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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Originally posted by andrexs1999:

Quest Screen in Arena section is Missplaced

If you go and click [ARENA] Bestiary, you will have the description of the [ARENA] Rings
[ARENA] Rings just got the description of [ARENA] Stats
and [ARENA] Stats gets the description of (ARENA] Item Enhancement and progressive...
check it out and you will understand

andrexs1999 | 1,380 / 8,760,474,896 | [d1]–203 | F0 | v1,606 | WIN 11,7,700,202 | Mon May 27 19:26:54 GMT-0400 2013

The off-by-one mentioned here starts at [ARENA] Rank Up More, which has [ARENA] Rank Up’s quest text.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] The evade/miss rate is fucked up!

“But here comes Chronicles and something is really bugging me. In most game with a ‘’hit percentage’‘, when you are over 85%, it’s always a hit. With very few exceptions.”

Funny thing about odds like this: the Law of Averages does not exist. Every single attack all game legitimately can miss, and you need a lot more than fifteen incidents to show any significant possibility of something going wrong.

Incidentally, your chance of missing all four times with the given odds is 0.06% (~ 1 in 1607). Unlikely, but not unreasonable as an outlier.

For comparison, your odds of winning the minimum payout on Florida’s regular Lotto game is a little more than 0.19% (~1 in 511). The maximum payout is just barely over 0.0000000099% (exactly 1 in 10,068,347,520).