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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Joshua "Leelah" Alcorn a Hero?

So, cro …. ya have been taking advantage of Pete’s highly open transparency about who (what?) he is; and, have formed that opinion based on information discovered? ~0¿

And, beavual … bless your “innocent” heart. LOL
You are sooooo much like me in that the dark side all too often sneaks past my usual ability to “anticipate” that which is evil … or, at the very least, what is being talked about. Cro isn’t talking about games … he is talking about pedophilia. Of course, cro could always go much further than questioning Pete’s hanging out on Kong; he could include his profession. I’m assuming skate parks are mostly intended for the “young”. Not all boogiemen are so obvious … take Bill Cosby for one.

But, without any real corroborating information, anything cro is putting forth likely can be viewed as being just more barbed-banter these two have been engaged in for some time now. Obviously Pete isn’t able to stop “slapping the bull on the nose” (thanks for that one, jhco) and shouldn’t be all that surprised by any reactions to it from cro.

Starting a thread that is guised as having the moral high ground while lamely apologizing for its “sharp commentary” (insults) contained therein really doesn’t come across as any kind of peace offering. I see that thread as an attempt to have those who feel the same as Pete jump on the band wagon w/ him and then jump right down the throat of cro in an attempt to silence him. Isn’t such censorship the task of the mods/admin?

Pete is doing his fair share of “insulting”/etc.
What is driving this for him?
Pete says he won’t talk to cro because he is being “bad”; yet turns right around at the earliest opportunity and stoops to that same “bad” level in order to tell cro just how bad he is being. That Pete somehow thinks his “admission” of having some bad in him earns him a pass on being responsible for his part in the negativity is a bit amusing. don brought this though up a few weeks back by saying something along the lines of: is using the same tactics as those you are criticizing somehow better?

Yes, cro has opinions that are “unique” and most likely aren’t all that mainstream; therefore, he is obviously going to chafe SOME of those who disagree w/ him to the point that they can get a little more emotionally invested than is beneficial to the process of discussing the issues from which those opinions spring.

A quick look at the current threads should help SDers see that they have been started by cro.
Basically and quite frankly, were cro not in this forum and being the “loyal opposition”, just how much activity would there be?

It’s always good to build one’s knowledge base by exposing them self to that information which supports their position. However, it is that con to the pro which will test the merit of one’s positions. This is somewhat a part of why they say: keep your friends close … your enemies even closer.

Sometimes I wonder if cro isn’t doing anything more than an extended version of what CROW is doing via his “special sarcasm”. Whatever the case, cro certainly is part & parcel to the discussions of late on SD.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States - Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly

Just a quick question for ya, cro … have ya even NOT “leaned into” the darkness a tad via a bit of “embellishment” of something in your life?

Sure, you aren’t someone who is reporting news/events/etc.; HOWEVER, those guys/gals are just as human as are you. Holding a reporter to the high standard of being some kind of saint just isn’t rational. Did these ppl stretch the truth about something that was critical to the story? NO.

Where I come from, we call that “white lies”.

AND, just a bit of an FYI here, most reporting has a taint of “dishonesty” to it simply because some of the “facts” just aren’t/can’t be reported. Such is what I call the sin of omission.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Theoretic Wonders: Man and Machine

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

He’s just trying to be disruptive, karma.

OR …. trying to “probe/goad” posters into delving deeper into their beliefs/opinions to expand the discussion in this area. With cro, ya just never know. LOL
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Theoretic Wonders: Man and Machine

Originally posted by cromagin2:

Atheists like you do not have the right to talk about God or religion. You do not have faith in anything, so it’s arrogant to think you have the right to talk about God or religion when you believe in nothing.

I don’t believe in the rich taking advantage of the poor.
I don’t believe in most any of the myriad form of bullying.

But, am I not “allowed” to talk about these injustices?
Would I not be allowed to talk of the things I do know about—or even want to know about—most any aspect of “religion”?

On what premise are YOU basing your opinion there, cro?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Theoretic Wonders: Man and Machine

Originally posted by cromagin2:

I am simply amazed at how many people in this thread seem to be unhappy with being a human. If being a human the way you were born not enough for you?

What “precisely” is being human?
Are we finished w/ our evolutionary process?
At what point did some organism actually become something that could be called “human”?

I think someone here has already brought up the concept that in the (very far?) distant future will very likely will have made significant changes in our bodies.

A lot of it can be via the processes being discussed.
However, some of it might simply be a result of SELECTIVE genetic breeding;
hopefully something a tad bit different than what Hitler had in mind.

