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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / <1 XP multipliers need to go

I have always thought this, myself. It’s pretty disgusting to think that you won’t even be given all of the XP that you earned in the game.

With that said, that will probably never happen.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / ▬ι═ﺤ [Story] EE Life: This Means War ▬ι═ﺤ

You should do a story series for SSL2.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Whats considered a low rank?

The way I see it is

0-15 – New player
16-25 – New player that won’t just play one time
26-30 – New player that’s intrigued by the game
31-40 – Dedicated player
41-50 – Pro
50+ – Must have no life or have too much free time

Same goes with a scale of hats.

0-4 – New player, probably earned them through random luck
5-7 – Dedicated player
8-11 – Player that probably wants them all

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Kong Plus Thread

KongPlus is a bad idea. I could go on a 12,000 word rant as to why, but then I’d only be shot down by pro-Kongregate Admins and Mods, so I’ll pass and just say it’s a bad idea.


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Topic: The Arts / Collins Studios Music, Inc. on YouTube

Hi, I’m Nick Collins, owner and operator of CSM, Inc. Some of you know me, or at least knew me, as one of Kongregate’s biggest veteran trolls, KingKyd. That isn’t me anymore, I’m 17 now, and have definitely had maturity kick in at a younger age than 95%+ of the people around me as far as I can tell. Enough about that, though.

I decided to post this topic here because I figured people would be interested in checking out my YouTube music channel I’ve had up for quite some time. I’ve posted 30+ songs on the channel, some good, some bad, some ugly. Right now I’m taking a break from music but I’d like to think that when I come back to it, some people would actually be watching and listening this time around.

So, if you care to, check out CSM, Inc. on YouTube. Feel free to post what your favorite songs are and what you think of them. I’d recommend checking out the CSM Greatest Hits playlist for all the real good stuff, as there is also a CSM Music playlist with every song CSM on it. Enjoy, and thank you for reading.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Attention to PR3 Level Creators

I would look into this if it were not for the fact that people would have epic amounts of art that would take me years to draw, instead of keeping it simple like the maps from Platform Racing. Even Platform Racing 2’s Campaign maps are altered occasionally to extreme amounts of art.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / April Fools Day!

Is there a hat to be earned from this…?

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / ill be back

Originally posted by BCF1432:

You didn’t need to make a thread.

Lol, I know, right?

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / PR3 DATE IS OUT

Originally posted by dealth:

ok, well sockeron has a point there, but exept jiggmin WOULDN’T use his real name because everyone knows him AS jiggmin!if he put his real name there everone would think- "25th as a present to you

,(insert name)

they would be thinking this is insanly fake, that is why he would be signing as jiggmin!

Are you a moron? Jiggmin would not release a release date of Platform Racing 3 on a website that is completely notorious for having fake and edited answers. The game could be in development right now as we speak, it could even be done right now, or it might not even be started. Either way I do believe Jiggmin would actually give a release date on his own website before any place else.

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Topic: The Arts / [closed temporarily] Sasms' and Rawismojo's requests thread. Do not request.

Sooooo i herd u liek avvitarz.

We should talk.

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Topic: Off-topic / I have a question

The answer is 42.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Barrens Chat Show!

i hope you do realize that all of the things that you have made me “say” have had my name spelled incorrectly, and that I have said almost none of these things, and that I do not have spelling errors in my typing. I consider this completely flawed and could be written much better by someone as the likes of me.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Chat Room for Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy

Originally posted by Thornapple:

And Kyd as always go against the flow. good for you keeps the rest of us on level.

Uhh. What.

I’m not “going against the flow”, I am giving what I think and to be quite honest what I think makes more sense. Why would we have a Starfighter chat room as a main chat when we all play Starfighter and chat there?

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Topic: Kongregate / New Chat Room for Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy

Originally posted by hoolio:
Originally posted by tom_and_jerry:

yueh dis good my nam is didzz on sfdg nd i want my 100000 kill bak

Don’t impersonate.

Anyways, what’s up?

Is this thread because the man was gonna remove DG game chat? If so, I’m against that. Sure, what Kyd and plodder said was right, half of the players are nothing but trolls and the like, but a little mixing never… hurt anyone. I became a vet because I spent some time with them. Why not give the noobs a chance? And now that DG isn’t multiplayer anymore, I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of other people who used all chat before who need to use game chat now.

One for keeping chat. Oh, and Penny’s idea up there about a Ben Olding chat is decent, too.

Yea, it hasn’t hurt anyone… yet. Apparently you don’t realize that making a DG chat as a regular all-around Kong chat would enable random people to pop in because they don’t have a main chat, attach themselves to it, and troll, troll, and do some more trolling? I really do not support this idea at all.

Keep the game in the MP area, it was originally an MP game. That way we can keep the chats private to DG players, and stick together. Besides, think about it.

If we get a chat for one game that isn’t even on Kong’s top 25 games list, then people EVERYWHERE will be asking for one for their game! Then, game chats will be rendered pointless in the first place!

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Topic: Kongregate / New Chat Room for Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy

I do not support this. If this is done, that means we will have a bunch of random idiots clowning around the chat as well, and the entire point of pretty much everything is defeated. Keep the game in the Multiplayer section, since it was originally Multiplayer. That way the pros and the newbies have their own chat rooms.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is this really appropriate, kongregate?

This is pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as one ad on for gay military dating services. I’ll post a pic of it if I can find it. >_>

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version! (CR 2009.02.01)

Yay! More updates! But I still say we need a ’Who’s Muted" list. Anyway, Like the Thank Moderator option lol.

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Topic: Kongregate /

What exactly will these “kreds” we give lead to in the future of Kong? I noticed the levelbug system also has not proven a whole lot either. Are there any plans to put the levelbug system to use, as well as the kreds system, online?

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Topic: Kongregate / New Feature! Developer Tip Jar

I’ll be signing up with now…

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Topic: Kongregate / Argue Beta Testers

I’d love to test this game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Holy Crap, New Navigation

Looks good, chico

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Topic: Kongregate / Remove RuneScape petition.

At the top it says “16,658 online playing 6,522 FREE games”….RuneScape is not FREE! It makes you pay just so you can do more crappy quests. I know it has already been flagged like hell and rated a 1, both of those I’ve done myself already. It’s not free. Hell, It’s not even flash. They had to mod it to become flash!


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Topic: Kongregate / kongregate flag

When I go to my college in Cali in bout 5 years, if Kong’s still around I’m gonna drop by like once a week or something with something good lol.

waits for every last staff member to yell at me, since I’m considered a troll

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Topic: Kongregate / A New Idea: A Muted List.

I don’t know if this have ever been put into thought, but what if we had a list on our profiles(just for us) of people we have muted? That way we could lik apologize to them for something, or be able to unmute them if we forget…

I also thought it would be cool if we had like a timed mute thing. Like, You could mute this person for 12 hours, and once it has been 12 hours, the system automatically unmutes them… I don’t think it’d be a bad idea.

Post what you think about it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mochiads rates

oh god another clone…..that is not me I can assure you. zer0point just informed me about this guy…GO AWAY I HATE CLONES