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Topic: Kongregate / How would you react if you logged onto your account and you had every single badge?

What is the point of “having” badges when you actually didn’t “achieve” / “earn” them?

The badge is representing the sense of achievement when you worked your @$$ off trying to get that damn badge.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Soul Summoner's cards not in collector's guide?

As title.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Odds of getting Survival Guide, Strategic Map and others

What are the odds of getting a Survival Guide or Strategic Map from extracting Epic cards?

And what are the odds of getting other fusing materials / cards from extraction of cards / card packs ?

My results are something like this:

Extraction of 1 common card:
2.22 of each of energy, soul and magic fragments, 0.067 elixir of life

1 Novice Pack:
4 commons, 1.73 goods, 0.27 rares, 0 epics

1 Standard Pack / Race Pack:
0.86 commons, 4.14 goods, 0.71 rares, 0.29 epics

1 Elite Pack:
0 commons, 3 goods, 2.5 rares, 0.5 epics

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Topic: Dawn of Darkness / Need more details about Soulshift

(1). The levels of Heroes and Reincarnations times will be swapped with each other.
(2). The skills of Heroes will be swapped with each other.
(3). The boosted attributes of Heroes will be swapped with each other.

Let’s say a Lv 30 Eric (the source) is gonna be soulshifted to a Lv 15 Nessa (the target)

1. For (1) and (3), After the soulshift, will Eric be Lv 30 or Lv 15?

2. If Eric becomes Lv 15 after the soulshift, will he be still able to wear tidal equipment?

3. How about the gem slots? Will Eric have 1 or retain 2 gem slots?

4. Will the maximum level attained before reincarnation be swapped as well?

5. For (2), is it the skill, or just the skill level, that will be swapped with each other in the soulshift?

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Slow game speed and frequent connection lost

I suffer from slow game speed and connection with the server is always lost. Does anyone know how to solve these? Thank you.

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Topic: Kongregate / Broken badges

Since Outernauts is no longer available on Kong, it’s two badges are impossible to be earned now.

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Topic: Time World / Formulas

May I ask some of the calculations of the following?

1. Build time (Building, Ships) – How the hero’s build attribute, Civil Techs, shipyard lvl etc affect build time

2. Learn time – How the hero’s tech attribute, Civil Techs, etc affect learning time

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Topic: Time World / Details of all opponents in all chapter missions

Could someone provide with the full list, with all details including ship classes, amount, weapons and devices they are using?

(This is not updated.)

Thank you.

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Topic: Time World / The Repair Skill

This question is not quite related to the topic but I am gonna ask regardless.

For the repair skill on a fortress, say it’s lv. 4, which is 18% chance to repair 40% of damaged ships. As there can only be “one” fortress, does that mean it won’t be repaired regardless? Or it actually means repairing the HP rather than the whole ship?


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Topic: Time World / How far can a non-gold player go?

Is it possible (right now or near future) for a non-gold player to beat Chapter 13? 14? 15?

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

Please allow friend list to show activity (i.e. “last login”) like galaxy member list does. I want to remove inactive friends but don’t know who are actually inactive.

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Topic: Time World / T7 in the house

What’s the army strength for 1 T7?

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Topic: Kongregate / My 5-year Anniversary (birthday) on Kong!

On this day 5 years ago, I played my first game on Kongregate, Protector ! Thank you undefined !

I remember when I came here there were like only 300 badges.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / 666 consecutive days of playing!

666 consecutive days of playing on the 908th day of playing.

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Topic: General Gaming / Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 - abused by ability to "check for errors"

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing this puzzle series, I enjoy spending 20 minutes to solve one puzzle, I enjoy solving puzzles in legit ways.

But one thing really annoys me. The solution to Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 can be revealed by abusing the ability to “check for errors”:

Fill the whole picture by empty squares symbols (a dot), and then just click the check mark and the solution is revealed.

Spoiler alert

Hmm, easiest medium badge ever?

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Topic: General Gaming / What is the point of making a platformer "slippery"?

A game should be challenging enough to be fun to play. But I think making a platform game challenging by making its control “slippery” (or over-sensitive, whatever) is not a right direction.

