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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Fix The Drops Please

I’m very annoyed. I am taking down Taar Maan, Judges, Brain Eating Wurms, and a whole bunch of things that should be murdering me. And yet. . . I get level one drops that are completely useless to even level one players. So what is up?

This should be very easy to fix. Low level enemies drop a random low level items. Higher level enemies drop random higher level items. How did having a level 7 mob drop a level 1 item even make sense?

If I’m spending half an hour wearing down these huge mobs, I want something to show for it than a relic with +3 Health as its only stat.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] ARGHH! I DONT LIKE M CULT

Why not just make it free? I get that it is a for profit game, but the only thing that changes is your cult spells, which reset anyway. It’s kind of silly to charge for a debuff of your character.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Countries That Should not be Countries?

What’s all this about carving up Belgium? Do you guys not like Belgium? Belgium exists for a wide variety of reasons.

1. Because it served as a buffer between France and Germany during that 50 year stretch Europe liked to explode every now and then in clouds of mustard gas. It still does, mind you, just nowhere near Belgium.

2. Because it is one of the most proactive members of the UN, and works to keep peace with the rest of the world.

3. Because it can, and I’d like to see any of you do anything about it.

4. So France and Spain stopped fighting there, and started fighting inside countries like France and Spain.

5. So France and Austria stopped fighting there and started fighting in places like France and Austria.

Belgium has created much stability as a nation.