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Topic: Tyrant / hunterhogan's prelude to goodbye?

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Topic: Tyrant / $10 Gamestop Gift Card Raffle Thing (Free!) hunterhogan Accepted. We may do this again!

This is a trick…somehow.

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Topic: Tyrant / Rares Drop rate from Homeworld Pack

Devs need to implement a feature that lets us trade two cards for a random one of the same rarity(From the same set). It would stop 90% of the “But I have 10 Egor!” QQing.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Errors

BUG: The ‘Chaos’ Skill on Lord Halcyon does not work since the Worldship Part 2 update. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the Chaos Skill or just the card, but it doesn’t work. The red ‘chaos’ symbol still appears on cards, but if they have an activation ability such as strike or siege it will not be chaosed. Other players in chat have confirmed that their Lord Halycon’s are also not working.

EDIT: After some further testing I found the Chaos skill works for other cards, so this is a problem with Halcyon specifically.

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Topic: Tyrant / Suggestions

Originally posted by cikitaa:

your game is very stupid,i i always hated this game qith low coins gold from missions,i think you have to rise gold from each missions to 1000000 million for players with low happiness to the game,game is really stupid and i hate it so much and i am so much pity i missed to play wgt cause they stoped my golf accounts and any golf game cause they say it is free to play and do not provide any helpful clubs for playing golf and they sell best clubs for cash.and now playing this small game and nothing at all so much ugly cards.better to stair at tyrant with 1 milliard gold and purchase some packs then playing tournament with no real win rate or some 300 small stamina war


Synapticon, hire this man immediately!


Topic: Tyrant / How does one "unregister" from the fansite?

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Topic: Tyrant / How does one "unregister" from the fansite?

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Topic: Tyrant / How does one "unregister" from the fansite?

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Topic: Tyrant / [To Devs] Next Expansion

Originally posted by raa275:

Card Game Profit Model = Pack n > Pack n-1

Enough said.

More like

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] Delete 5,000 gold from Daily Crate

Originally posted by Malutor:
Originally posted by Tentacled_Master:

This is bad idea.

Now that gold has been given value, gold > shards.

So, what we need is MORE gold options. I think, to satisfy everyone’s desires here, the amount of gold should simply be reduced, say by half.

So, we should have:

5 1 shard crates
5 2,500 gold crates
in daily chance.

Please burn yourself and die

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] Make Legendary Upgrade require only 1 copy

Originally posted by BoNaFiDeOuTkAsT:

whoa. if 2 cards are no longer required, then those upgraded legendary are way too boosted.

Shut. Up.

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] 1/25/2013 Card Upgrades Released!

Making us spend two gold cards to upgrade one is annoying. Making us spend two promo or warbond pack cards is fucktarded. If a card can only be bought with warbonds then give us ways to upgrade it that don’t include buying two of the same card – either increase the upgrade cost to 50k instead of 20k, make it cost 5-10 warbonds, whatever. But making players pay real money for a card they already have – after 90% of the playerbase already agreed that buffs would be better – is like a slap in the face.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Poll - Buffs vs. Upgrades

Originally posted by PsychoRaito:

I vote for upgrades. Why? When you first start playing a game and you’re new, you’ll probably have a favorite card. It might not be the best card either [Chronos] but if you can upgrade them to be more powerful, or quicker to activate, you’ll be able to bring along your favorite card for later missions and raids.

Of course, people crying out for straight-out buffs are the people sitting on piles of cards and wanting to become instantly better without having to work toward it.

I wouldn’t use a poll to decide what the overall decision should be. After-all, the people answering this poll, myself included, are probably way above the average player in terms of skill and card-pool, so the answers will be biased. Why do I say this? Because new players are playing the game and enjoying it and don’t see any need for an immediate buff to their cards. They think they’re fine so they’re not even on the forums reading this.

Wait…what? The old players with lots of cards and gold won’t want upgrades and the new payers with few cards and no money will want to pay for upgrades? How the hell did you reach that conclusion?

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Topic: Tyrant / [Consortium] Developer responses (UPDATED Jan 23)

I play this game quite a bit and like it a lot, but the meta-game is stale as hell because Occupation didn’t break the meta like it should have, and all I see are Terminus and Awakening cards nowadays.

Above: Everything that’s wrong with this game, compressed into a single sentence.

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Topic: Tyrant / What Really Happened (Inspired by shidler9)

“They aren’t buying it Bob! We don’t have enough time!”

“Quick, go check the forums and tell them we’re busy implementing one of their petitions! That’ll give us at least a couple days!”

“…We have a forum?”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

Originally posted by mistersou:

There’s no “Eye” in team: no longer plays ally from the deck. I’ve tried it many times in duels and in missions.

It doesn’t recover two allies either

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Topic: Tyrant / New Skill Idea

Originally posted by BlackHole77777:

learn :
gives random friendly assault card with 2 or less skills a designated skill

ie : learn : enfeeble 1 will give enfeeble 1…
.. can’t be taught twice…
yada yada
.. sound good?

