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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / [BUG Thread] POST your BUGS HERE

Bug: NPC in event seems like it’s cheating.

Information: it seems that i could completely wipe out an npc’s heroin the brawl event, however, before it is discarded they hit me. This would be cool if my heros had the same opportunity. I noticed that my heros do bot get a final hit before they’re discarded.

Solution: just even the playing fields

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Rant: Event Length vs. Box Size

Hey, i kinda agree. I am not a p2p hater, ive spent $30 and relitively happy with the purchases. But there has to be a limit. Its a slow grind for f2p players. I think the item box limit is good but maybe longer events. These things are really short lived and practically impossible to get em all without paying. So jist of this whole thing, longer events please :)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

auto save!!! please for the love of all that is gamer get them an auto save! i am done with the game cause I had to clear my cache and didn’t think of saving the game losing all my 8 months of progress. don’t lose anyone else to this. GIVE THE PEOPLE AN AUTO SAVE!!!