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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / My Conduct as a Raider

I have to agree with c4.
Raiding is going to happen, like it or not. And if you don’t like it, don’t play. I’m tired of these players who think they have something to prove. Raiding a player once for some resources or just for fun is one thing, but when that player then raids you back about 20 times for “revenge,” even if they aren’t gaining anything out of it, something needs to be done. I try to follow these same basic standards:

1) Don’t be a bully. Only raid players once or twice each, so that you aren’t completely ruining the game for them, but you can still have fun yourself while you’re at it.
2) If players are consistently raiding me, I will raid them back. period. If they’re going to attempt to ruin the game for me, then let’s see how they like it.
3) Forgive and forget. I’m not going to hate you for raiding me once. I recognize that it is part of the game. If you raid me, I might raid you once to even the odds. After that, I’m done. I’m not going to spam raid you out of some quest for vengeance.

Overall, I’m glad to see that you have some morals, c411432 (gosh, your name is annoying to type). If everyone were to follow your code, games like this would be a lot more fun.
Anyways, I’ll see you in the dead zone. Happy hunting, everyone.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Ideas for consideration:

The ideas aren’t bad, but I have to disagree with the car upgrade. You have to remember that the members of conartists are very dedicated to kongregate (unlike a lot of other game developers, I’m sad to say), and they work very hard to give the players what they want. That being said, they still need to be able to make some money while they’re at it, or else they can’t keep going. So, to make that money, they use fuel. This fuel has a few main uses: Buying items from the shop, crafting, speeding things up (upgrading and transportation, for example). If you make it possible to upgrade the car for faster travel times, players are going to be spending less money on fuel for speeding up travel, and therefore, conartists will make less money. Now, I know that you probably don’t think this affects you, but in reality, it does. If conartists isn’t making enough money from this game, they’re just going to forget about it and move on to some new idea, as almost all game developers eventually do.
The way I see it, conartists have already done a lot of things that have cost them money for the sake of their players. For example, they made it possible to get fuel through raids, then they later went back and also made it possible to get fuel from the fuel generator, then they added bounties, and so on. These additions have probably made their sales go down, seeing as how it’s so easy to get fuel through alternative means now. So maybe we should give them a break? This game is one of the better MMO’s on kongregate, in my opinion. Let’s not get greedy and ruin it.
But that’s just my take on it.