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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Lets make The Adversary a card that can activate (you know... so its a adversary instead of a dead card)

Originally posted by frickm:
Originally posted by OMGWTFFFS:
Originally posted by frickm:

I didn’t know f2p decks consisted of only one card.

Nor did I realize that this card would be on the field alone either. Put a simple tazerious behind this card and your not killing it with basic f2p cards.

Oh, you mean that one f2p unspammable xeno card that can heal that hasn’t been released since TU was opened to all players, so that only a very small percentage of players even has it?

You’re right! Nerf Adversary to 6 delay right now!

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Lets make The Adversary a card that can activate (you know... so its a adversary instead of a dead card)

Originally posted by frickm:

What F2P is killing this before activation?

Sculpted no
Steel ram no
Bane of Truth no
Blackrock Cleaver no
Mach Jet no
Hephatat Stoic no
Swift Helion no
Tiamat Destructor no
Galereaver no
Auger ream no
Steadfast Assailant no
Cadmus the dragon no
Elite squadron no
Nimbus wonder no
immense Ospry no

Trampling Anvil no
Packdozer no
Inferno Demon Yes
Havoc Genesis no
Steel Maiden no
Rampage boomer no
Ruination Reaver no
Tumblox no
Cyberpod Delta no
Judgment Nova no
Omega Nexus no
Primus Ultima no
Rebuke Quake no
Revolt Ranger Yes going first
Soulsteel Bronco no
Trench Hurler no
Blight Trampler no
Draconian Sovereign no
Gorrus Rav no
Gornivicious yes going first
Necropocalypse no
Sinew Shredder no
Noxious Tank no
Spiteful Raptor no
Abhorrent Recluse no
Insanitus yes going first
Deranged Malgoth no
Mogarius no
Nightscreecher no
Tartarus Graft no
Withersnare no
corrupted daemon no
arcane dreadship no
Lurker Behemoth no
radar sentry no
incog niaq no
worldformer no
xandu tetra no
enclave mothership no
xeno suzerain no
xillanail yes going first with barracus
apex dynamo no
arch nova alpha no
demi constrictor no
tazerious no
tremor wyvern no
containment purifier no
sacred equalizer no
deathsteel falcion no
deranged fanatic no
pantheon zealot no
precursor idealist no
dignified vigil no
zodiac harbinger no
ayrkane syn no
pure benediction no
noble defiance no
messale no
honorable samurai no

haleflash no
dreamhaunter no
Tikaluy no
blisandracon no
grizrael the damned no
omnipulse no
styxasis no
tygarm adamant yes going first with typhoon vex
valence eros no
jyack no

I didn’t know f2p decks consisted of only one card.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] October Fusion Spoilers

Astral Strider quad will almost surely be far better than The Adversary.

For the sole reason, that Adversary’s overload makes it have to be played early and early strike all before enfeeble doesnt do much.

Astral, on the other hand, overloads and enfeebles, will most likely get overload 3 or 4 upon being quadded, and will also most likely have more HP.

So despite the corrosive, they both may end up being as survivable as each other, making Astral the better choice.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Baughe - how is it pronounced?

Darude – Sandstorm

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Topic: Global Assault / Timed Events

Originally posted by Rudgutter:

They don’t return as of now. Do you think they should repeat? Would they just show back up, or should you have to re-trigger it?

It would only be fair if they showed up again.

Maybe one week after the mission fails, it shows up again? That could give people time to prepare a bit better for it, while also being a reasonable punishment for failing.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Community Poll] The new matchmaking system

This thread is asking the wrong question.

The problem is not the matchmaking change, it’s the war format not being fit for a fair matchmaking system.

The matchmaking provides closer ranked matches now, true.

But the way the event is designed doesn’t support fair match after fair match after fair match.

In order for the current matchmaking system to be truly useful there would have to be 2 main changes to the war system: first, making it so everybody start with full attacks (whatever the best amount may be, and reward adjustments accordingly) and extending individual war durations to 3 or 4 hours each.

That way guild wars would truly measure strongest guild decks, activity and organization skills, by strategizing which structures to take out, how and when (or if at all).

In short, we now have a good matchmaking system on a poorly designed war event, whose end result ends up being worse than the previous more random matchmaking.

Good MM + good war design = Ideal
Random MM + bad war design = OK
Good MM + bad war design = Bad

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Why have regenerating attacks during wars at all?

