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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Game not fully visible

It’s just you. I think your browser is zoomed out. Hold the ctrl key and press the “+” key once. should solve your problem.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune vs Steam

click to zoom my butt.

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Topic: Wartune / R2 Censorship

I liked his name. don’t see the issue. #03

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

Just to make sure it is known… 3v3 arena didn’t work in the 12:00-14:00 or the 18:00-20:00 slots today for servers 5,6,7 and 10.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Emergency Maintenance 1/8 at 02:00 EST

Both compensation packs just popped up on server 10. Thank You. :)

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Topic: Wartune / Cloud City Song is Skyrim Song?

Bahahah you’re right.

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Topic: Wartune / Has anyone received their Hall of Fame rewards?

<3 green I’ll always tell you when your crops r ready.

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Topic: Wartune / Has anyone received their Hall of Fame rewards?

“Due to the unforeseen circumstances, the rewards have been delayed 2 days.”

Is that the reasoning you are talking about? “Unforeseen Circumstances” isn’t a solid reason… that’s like your parents telling you that you couldn’t do something because they said so.

I just read the entire thread again and cannot find an official reason for the delays posted.

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Topic: Wartune / Has anyone received their Hall of Fame rewards?

Originally posted by CuriousShyRabbit:

If it’s not possible to deliver the Hall of Fame rewards yet, would it be possible to extend the tailoring event so the wings could be used in it?

at least. :)

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Topic: Wartune / Has anyone received their Hall of Fame rewards?

Originally posted by clenatol:

Everyone who is complaining about the rewards and about compensation, if you don’t like the game don’t play it. No one is forcing any of you to play it. Either accept their reasoning for the delay and continue playing or quit. Don’t sit there and complain about the game and the company running it and still play it.

There was no reasoning… lol

and they said there would be a 2 day delay and supposedly…(still 44 minutes for my server) they didn’t come through AGAIN.

If ever there was a time to be upset with R2 and complain… I think it’d be now.

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions #3

Originally posted by LadyGazoo:

Please make the Guild GUI less complicated; make a members button to see a members list,when you go to guild shop you shouldn’t have to close 3 menus just to get back to main screen, when doing Guild battle list you shouldn’t have to close 4 menus just to look at a pm from someone asking to be added. My main point is the whole thing could really be so much easier. Also a clear chat history option would be nice i can’t imagine that loading 900 pages of chat history has a real purpose, and may also be the source of pm lag.

Making lvl 5 & 6 Gem transposser available through a voucher purchase say would also be a huge thing to non cashers

Member list is right there when you open guild…btw.

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Topic: Wartune / Has anyone received their Hall of Fame rewards?

Originally posted by Greenfireflygirl:

I think it blindsided all of us with regards to communication Mattia, last night I posted here just to let you guys know that we were trying to get info, but all we really got was that it’s delayed, and we have no answers for you as to why. I don’t know many games that will give you answers when something’s gone wrong, but at least they’re not telling us that there IS a problem, just that there’s a delay, and for that I’m glad.

Rather they tell us why there was a delay (aka he problem). xD

seems like they aren’t testing the events beforehand on their own test server… (which they should be doing)

Think that would fix most of these event issues.

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Topic: Wartune / Lag Wave (Divine Altar 12)

I remember us in GoodGuys (Servers 5,6,7,10) beat it at least once, so you definitely can get to the next level. The main prob is that at least before you intercept and kill one of them, all of the monsters are invisible and the game lags like mad. (Even after you kill one it still lags, but pretty sure the monsters become visible)

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Topic: Wartune / Has anyone received their Hall of Fame rewards?

Originally posted by R2_Community:

Aeria is not run by R2.

Rewards will be sent out within 3 business days from the event end time of 9/29 23:59, or by 10/2 23:59 Server Time.

but we still have to play them in arena n BGs? >_>

I demand justice.

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Topic: Wartune / Has anyone received their Hall of Fame rewards?

Originally posted by karrde:

On aeria whatever script they used counted buffed BR – pots, WC etc included. Despite specifically saying that would not count. They also had posted the exact time (3pm pacific) they were running the script.

If that’s true, that’s a bunch of bunk and i could have gotten the 80k reward.. (only have 70646 BR w/ full blessing wheel, but can pass 80k w/ pots n WC)

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Topic: Wartune / Old Loading Screen Picture

so you had the picture behind the loading screen, not just a screencap of the loading screen?

also not what you were looking for but maybe you will be happy with it instead lol:

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Topic: Wartune / Adjusting BG (suggestion)

Originally posted by Dante1776:

thats the game mate. we all lived with that…

Originally posted by Blackroca:

Hmm…you have crawl and flattie as a friend, so you probably came from Cloudstone.
We do things differently around here.

This skinner box and pay-to-win rating is much higher here.

Just for good manners’ sake, Welcome to Wartune.

just because you dealt with it doesnt mean his suggestion shouldn’t be heard.

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Topic: Wartune / Tanks and Stamina

If you look at his profile you will notice all of his posts are him complaining… pretty good laugh, actually. xD

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Topic: Wartune / Guild Battle Bracket

I’m in GoodGuys, and hadn’t been paying much attention because lately we always win the first two, and have to work really hard in the third to get better rewards… but now that i think about it… it does seem like we have been put up against the same guild first thing for the past few weeks. I’ll let Green take the pictures. ;o

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Topic: Wartune / Trying to make higher level wings - potential BUG

When i was in high school i edited Wikipedia and made it say that aliens were involved in the American Civil War…

Doesn’t mean they were.

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Topic: Wartune / How to Make and Post a Screenshot

I highly recommend the LightShot print screen tool:

you can select the part of the screen you want to capture, and it will automagically upload it to imageshack for you.

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions #3

Originally posted by wartotal:

we get alot less starpoints, a click on the auto gives about 20 starpoints and use gold ranging from 50-200k roughly

thing is it just doesnt get points for the white astrals….

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Topic: Wartune / Show your support for multi times reguarding Tank Battles

What they all said, including the +1s

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Magic Pot

Originally posted by espo327:
Originally posted by composer:

Why no listing of available prizes? Why no % of reward given?

Because less people will buy balens for the Magic Pot when they realize the top prizes have a 1% drop rate. Duh.

1% is way higher than what they were. :P

maybe the 999 roses were about 1%…

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Topic: Wartune / cashers vs not cashers

Originally posted by identityconflict:

Non cashers are probably the main reason why cashers cash. It’s easier to cash against a non-casher than a fellow casher.

How much cash would a casher cash if a casher could cash cash?