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Topic: Off-topic / Why skyrim sucks

Doesn’t matter, Orc’s duh shit!


Topic: Off-topic / I'm the best there is, there was, or there ever will be.

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Topic: Off-topic / You are doing your normal sh*t in Mincecraft when...

i’ll sheer a couple of sheeps and use their wool as protection, if i die i can respawn anyways.

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Topic: Off-topic / You are now dead, would you choose to reincarnate/come back to life or stay dead?

My hopes of when i die is that i start at like a white empty space, then if i f.ex. think a house should appear in front of me, it does, and so on. What i mean is i could create my own world as i want it. Anyways, i would stay dead.

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Topic: Off-topic / Life is boring.

Make friends and do shit, quite simple if you got some sort of talent.

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Topic: General Gaming / - Friday 11th guide: Reincarnation: The Clergy Of Unholy

I like the thought, good luck!

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft or Skyrim?

Although i have been an Elder scrolls fan for years, i think you should get Minecraft. If you got some friends who plays games too, you should get them to join in and make an online server, so much more fun. :)