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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] SS2 Suggestions ( if any)

there is a log out button. just click options

Originally posted by Lyseria:

2 things

escape of battle button.
button to logout or change server!

there actually is a log out button, just click options and it right there

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What Does 'Nothing' Look like?!

You are actually answering your own question. If nothing were to exist, then it would be something. Also, if were to be pitch black, then that would be a color, which is something. And, white is the abbsence of color, and that is something because it has nothing. Also, you can simply tell the your sister that noyhing is nothing, cause if it was nothing, then that would make it something. So, really, just say that nothing doesn’t exist. Oh, and 2 annoy her, when u ask her wat she doin, and she say notin, u can say that that isn’t true, because she is breathing, or standing, or laying down, or blinking, or something like that. Your Welcome :]