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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Originally posted by Vyrm27:

Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t the space Kong is using to remind us that they share their ad revenue with dev’s would be better out to use, oh, running ads? the people who run ad blockers aren’t going to stop, but the ad blockers don’t block banner ads. Use what you’ve got, and stop complaining about people who don’t want pop-ups.

Concerning the whole entire ad-blocker dilemma; Would it not make more sense for Kong to offer an alternative method of getting Kreds through watching advertisements, through which the people who run the ad blockers would have to deactivate them in order to even officially claim said Kreds? Even then, they could offer them at a low rate.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Originally posted by socamonk:

How can I get 10,000 red coins? To buy the secret shop for the BA. Or is it not possible? Do I have to get 999,999,999 BC for the shop?

You have to play during certain big events like the anniversary or you could try logging in for 7 or more days to try your luck with the Daily Bonus, hoping you get an attendance box. They sometimes give out red coins up to a maximum of 3k bonus coins red coins. They’re /meant/ to be hard as Hades to obtain.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Pong - Least and "Most?" Favorite Pong Power Multipliers

I honestly love the fact that Tukken took and put a survival Pong game into the arcade, and I love it even more now that he’s added more elements and updated everything. However, I want your opinions on the Pong Powers that are in the game and which one you despise, and which one you like, or are okay with.

I absolutely hate Gravity. I can never tell if the ball is going to hit the computer’s paddle within half a second of bouncing because it’s already bouncing so fast and end up doing a low bounce, what was supposed to be a high bounce. Anti-physics isn’t all that bad at all since the ball would be sent in a direction more “favorable” to you having a chance at increasing the vertical speed since the ball gets thrown right back in the same direction it came from, usually (excluding slow bounces, then, it’s sped up).

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Topic: Off-topic / Philosophy level 1!

Originally posted by Ralen1:

If a tree fell when no one was around would it make a sound?

The answer to that is “Of course, however, the sound wave wouldn’t be heard due to the lack of local receptors.”

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Topic: Off-topic / Random Questions: #1 - So, how about those parananormal activity, eh? ^-^

Hm, I believe that souls actually do exists, but that there is in fact no Heaven or Hell. The souls just wander about until they find someplace to call home or resolve a personal matter allowing them to pass onto an afterlife somewhat like Limbo, in the sense that both those of corrupt and pure souls go there. But, you never know until you know. I’m just tossing some ideas around and I won’t be finding out for some time from now, so… meh.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Bad suggestions thread

u pleigh gaym, u ottomati- Ok. Failtyping kills me inside. ,_, How about… sell and distribute obviously stolen ideas! And I don’t mean how innovation is fueled by modification to something that existed before, I mean “I invented the comb, yet I know how to use its name oh so properly! 8D +38 Char bouns.” Complete, bold, plagiarism and admitting to it if the feds should question you about anything. That way, you get profit! We get… +.00038373720…3 exp? Everybody’s happy. :>

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Topic: Off-topic / There is no mod here

This administrator or moderator has been removed by a post.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is anime geeky?

Originally posted by Strawuni:
Originally posted by thefameboy64:

Your not a geek. Many people do it.

I’m a grammar nazi. Oh! and you’re not a geek.
Deal with it.

Oh, and you’re not a geek. Deal with it.~
The Grammar Nazi has been Grammar Nazi’d.

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Topic: Off-topic / There is no mod here

Originally posted by SpearDudezor:
Originally posted by superfastjelly:

I killed him, because I’m The Hero of Hyrule.

Omg, since when does Mr. Troll use disguises?!

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Topic: Off-topic / Word Association!

Arctic Circle

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Topic: General Gaming / Official - Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge

This game obliterates most, if not all, other point-and-click-upgradable-items-shooters O3o

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Topic: The Arts / The Seven Deadly Sins


This is the first one of my pictures that i am working on about the seven deadly sins. This is Wrath.

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Topic: The Arts / Afro Dude


Just a character i have been drawing since i was in fourth grade. Enjoy! _

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Topic: The Arts / The ArtBox! (Undergoing restoration works)

Excuse me but i have a very important question to ask all of you people here. I am still sort of new to the whole forum scene, mainly because i rarely get on any forums, but i digress. What i want to know is, does this website only accept images, pictures, etc., that are drawn via computer and/or drawing program? If not then could you also please tell me how i would go about posting some of my own artwork that was drawn by hand? Thank you, from the forum noob.