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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

What the fuck, vika?
If you are gonna QUOTE me, at least do it right.
Don’t twist/summarize my words to suit your bias.

If you aren’t able to see how what I said IS ON TOPIC & adds to the thread, then that simply speaks to how your mind is limited to seeing your biases. What is it that YOU say about me upon encountering a challenge?

What now? Because I don’t see your MEDICAL MARVELS as being all that necessary to humanity as you do … esp if it means jumping into war w/o doing all that is possible (killing Hitler as a child) to not do so. If you want to see such advancements better funded, then a much better attitude from the wealthy towards the little guy and his diseases/health needs might actually be a better direction to go. But, I guess ya just aren’t able to see that…eh?

And, it was the Chinese that “invented” Gunpowder … if you want to go to the source for propulsion of a killing object.

Nobel intended his invention to be used for construction.
Einstein’s formula made the nuclear bomb possible.

My point in my “rant” was to show just how evil Man can be and to what ends he will use most anything intended for peace to become a vile tool.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Crossbower, I’m not at all ignoring the pathetic state of “human affairs” (politics?) and how we luv to make war. It would appear that it is imbued in our survival-of-the-fittest mode. Up until modern day and our fast-shrinking world, mankind was well separated by a lot of factors…distance (including huge oceans), languages, body features, material status, etc. This kind of world-stage easily lent itself for one faction of humans to see itself as superior as “entitled” to dominate any other group.

By dominate, I mean take their resources; enslave & exterminate the ppl; and any other manner the superior felt necessary for its “survival”. This became increasingly more difficult to do as world trade of goods began to be a lot more complicated than the colonial era. The human conscience began to find such actions to be vile … slavery.

However, America’s robber barons had no problem raping the resources from South American and any other place that had something they could make a buck. In a sense, we are still doing this today. Only, it is in the form of taking advantage of “cheap labor” (sweat shops). American business has “outsourced” its need for labor to nations where labor is much cheaper than that IN America where unionization of the working class shifted some of the profits into the hands of the worker.

All of that was done w/o the need for wars. Yes, there were some skirmishes, but management eventually conceded … only to live to fight the battle another day in a different way. Hell, the newspaper magnets (Hearst & Pulitzer) even managed to fuck over the lowly, VERY lowly paperboys for a fucking few pennies … such is the mindset of the very wealth. Hearst castle needed those few cents per bundle of newspapers.

All of this in the name of capitalism. However, the eyes of the American public are today being opened to the downside of capitalism. They are beginning to see how it can create a huge wealth/income gap between a very few and a whole lot of very lower economic classes. Hopefully, this next election here will also bloodlessly work towards putting an end to this “survival-of-the-shitist” mentality. Well, it will be a very long time until it is stopped—corporations are hard to kill. We now consider them to be ppl and we sure don’t wanna kill no “ppl” … do we?

But, Crossbower, all of that said, the real point I’m making about how you think WWII was inevitable (because another asshole like Hitler would have played the inevitable essential role) doesn’t take into consideration that there is always a possibility that it could have been averted by diplomacy. Maybe wasn’t very likely; BUT, given the opportunity to take out one of the players, I sure as fuck would have assassinated as many of those this magical time travel would have allowed.

Give Peace a Chance because We Are the World and we are all neighbors of a precious gift from “the Gods” of living—Earth. Yeah, all of that shit is pretty sappy; real pinko, fag, liberal puke … nothing near as glorious as war and all of the wonders it has wrought.

Fuck, I think I’m gonna do out and kill me a few ppl so the world will be a better place. I have a few in mind. And, I know best because I AM the best damn human around—because I intend to survive and do it in Hearst-style.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should shark fishing be banned?

The reality of it is, if you can trust what them thar “scientists” say, that species come & go; and, nature is still alive and well. All of this protecting “endangered species” might actually be a fool’s folly … a feely-good exercise for the tree huggers & guys/gals, with exoteric degrees that don’t pay shit, something to do w/ themselves and their “interesting” brain-power.

The stark & scary reality of it is that we aren’t all that sure just HOW She did it … what “price” Mother Nature exacted from her domain. She might have done it by killing off the more dominate life form(s) and “starting all over from scratch”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should shark fishing be banned?

My jolly is wondering which will come first upon my final rest on a deathbed: the world situation, in all of its “glory”, so fucked up that I can unequivocally say I told you so; or, will I be able to dance off into the darkness w/ Grim Reaper just before things get even worse than THAT and I have begun to give serious consideration of meeting him half way.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Let’s see…..
we are at our best when we heinously kill, maim, & torture thousands of ppl and destroy massive amounts of resources.

We are at our best when we perform something akin to a social ethnic cleansing wrought by (usually) the more advanced members of it. Bombs & guns win out over sticks & stones every time.

We are cock-sure that acceptable-level advancements wouldn’t be made during peacetime that we should schedule a regular “social-maintenance” war so we can maintain a good level of “progress”. Fuck it, since technical & medical advancement is so highly touted over peace, let’s just have a modest level of continuous war somewhere in some back-water part of the world.

WAIT … we are doing just that. Wonderful. Good on us. We are successfully managing to reach our full potential upon the backs of a few “expendables”.

It is utterly sick & deranged to prefer “advancements” achieved by mass killings & destruction on the level of WWII over those of a peace time. ESPECIALLY when we are comparing a known level of carnage (and not being able to glen out those accomplishments being made anyway in spite of the war) to an unknown level of accomplishments that would be made during peace.

Just because a society puts a huge amount of “attention” into solving problems NATURE throws at us (famine, disease, pestilence, etc.) certainly doesn’t necessarily mean we should enhance this ability by actually CREATING PROBLEMS we can overcome by bringing out the worst in us when we practice to, AT THE HEART OF WARFARE, kill as many ppl possible and deplete the resources they need to sustain combat.

There was never a good war, or a bad peace.
Benjamin Franklin

A current thought on the Middle East situation: “Israel lives in a permanent Catch-22: When there is violence there is nobody to talk to, and when there’s quiet there’s no reason to talk.”
That shit is the same as the old “joke” that points out shit logic: when it’s raining, you can’t get on the roof to fix the leak; when it isn’t raining – the roof doesn’t need fixing.

I’m a man of peace.
But, I will exact extreme prejudice of harm to prevent a social catastrophe like war.
I would have killed any & all babies w/ the last name of Hitler to achieve that end in regard to WWII.

The crux of the point isn’t whether war produces better “results” than does peace … likely it is war; esp. if a person lacks the ability to take a full accounting of gains & losses.
But, the rational mind asks: is the difference truly worth the price?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Originally posted by beauval:
NASA projects.

I was hoping someone would bring up this glaring beacon of light (I didn’t want to hog the obvious flaws in the heinous worship of war as being such a great “innovator/motivator” for advancement of society).

I don’t dispute that when you are up to your ass in alligators, you tend to set aside the initial intention of draining the swamp. But, w/ a little bit more intel on this subject, you can get a whole lot more of the objective completed w/ a lot less wasted efforts/resources than “fighting” the natural order of life.

War is a necessary evil. But, it shouldn’t be glorified. It should be gory-ified. While definite positive benefits DO evolve from the process, who is to say the same wouldn’t be realized in a more rational scenario? Who is to be the one to assess the pros & cons of the “costs” to society and to specific individuals? My small community was hit really hard by loss of soldiers. Half of my classmates were fatherless.

I don’t see ppl lining up to be human lab rats. Oooppps, I do; but, it is because they need the money rather than out of some noble humanitarianism. But, even these ppl aren’t willing to DIE & be severely harmed in the process.

How can we calculate what is lost in the way of progress when we lose so many ppl w/ direct potential? Then, let’s try to assess the indirect potential lost because my classmates weren’t able to go on to collage because of lack of support. War fucks deep … very deep.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

It’s always nice to do a little urban renewal to make way for the huge advances brought about by war…..which just might have been produced anyway. I don’t see our drug companies any too worried about war’s necessity for their bottom lines.

If this shit about having no funding for research, etc. is to hold any serious water, we need to take into consideration the mind-boggling amount of money spent on a war.

It is my understanding that most anything (even the new) other than ships stayed in the Pacific Theater….jeeps, tanks, artillery, trucks, etc. Uncle Sam (the business boys) esp. didn’t want anything that would compete w/ new productions (vehicles) causing a post war slump.

vika’s penchant for medicine has to be tempered w/ reality.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Hot damn….I’m a gonna declare war on the GOP and kill me a bunch of Republicans so the Koch Bros. will finance a whole new generation of miracle thingys. Well, besides all the wonders wrought by inventions of better killing machinery.

OR, just maybe we might be satisfied w/ the slow progress being made via the moral way.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

He wasn’t innocent if he was destined to become himself.
And, there are always alternative leaders in the shadows.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is it right to kill one person to save the lives of many?

Dude, “baby Hitler” is no innocent child.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can you induce homosexuality in a heterosexual by pavlovian triggers?

He likely would end up a very confused dude.

Plus, they might slip some of this crap in on him and totally blow his mind.

Now, who is Samantha Ryan & Lexi Belle?
Should I be concerned that you know these women?
Should I wonder if it isn’t YOU that we are discussing?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Fukushima


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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Originally posted by jim_vierling:

No one is born with a sexual preference. No one is born knowing what sex or a sexual preference even are. No one is born knowing the difference between male and female. They need environmental input to make associations and/or choices. It is not predetermined what associations or choices that they will make.

So, Jim…tell me.
Are you saying that homosexuality is a CHOICE?
That’s what I’m hearing.
I think ya just shot a huge shit-hole in your premise that there are no INNATE aspects to a person.

1. existing in one from birth; inborn; native: innate musical talent.
2. inherent in the essential character of something: an innate defect in the hypothesis.
3. originating in or arising from the intellect or the constitution of the mind, rather than learned through experience: an innate knowledge of good and evil.

Some insight

Tell me, Jim…have these mothers already “taught” their babies to swim? Have those babies made a conscious decision to swim?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

beauval asked:

Originally posted by beauval:

I came across this short piece yesterday. Now while some may dismiss it as irrelevant, it did make me wonder whether being shielded from the reality of what firearms can do to people is allowing some Americans to kid themselves that their weapons are just big boys’ toys which can be used without any serious consequences.

beauval, please understand that I’m going to be taking in the 25 words or less generality factor here. I’m gonna go bell-curve and focus on the very small minorities at the polar opposite ideologies of America’s thoughts on gun CONTROL.

Yes, there are those (liberal?) extremists that are unrealistically wanting to have a complete ban on all guns. Their argument—if there are no guns; there can be no gun violence—is quite logical. However, it is also extremely irrational…at least at this time. America just isn’t “ready” for such a step.

The moderates (that huge percentage in the gut-of-the-bell) are wanting, in varying degrees/ways, some serious dialogue on how to take the two extremist ideologies as some kind of goal post uprights by which a ball-of-rationality can be punted between. Ppl of any intelligence fully realize that rarely ever does a society follow the extremists. Even when it does (pre-war Hitler), it soon finds itself not following, but being drug along on a journey of insanity.

beauval, you asked about Americans being shielded from the utter horrors of war as a mean by which we can keep our “toys” on a sacred pedestal that causes a focusing on the more positive aspects of them. Keep in mind that we haven’t had such devastation on our soil as other nations have had. Keep in mind that the medias are usually owned outright or heavily influenced by ppl who are getting rich/richer via the military sales (industrial/military bedfellows). The negatives of battle are going to be spun so as to keep Americans highly supportive of whatever latest bullshit contrivance of “need” for saving democracy we find ourselves hopelessly bogged down in.

