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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Announcement: The Future of S&P2

Originally posted by Anthonyk747:

I think a lot of people are misinterpreting what’s going on here. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before in USA/world history.

Basically, from what I can understand with this situation, the new team will comprise of multiple different people, people not from Edgebee Studios, “with the exception of one individual, who was the creative genius behind the S&P vision. He’ll continue to do what he’s passionate about, driving the vision for S&P moving forward, and will have a whole team to support his efforts” (

Which means that the original idea behind the Franchise of S&P will remain the same, as it has been, and it will be what has influenced new users to join the community and remain in the community, despite the lack of bug fixes, keeping the game in Beta, server issues, etc. It appears that the original creator of the S&P Franchise had an idealist approach to the game, but ran into management issues involving Edgebee Studios, specific key/crucial decisions that warranted the game from receiving further support, which led to the lack of bug fixes, new released content, and server issues.

CloudCade has already promised, on multiple occasions, and in multiple postings, that upon acquisition of the S&P Franchise IP rights, they will release a more stable, less buggy version, and eliminate the server issues that are currently plagued in the S&P Franchise as we know it.

So, what are you complaining about!? The player base demanded bug fixes from Edgebee Studios: no reply. The player base demanded new content from Edgebee Studios: no reply. The player base demanded the server connection issues to be fixed by Edgebee Studios: no reply. CloudCade is formed and immediately responds to all 3 issues: problem solved!

For those of you that assume that the approach will be similar to that of companies in the past that have simply “renamed” their logo’s in an attempt to acquire more customers and more money, but also applying confusion to the customer-base, such as, Cingular/AT&T, then allow me to remind you a similar example of the world’s past history that we all are reminded of at E3.

Nintendo had been in partnership with Sony Music for a very long time, but in 1988, they proposed a new type of CD-ROM type of disc, rather than a cartridge, as an add-on, and they proposed for Sony to make this type of disk. Nintendo was most unimpressed for seemingly unknown reasons, and realized that there was an issue with the contract. Long story short, Nintendo attempted to sue Sony multiple times for Nintendo and Sony’s fallout, where Sony knew that they had the perfect idea that Nintendo had rejected. In 1994, Sony finally released the official Playstation One in Japan and in 1995 for North America.

If that falling out had never of happened, then no one would’ve ever known about the Sony Playstation Console Franchise or its predecessors and the the entire gaming industry would’ve remained in Nintendo’s hands, while still using cartridges, probably to this very day!

Reference article:


So, you see, a falling out can be a bad thing, but it can also be a very good thing. Sometimes it’s for the best, and sometimes it’s a grueling process that must be done in order for the future success of a glorious franchise that people have come to love and care about. That is what is happening here.

So, please, take this into consideration when viewing CloudCade’s official response updates and releases. Also, take into consideration that Edgebee is remaining silent during all of this. CloudCade has made their case, now let’s support them and make sure that they stick to their promises, rather than have us lack support for them and lack support for the S&P Franchise!

I really doubt that they would still be doing cartridges to this day…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Men of Mayhem Is Recruiting

That image should have been rejected. It shouldn’t be that hard to try and make a witty rejoinder.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / A rollback is neccesary

Originally posted by ralkkdillon:
Originally posted by 858isaac:

oops ignore my mistake. howelers were on AH didtn appear first tiem i checked.

So basically you are telling us you are profiting from duped cards by selling them to others.

Uh, the guy seems pretty smart. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t chronicle himself cheating.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / clearing cache didnt work for me

Annoying because I’d almost finished my final Daily Quest requirement…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rude players

And the above responses is why most non-gamers think people who game (ESPECIALLY casual gamers) are incredibly asocial, immature children.

Seriously. It’s not even rude in the kind of offensive, purposeful way, it’s just bad social skills that are incredibly transparent. And sometimes poor English, but eyy…

Here’s a life lesson that perhaps the above should take: whilst ignoring insults is all good and well, if someone is insulting you rather than offering to help you get better, that isn’t okay, on the internet or in real life.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / GAME COPYING ROM?

Yeah, kind of doubt they’ll do anything about it…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Crush the Opposition!

Oh and the guy who clearly thinks he’s waxing intellectual:

If your only way of making money is by completely ripping off a customer in a single transaction, that is a failure of a business model. You do realise that treating a customer well actually factors into most business models? And in this case, every player is a potential customer. Therefore, increasing the appeal of actually purchasing anything in game, and not just making it an obstacle in order to do well is a pretty good idea.

That being said, get to a high enough level, and there’s plenty of opportunities to win gold (like I just said), so I kind of disagree with how imperative it is to purchase gold.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Crush the Opposition!

ElusionAlt, I can’t see how you’re justified in saying a game like RoM needs that much money spent on it to operate. It’s not the best made game in the world, I imagine the most it costs them is a small staff base and server space. That can be costly, but not to the point where I need to, y’know, get public transport and pay bills and buy food. Most people heavily resent having to pay money to feel like they’re doing any good in the game.

However, if you made the point the game is perfectly playable without gold (which, in all fairness, it is) then fair enough. A company has every right to make money, but I think RoM would probably make a lot more if they didn’t try to completely rob people.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Rampaging Troll Codes for Kongregate!

I did everything, but didn’t get 6 gems, silver or crystals?

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Topic: General Gaming / Cyclomaniacs 2

So, when’s it likely to be out? I’m getting bored of replying Cyclomaniacs.


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Topic: General Gaming / Guys/Gals plz test my rpg :)

It’s quite good :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Sola Rola

Im stuck on 47 now. HELLLLP.

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Topic: General Gaming / Sola Rola

I’m stuck on number 41 T.T

Help me please, and I’ll love you forevs.