Other than Vertigo: Gravity Llama , which brought this thread, the first game that comes to my mind is the meat boy series , and the second one is Box Clever .

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Topic: Kongregate / Apocalypse Nao! (Winners announced...finally!)

lol hacking fail

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Topic: Kongregate / New badge discussion

A rating of 3.12 ? I’m a bit surprise because I think it is not that bad.
Where does this game rank among the lowest rated badged games on Kong?

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Topic: Kongregate / Multiplayer card games badges blooming

Starting from the Kingdoms CCG badges til the Berserk: The Cataclysm ones, there are:

19 total badged games,
6 badged multiplayer games (32% of total),
4 badged multiplayer CCGs (21% of total),

44 total badges,
13 multiplayer badges (30% of total),
8 multiplayer CCG badges (18% of total)

Is it a bit … too much? (For both multiplayer games and CCGs)

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Offtopic - Nostalgia

1. C - (22)
2. E - (Hong Kong)
3. A

For the part of the world where Australia and New Zealand are located, it is called Oceania.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [BETA] All-in-one Battle Arena Calculator


  • Text version of Base Drop Rate and IA Drop rate are erased. They are replaced with Drop Rate calculator in a spreadsheet. Their user manuals are also added.
  • Calculator and user manuals for Critical Damage are added.

Critical Damage

User Manual:

Enter your stats into the “Critical Damage” worksheet.
Note 1: For percentage numbers, if you need to enter a stat of 30%, enter “30%”, or “0.3”, but not “30”.
Note 2: Enter “0” or just leave it blank if you don’t have that stat.

  • 1. eqp Crit Dam
    • Enter the sum of the “Critical Damage” orange bonus (type B bonus) on equipment, plus the white “Critical Damage” bonus on armors and accessories.

  • 2. Ring
    • Enter “1” if you are equipped with the described ring.
    • Enter “0” otherwise.

  • 3. Skill
    • Enter the bonus from your skills.
    • E.g. enter “100%” if your “Critical Force” skill is Level 50.

  • 4. Skill Level
    • Unlike above, just enter your “Combo Critical” skill level.

  • 5. IA Crit Dam
    • Enter the “Critical Damage” bonus in Passive Abilities of the equipped Invisible Ally.
    • E.g. enter “11%” for “Giant Mushroom”.

  • 6. Buff & Status Effect
    • Enter “1” if you are buffed by/suffering from the described buff/status effect.
    • Enter “0” otherwise.

  • 7. current Combo
    • Obvious.

  • 8. Worst Moon
    • Enter “1” if Worst Moon mode is on.
    • Enter “0” otherwise.

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Topic: Time World / For unwanted ships: Salvage or suicide attack?

What about salvage VS losing attack?

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Topic: Time World / For unwanted ships: Salvage or suicide attack?

Attacking someone will give me back some resources for lost ships (I don’t know how much though).

Salvage will give me back about half of the resources of the ships.

Which one will give better resources?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [BETA] All-in-one Battle Arena Calculator

Originally posted by sanslash21:

hey buddy, here’s an idea. how about making a spreadsheet on google docs? surely it won’t be that hard since your formulas are “excel-ready”

That is a sure thing. But I need to ensure the correctness of the formulas beforehand.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / [BETA] All-in-one Battle Arena Calculator

Originally posted by Draconi:

Since the game won’t put everything up in its formulae and does stuff step by step I don’t see why not do the same when transcribing it here if it would also make it easier to understand. Except for the Excel beings that read the forum.

Great to know this. It is much easier to write stuff step by step.

Originally posted by IcedDragon:

Do not get discouraged, this is an amazing idea, and the info that is part of this guide is helpful to all, but the formatting needs serious work. condense when needed, bold only important info, and sort the items a little better. Great job but needs work.

How can I be discouraged by those constructive criticisms? They are all valuable to me. That’s all I expect to have in a BETA thread.

Regarding the formatting, do you prefer formulas to be written in one line (this is the common practice in guides found in this forum) or expanded to “code like” form (this is my practice in this beta guide) or something in between? (Comparison can be found in the post 3 replies above yours)