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Topic: Game Design / Want To Be A Game Designer? Learn To Code.

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Topic: Collaborations / Collab 1.0: List of Programmers & Game designers

The current way to collab hasn’t changed and is still stagnated at 0. To help out a bit, we’re moving that 0 to 1. sound engineers & artists are on

this thread is for specifically for programmers (and game designers just for humor sake)

== Keep your listing to a few lines in bullet point format ==

  • Specific skill (like html 5, java, python, etc.) :
  • Demo/proof/sample code: a programmer can post to a sample code that will work in a game, and a game designer can link or post to a demo or proof under their name
  • Contact (reachable way to contact you):
  • Special Interests:

to avoid clutter, post only if you are listing yourself. posts should be automatically deleted every half a year.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Nudity and its effects on the young.

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Topic: Off-topic / racist commerical?

or possibly this one:

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Topic: Off-topic / What is Your Real Name?

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Topic: General Gaming / Hardest Game Bosses.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / time to legalize marijuana?

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Topic: Off-topic / Talking RPG

u can be the talker

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Brain Buster

i ilike cookies

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Topic: General Gaming / Snow Virus TD

umm.. make it realistic?

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Topic: Kongregate / Best Idle Game 2009

um.. i vote for both ?

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Topic: Off-topic / What's a Mudkip?

is dis a games…. ?

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Topic: General Gaming / Bubble Tanks Arena

i support mutipleplayer games

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Topic: Off-topic / AVGN

is dis a game ?

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2

racing is kooll

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Topic: General Gaming / Fav staregy game?

i like cookies

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Topic: Off-topic / If You Could Live in a Website, What Website Would You Live in?


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Topic: Kongregate / Announcing: Music Fall


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Topic: Elements / Elements CCG: Real-time PvP is now live.

yeah cafd game r kool

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Topic: Off-topic / Rant About Eachother [Only enter if you can take a joke!]

argue = bad

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Topic: Off-topic / If life was like a video game....?

a game w/o any tasks

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Enlightenment or total apathy?

i gues ill go w/ both?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zening] Lag

um.. nope.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / will the world end in 2012

you make such a conving post, it probably will end in 2012

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I only read this page. My suggestions and replies below.


Major ones:

Release Kongai

Expand game categories or separate them

Less Endurance-type badges

NO time limit for badges (a reply to previous post)
-new users are welcomed!

Game balance in Kongai. No cards overly strong or weak.

Badge statistics such as “Badges Completed: 41/203” only if the user has the option to NOT have it shown (a reply to previous post)

Release Kongai

More Multi-player games

Make Kongai the best game on Kongregate

Adobe Flash/Adobe Director is expensive which has a negative affect on number of game developers. Increase effort to find a solution if possible.

Start an Annual Prize for Higher Quality games

Release Kongai


Minor ones:

A Ranking System for Kongai in addition to the current Leveling system on a user’s profile
-the Kongai rank # could be place next to the profile level

Certain Chat rooms designated specifically for level 5 and up, 10 and up, etc.
-or maybe in ranges, 5-10, etc.

Chat rooms for users who like certain genres

Enable ordering of ‘favorite games’ so users can have a list that is not whatever is default

I think inappropriate works for both: “Be able to not just flag comments as innapropriate, but also… spam” (a reply to previous post)

I think a Digg system is unnecessary, extraneous, and above what is needed for Kongregate – “after certain amount of thumbs down [gets] removed” (a reply to previous post)

Hide function for various sections of user’s profile
-some like simplicity or don’t like/want certain sections such as favorite games, comments, etc.

Keep post count. Why no post count? So they have 1000 one word posts – big deal (a reply to previous post)

The user’s rating next to overall rating would be nice (a reply to previous post)
-I also never do know if I had rated a certain game.

Allow a Profile Name change feature


In closing:

The Kongregate brand name is longer than brand names usually are. It’s also difficult to see on the front page, and doesn’t really stand out with the white color. Lacks a neat logo. Anyhow, Kongregate is a very polished site in my opinion (compared to many others). High in usability, functionality, presentation, community, and simply amazing. I should vote for it in the Webby awards: