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Topic: Kongregate / Metagame rulesheet, updated screenshot, and full Rumiko details

ok, so if i read the rules right you can only perform ONE action in any turn, right?
are there any exceptions? is there a way to perform more than one action?
what about, hmm, let’s call them “tag team actions”? i’m thinking of pairs or groups of characters that can perform special moves when they’re together in one deck.
and what are the icons left to the tafari card?

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Topic: Kongregate / About Copy-righted Music...

erm, there is not such thing as “un-copyrighted” music. that wouldn’t even make sense… you create original music, you automatically have the copyright for it [unless its work for hire, in which case copyright is with the party hiring]. there is only music where the owner(s) of the copyright refrain from enforcing their rights AND furthermore allow others to make use of their original work of art without monetary compensation.
i guess that is what you mean with “free and un-copyrighted music”.

laws about this differ from country to country, but in general kongregate should make clear [and i’m damn sure that they are making it clear] that they accept submissions on bias that all copyrights are held by submitter. additionally i would advise kongregate and its community to draw attention to material where copyrights might not have been cleared adequately, going so far as to remove such entries [even when in doubt].

save you a lot of hassle, trust me.

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Topic: Kongregate / CARD GAME!!1one!!

i want to be beta-tester for this… so badly. XD