But, the fact that you called our guns toys and child’s playthings is basic-core germane to how a lot of American’s view weapons as being fine for kids. Thereby culturing those minds at an early age to think of guns as being far less dangerous as they are. I woman I grew up w/ (next door neighbor) had her son killed by such mentality. He and his bud (early 20’s) had been out hunting/shooting guns. Upon arriving home, the pal PLAYFULLY took a shot at Doug…thinking the gun was empty. The serious-minded individual considers a gun to be ALWAYS loaded/dangerous (sans a few extremely obvious considerations…it taken apart).

That anecdote and the “toy” links are given in hopes that it sheds some light on why Americans can so easily be shielded—even SELF-shielded—from a full understanding of the seriousness of what guns are capable of doing. I believe it is this factor that keeps any real efforts to improve on the back burner. I’m not all that knowledgeable on how these latest mass murders are impacting the moderates on gun CONTROL. Time will tell. I’ll be looking for candidates’ inclusion/exclusion of stances & their defenses of them on this issue.

We American’s have a solid history of gun use.
we used guns to obtain our freedom from England.
We used guns to “tame” the West. Sam Colt made men equal
We used guns to fight 2 World Wars.
We have made the 2nd Amend into a Holy Grail by which SOME believe the entire Constitution rests upon.
The gun-nuts deeply believe if the 2nd goes/amends….the Constitution is gutted.
I’m often surprised that we Americans aren’t born w/ a pistol in both hands.

This upcoming election will be interesting to watch in regard to the gun issues and where the candidates stand.

Question: would these ppl be considered to be those who should be denied gun ownership/usage because of mental deficiencies? Don’t miss the gal telling her man to calm down while she points a cocked gun at him..just after a fail-shooting of it.

“I’m guessing these ppl are quite capable of having fun w/ their guns. Don’t miss the guy who looks into the barrel of a cocked shotgun.

Some of these ppl shouldn’t even be allowed AROUND guns. There are several repeats; but, there are some doozies in it.

The first one is a repeat. From there, it jumps off a cliff

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Originally posted by donseptico:

nah, that was too much ‘about the man’ rather than ‘the man’s arguments’

Yah, I was merely doing what vika assessed. At worst, I was couching my arguments in the same language he uses.
Originally posted by jhco50:

You are so naive Karma.

How else is he going to come even close to understanding concepts foreign to him? Discussions OF ISSUES w/ him thus far APPEARS to be of a nature that we SEEM TO BE speaking different languages. So, I try to use his….when necessary.

I was making cogent rebuttals to the (all over the place) points he made. That I see such ideology about guns-N-Amerka as being quite irrational to hold, it is very likely that someone is going to make a connection that the person holding them is also going to be assessed as being also irrational. That I can’t help. It is just the way human nature goes. How much can an honorable man be separated from that which he believes?

But, I’ll make a second effort that is a weeeebit less harsh on him. Maybe he won’t flag this one

However, before I do that…I’ll comment on this post:

Originally posted by jhco50:

It seems to me, karma, you are not really adding to the discussion…

This is what ppl say when they don’t like where the discussion is headed.

…, but critiquing my posts….
Mercy me, and here I was mislead to think this is what SD is all about.
…and trying to insult me.
Nah, I needn’t do so. He is doing magnificently well himself.


Nope, vika….I’m not going to take time nor make the effort on a “do-over”. I’m not even going to point out how he did his usual form of discussion by basically ignoring beauval’s question; and then, launching into one of his paranoid rants about how we need the 2nd Amend. to protect us from a tyrannical govt. It seems that if I take the time to point out that our American govt. isn’t the one who will decide the time & kinds of shackles placed upon us, my efforts are seen as “attacking the man”.

