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Topic: Off-topic / I wanted to keep reading Homestuck...

Little Edoardo looks like he’s dying.

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Topic: Off-topic / I wanted to keep reading Homestuck...

Originally posted by Fishstickz13:

what the fuck is homestuck

It’s a webcomic. Don’t ever let anyone tell you about Homestuck, though.

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Topic: Off-topic / I wanted to keep reading Homestuck...

But now I can’t stop playing Papa’s Cupcakeria. What should I do?

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

8/10. Sounds awesome.

Sam Neilland – Iron Infidel

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Topic: Off-topic / 420 blaze it


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Topic: Off-topic / Anyone Else Hate Pewdiepie?

I remember subscribing to his channel without watching any of his videos. Then I watched a few. Then I insta-unsuscribed.

Some of his videos are good, but it’s all an act and it shows. Also, I think Let’s Players shouldn’t use webcams, dang it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Trent owns a Fedora

I own a fedora too. Great.

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Topic: Off-topic / You wake up Zam and Gabidou are playing pokemon on your roof

Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:
Originally posted by FunnyaxeRealm:

kill zam and take gabidou’s perfume.

You can’t kill what’s already dead.

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Topic: Off-topic / Porygon, Gardevoir and Obama invite you to dinner.

Originally posted by FunnyaxeRealm:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:

id make so many pornygon, gabidou, and i blame obama jokes

lolololol pornygon fnuny

Pornygon sounds naughty.

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Topic: Off-topic / I need serious help.

Sounds cool, seriously.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do men aka 'Bronies' watch My Little Pony?

Well, Lauren Faust said Friendship is Magic was a show that even men could watch. There are some references to memes here and there, and it’s a good show overall. It has its flaws, pretty much like anything else, but it’s something I would let my kids watch (That is, if I had any).

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Topic: Off-topic / Can a tank be killed by simple guns?

Originally posted by jugador1:

well ken can punch a tank to death so i think yes.

I was gonna post that.

Originally posted by CowFriend:

Having played my fair share of L4D2, I can confirm that you can indeed kill tanks with guns.

Just kidding, my computer is too shit. Launching L4D2 shuts down my computer after playing for five minutes.

I see what you did there.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hey OTers.

I’m glad you’re back.

Coming back doesn’t make you weak, nor does it mean they your future is lifeless. It means that you just miss posting stuff here.

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Topic: Off-topic / What would you do if OT was gone tomorrow forever?

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

It’d be a bit saddening mostly as I met quite a few people in Off-topic that I really and truly admire and enjoy talking to. Then I’d just private message them if I don’t already have them on Steam or whatever and then talk to them all on other various channels of communication.

I think I’d mostly be sad that a place that’s so diverse with the people in it were to disappear.

Probably this.

I would ask everyone for their skype or steam usernames.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by Meistheman:

Best villains does sound interesting :D Can we change it to best antagonists though?

What ever floats your bananas, man.

I’m voting for Dio Brando, then.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your opinion on PewDiePie?

I don’t care much for his videos, to be honest.

I just don’t like watching Let’s Plays with the Let’s Players’ reactions being recorded by their webcams as their play.

I think he’s a cool guy, though.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you think it's unfaithful

I think that, as long as you’re not having sex with anyone else, it doesn’t count as cheating.

It’s like saying masturbation counts as cheating, in my opinion.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your favourite Mc Donalds meal?

Originally posted by Immortal7777:

Double quarter pounder with cheese and get a coffee or coke. Large fries fit.


Although I don’t really like fast food, to be honest.

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Topic: Off-topic / Your favourite OTer

Originally posted by CowFriend:

I love all of you~ <3


Although, I personally love Fronebular’s puns.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever been chased by a person or animal?

Dogs, cats, people, insects, birds.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you wake up from work to the mall for 1 sextillion dollars when Lopunny is watching tv on the roof naked while thinking if PewDiePie is cool?

Who’s Lopunny?

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Topic: Off-topic / I was only 13: A special Gabidou story.

Originally posted by Fronebular:
It wasn’t clothed, as it showed its huge body parts.

Best erotica 2014 right here! Seriously, that was written so naturally that the words just flew off the post.

I immediately ejaculated fire upon finishing that sentence.

Wait, so… Ejaculating fire is something normal now?

Damn, I thought that was a feat only Nathan Explosion and I were capable of doing.

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Topic: Off-topic / Much would you have to be paid to break your own leg?

10 billion.

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Topic: Off-topic / Go fuck yourself

Does fucking oneself count as an auto-erotic activity?

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Topic: Off-topic / Sexiest foreign accent

Originally posted by royalgameboy:

I’m going to go with the British accent.
What accent makes you want to slap the claptrap?

Originally posted by Hallucent:

I like Australian accents.

These, really.

Originally posted by Fronebular:

I thought Indian telemarketers had the sexiest accent of all.

I mean, George could have sold me any sort of fake antivirus software he wanted with a voice so silken! <3

Indian accents can be hot as well.