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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 5

I agree with a lot of the people in here epic war 1-2 had that certain thing with the cool units and the story and the characters and the battlefield and everything and then epic war 3 was a completely different layout and everything and it made the game a lot less fun so i am hoping for it to go back to the epic war 2 like layout with upgrades and everything but make it better that would be so awesome.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 6

Personally i thought that epic war 2 was the best so far. I decided this by its well thought out upgrade tree system and its characters. The card base of 3-5 was not so much relaying to the original epic war feel of the first 2 games, though they were still enjoyable to play. I think that epic war 6 should host another good graphic magic filled world of upgrades and characters and story just as epic war 2 did. But that is just one man’s opinion.