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Topic: Global Assault / [To Devs] trade options between guild members?

You can solve that with : exchange only within Same guild. Exchange can only be started after reaching some conditions (Time : a week after, token : raid points, guild dominance points, etc)
It limits multiple accounts And guild switching !

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Topic: Global Assault / [To Devs] Please let us set a separate defense deck

Def deck/squad exists In War Metal Tyrant with great Success. I would hope to see the same in this game (in TU too btw).
It allows More guild strategies Also in guild War to come as we saw in WMT.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Roadmap - February and beyond

Originally posted by Niimbus:

they don’t want us fighting guildmates because they don’t want them to purposely reduce their squad strength for easy scrap between guildies. I imagine overload (not accusinh you guys) run into eachother a ton and could easily do this 1 out 9f every 2 scans. I also run guildies a lot and I really think its to prevent us from influencing our win chance and inflating their precious scrap economy

Actually we dont fight each other or let’s say rarely… But we count the number of OL members in our High dominance players map, which gives us a fine idea of the Power of our guild at the moment :D

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Raid feature update

Originally posted by Rudgutter:
Originally posted by crazyeye2011:

Hi Synapticon

I’ll go on a holiday from Feb 9 to Feb 16 and already booked the tickets, hotels, etc.

Would you please release the raid at least one week before my holiday or after I come back?

+1 îm on ski hollidays at the same Time !
Nice Work here :D

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Topic: Global Assault / [To Devs] Shrapnel fixes

Originally posted by Rudgutter:

The first unit getting shot would take more damage then they do now, since it would be attack+shrap damage.

That is indeed the idea Rud. Badger has a very low attack like all shrapnel units. with the shrapnel hurting the Target it gives a fair impact.
Without this, it’s actually weak and disapointing…

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Topic: Global Assault / [To Devs] Shrapnel fixes

Dear Devs,

You have implemented flank, great skill
You have implemented laser, great skill
You have implemented Shrapnel, meh skill just beacause of a simple miss : shrapnel does not hit the unit directly targeted by the attack, only side ones.

It’s really a miss here, giving this skill pretty much uselessness since the trigger is totally situational (happens rarely on a fight, or with not good impact) and i dont even talk about IA defense use of it…

The last box you release with badger in it was not worth it just because this T5 unit is pretty crappy due to shrapnel special (unfair ?) effect.

On the other side, just give shrapnel this little adjustement and you’ll see new strategies coming out of this, nostromos will be also more nice to look at, and to use. bagder could become Cerberus’s Dad.

So this is why dear devs i ask you to consider this.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Roadmap - February and beyond

lol Pipss, like the humour here :D

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Topic: Global Assault / Hardest units to obtain on pulls please post your thoughts

Got everything in reasonnable quantities regarding 3* (regarding the tremendous huge amount of supply drops i open everyday as a hardcore player)

4 stars have been only raiders on 3 legendary crates, talk about luck, never bought one since

some 4* in supply drops (only one trident to be thrilled about), never had the chance to find a jackrabbit…

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Topic: Global Assault / Refund Or I dispute Charges.

dont feed the troll

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Topic: Global Assault / [To Devs] How do you plan on addressing these issues?

Good point… Thx for the vids
I wish devs to position themself on this but i doubt it…

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Topic: Global Assault / [crazy Guide] For new f2p players or so...

Nice Job here. I approve :D

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Topic: Global Assault / List of Daily Objectives

NIce work.
Edit to do : cover is now 45, not 75 anymore.

My 2 cents : it’s not worth it to achieve the easy quest if your optimized squad does not include it. because switching a unit, just to get 200 credits can make you lose fights you would have won before (remember, if you just win a fight, you take 3 or 4 sp and 85 to 105 credits), plus the damages taken additionaly which will prevent you from fighting more squads… Loss is just too huge.

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Topic: Global Assault / Incredible new Unit idea

This is brutal man, but i have to say, it’s totally hillarious. Hahahaha, my smile is still on my face when writting this reply post.

Awesome idea. Good job here at making my day shines again :D

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Topic: Global Assault / Are you guys high? 120 VC for Crate?

Devs can see that the success of this crate and even more obvious than the last one with cerebral was not a success compared to the defiance box, as you can see this unit a lot in current squads late game (dunno for mid and start game).Tthe proportion as my observation is quintuple people that bought defiance compared to cerebral. It could be even more than that.

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Topic: Global Assault / Are you guys high? 120 VC for Crate?

I agree those crate are not to be compared with 100 T3 drop and above. let’s be honest, all those T3 units are just scrapping materials, no quad can be worth it anyhow in that unit population.

So having a less price VC per crate by including only T2 units except the final T5 and 2T4 is much much worth it as an investment i would make. Lots of my guild mates are willing the same.

Another example, last box before cerebral, was Ares short box at 90 vs a crate but much less crates to break to actually get the T5. I quad without any hesitation.

So my advice devs would be that your multiple those small crates and/or get a lower price crate on those huge boxes to raise your revenue. As i always say and insist on, on those case, the larger the population, the more money, or another way to say, better 10 sales with a margin of 10 than 1 sale with a margin of 50.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Player Feedback

To Devs : I would suggest Unit Exchange market whitin a guild, let’s say after a certain contribution (time, or raid/war points, to avoid guild switching for that matter).

I say that cause it’s very strange that some guild mates of mine have exactly the same number of T3 freemium units (ex jackhammer) that i have, but the mirror unit needed to do a T4/5 freemium one.

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Raid Announcement

sounds nice. Except, loot chance :( i hate RNG

how will be the odd ? Is it per each player, or entire guild ? Are the chance raising with damages done (the more damages the more chance ?)

really nice looking actually

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Grizzly Bairs Family WANTS YOU! (Guild Ranks 10, 25, 60, 75, 125(War Ranks Are Usually Higher))(Recruitment is Open!)


I’m interested to join. BR 160 ish, just PM Grizzly Bear. Former Top player in WMT.

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Topic: Global Assault / Impact Crate

Just boycott the box. Just too expensive. They Will then be smart enough to lower it to allow money to flow back again.

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Topic: Global Assault / Cerebral and Manticore : unreleased units ?

Just boycott the box. In my knowledge none in Overload did buy one crate on this box. It’s just too expensive. Half the VC price and a lot Will get it…

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Topic: Global Assault / [Feedback] Rate the most hated daily mission

Incendiary is “just” annoying as cover is really really Tough to achieve without a partner (accomodate both squad : you get cover he gets flank or mule…).

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Topic: Global Assault / Memorizing Crate Purchases?! WTF DEVS

I understand that what devs want is to spend ! But as They should know only global mass mass margin counts not single item margin.
Thus cheaper crates makes more crates sold . I agree with Joltaire on this, wanted to buy 2 other défiance but my box did not reset so i wont spend a penny on this. I understand the fact that some people could be happy to buy a box little by little but i think there is more people that wishes those cache to reset…
May be devs when a cache/box shows up Again could you give the possibilité to reset IT for the players choice.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to devs] slithertore pack

Where can we have the full stats of this units (plus dual and quad) cant see it on wiki

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Topic: Global Assault / Pvp

Originally posted by ManuelDevil:
Originally posted by 87235460:

If I lose to player who has less score than me on purpose,can I match some player easier to handle in current pvp system?

Is based on the best units (aka stars) u have.

If u have 8 zeus, but u use only 1star units in your squad is like u use 8 zeus.

yes including inventory (so MM is a bit of best units you have in inventory and your dominance), nothing related to your actual squad (i saw no change at all with my adversaries after several scans with low tier units).

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Topic: Global Assault / thank you Phoen8x for leaving only one unit in the squad for us to farm easy SP

Drama amongs this thread shows some silly unbalanced Pvp is become in the game since last patch, and the frustration/anger as a result.

I fully understand that, and like Herobollld, i like the challenge, thus i think the MM is good. The unbalance of PvP comes, imho, from either the amount of damages we take after a tough fight (happens very often late game on high dominance) or the fact that scan refill and health squad refill are not synchronized. One or the other solution would not take away the challenge and will make lost more acceptable (and would increase significantly the farming).