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Topic: Serious Discussion / Defend liberalism

Okay, I’m gonna make a stab at it ….
mostly because I have a great respect for/interest in/perceived commonality with the many posts urine has made here. I hope my meager interpretation of what he is stating and wanting argued against can, in the least, be something that can be built on.

First, did anyone actually look up his reference to zizek, 48?
It appears Salvoj Zizek is a philosopher and views society in ways beyond simple conservative vs. liberal.
Here is a link that might be of help.

Here is one that isn’t so “deep”.
“John Caputo recently wrote:
I would be perfectly happy if the far left politicians in the United States were able to reform the system by providing universal health care, effectively redistributing wealth more equitably with a revised IRS code, effectively restricting campaign financing, enfranchising all voters, treating migrant workers humanely, and effecting a multilateral foreign policy that would integrate American power within the international community, etc., i.e., intervene upon capitalism by means of serious and far-reaching reforms. /…/ If after doing all that Badiou and Zizek complained that some Monster called Capital still stalks us, I would be inclined to greet that Monster with a yawn. 1

I want to point out that I think it is somewhat highly problematic—if not downright meaningless; or, at best, very confusing—to use ONLY two terms to define the two sides of human nature. Yes, my Yin-Yang does … but, it allows for all those varying gray areas between the two absolutes of pure black and pure white.

I think we are going to have a very difficult time discussing the OP if we don’t have a much better idea of what it is that we are talking about.

But, as urine points out, an ideology that is so bereft of “a framework for meaningfully understanding problems or resolving them” certainly hasn’t much meaning beyond being some kind of very superficial: Well, I ain’t one of those assholes that I don’t agree with … ya know, the dreaded “conservatives” …. so I must be this other thing called a liberal.

There is this concept of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
But, if one considers how varied (great & mediocre) those parts that are tossed into the mixture and how they interact w/ each other, the tallying can get quite complicated.

What I see urine going for is how thesis gobbles antithesis to become synthesis.
For the longest time, the thesis has been POWER.
The power of the golden rule (which “liberals” so believe in).
The truth of it is: those who have the gold are the ones who make the rules.

One of the benefits of making the rules is that the overlords-robber barons-oligarchy can give the names to whatever concepts it chooses to do so. And, this doesn’t involve just naming them; it involves orchestrating/CONTROLLING concepts of ideology by deftly “supplying” the language by which identification is made.

That identification doesn’t necessarily have to be accepted by the particular concept/group. It can work very well if a counter-concept (conservatives) uses it … and does it to the level of rabidity we see today in the U.S. Oddly enough, liberals tacitly accept this depiction by responding to those who challenge what is an ideology that is typically far removed from what most liberals would be more inclined to identify with.

Or, it is hard to practice who you want to be when all you are getting done is trying to put out the fires the liars are making. Or, you are allowing your enemy to define you.

I’m been long saying here on SD that I totally admire how the overlords manage their current system. Much like how beauval asserted upon his making a similar proclamation, this doesn’t mean that I agree with it or like it at all. In fact, I detest it.

But, that is mostly due to the fact that I’m not on the “right” side of the break-over …. the side that benefits hugely from that system. Call them the modern bourgeois. Keep in mind that the break-over point isn’t like a doorway in a wall that separates the haves & have nots.

The break-over is more like the top of a hill (the bell curve).
Climbing to the top of it (and away from the poverty level) from the have-not side gets harder the higher you go.
There tends to be a lot more ppl fighting to get to the top.
The top where the slide down (lower numbers of contenders) that other side towards the greater wealth end of the hill gets increasingly easier.

All being a Lord or Duke in England meant was that you were a glorified landlord over land that belonged to the crown and you had to pay to the crown a percentage of the “take” of your duchy. In turn, the duchy “protected” its serfs from marauding bandits and war lords in return for their very hard labors.

Okay, there it is.
Keep in mind, a lot of that I just shot from the lip.
I didn’t do any serious research to back up my very base understanding of how power/wealth is distributed in life.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / how hard is the GED test?

Just a quickie for ya, Daryl (I’m short on time):

Learn to use the EDIT feature.
Making 3 posts in 7 minutes, without anyone in between, is a bit silly.
If you have an afterthought, add it to your last post:
EDIT: …….

EDIT 2: …..

EDIT 3: ….
There are several methods used here on SD; take your pick of them.

It helps to put the edit/addendum (there is a difference) in bold so it will stand out.
Something need not be ADDED to a post for it to be noted as edited. One might simply be wanting to better clarify or change something said within the existing text.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / how hard is the GED test?

Originally posted by DarylDixon101:
Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

Well now, THAT pretty much showed which side of the fence that shot crow flopped over. lol

I’m gonna go with: being trolled.
We now have two alts talking to us.

Yep. My other one glitched. I never said i wasnt the alt. I thought you already knew tht though…

josaphine posted this thread just 7 hours ago.
YOU have been a member for 3 days.
Wanna try again;
or, do ya wanna completely shred your forum cred on SD?
Originally posted by DarylDixon101:

I pmed you, block me if you have to but i tell ya what you sure are a jerk. I didnt do anything to you so idk why…

I rarely “do” PMs.
For me, open forum is most beneficial.
Besides, ya’ve pretty much disqualified yourself via your “ignoragance”.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / how hard is the GED test?

Well now, THAT pretty much showed which side of the fence that shot crow flopped over. lol

I’m gonna go with: being trolled.
We now have two alts talking to us.

The “ignoragance” is strong in this one.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / how hard is the GED test?

vika, might not some (all?) of what is being shown by josaphine’s last two posts be considered a huge factor for the OP … esp. in the area of “…readiness for a job…”?

Being able to gird oneself for a one-time effort (taking the test) is NOTHING AT ALL like acquiring the knowledge & social skillsets needed to hold a job.

vika, as you point out, s/he has already given some indicators of “deficiencies” that will likely be significant in producing less-than-desirable results. Your last post also reveals a situation that—upon it being applied to my “either/or” test—shows that s/he is either unable to grasp the essence of the differences between open forum & PMs; or, s/he does know and just doesn’t give a fuck.

Neither of those factors, in and of themselves, are necessarily bad … it all depends upon WHERE they are applied. If it is a job, knowing how to do the job is usually a given … as is showing enough respect to do it at least somewhat consistently.

If it is collage, it won’t be as near “forgiving” as the home-school and will be nearly as swift in giving the ol’ pink slip as does the employer.

And, in the nitty-gritty truth of it all, aren’t the both of them much alike in that their students/employees are greatly a reflection of what they are? Who wants to buy from a company staffed by “lesser” help … who wants to go to a college/hire from a college ppl who were carried along on the rolls merely for the money?

One of the best things this thread can yield for josaphine just might be a bit of a splash of cold awareness of what the REAL WORLD beyond HOME schooling will be like. One of the biggies is to not be so rash & impudent upon encountering that which is obviously well beyond what you currently are. It might either eat you or it will merely deem you unworthy of being blessed w/ that which is superior (such as a job promotion).

I can already see some issues that begin w/ this thread itself.
Does s/he really think anyone here has taken a GED?
Does s/he not realize that by doing a little research on his/er own will yield tons more than we can/should?

If s/he doesn’t realize this, perhaps that is where the problem lies in the first place?
We might be engaging w/ either a “special” situation …. or a troll (for latter, read his/er OT posts).
josphine hasn’t yet been able to grasp the concept that having his/er opinions challenged on SD is what happens here … opting instead to whine on&on&on about how s/he gets “yelled at” for expressing an opinion … or: “I aint posting anything more on the topic cuz i will have them crawling all over me…”

Preparing for A test is one thing ….
preparing for the test of life is quite another.

In a way, this forum can be seen as only one of a great number of events in life by which a person can be gauntleted in response to who/what they are. ONE of the good things about SD is that it is a chosen path; the serious shit in life usually isn’t.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / This image sums up the USA perfectly!

But, there is already “other ppl” in that 2nd boat, too.
They are the ppl who live in the countries/areas/boats these robber barons will then bleed so thin that a hole can easily develop rendering the boat unable to get anywhere for all the effort being put towards TRYING to keep it afloat.

This is what is currently happening in Kansas and then the U.S.

“There is nothing as evil, mean-spirited, and pathetic as a mature adult who sees firsthand that something is inherently dangerous to other human beings and should be prevented at all costs, and yet wishes they could do the same thing.”

