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Topic: Tyrant / MoM Catface

Originally posted by HowardKites:

Alot of people aren’t even believing it’s me. It kind of cracks me up how serious everyone can get about an online game. I play these for fun, and yes, I have enjoyed meeting people here. But, in the end it is a game and sometimes games get crazy and you do silly things. For those who don’t understand my logic, sorry. A game’s a game. It shouldn’t be made into more.

That is your personal view, don’t try to push your opinions on others. For example home and friends might be important to you while for some other person, toothpicks and nails might be equally important. That doesn’t mean your opinion is the right one.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Men of Mayhem] Farewell Address

Originally posted by Hoschisack:

Deedle: C9 did never speedbomb – in fact we lost several of the ‘biggest wars in tyrant’ because we didn’t. I would have been the only guy in C9 with the funds to do it so yea I should know.

Anyway this thread is about MoM and as I wrote in another thread tyrant will not be the same for me without MoM. I almost joined MoM before I decided to go chill a bit in a low level faction called ZeroPhobia. Guess this will never happen now :/

Agreed. Maybe I could have done it too if I wanted to:p Anyway, MoM was always the best foe no matter where I was. I wouldn’t even have motivation to fight BW because it just doesn’t feel at all the same. The most fun wars ever were between C9 and MoM and IFS and MoM.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Dev] Economy update proposal

+1 to everything but the “two legendary copies needed for upgrade” -part

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Announcement: Tyrant Unleashed

I hope you won’t do what Zynga (Dream Zoo), Disney (Where’s My Water) and Kiwi (Shipwrecked) have done which is increasing the .apk size of certain games over 35mb so I can’t play with my HTC Desire S. I’ve sent all of them info about it but they’ve done nothing. Disney even claimed they we’re gonna fix it about a year ago but looks like they lied. I spent money in Dream Zoo:( So what I’m asking is that you would make the .apk file smaller and then the rest of the data downloadable when I start the game please:)

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Topic: Kongregate / What are points used for?

Now I’m pretty sure this same text has been in the help-section for years:

“What are points used for?

Your level will automatically rise as you earn points. We’re still working out the details of what kind of privileges and potential prizes that points and levels could be used to unlock."

So I was wondering if Kongregate has soon worked out these details:D

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Topic: Tyrant / Let us discuss the card Absorption Barrier

Originally posted by Slyeye89:

I am so happy that on my very first pack I pulled this card :3


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Topic: Tyrant / { Upgrade (Lvl 2) } Apollo

1/12/3 Armor 3 Evade Summon Remedy

Heal all 3
Cleanse all
Protect all 1

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Topic: Tyrant / [Upgrades] Where are they?

they are simply taking a break because there has been so much other stuff going on (new pack, new faction/level rewards, events)

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Topic: Tyrant / HH POSTED his universal grind deck: all 24 Quests and Mission 276

Originally posted by hunterhogan:

Hey, trigger-happy moderator! Why was this post removed? It was a helpful post.

Originally posted by hunterhogan:
Originally posted by NicolBolas:

its 10x ospry with kazzatah as commander

I don’t know which Commander you mean, but I didn’t test your idea. Someone should test it and see if it works because it is possible. Based on my experience, my guess is that the lowest win rates will be in Quests 4, 5, the Fear-based High-Skies, the Invasion Coordinator Invigorate, 23, and 24. But a deck like that could work. Someone test it, then no one will need my fucking deck.

It was removed because that idiot was trolling

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Topic: Tyrant / [Suggestion] Levelup Past level 200

No instant refill, no cap

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Topic: Tyrant / [Suggestion] Faction War Payout

tl;dr but +1, i like the idea of getting more rewards based on results…that motivates people to do better

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Topic: Tyrant / [to Devs] Regarding the Upcoming Event.

I would like to get more ways to get energy refills as well

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Topic: Tyrant / [Suggestion] World Bosses (regular events)

i don’t like the random appearances at all…i would like the times to be set. also the rewards are not good and motivating enough

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Topic: Tyrant / [Let's Nerf it] Ospry

nope, Ospry is fine as it is

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Topic: Tyrant / (SPOILERS) Hostile Negotiation Event Cards Revealed!

I think Ospry should be buffed to 4/13/4 to make the swipe better

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Topic: Tyrant / (SPOILERS) Hostile Negotiation Event Cards Revealed!

people stop complaining so they won’t nerf Ospry

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Topic: Tyrant / Flashpoint

this pack is one of the best for awhile

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Topic: Tyrant / [Poll] If You Could Bring One Dead Faction Back Who Would It Be?

Originally posted by DSMagus:

If we get one vote,


If multiple,

C9 and IFS

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Originally posted by discowookie79:

Fusion Silo nerfed to 5 HP

LOL…the only reason I didn’t see much potential in Fusion Silo was because it already had too low hp headpalm

They’re killing this pack by nerfing the only cards that had any potential use

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how very active op…

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Sprintpod nerfed to 6hp

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Topic: Tyrant / DRAGONS is recruiting

Originally posted by DaMike:
Originally posted by joannes3000:


I like former members who intentionally misspell our name.


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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant Card Creator by catepillar

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Sunder Description and Preview

Originally posted by masterluke:
Originally posted by Terrilocks:
Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:

You cant really build a strategy around this though. You cant predict it or play your cards in some sequencial order to capitalize on it.

Sunder + Weaken sounds a fairly potent combination to me. More so than Disease and Heal.


Originally posted by DaWayne33:(if attack is lowered from base amount, it is still reset to base normally).

yup. it’s not gonna stop weaken from working now is it?

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] New Skill - Sunder

Originally posted by testeria:

Seems to me its mirror to disease. TI are stil too strong and make most 3 and 4 wait cards useless… remember we are supposed to buy new cards, not play all the same. Blocking attack value will make TIs useless and thats the point.

no, they’re not too strong. also go and make your sunder decks and see how they do against wallstall