I pointed out, in some depth, that our govt. is nothing more than the work-horse puppet for the rich (oligarchy/plutocracy). These robber barons already have us in shackles (personal debt) tying us to jobs we have to work quite hard in order to have money to consume those precious material things that we are “coached” into believing we can’t live without. Guess who profits the most from the manufacturing of these goods?

This is why that .01% of society isn’t at all desirous of fucking up their system by doing something crazy….such as some hyped up conspiracy theory the gun nuts want to promote so they can keep their toys. What stuns me is how eaten up w/ the dumb-ass these gun nuts are about this ONE issue to the point it renders them unable to see where the real danger for their way of life lies. But, as I often point out: smoke-&-mirrors…slight of hand. They keep ya busy over there doing silly (but important…lol) shit so ya don’t notice the really bad shit being done to ya over here where “the man” is fucking ya royally.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Originally posted by vikaTae:

Try it. Unless you negotiate the attempt with your brain 10-20 seconds before actully doing it, and psych yourself up for the pain, you won’t be able to. By the time you’ve thought that you meant to do it, you’re through that door and your brain’s made the pain avoidance decision naturally.

And, if a particular situation is a familiar one, the conscious part of the brain won’t even be making this “choice”. A person navigating a very familiar obstacle will safely do it automatically w/o even “thinking” about it.

Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Just a quick question, Arthrul…is there any crime or serious “disagreements” in your personal family life?
If not, why?
Do you not think those same reasons couldn’t be applied on a much larger scale?
After all, we are talking about a huge reduction of the issues that are associated w/ the more serious crimes.

Upon removal of them, and a restructuring of laws to not reflect overzealous religious tenants; but rather true civil liberties, we would have little reason for a host of crimes.

Of course, some extremely serious application of education on how a healthy society operates isn’t going to hurt either. Ppl can’t do good if they don’t know what it is. The church certainly doesn’t seem to be able to make much headway w/ all of their “blessings-0-wisdom” in this area. Perhaps, a different venue (CIVICS, maybe?) would be better? I think it would were we to have this man at the helm of the effort.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Parallel Universes

If these universes are infinite in numbers, why would these events necessarily need to happen “at about the same time"?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Originally posted by champion17:

Little off the topic aren’t we? :)

Nope, not even a bit.
In fact, we are VERY DEEP INTO the topic.
Here’s hoping you can find us.
Reading along can likely be of help there.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Monty Hall problem.

Originally posted by Helltank:

Necro’d thread, please await lock.

Then what is the point of admin asking posters to check to see if there is already a thread relative to their idea BEFORE they start their thread? So what if the thread is as old as dirt? Are you saying that a new person & their thoughts are to be limited to ONLY current discussion? What if they want to comment on something and it hasn’t been brought up for a long while? Where is the harm?

Either that thread gets some more attention—from ppl that weren’t around when it was active and/or those who were but now have more to add—or it doesn’t and is rotated downward to eventually exit from page 1…which typically means that it will be even less likely to once again become current discussion.

Lighten up, Helltank. We could use some more posters in SD. Even if they are (appear to be) alts. The post itself was relative.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Originally posted by jhco50:

You are so naive Karma.

…To believe that you would actually consider his arguments, take the information on board and integrate the more common-sense parts into your worldview, rather than just ignoring the whole thing and making a snarky, one-liner comeback.

Yes, very naïve.

I didn’t as much believe he would as I merely HOPED LIKE HELL he somehow yet will….LOL

And, YES…..I well know it is a long SHOT & I tried to be as ACCURATE as humanly possible by AIMING at his core mass….LOL <<<<< get it? 0¿~

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Way To End All Crime

Originally posted by Kasic:

Yes, I am. If we fully understood exactly how our brains worked and were able to analyze them you could predict people’s responses. Nurture (environmental influence) affects us by both causing physical changes developmentally and by providing us with experiences to refer back to.