That link is a good read; it explains the above cartoon.
And, this one should scare the shit outta ANY American—including ALL of the Republicans that aren’t in the 10% group.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The next President Clinton

Originally posted by SirPhilly:
Originally posted by Mafefe_Classic:

lol remember the time she deleted years worth of emails to avoid having her secrets revealed

but LIEberals are still worshiping her

i guess LIEberals think transparency only applies to ppl they disagree with????

Question is, will the liberals still worship her when she’s no longer in power?


Originally posted by SirPhilly:
Originally posted by karmakoolkid:

The wacko silly-cons still luv/worship Sarah Palin.

Look up what she charges to rant on about the same old shit.

As far as what the future holds for Hilly re “worship”….
all subjective on WHO you are talking about and WHAT you mean by “worship” and what you mean by “power”.

Well, she is the Wife to the President. I asked if the “lieberals will still worship her” if she’s no longer in office with the President.

And, I was responding to just that.
I was assuming you meant were she to have been President;
since she currently has been out of power—via your “Wife to the President position” — for nearly 15 years.

And, since being First Lady really isn’t an “office”.
Plus, the “power” differences between being merely the wife of the President and actually BEING the President are considerable.

Liberals will always love her…at least a goodly number of them since her ideology aligns w/ theirs.
Again, the Sarah Palin analogy.

Depending on how that “power” is handled by the person and who it is affecting/supported by, it can be considerable or nearly outright laughable (as in Palin).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / This image sums up the USA perfectly!

I agree.
And, it is somewhat along the lines of NIMBY.
Most Americans can’t understand that we all have a backyard ….TOGETHER.
We are in this thing together; let’s behave like it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The next President Clinton

The wacko silly-cons still luv Sarah Palin.
Look up what she charges to rant on about the same old shit.

As far as what the future holds for Hilly re “worship”….
all subjective on WHO you are talking about and WHAT you mean by “worship” and what you mean by “power”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How Do You Feel About Collegiate Fraternities and Sororities?

So, tell me, btrgre … is this boyz club you speak of something like the American Boy Scouts—merit badges given out for accomplishments? What would the rape patch look like on their sashes? Or, much like our Native Americans and their scalps, do these oh-so honorable boyz just cut off the ears of their victims and wear them around their necks … ya know, like some of my “comrades” did to the VC in Nam?

Sure, we all know YOU are trolling…
and, we know who ya probably are.
But, I want to thank you for playing a bit of the foil so as to show just how fucked the mindset is of those stellar young men … a mindset that allows them to sickeningly justify an act that is, in some ppl’s view, only a notch or two below murder. In fact, have a look at how some American states view the heinous act.

But, speaking of unspeakable things being done to women … esp. those in collages … esp. those wanting to join a sorority, if one can believe what they see in looking at videos supposed made of initiation “ceremonies”, it would appear to me that there is a form of “consent” raping going on. They are “made” to perform sexual acts on each other and sometimes the sorority sisters. They have to straddle a rail w/ dildoes attached … going from one to the next … all the while shouting: Thank you sister for making my pussy feel so good (paraphrasing there).

Were my child to want to join such a sorority, I would first question my parenting skill set. I would then have an intensely serious conversation w/ her in order to try to understand why she would endure such shit just so she could be “bonded” to perverted bitches.

Depending on what was revealed in that convo, she just might find herself being “on her own” since she so strongly believes in her own “capabilities” to conduct her affairs in life than includes such depravity. I would wonder if such a sisterhood made “allowances” for being raped by fellow Greeks …. ya know, helping the boyz out since forced sex is so “natural”?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How Do You Feel About Collegiate Fraternities and Sororities?

Originally posted by petesahooligan:
stan said: there was a co-ed chemistry-based fraternity, where everyone was in one of the chemistry-related majors, studied science together, and remained friendly colleagues once they entered the workforce. It’s a useful system.

In terms of social, educational, and employment equity this is a pretty good example of a self-perpetuating mechanism for providing advantages to people that take traditional paths to career advancement.

So far … so good.
Whatever “name” given to most any form of an “organization” that “pools” its various “resources” in an effort to better exact results that they feel best represents their ideology and/or will enhance their form of materialism, one still will see these kinds of groups as being of “self” benefiting.

Is this “selfish”?
I dunno … too damn subjective … a bell-curve of variables that run the gamut of widely/wildly varying degrees of good vs. evil self-interest.