Man has (likely?) always been trying to invent the better mouse trap.
Breeding better/superior/enhanced (compared to what?) physical aspects of us is simply a fact of life.
It has happened, it is happening, it will continue to happen.

Being “afraid” of it is the last thing we should be doing.
Sure, we certainly do need to be rationally concerned about the ethics/morality involved.

But, this doesn’t mean doing so will unduly hinder our efforts to add quality to our lives … in all of the various, and currently mysterious, ways we will come up with.

cro, being “afraid” of that which is unfamiliar to us is exactly what has been instrumental in our survival. By afraid, I am talking more along the lines of simply being cautious about the “unkowns” that come our way; AND, more specifically, the ones we pursue. We humans fuck up more than most any other life form on Earth.

But, that is one of the better teachers.
Learning from our mistakes should not only tell us what didn’t work; but this should also tell us that a huge price for knowledge can be exacted and that we do a better job of trying to avoid such costs by being a lot better in how we approach our quest for betterment.

One last thought: whatever Man comes up w/ as a great idea for betterment, some asshole will see such knowledge as being a good way to better only him … at the expense of the balance of humanity. Nuclear energy is likely to be a salvation for our energy needs. But, look at how this knowledge was perverted.

I see this thread (even your position in it, cro) as being one of the processes I spoke of above by which we conscientiously endeavor to address/solve the (PERCIEVED) “negatives” in our current lives.

Doing so is something I see as being akin to: It’s better to light one small candle than rail against the darkness.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Theoretic Wonders: Man and Machine

Holly Shit, shortman
How about SIX inches taller?
How about six more inches where it really counts: down below

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Theoretic Wonders: Man and Machine

Originally posted by 10crystalmask01:
We’d in fact, be unconsciously more careless of taking care of our own bodies if said that we were able to easily replace it with a newly designed and improved limb.

You mean like we are currently ALREADY doing?
Just go to a Walmart or any restaurant that is a buffet;
take a look and get back to me on that “careless taking care of our bodies”.
Hang out w/ some tobacco smokers and boozers ……
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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States laws "Utah Shame" Edition

Originally posted by donseptico:

Interestingly, facing 3 counts under 924© – giving the minimum of 55yrs – he reportedly declined a plea bargain for ‘only’ 15yrs (still excessive, but a whole lot better than 55, no?)

Now you are entering the realm where my point dwells … and the of the OP (as I understand it).
I’m NOT disagreeing w/ any of the particular parameters involved in the areas of laws being established — including those that have mandatory applications. I’m not wanting to split hairs over what constitutes the legal nuances of what “entrapment” involves. Even though we are focusing on the legal aspects of the obscenity of the sentence, I’m looking at the MORALITY of the police crossing a specific threshold by being participants of a crime. Such crimes are likely is still ongoing … not a one-time event w/ the police’s sting bringing on some resurgence of the criminal activity that had ceased. However, I see such “entrapments” as being morally “wrong” because they actually ARE wrong in that the police are performing an illegal activity.

My point is that SOMETIMES we here in America have laws that aren’t all that good … including, as I pointed out, are downright unconstitutional because they are that bad.

I see this particular case as being one of those. That is my stance on this particular case: it excessive, it is punitive based on a moral bias, and it is insanely devastating to a decent young man who has a family that needs to be supported. After all, it’s not like he was some major level of pot distribution. Your post said he “dealt” only 8 oz. for three sales and that he had at home another 3 lbs. That is very “small time” dealing.

Yes, he was very dumb to have had a gun on him while dealing. But, I wonder if the knew the law regarding this … esp. the severity of it. If he did and STILL carried a gun, he is more than even very dumb. STILL, is 55 yrs. something that is appropriate for behavior, in of itself, that is exreeeemly “dumb”?

I’m not dismissing accountability here; I’m trying to apply mitigating factors.
“in criminal law, conditions or happenings which do not excuse or justify criminal conduct, but are considered out of mercy or fairness in deciding the degree of the offense the prosecutor charges or influencing reduction of the penalty upon conviction.”

It would appear the prosecution in that case w/ waaaaay the other direction. I wonder if the prosecutor (DA) wasn’t drumming up support for some future political aspirations. Utah is very conservative socially speaking. It was hugely involved in California’s Prop 8 (overturning Gay marriage). This is where I’m bringing in the church “morality” aspect of influence on particular criminal activity.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pay2Win: Great business model or immoral exploitation of the easily addicted and children?

Originally posted by Helltank:
In many ways the two business models are very similar.

