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Topic: Technical Support / Green Lantern Ad hidden behind game

When I click the “Expand” button on the Green Lantern ad, it expands behind the game so I can’t see it.

Google Chrome 11.0.696.71
Adobe Flash 10,3,181,14

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Topic: Technical Support / Why can't I rewind commercials?

Commercials have a pause button and a progress bar. But nothing happens if you drag the progress bar to the left the way I expect.

Why not?

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Topic: General Gaming / Alice is Dead 2 [spoiler]: I don't understand how I beat it

Ok, so I don’t understand how I beat this game

I got the evidence from the safe, then found the portrait of the doctor. I set, (I think) chicken head, heart, and backwards hands. Then clicked the picture and the door appeared.

Why were my selections correct? From the clue in the guard room “Not a Coward” I would have guessed the other head. Why was it the chicken?
What about the hands? Why did having the reversed (left hand on right arm and vice versa) work?

Was there some clue I missed? maybe in the “strange hole in the wall”?

Also, I clicked the machine and got a rain of fish. Was that how it was supposed to end? I got the badge so I guess it was. Still, I have no idea why that happened or why it worked.

Was that an attempt at adding some more surrealism to the game or am I missing something here?

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Topic: Kongregate / why are the survivers losing in the infected fury month?

Originally posted by Zil_:

It’s all about the snacks, my friend. Think about it. Any zombie movie you have seen or game you have ever played. There are stashes of ammo sure.. but where are teh snacks!? You only get snacks if you are a zombie. Tasty survivor treats!

Flash Gamers = Snackers!

I wish this forum had voting so I could vote this up.

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Topic: Kongregate / Forum search? - where?!

It’s a really naive search though. You cannot just search the forums. You have to search the whole site (which includes all member profiles, news posts, etc). It can be really hard to find a particular forum post.
The member profiles, in particular, add a lot of noise.

I recommend forgoing the local search entirely and using google. In the search box, type the words you want to search for, then add the following (without the quotes) “”

Like, if you want to see posts about, say, Gemcraft

Or anyplace you name gets mentioned

You’re not limited to just one word. I’m just too lazy to think of a good multiword example.

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Topic: Kongregate / Z & S

Right because all the “wtf is going on? This sucks” posts are way better

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Topic: Kongregate / Z & S

No homepage post, nothing on the news page. No forum sticky.

The Kongragate staff really dropped the ball on this one. Jeez guys… if you want to have a promotion maybe you should… you know… promote it?

I had to go searching but here’s the deal. It’s a promo for Left For Dead 2 (the new zombie game from Valve). You play as a (S)urvivor or a (Z)ombie. You get kong points for either infecting other players (if you’re a Z) or enlisting/training other players (if you’re an S).

More info here:

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Topic: Technical Support / "9" videos inaccessible in HD mode

When watching the “9” videos. (eg ) the Vimeo player invites us to watch it in HD. If you click to do so, ( ) the Vimeo site refuses with the message:
“This is a private video
Sorry, you do not have permission to watch this private video.”

You should tell the video owner to either actually make it available or to remove the offer.

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Topic: Kongregate / Hedgehog lanch 2

I just discovered that if you play in freeplay mode, you can never get to Mars. I wish the badge description said “must play story mode”.

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Topic: Kongregate / How to Report Terrible Ads So We Can Actually Fix Them

download firebug? sheesh. Why not put a "report inappropriate ad button on teh page for us to click? Have it send you whatever info you need to take action.
You’ve got to make it easy for people.
(I love firebug but still…)

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Topic: Technical Support / Odd Problem With Dinowaurs

It’s from the book/movie “Jurassic Park”
[spoiler]They couldn’t get ALL the dinosaur DNA from the mosquito so they spliced in some frog-dna to fill in the holes. By doing so, they made it so some of the dinosaurs could reproduce… which is a really bad thing.[/spoiler]

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Topic: Kongregate / RSS feed for Challenges

There are a couple of feeds out there for Badges, but I didn’t see one for Challenges… so I made my own:

It updates every 6 hours off of the main challenge page:

The code for the Challenges page is nicely laid out, and well commented. From one webmonkey to another, nice job!

(Mods, whisper me if you want me to take it down. I didn’t think it would do any harm considering it only fires 4 times a day and there isn’t an official feed available)

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Topic: Kongregate / Tools


I have one to add in the “Other” section. An RSS feed for Challenges

I also discovered another badges feed:

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Topic: Kongregate / Adventurers With or Without Pants

I hope you guys keep some stats on channel bans and whatnot. It’ll be interesting to see if this helps overall or if the trolling just spreads around more.

It’d also be pretty interesting to create a deliberately suggestive channel as a way of attracking them away from the more legit channels.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War

Kongai card + 65 points … all in one level. And as a bonus, I only needed 60 points to reach K-Level 16. Now that’s epic!

Thanks Epic War :)