One example of this would be the obvious differences of the capitalistic system in America. We have corporations that are evil fuckers who have ONLY the interest of the very few in mind.

On the other hand, we have the fraternity/sorority of stockholders who (in their own varying ideological concepts) have pooled their resources (money) to promote a “self-perpetuating mechansim for providing advantages to people” (them) via a method that is a “traditional path [capitalism] to career [monetary-lifestyle] advancement”.

None of what stan said above is contrary to that.
Sure, there is a high degree of comparing apples to oranges to bowling balls going on here.
But, that is simply life.

Where the real issue begins is what YOU point out:
“All of these [cliques?] tend to see people as “one of us” or “not one of us.” That’s usually okay… but it can be dangerous, too.”

THAT is where “darkness” can impregnate what is supposed to be something that is intended to be good. I’ve seen this happen many times in my life.

Pete said: These kinds of advantages are good for individual members of that fraternity but bad for everyone else. Having a familial bond with someone based on a social or academic club (that ultimately provides career opportunity) produces advantages and inequity.

This is diametrically opposite to what stan said in the balance of his post above . At least it takes a view that sees the benefit from “networking” as being bad for those who aren’t a part of such networks.

Yeah, I guess one can (and should?) be aware of this …. it happens; it happens all too frequently in life; it can have horribly detrimental effects on the “outs” when the “in crowd” wields its “power” at the expense of the very little of what the “outs” have to begin with. Basically, I’m obviously talking about the cliques most of us knew in high school and how they all too often made overt effort at shaming those w/ “less”. That is nothing more than simple bullying …. of the worst kind.

But, Pete, I need to know more about where ya’re going w/ your " but BAD for everyone else … .ultimately provides career opportunity) producing advantages and INEQUITY ".

Give me more insight on your choice of words in bold.
Good is opposite of bad.
Why is it a bad thing for a group wanting to benefit from the “good” it produces?

Inequality IS a fact of life …up/down; good/evil; night/day; love/hate.
While intrinsically tied together, these concepts usually aren’t considered to be equally desirous.
Are ya saying that by wanting more for my family, I am inherently & intentionally wanting “less” for other’s?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / #hyperthetical: 300

As a person who was in an explosion at age 14 and had 3rd degree burns on 50% of my body, I’m not all that sure I’d give this “challenge” a try unless there were faaaaaaaaaarrrr more payout than a measly $25K. Given my current age, a BILLION $ might be a consideration … providing my death would be of major benefit to those I love and things I highly support.

A bit of a grizzly consideration, were I to be set on fire, I’d gulp in as much hot air as possible (even gasoline fumes), searing my lungs, thereby cutting oxygen to the brain, passing out long before the skin blistered off my body. Plus, I might give this form of concentration a try.

But then, this guy (go to 5:50 min) likely wasn’t a monk and he managed to walk some distance while being totally on fire. What a sad, SAD day in Bradford City. Any such wooden stadiums left in the world should has sprinkler systems and be sprayed w/ fire retardants.

Any fellow forum posters who are going to participate in this thread should take very much consider the immense amount of pain a burn causes during the burn and, should you survive, the weeks of intense that follow. Even the keloid scars can present pain for years.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The next President Clinton

Originally posted by TheBSG:

Why can’t I drop some racist shit and then boost? This place is dumb yo. I’m a professional 15-yr-old-with-an-opinion, I don’t need dis.

Nice to see ya still hangin’ ’round.
I had no idea you are so multi-lingual.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / How Do You Feel About Collegiate Fraternities and Sororities?

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

Here’s an old question that’s been rattling around the back of my head for a while….

Were fraternities / sororities ever intended to have a legitimate purpose (ex: provide student to student mentorship / tutoring) or have they always been just glorified “social clubs” purely for the sake of entertainment?

Some answers for ya might be found here.

For the MOST part, I believe they were to be something where like-minded ppl could merge similar interests for heightened mutual benefit. Today, however, it can run a very wide gamut of what their purposes are …. or so it would appear based on my very casual & mostly disinterested view of them.

But, groups w/ “rules” tend to make me a bit “nervous”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Questioning the Nature of Your Embodiment

Awwww ….stan, ya’s just end up staying home and playing w/ yourself.

