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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Post Your Made Up Class Here!

I think one of the most neglected part in the game is the money system in which you can only buy things,
I think of a class based on money.

Stats:everything is low similar to alchemist
Starting Skills:stealing (get random amount of money from enemies) and money-throwing (cost 30 and deal 2-3 damage or distract human enemies)
Starting Items:invisible potion and 200 money
Skill Tree:greedy (get more from enemies and stealing)
discount (33% discount from scavenger)
yours is mine (you get 200 bonus money by killing scavengers)
advanced throwing (higher throwing damage)
the skill that the scavenger drops sometime i forgot its name (summons two spirits for 150 each)
sense of treasure (you locate all loots and money at the start of each floor)
filthy rich (you recover 2 hp every time you collect some money)
toughness (+4 max hp every level)

Perks:wealth (every successful steal gives you 5 morale)
more money (start with 500 money)
quick hand (easier to steal)
shining coins (your throws have a small chance to blind enemy for one turn)
all I need (collecting money grants you exp)

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / 32k Population town recruiting

I am willing to join.
I am level 26 as at now.
Hope I can be accepted.