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Topic: Kongregate / KonGeneral Feedback

‘’By momohedge, the solly pure WEB ahole’’
I’ve been on using Kongregate for years, through highschool, college and all.

Kongregate has lost a lot of the aspects that made me choose it as my gaming site Of Choice! Use to be my #1.
What happened to the quality of your games?? Did I expect too much improvement over years?? even most paid for games aren’t worth my pretty hard earned salary.

Please, admins, if you do care for your gamer community, keep this post alive and see if it dies down on its own.
This is the only topic about this that should easely be found easely for least a few weeks…

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Topic: Kongregate / HELPED! YAY

Thanks to the kongregate team for awarding me a badge that somehow didnt want to work….
Thanks again!