But, seriously …. this is done all the time. Pre-op transvestites (usually) have to live as the gender they are wanting to be reassigned. Of course, there is also usually a lot of hormone treatment involved. But, you can still—highly depending on your Tootsie-ability it a shot to see how society will respond to you as a female AND how you yourself will respond.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How Do You Feel About Collegiate Fraternities and Sororities?

Originally posted by stanwise:

Someone I know was once raped by a frat boy, so I’m biased. Very biased. Extremely biased.

Biased I understand.
My niece was sexually abused by her stepdad.
To this day, even though she is remarkably successful as a business person and woman, she isn’t interested in a relationship w/ a man.

But, stan, make the “connection” for me about how the fraternity part of that boy was integral to the rape.
Are you saying that the fraternity specifically (or frat life in general) contributed to it?
And, even further and more sickening, PROMOTED it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The next President Clinton

Originally posted by josaphine17:

Keep your shirt on dude. Its called an opinion of which i am allowed to express wanna know why? Cuz its a forum and it allows ppl to do so freely ;)

And, I expressed MY opinion of yours.
That is what involves a discussion forum.
Your whiney shit that I was somehow impinging on your “freedom” to do so is only some childish ploy to hide the fact that you won’t/can’t respond to my questions.

Go read the Forum Guidelines:
4. Try to back up your points [OPINIONS] with respected sources whenever possible if you’re presenting a topic for debate, even though the bulk of your argument should be your own.

And, before Don stupidly (egotistically?) deleted the 2 original guidelines posts, in favor of his own, there was something about "expect your ideas [OPINIONS] to be challenged.

Now, do ya care to make a response more worthy than: DUDE?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How Do You Feel About Collegiate Fraternities and Sororities?

You do realize there are many, MANY fraternities and sororities beyond those of higher education?
If you are going to talk about kids who are 18-22; what do you think you are going to be talking about…sex, drugs, booze, silliness—for the most part.

And, why not?
Young ppl SHOULD have some fun.
It is the fuckers who aren’t able to be reasonable & responsible that the media focuses on ….
as they well should.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The next President Clinton

Originally posted by josaphine17:
Obama screwed up and he shamed the african americans.

Seriously …. SHAMED?
Please, OH PLEASE, tell me just what he has done that so “shamed” anyone … let alone his race?
At least anymore than the 30+ WHITE guys before him.

BTW, you do realize he isn’t “ALL” Black?
AND, why do you so rapaciously jump to race;
why not simply leave it at: the Presidency?

Yes, yes, I know your comparative of his “race” to Hilly’s gender.
However, only ignorant voters choose based on race or gender instead of the issues …..
Ooooops, damn … I forgot we are talking about America.
My bad.

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

Vote for Pedro.

Even though ya likely meant this as a bit of a joke; there is a lot of truth to be found in that movie.
Which, oddly, I just happened to watch a bit of last night.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Looks like this forum is dying

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Tag. Byesies :)

This forum isn’t “dying”;
it is merely regressing into senility.
I’ll take vanguard’s “lively”—as in ALIVE—discussions over Pete’s silly games any ol’ day.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Looks like this forum is dying

Once AGAIN, vika … the point completely eludes you.
Why in hell would YOU think I am bothered by “it”?

Regardless of what/how he went about injecting data into the forum, we certainly didn’t have a problem not looking for enough reasons to ignore him and all of that “nastiness” you speak of …. now did we?

NO, we gleefully jumped on him & his threads (how many of them were HIS?) and banged our fingers to bloody pulps pouring our indignation into the forum about him/them.

NOW what are “we” doing?
Talking on a thread that is mostly an obit.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Looks like this forum is dying

Originally posted by tgggrtbr:

it is dying because everyone shunned vanguarde once again so he stopped doing 95% of the work for SD in regards to finding and bringing things up to discuss.


Like it or not; for quite awhile now, this has been a fact.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do LIEberals still worship OBUMMER???

Or, NOT.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Looks like this forum is dying

But, glowing grass would be great for 2nd-shifters that couldn’t mow it in the evening like everyone who is “normal” … they could mow it at 3 AM and make the neighbors regret their insolence.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / (Obama,Bush,isis and False flag wars)There is more shit in the world than we ever thought.

Originally posted by TheBSG:

I miss CROW.