Originally posted by MarshalKylen:

Ok, let’s break this down:

First, the log in requirement. In the current model, high-end players basically have to be available at all times to guard against rushes. But they don’t have to be in game at all times, just available to get online. With the current regen rate players only play about five battles per war. Meanwhile more casual players can get maximum benefit from logging in only once every 4-5 hours, and even if they log in less often, they get more benefit than in previous wars.

In the proposed scheme, everyone has 20 attacks per hour but gets less gold and I assume less personal points. high-end players need to drop 20 attacks per war now, and although you don’t need to guard vs rushes, you will be expected to manual play for max winrate. This will take a lot of time. Meanwhile casual players will have to log in every hour to maintain maximum gold, and the have to play many more battles to get the same rewards.

Second, fairer matches. I agree, fixed energy would have fairer matches. As I discussed in an earlier post, the most important measure for how isolated wars are from each other is the Burst Ratio. The current system has a ratio of 5, the old system had about 3, and the proposed system has a perfect 1.

Third, energy management. I think this is a major strategy component, and removing it without having a replacement would be a mistake. I will discuss this more in the next entry.

Fourth, more fun. This is where I think we have a fundamental disagreement. It sounds like you want wars to be a straight up test of strength, a duel. I want wars to be total war, a no-holds-barred test of a guild’s full capabilities, tricks, strategies and all. The more chances for crazy upsets and surprise moves the more interesting wars are. Wars are the big drama event, and the last thing I want is for them to get simple, predictable, or boring by taking all of the chance and strategy out of the system. That isn’t to say that I think the current methods for adding those things are the best, just that I don’t think we should try to remove these things from the system entirely.

Fifth, less randomness. This ties into the previous point – some amount of randomness is good to keep things unpredictable. In addition, I don’t think the system should try to protect investment over teamwork, as it seems you are suggesting. There is enough of this already. Besides, this suggestion won’t eliminate this problem – you will still have issues with inactivity.

I see your desire for fairer, simpler matches, but I don’t think the methods of forcing players to play four times more battles for the same level of rewards and removing strategy and variety from wars are good ways to do it.

Easy counter to all that: make everyone start at full attacks every war (doesn’t necessarily have to be 20, then, all numbers, including rewards could obviously be tweaked), and extend individual war duration to 3 hours or so. Problem solved, since with the current matchmaking most guilds just fight other guilds of more or less the same power, anyway, so bad matchmaking, which used to be the main counter-argument for longer individual wars, is now gone.

As for strategy: the strategy would not be gone at all from wars.

In fact, it would be much more prevalent. Strategy would stop being about silly energy management, and become about who attacks what enemy structures, so that the others can attack the core. Or deciding whether all should go core, or cripple the enemy’s siege structure for example. It would open up far more strategic play than is possible now.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Why have regenerating attacks during wars at all?

Devs don’t want it, because in their minds potentially favouring a handful of bots is completely unacceptable when not doing it only costs the vast majority of the (paying) playerbase their mental health and social lives.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / first battle in guild war .new match making yah right.

Originally posted by TheM4gn1ficen7:
Originally posted by LukikiLuke:

No problem, just figured that since you automatically recharge 5 battles each war you might as well use them.

Wait, really?



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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / **New Fusion Spoiler?

Originally posted by MrSuperBeast:

Will rt fusion use samurai, defiance, or asii?
Any thoughts?

Judging by the previous new legendary recipes, it should be Samurai and Aasi.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [DEV] Reaping the Battlefield Tomorrow

Originally posted by synapticon:

The stamina cap increase is coming, but will be up to a week away. We are packaging it with some additional changes.

Nice to hear.

Edit: nvm, that question answered itself.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [DEV] Reaping the Battlefield Tomorrow

Nice PvP changes, but whatever happened to increasing the limit to maximum pvp attacks?

That was, for me, the most anticipated change.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Guild Fortress - proposed feature

Originally posted by johnvswild:

I’m always up for new things to shake things up, so cool idea.

But I’m a lot more exited about those PvP changes.

Sometimes I wonder how some people don’t forget to breathe and drop dead.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Swarm of the Forsaken Week 3 Spoiler + Commanders

Originally posted by hughperman:
Originally posted by Ellhead:

If a commander got jam it would be ridiculously OP. It is hatd enough in sutge mode as is without being jam spammed.

The first card in surge is played without your card there, so your first card can’t be jammed – the enemy commander’s initial jam would be wasted on nothing.


That’s not how jam works, it only activates when there’s a possible target.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [IDEA] pvp/br/ artefact alternative proposal

Originally posted by Bluurrr:

We’ll some of your suggestions into consideration!

