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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / CFM login??

Okay, so I can log in and play Transformice here perfectly fine, but when I try to log in on cheese.formice, it cant find me. Note I havent played in a while, but I was able to log in just fine on the old CFM when it was just a fullscreen of the game. I REALLY dont want to have to make another mouse…. and another small question. I go into the shop but nothing comes up. A glitch or bug maybe?

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Frequently Asked Questions

Since no one can answer my question online, I guess I’ll just ask it here. Mount Upgrade Tokens…. where or how can I find/buy/synthisize them? Im currently on a quest that requires me to upgrade my Racoon mount and my Turtle mount so I can aquire a Mystic Scorpion mount but I have no idea how to do so and the whole Mount interface is kinda confusing. Can someone please be willing to explain this to me?