Wait…what? There’s no difference between card A using enfeeble and card B using enfeeble, it’s still the same ability. Maybe if Learn only affected non-activation skills but otherwise…

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Occupation Pack 3 Delayed

What REALLY happened:

Synapse headquarters, 12:00 pm…
(I imagine it’s some sort of skull-shaped island fortress, but feel free to be boring and picture an office building)

“Bob! We only have thirty seconds before the virus wipes our database! We have to choose between saving the Occupation cards or the porn!”


Six hours later…

“We are sorry to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances we have to delay the release of Occupation Pack 3 until tomorrow. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.”

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Topic: Outernauts / "Add me" topic

Add me!

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Topic: Tyrant / Observations after a year away from the game

Originally posted by hunterhogan:

I…have no clue what that means. The man is going down an elevator to escape a fire while bombs drop on him? And The fire and bombs aren’t allowed? I’m not good with metaphors.

Edit: I’m guessing you’re telling me to tone it down, and if so I agree…After rereading my post I realized it sounded way angrier than I meant it to be – I don’t wan’t this to escalate into a shouting match about how to play an online game.

Anyways, I deleted the above post and apologize if I came across as rude.

(Thay is what your pictures mean’t, right?)

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Topic: Tyrant / Observations after a year away from the game

I confess I’ve always been confused by the talk of “lack of newb-friendliness” has always baffled me a little. Tyrant has, to my mind, one of the best introductory curves of any similar game I’ve played. The first map serves as a pretty strong tutorial, and I remember feeling like the energy/xp curve at the beginning of the game was quite gratifying. None of that is any less true now that there are hundreds of missions. You still start from the beginning, and the beginning is still pretty decent.

…not exactly. Imagine your a new player with 100 energy, playing through missions that give about 30 gold per 10 energy each. Now imagine after days of grinding your finally make your way up to 5000 gold to buy your first gold pack.

YES!!!” you shout, excited to all your hard work put to use. There before your eyes lies an incredibly powerful and badass card, a card with stunningly useful abilities: counter 2 and weaken all 1. With trembling fingers you type into the chat window “Guys I got this sand crawler card its amazing omg!”

…and then come the replies telling you that everything from the gold pack is useless, everything from the(twice as expensive) enclave pack is useless, every reward card up to mission 100 is useless, and the only free pack worth getting costs 60,000 gold – and even Homeworld is outdated compared to the newer packs.

Now imagine how you feel.

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Topic: Tyrant / Uncommonly Good

Surprised no one has mentioned him yet:

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Occupation Pack 3 Announcement

Originally posted by s83ke6n:

I’m not sure if your seriously suggesting this or just throwing it out there but that is one godawful idea.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Creating a better PvP

What if: Every time you attack someone you gain one ‘notoriety’(Couldn’t think up a better name) and you can only attack players with an equal or higher notoriety level. Max notoriety would be 5(?) and every 24 hours you lose one notoriety(Or one could spend fuel to reset it to 0). This would make it so people who really like to pvp would still be able to fight each other while peaceful players wouldn’t have to worry about constant attack.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Suggestions

Originally posted by dorian5000:

Accidentally I Pressed the enter button before I Finished the suggestions,So this is the 5th suggestion

5.Operation Anti-HERC bombing,In this event which happens every year,Over level 20 people must stop HERC nuclear Bombing the city,While the Anti-HERC bombing is active,A New city Zone will appear,And you must go in the new City Zone to find the Nuclear Bomb and Defuse it,All the HERC units are gone because they abandoned the city,The event only occurs if the city has a level 20 player(s) or higher,If the Nuclear Bomb is defused,Everyone from the city will have every building of their Compound Upgraded by 1 level(the buildings at max level or the buildings who cannot be upgraded will do not upgraded), And every player will get random components,weapons and a medal which gives the character equipped Bonus stats, But however,If the Nuclear Bomb detonates,There will be more zombies,more common Compound attacks,the level of zombies are upgraded with 1 level,and random buildings will be un-scavengeable for 1 week,

Do you agree with the suggestions? Leave a post!


5.Operation Zombie-Canadian Invasion: In this event which happens every year(At Christmas. Canadians hate Christmas), Over level 20 people must stop Canadian Zombies from invading the city. While the Zombie-Canadian Invasion is active, A New city Zone will appear, And you must go in the new City Zone to find the super-powered Canadian Zombie invaders and stop their devious Canadian ways. All the normal zombies are gone because they abandoned the city(Zombies are horribly racist and can’t stand Canadians), The event only occurs if the city has a level 20 player(s) or higher, If the Canadian zombies are killed, Everyone from the city will have every building of their Compound Upgraded by 1 level(Because why not?), And every player will get random components, weapons and a medal which gives the character equipped Bonus stats(Canadians are impulsive hoarders, if you loot their bodies you’ll find stacks of bookcases/tables/chairs inside their magical TARDIS backpacks), But however, if even one Canadian zombie survives he’ll become an immortal undead Santa Claus – There will be more zombies, more common Compound attacks, the level of zombies are upgraded with 1 level, and random buildings will be un-scavengeable for 1 week due to the copious amounts of maple syrup(Fact: Canadians don’t bleed blood, they bleed syrup). Additionally, Canadian Zombies will say ‘aboot’ and ‘eh’ instead of their normal zombie sounds.