I think you accidentally that whole sentence.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] PvP/Artifact revamp proposal

As long as this results in more overall SP than regular pvp, or arti farming, I can’t see where all the hate from arti farmers comes from.

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Topic: Global Assault / 3 Star and up droprates

Originally posted by Rudgutter:

Drop rates have not changed on the basic pack.

In that case, I would strongly suggest improving it a little bit.

Mission rewards can only take you so far, the volt coin crates are not worth it by a long shot considering you’ll just get a 3 star unit from it 90% of the time, which doesn’t really get you anywhere and the rate of progress from regular supply drops is abysmal (TU’s is already bad, but this is just unbearable).

And yes, I know you will probably just look at this and ignore it, because it does not benefit you apparently, but here’s two good reasons:

1) It drives players away, plain and simple. Not just the regular player churn, either, this is flat out ridiculously bad progression, even if the game had more content to lessen the burn out factor.

2) It makes beta testing more effective by allowing more testers access to more content. Plain and simple, you are already having people test your game while paying you for it, in many cases, might as well throw us a bone here, to at least make it a bit easier for us. Yes I am biased in saying that, yes I have a vested interested in getting better stuff from this game quicker, but if everyone gets better faster equally, there is really no advantage being given, especially in a game with such barren actual gameplay content. And the better beta-testing point remains valid regardless.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Xeno mono build help

I’m amazed nobody is recommending serak.

That was the first card I quadded, when I bought galactic cache last time.

Demis aren’t that great anymore, and are starting to sim out of my deck in favour of fenlord, btw, so that’s one thing to keep in mind.

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Topic: Global Assault / 3 Star and up droprates

Originally posted by shmilywhy:

its a beta, and u can keep ur progress, the rate might change when beta end

Yeah, completely stunting all the drop rates and progress of the players is totally the best way to gauge any potential issues with gameplay.

If you really believe that to be a possible reason I can just see why you’d be just the kind of players they’d want.

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Topic: Global Assault / 3 Star and up droprates

Have they been nerfed?

I remember the week when T4 and T5 drops where added to the supply drops, I would get tier 3s about once every 3 or 4 days, and even a 4 star a week for the first two it was out, but after that I’ve only had a single T3 drop until now.

Makes the game extremely boring, progress absolutely mind numbingly slow and opening supply drops more of a chore than something to look forward to.

Please revise the drop rates of T3 and up, this is not just a complaint of simple bad luck, this has been going on for over a month.

In TU if you are active you can get at least one Epic every week. The current droprates here I’ve been grinding for over six weeks with a single T3 to show for it.

To those who will inevitably be posting nonsense like “but I got a 3/4/5 star just yesterday/now/recently”, please look at it in the bigger picture, how were your droprates over the past two months total, not just how long since your last good drop.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / TC is back! How lucky were you?

Originally posted by rocknrolla989:

39. Worth every cent. And i got 14 legendaries in those packs as well. So i have no regrets. I stocked up when the sale was on because i knew something good would come up shortly after it. And for the price of 1 full box ive got a TC now :)

And that sounds like a good deal to you??

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / TC is back! How lucky were you?

1200 WB = 0

At least those WB were just lying around waiting for a cache.

Not going to buy more with these ridiculous odds.

If I had drawn 2 or 3, I’d buy more WB, but not like this.

Lesson learned: special card packs are basically a scam, especially since they never even tell us the odds.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Gorrus Rav

Don’t buff it, I wanna salvage it.

Need extra SP and inventory space far more than yet another quad project in my queue.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Idea] Player to System Trading

Originally posted by MarshalKylen:

I doubt Synapse would be willing to invest enough time in this system in order to determine fair trades for all cards.

This system will also almost certainly cost them sales, as people will be able to trade for cards instead of buying them in some cases, depending on the implementation of course.

It would only lose them sales if they’re stupid about it.

Devs being the devious little cashgrabbers they are, they could simply make the system include the component of the current trade as the current store card deal.

For example: store offers a trade for a Benediction, asking a Malgoth and a Sinew Feeder for it, then they go and make a sinew feeder + WB deal for 6 bucks.

They would make tons of money from this, since many people would be buying the card directly with money, rather than using stockpiled WB to chase it.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Pros and cons.tabitha vs halcyon,community topic

Halcyon → shit don’t die as easy.

Tabitha → rally all would be nice, if imps werent the slowest faction of all.