracy is no longer accurate, and the gun I bought to run fast with doesn’t really make me run fast anymore.

I’ve always thought that it was BS that buying a gun only gives you one copy and now it’s extra BS with the armor and other things.

I was losing interest before the changes and now every infantry game has 3 people on the other team with miniguns that kill me in one shot; in fact pretty much everything kills me in one shot, armor or no. Meanwhile the gun I bought because it does a lot of damage takes 5-6 shots to kill anyone. Yes, eventually I can get all that stuff with Honor Points but in the intervening weeks I have to go up against people who seem to have bought their way to easy mode. The infantry maps are almost pointless and the vehicle maps are often a waste of time because of rocketcammers and that first bug I mentioned.

All that aside, there are also some positive changes in the game, it’s just that the negative ones are overwhelmingly annoying. The AA tanks are more interesting (maybe even too strong); the big tanks hitting much harder is also good as is being able to aim the machine gun and being able to climb into secondary gun turrets. The missile tanks seem to have been left behind by contrast (except for rocketcam, which no self-respecting player should ever use) because the small chance you had against a big tank before has evaporated. Also the giant reticle on the blue rocket launcher is weird.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] Change to Viewing Distance

About the same time that Favela was introduced the distance at which vehicles are rendered was greatly decreased; to me it seems even shorter than it was before you extended it a few months ago when you changed how bullets work.

Now, it’s terrible. Every vehicle map I play has someone in a helicopter sitting out of range bombarding the spawn area and you can’t do anything about it because the render distance is so short. It also makes rocketcam even more ridiculous than it was before, because the render distance is shorter than the flying distance for the guided rockets, so those tanks and players can easily fire at people who can’t see them at all, even with a clear line of sight.

I’ll grant you that the previous range may have been a little too far; I myself shot down many helicopters who probably were too far away to figure out where they were being shot from.

However the way it is now is completely unbalanced. Either extend the viewing distance back again or make helicopter rockets disappear after traveling a certain distance the same way the guided rockets do. Preferably about the same distance as the viewing difference.

I personally am not going to buy any more weapons with the game like this. Oh and hey, people can still hide in solid buildings and kill people with impunity, more than a year later. Particularly in Island X. Maybe put a hole in the ground beneath there? Or add a second layer of polygons to the inside to make it impossible to see out / fire out?

But seriously, do something.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Red Crucible 1 & 2] New Map Favela !!

How about fixing all the poorly designed geometry where people get stuck, like, the top of every staircase and the entrance to the lowest building on the blue side and every sidewalk…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DarkOrbit] Speed Generators

The descriptions for speed generators are ridiculously misleading. They say that they will increase speed, for example, x5, which clearly suggests that it will be multiplied by 5. Equipping that generator would actually just add 5 speed to your ship.

With speeds measured in 100s, even for the slowest ship that is a boost of about 2%; which is nowhere near x5.

The descriptions should say +5 or, adds 5 speed to you ship, or something that indicates what they actually do.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] hate wind

My only problem with the wind is that sometimes it can be at max velocity against you for many turns in a row; if your opponent is on the other side of the stage it can be literally impossible to hit them because the wind simply overcomes any projectile you fire, but they can still hit you.

Yes, you can jetpack or shield, but a completely random factor that can give your opponent 1-2 turns without any reprisal is pretty unfair.

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Topic: Dream World / Wishing Well

On the other hand, I’ve chosen dive in several dozen times and only drowned twice. I think it is stat based.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Bug Reports Thread (old)

Incorrect trivia answer:

What year did the US’s Magellan probe land on Venus? (or something like that)

Answer: 1990

That’s not right; Magellan arrived in orbit around Venus in 1990 but did not land on it at all; it stayed in orbit until 1994 when NASA decided to send it down through the atmosphere where it mostly burned up.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Yes, you can get other stats from chests, but that requires you to:
A) Get a chest
B) Open it correctly
C) Get lucky and get a stat boots

Whereas you can just go to the store and buy strength and con for what is really a pretty reasonable price.

Why not just be able to get all stats both ways?

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

As a further suggestion; it isn’t especially fair that you can only buy strength and constitution, because as others have mentioned that benefits the melee classes disproportionately.

Either the stats you can buy should rotate, or different towns have different stats, or something more equitable.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

I would suggest that when a new Ally pops up, you have the option to permanently reject that ally; it’s just a waste of turns to have one of those come up time and time again when you already have an ally that you are satisfied with.