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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Remove Click buffs from Jeweled Chests or I'm done paying (post if you agree)

Originally posted by tulamide:

You obviously don’t know anything about how the law works in my country, else you wouldn’t have mentioned it. It is exactly as I wrote it. a game of chance for real money is illegal gambling in this country.

If you receive something of identifiable value every time you pay, then it is not gambling by any legal definition of the term. It may be subject to other questionable conduct laws, like Bait and Switch (also very unlikely in this case, but at least vaguely possible this time).

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Saved Game Lost

Thats probably not going to be available in the long term. Kongregate tends not to allow importing in games that have badges (that’s why it was removed from both GC0 and Labyrinth).

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Originally posted by andrexs1999:

Quest Screen in Arena section is Missplaced

If you go and click [ARENA] Bestiary, you will have the description of the [ARENA] Rings
[ARENA] Rings just got the description of [ARENA] Stats
and [ARENA] Stats gets the description of (ARENA] Item Enhancement and progressive...
check it out and you will understand

andrexs1999 | 1,380 / 8,760,474,896 | [d1]–203 | F0 | v1,606 | WIN 11,7,700,202 | Mon May 27 19:26:54 GMT-0400 2013

The off-by-one mentioned here starts at [ARENA] Rank Up More, which has [ARENA] Rank Up’s quest text.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] The evade/miss rate is fucked up!

“But here comes Chronicles and something is really bugging me. In most game with a ‘’hit percentage’‘, when you are over 85%, it’s always a hit. With very few exceptions.”

Funny thing about odds like this: the Law of Averages does not exist. Every single attack all game legitimately can miss, and you need a lot more than fifteen incidents to show any significant possibility of something going wrong.

Incidentally, your chance of missing all four times with the given odds is 0.06% (~ 1 in 1607). Unlikely, but not unreasonable as an outlier.

For comparison, your odds of winning the minimum payout on Florida’s regular Lotto game is a little more than 0.19% (~1 in 511). The maximum payout is just barely over 0.0000000099% (exactly 1 in 10,068,347,520).