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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Will I ever get a doku?! (Free Lottery)

Updated the OP with the current picks list.

I’ve only run 2 Cdepths since I posted this. I was gone all weekend, and I’m pretty busy lately. Don’t expect quick results.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Will I ever get a doku?! (Free Lottery)

(The story)

Ever since Kabam took away my Celestial blade, there has been a hole in my heart where my ninja resides.

I have since been running every Crawling Depths I can, trying to acquire a Doku No Ken. No luck yet…

I have no real count on how many I’ve actually run, I didn’t start keeping track until recently, but so far I’ve run at least:

21 Crawling Depths.

(The lottery)

Guess which number run I will finally get a Doku. You can pick any number above 21.

- You get one free pick.
- You can pick another number only if your number has been passed. You have to pick a number at least 10 numbers away from the current count. Doing so will also lessen your reward by 5 def, if you win.

- The winner will win 40 Def pots, minus 5 for each additional number they picked.

Number list

17. Start! santygremory (derp)
18. saadsaad12345
20. Ch9c0f3ce
21. AbelW1
23. OmgDatCow
24. behr456
25. Asdock (7isanoddnumber also picked this number, but Asdock posted first)
26. EvilLord963
27. goome (Leeb222 also picked this number, but goome posted first)
28. iNsAnE_ReApEr (ramichul also picked this number, but iNsAnE_ReApEr posted first)
29. 007spenguin
30. purplecritter12
31. Ensnare15
33. Hamstafat0
36. Terawn (Draconiani also picked this number, but Terawn posted first)
37. danieldubois
43. jakub100
45. danielthekid
47. enlightraptor
50. friendlydude134
51. deathreaper34
53. noobmaker
63. edu122
74. AbelW1
82. Vasya_

And since a couple people posted this, entirely possible, option.

- xixoucmoi
- icegod08

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Guide to riches

Bluenoser’s guides are pretty good.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / buns


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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / White bags you gotten today

I just looted an Ogmur. You can’t see the bag, as I was too excited to get a good screencap, but I got it, and that’s what mattered to me.

There was also an ice cave that dropped that I nexused from, because I really wanted that ogmur on my knight, and I didn’t want to lose it somehow.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Realm of the Begginers Guide

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Topic: Kongregate / SELF-MODERATION

Originally posted by Shiro96:

Dear Kongregate staff, please rethink your self-moderation concept, IT IS NOT WORKING.

What’s your suggested solution?

Too often, people focus on a problem, without thinking about solutions.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Help. (FIXED)

Looks like you have some serious adware on your computer. Get an anti-virus software and run it ASAP.

In addition to this, stop clicking on links you don’t know and going to shady websites.

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Topic: Kongregate / New design choice.

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Topic: Kongregate / Thank You Kongregate

Originally posted by visitor6666:

Now if only other companies *cough Kabam Corporation *cough could follow that model…

See… Kabam’s problem is…..

They don’t know when to quit!

(Then again, why should they? People still pay, and just deal with their lackluster service)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Fix for flash projector?

I saw this other thread a moment ago, seems like no one is able to get it working at the moment

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / killed by a bug

Originally posted by PotatoIsLove:

What browsers are you using?

i am using google chrome

Chrome by default uses pepperflash, which doesn’t really agree with RotMG and causes a lot of lag. Disabling pepperflash should fix most of the issues when playing on Chrome.

Another tip for managing lag, is to close the game every once in a while to clear the current memory usage. You can check your current memory usage in-game by going to the options and selecting “toggle performance stats”, bind that to a key, press the key and it’ll show up on the top left of the screen. Where it says “MEM” is your memory usage. When MEM is higher than about 1000, the game will perform poorly, and you should close chrome.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

For someone only on kong for a minute a day now, even I am noticing the lack of badges :(

That’s why I posted this:

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / killed by a bug

Originally posted by PotatoIsLove:

When i was on a spirit dungeon, everything was ok, i was going to teleport to nexus, but i clicked on the signal so many i times and nothing hapenned! i drank all me health potions, but nothing hapenned too, so i died in the battlefield with extreme injustice, i was a archer 14, with extremely good equipement

Next time that happens, close the browser and you will live.

