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Topic: Game Programming / free flash game creator

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Topic: Kongregate Labs / Earning money at Kongregate

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I should also note that the three of us had class on Monday, I met one guy on Wednesday for planning and such, and the other guy on Thursday, then all of us got together on Friday to meet to finish up and polish prior to turning in whatever was due that week.

I never saw the guy I was supposed to meet on Wednesday on Wednesday. “Lets meet at the Library!” Where? I ask, “Oh, in one of the little rooms.” Great. There’s like 40 of them. How about we just meet in the CS lab where there’s only one Chanel bags A01112place for you to be? No, the library is better.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Sonny Three Storyline, By BCLEGENDS (SWBR; read the first post for an important note)

it is news,I am a sony fans,
I can see where you’re coming from in your opinion with the indie experience. In my opinion, if he were to keep the indie feel, he has to make it more of a satisfying gaming experience. I mean, it’s simply a point-and-click tactical-ish fighter/demi-RPG. There was really no hook for me (or every hook was just not good), and thus I came out extremely dissatisfied. If he were to keep the game’s interfaces (which he, in all likelihood, will), he just needs a fresh approach Chanel A01112. He was getting somewhere with the different trees, but then lost it with the skills. It should be gameplay first then all the nice stuff, not the other way around like it was in Sonny 2.

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Topic: Off-topic / do you hate the jonas brothers??

yes,I hate the jonas brothers they look like freeks and can’t write music they pretty much got started with dinsey channel so there music involves disney stuff so it sucks Chanel a20995 ( although im pretty sure my gf likes them and i know she likes disney.

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Topic: General Gaming / Age of war 2!!!!!!

I am in my final year so its hard. I don’t have time to work on a big game such as Age of war 2. I am actually working on a smaller game, easy to code, easy to draw, fun to play. Ill release a gameplay video soon. Its already 50% completeChanel A01112. Sorry for all the delays, I know it sucks. "


Topic: General Gaming / Dynasty Warriors vs. Samurai Warriors

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Topic: General Gaming / make your own kirby ability

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