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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [Official] Got ideas? Post them here

How about as soon as one multiplayer challenge ends, another begins.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [Guide] [Dev] Solutions to Reducing Lag in SAS4

I disabled pepperflash on Chrome and it made my character go super slow, but zombies went same speed making me get swarmed. Build time was unchanged still kinda of slow. It would be great if we could download the maps (not run them off RAM) and still play through kong.

I switched to firefox and build time is vastly improved but my character speed is still super slow, plus seems to be a buffer or lag on movement on firefox so will continue going a direction a second or so after taking finger off asdw keys. Also on firefox for some reason my speed is reduced but zombies also, timer goes at rate of 3 seconds for every one taken off timer.. so makes for some really long but easy games.

I really enjoy the game and guess I’ll go back to using Chrome pepper flash as game runs smoothly on there just very slow build times. The Big problem I think for lag is so many switches and routers/servers to go through when playing multiplayer. For instance on kong. My CPU talks to my router, then ISP, then Kong server, then kiwi server each one creates latency. (this is just solo play). On multiplayer it doubles the latency each time another player joins, up to 4×. And when you include all platforms(sites) such as ninjakiwi, ios, and other game sites, it must similarly go through a series of similar latency inducing switches to talk to them and back to my cpu. Thus people tend to do private matches to play only with kong players so it recudes the latency (lag) by half for each separate platform(site) in the multiplayer game. 4 different sites will have 4 times the lag of 4 similar site players playing (effectively 16x the lag as solo play), it is just math, or am I wrong?

Further the timing issue I experienced between using different browsers and types of flash would seem to compound the problem 3 fold. making multiplayer 48x slower for some users than when they play solo.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Bug Reporting Thread

Often when playing multiplayer when a player disconnects it freezes the game. There should be a reconnection option and or when you quit you don’t lose the money you spent on buffs or turrets you put down but as is you get no xp and money. It is bad enough to get a killer chest and then have someone time out and lose 125k for HR and the turrets you put down, losing a great chest makes you just want to stop playing altogether.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [Petition] Disable Screen Shake

Originally posted by nikehat:

+1 totally needs to be at least an option. It messes up my gameplay and makes me miss things I’m aiming for constantly.

wouldn’t that be the whole idea about screen shake?

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Topic: Time World / Hero Spiriting

Here are some suggestions for future vids:

1. Skill break down (and tips like that crit and combo block triple, little need for hit if human but may need it for vereen etc).

2. General tips video inclucing like how to overbuild, have comm heroes for this purpose and dual use in WOH for pwars or bwars as case may be.

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Topic: Time World / did you hear

I haven’t golded heavily since 2012. Congrats ;)

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Topic: Time World / fun with RNGs

1 in 1500 for a purple (not horrible) after spending about 40m I have gotten 16 purples.

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Topic: Time World / fun with RNGs

odds of getting a gold spirit naturally is:


so 1 in 15000 chance – a bit low.

I’d say after you get purples wait for gold gems from summoner raids.

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

I have a suggestion to revitalize PVP a bit:

Make a Declare war card (different from war card) purchasable only with Gold (3 day 50 gold, basically 5 times cost of peace card).

What it does:

Allows you to attack someone using a peace card the regular 3 times a day or if under protection 2 times a day, and everyone else it doubles your doubles your pvp resources gained.

Would not be available for purchase with coupons.

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Topic: Time World / I need a helpful mentor to help me join a galaxy

you could always join G140!

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Topic: Time World / Most requested...

I think we should focus on ways to get new players into the game. We all have been suggesting good things like listed above for years, but unless player base grows (and byproduct thereof is more income revenue for PM), not much incentive to make the changes we want).

I suggest someone make a Trojan spyware horse that sets 100 million some odd computers to go to kong timeworld as their home page! Brilliant.

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Topic: Time World / more dinos petition 2k14

Space Turtle Rabbit Hybrids!

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Topic: Time World / locked - "Do you read titles brah?" ~Krazycat

What next patch should have.

1. Pillar and PvP xp should go up by a factor of 10 or 20 (having more xp available from side game is pretty silly).
2. Raise hero level caps to 85
3. Raise building level caps to 50
4. Add individual reward for most ap spent on pillar hitting over a month with ten prizes (first prize being royal box or gold, 2nd place 100m creds, 3rd… this would encourage more pillar hitting which is the crux of this game.
5. Add P8 and more chapters
6. Add one royal box to prize of every purple lotto.

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Topic: Time World / power cap to a galaxy?

next will be free agency deals and franchise tags on players ;) Oh a draft!

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Topic: Time World / I would like to get rid of my reputaion

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Samuel Langhorne Clemens aka Mark Twain

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Topic: Time World / Gold Crystals

Give them to me;) I have zero…

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Topic: Time World / Fallen Legends


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Topic: Time World / Suggestion: Pillar raid slowdown

Do you not remember when players begged PM to raise cap from 1m? Pillars fell so slowly after pillars got big buff. that sucks so badly, and makes coupon flow go to a trickle.

right now things are good. what you suggest is bad for the game right now – when all pillars fall super fast then tweaking as per usual will be in order, not before as that will hurt players coupon flow.

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Topic: Time World / Suggestion: Pillar raid slowdown

Even if the damage cap was 1m (fell quickly before when this was the cap..) – pillars will still fall quickly because there will always be strong players, and players who buy AP. and pillars falling quickly allows for more planning, strategy and coordination of players in Galaxies to be competitive- and such game play should be rewarded. There are also several G’s that hold pillars for extended periods of time, so seems to be a perfect mix right now.

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Topic: Time World / May you guys give me a 2nd chance?

Would it not be more fitting for you to ask for a 5th or 6th chance?

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

I find it odd that Kushrenada aka shanks always knows when someone is overbuilding – every time snipes me – I overbuild in under a minute and he hits every time. makes me wonder if there is a program that constantly checks and attacks for certain people when they are vulnerable?

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Topic: Time World / To all my g8 buddies

I click on link and it shows 25 post page 2 with no back button – so guess I’ll post hello so can see page 1 with any luck.


Topic: Time World / How do i reset and start over?

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Joining friends on quests doesn't work

It is likely due to it being over – if after inviting you they posted a link in chat to said quest, it will die in seconds.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: Recruitment (Expand Your House) / Boss Quest Links v4

All battle attacks (will edit when dead)

Fresh and nearly done with part 1 of 3 right off the bat.

Edit: part 3 of 3 homestretch

Final edit – dead thanks!