You bring up a very interesting point that I see as being a “bridge” between the nature & nurture camps. However, I’m leaning much more into the physical-feeding-of-the-body aspect of nurturing that the life experiences factor.

Those life experiences are typically a function of complex firings of the synapses in the brain (don’t judge me too harshly here, vika…lol). Most all of what WHO we are is an encountering of external influences that are then stored in the brain….a brain which is directly a huge influence of genetics.

However, from the very moment that egg plants itself to the uterine wall and begins FEEDING from it food/nutrients/poisons the mother’s nutritional system is providing, that new organism is now being influenced by issues that are more “chemical” in nature essence than life experiences.

But, if one is to believe the concept of playing music for the natal-child as having influence, then even that form of external experience can be seen as affecting the activity of the organism. However, it is doing it, in part, because of the chemical reactions to it within the brain…. endorphins (happy brain-chemicals).

My “bridge” of how nature of nurture (basically: body nourishment) is having a current huge effect on who/what we are.

We are pretty much a huge cauldron of very complex chemicals doing even more complex interactions. When we started fucking around w/ Mother Nature so we could have a Better Living Through Chemistry, we probably opened a combined closet of Pandora’s Box, Victoria’s Secret, & Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse and began a wild game of chemistry Russian roulette w/ our bodies.

This is not to say that we haven’t been exposing our bodies to various substances of “ill repute” for a looooooong time. But, I’m saying that all of that was pretty much NATURAL in nature form. It’s been the boon-0-chemistry that has sent our bodies on a downward/upward spiraling wild ride of brain-chemistry-chicanery.

Highly influential chemicals are found in our everyday life….added to food/water, added to our skin, breathed in, etc. I’m astounded that our marvelous bodies are able to cope as well as they have. Sadly, some of us aren’t able to do as well as others.

And, some of this coping is both a factor of nature & nurture in that doctors prescribe “MEDICINES” that are supposed to help “stabilize” our brain chemistry….(mood elevators…anti-depressants…etc.). Doctors trying to fix genetic brain fuckups and those caused by bad environment.

Damn, someone roll a doobie….I’m depressing myself here. LOL

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Bad times versus bad memories

Sometimes, “living it up” is good and is a lot of fun.
But, it often means that you then have to “live it down”.
Living for the moment tends to forget that those chickens can come home to roost at a later moment.

Another way of putting the moment: A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.
Sin in haste; repent for a long time.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

To follow up my RANT, I want to inform you, jhco, that nobody is seriously trying to take your guns from you…not me, not Obama, not any right-thinking American. Yes, there are those who think that if no guns exist…there will be no gun violence. Well…DUH.

But, there will still be violence. It will be done to innocent ppl. These ppl have the rational right to self-defense from those who seek to harm them. But seriously, beyond that, just how likely is it that “the govt.” is wanting to become tyrannical to the point we need military-grade weapons? I’m much more terrified by the religious right chipping away at our basic human freedoms. I’m mortified that we now have the rich getting richer while the poor (and most of us) get poorer on steroids and utterly fucking up our economy.

What is sorely needed is some serious cracking down on illegal selling/transference of guns to Lord-knows-who. We need to do whatever-the-fuck we can think of to eliminate as much opportunity for idiots to get their hands on and use guns in a criminal manner as we can reasonable do.

When gun organizations so imbue themselves w/ righteous indignation w/ trumped up fears that their guns are going to be ripped from their homes & hands, then there can be no meaningful dialogue about how to make serious reductions in gun violence. And, do it w/o opening the door for criminal violence of other natures to be foisted upon an innocent society.

jhco, it is called balance…it is a compromising of those differences of opinions/needs which I speak of above that come w/ a diverse society. This is necessary so that a workable, middle of the road solution as is humanly possible can be wrought, by hearing from ALL factions/ideologies involved; and, we can then turn our focus to OTHER issues that are actually having a much greater negative impact on our society.

Rome is burning and the gun nuts are playing a loud, petty staccato on their out of tune/touch violins.