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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / Alternative Guide to IOU (Sponsored by Room 7)

Surprised no one commented on how vastly hollowed underestimated attack speed there. xD

Originally posted by HollowedHearts:

Let’s break it down

If you are level 250 and have around 700-800k dps. If you raised auto speed from level 0 to level 100, your dps wouldn’t increase more than 200k.

The AP cost for that is tremendous. Close to 7,500 I believe.

For not even half that amount, you can fully clear pet arena and get two robobees that would collectively add 200-300k dps.

If you’re doing 800k dmg and you suddenly start swinging 41%+ faster I do believe you will see more than a 200k increase.

Even if we hypothesize on the basis of only 200k, if you go all in on pets then once you have maxed food income, and start trying to max out attack speed, it will take you much longer to get that attack speed beyond 50+ let alone 100.

Summary: You are your main dps, pets are simply a side dps. As such your main dps benefits from a few more bonuses than your pets do. IMO raise as to 100 first, then max pet arena, then go ahead and max as next. Nothing wrong with getting some arena lvls in between raising as to 100, but maxing it, is a bit of a dps downer.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Discussion, Feedback, and Suggestions / 1.7m~ DPS In Search Of party or duo with avg 1.5m+

Titles says it all, whisper me, or leave me a mail if I’m offline, trying to accrue that offline bonus while partyless. ;)


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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Support / Guild Donate Bug

I have over 8k stone to donate, 7k donated fine to guild, but I have 1500 still left to donate, but it doesn’t show up on my guild building page, only on my mining page. .

No Stone:

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

If you pay me 250$ I’ll buy that new red gem, act fast this offer only lasts for today. ;)

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Alliance Storage Chest

Make a chest in the alliance where one can store mats, like formation pages, transmutation items and such.
-Starts with 10 slots. Can be upgraded like other alliance buildings with certain amount of gold, and maybe some resources and such. For say 5 slots more every level, upgradeable to the max of your current alliance level.
-To store an item would cost 1k silver, free for vip.
-Free to remove 1 item a day. Beyond that it costs 1g to remove(more as a limitation against someone who is just trying to steal all items and run, than a fair cost.)

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Bug] Need help? Find a bug? This is the place.

As cuiled just said can’t collect on reward, and had 700k hps, compared to the morning boss of 178k hps. Reason Can’t collect is unknown just when i click it, gives me connection error and refreshes page.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Sacred Season 2, if such ideas should therefore

Thew admin has said that any buys/offers completed before the 15 of march, i believe the day was, will get 1/10 the gold in ss2 and any after will get full transer, gold only of course, no lvls or anything of the such will be transferred, and it was said that it will be out in april, but we all know projected dates get pushed back more often that not, so don’t be surprised.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons MMORPG] Scared Seasons2

ss2 will more or less be a brand new game, of course you can sitll play ss1. The question is will ss1 survive the coming of ss2, only time will tell. ;o