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Topic: Kongregate / Do you hate puzzle games?

Originally posted by Acid_Death:

Do you hate puzzle games?


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Topic: Kongregate / I'm banned?

That ban is only temporary. Just wait it out.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is the Little Alchemist promotion for 30 free Kreds legit?

Originally posted by 123aaa789:
Originally posted by corizon:

Nada here either , i signed into Kong , my kong inbox says ty for playing will send code within 24 but no kreds code yet

If it’s the message with the link that says “request a new code,” then it’s really silly why it’s set up the way it is, since the code is actually embedded within that resend link. Just right click the link and copy the link location, then cut out the code part, and submit it. I’m really not sure why they’d require an email with the code when the message they’re already automatically sending you contains the code, but they don’t tell you that it does.

That is pretty silly. I still haven’t received the e-mail after about 20 hours, but I was able to claim the kreds via this method. Thanks a lot for the tip!

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / How2bteh ultimat swagmaster

Originally posted by gaarm:

step one: build really op character

step two: go to tutorial level

step three: lose to the balls

step four: after you have lost to the bails you should get a game over screen which shows the high scores

step five: if your character was at least level twenty one and you had t12.93457595347756349567397 gear the top score should say slam jam barkley; click on his name

step six: when you click on his name it should say “congratulations you have found me allow me to teach you the way of the space jam”

step seven: click accept on the bottom box and you should unlock a new class called dunk master

step eight: once you are playing as a dunk master you now need to get the swag master pet in order to do this you need drop any pet egg and activate your master dunk special on the egg you should now have a fully levels basketball following you around

step nine: open another tab and type in youtube and listen a slam jam remix of darude sandstorm

step ten: solo orx without a weapon using only your dunk skill

if you are con fused about any of this i have made a video tutorial here

11/10, if only for the sheer amount of Space Jam.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Account Wipe !

Kabam made this handy little form for anyone still having account issues


This is the full post regarding the account migration status and known issues

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Topic: Kongregate / My Kongregate Account got hacked [Need help!]

Originally posted by unleasher1997:

as for me theres someone threatening me that he will hack to my acc. wat am i suppose to do pls :(

No one who would hack an account will threaten to do so. They’d just simply do it.

They are only trying to scare you. Simply mute the user, and make sure you have a good password.

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Topic: Kongregate / What are Kreds?

Originally posted by LoneWolf67:

Is it… Even worth it to buy Kreds then? Im gonna buy $20 worth just to have it. Good idea?

The value of kreds is subjective to the user. It’s up to you to determine how valuable the kreds are to you. One person can tell you they’re worthless, while another might say the opposite.

If you don’t have anything in particular you want to use them on, I see no reason to buy them; sure, there’s a bonus for buying them right now, but if you never use them, then there’s no point in having them.

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Topic: Kongregate / Moderator


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Originally posted by dando09:

I was tricked into downloading a virus onto my PC

I imagine your computer looks a lot like this right now:

This is part of the reason COPPA exists. It’s also the reason I say things like “The internet is a dangerous place for people like you. Yes, you.”.

Also, check this thread which was posted a bit before this thread.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Linking Kong account w/other

I’m pretty sure they removed the ability to link a kong account to a different platform, but there should still be a way to play using your kong account with the flash projector. I don’t know how to do it myself though.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Is anyone being logged into a guest account?

Originally posted by El_lokiEeE:

A day or two seems kinda drastic.

It happened to me right as migration began. I figured the whole migration thing would take a while to sort itself out, so I didn’t check back until the next day or so.

It could take 5 minutes, it could take days. There’s no sure way to know. Just check back every once in a while, and if it doesn’t fix itself after a day or so go here