Oh, there are many differences. For one, your dope dealer generally doesn’t spam your computer with popups offering LIMITED TIME SALES and 30% off a “deluxe dope bundle”. Neither does he target impulsive young children and their parents.

Hell, I will agree that those particular “differences” do exist.
However, vika is STILL right … you did notice that very in here quote above?
That is an important qualifier; ;after all, she didn’t say “completely”.
For me, the very aspect is the result of them both being addictive.

The “selling” of particular drugs doesn’t “require” the capitalism part of advertising that you mention for gaming. However, there are probably some drugs that are still marketed in some similar manner … I’m sure the pot market in Colorado is competitive enough that some form of advertising, etc. exists.

As to it being “interruptive” in the ways such as the spamming of ones computer goes, I wonder if this actually is happening (in some small scale) for those who access such data. However, there is other venues that probably exist that publically hawk the product; and, those exposures might have their own brand of intrusiveness … particularly for those individuals that highly disagree w/ the product, but still are subject to ads, etc. that they can’t always limit/stop their exposure to.

Okay, I put my laziness aside for a moment and did some homework.
“Colorado only permits advertisements of recreational marijuana if the medium can show that the audience is more than 70% over the age of 21.”

Now, I’m well aware that when I’m talking about “addiction”, there is a wide range of how this can be viewed. It is MOSTLY the body that is involved in the addiction to drugs … with the addiction too gamming being more in the cerebral area.

However, I’m sure vika can weigh in on how both gamming & drugs area of body/mind involvement lap over to the point of them both having SOME characteristics of the other.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States laws "Utah Shame" Edition

Originally posted by vikaTae:
Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

Also, there is literally no difference between having a weapon for self defense and intending to go on a shooting spree!!!!

The difference was he took the firearm with him whilst knowingly committing a crime. The firearm was there to back up his criminal activities, rather than as normal self-defence. It makes a world of difference.

Taking into consideration that CROW speaks “sarcasm” fluently, it seems that vika might be doing something along the lines of reading minds that she hasn’t even met. How do we know his INTENT in carrying a gun was to “back up his criminal activities”? Hell, according to the link the OP gives, it was only the word of the informant that said a gun was involved. I wonder if there was any actual PROOF a gun was even on the man.

I think vika totally misses CROW’s point. There IS a huge difference between a gun merely being ON the person and the gun actually being used in the commission of the/a crime. The law might not be able to see the difference; but, any fool can see it. Did the “victims” of the crime even know of the gun? How can it truly be “armed robbery” if those being robbed aren’t even told a gun MIGHT be involved?

And, just a huge FYI here, the man wasn’t robbing anyone … he was selling POT to an undercover agent — a sting — entrapment. What was he going to do, MAKE them buy his pot at gunpoint?

A law that “thinks” it knows the whole story and can make extremely harsh appropriate assessments based on so little information is going to be considered to be a very bad law by most sensible ppl. What the hell are judges for, dispensers of sentencing mandates?

If one reads the entire story in the link, a few really odious revelations pop up. A child rapist will likely do only 11 yrs. A terrorist will do only 20 yrs.

All this minimum sentencing shit comes down to is the insane witch hunt that got started w/ the famous, yet utterly fucked up, War On Drugs.

Is justice best served by having legislatures assign fixed penalties to each crime? Or should legislatures leave judges more or less free to tailor sentences to the aggravating and mitigating facts of each criminal case within a defined range?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pay2Win: Great business model or immoral exploitation of the easily addicted and children?

Originally posted by beauval:

. It’s a business model which creates a bottomless pit for kids to throw money into. Capitalism at its finest no doubt, but considering the vulnerability of the target audience, perhaps there should be a maximum monthly limit on what they can spend.

This is where the problematic favoritism of Corporate America by the Fed Govt is leading us to an even greater impact-of-control by only a few mega-corps. This bodes dangerously close to being a “dictatorship” by a very small slice of our population (some of those them not even being Americans), or, basically, a plutocracy … well, actually one that is even far more powerful than the one we already have.

Fortunately, America still have a bit of morality when it comes to our children. Our tobacco industry has taken massive “hits” via Federal laws intended to severely limit the effects of advertising on those most vulnerable to the seductiveness of smoking/dipping/etc.

We got rid of the cartoon character Joe Camel, banned cig ads on TV, and require strong labeling on tobacco product packages … all in efforts to give kids a chance to “give-it-up-by-not-taking-it-up”. It seems to be working.

However, America’s tobacco industry is thriving better than ever … EXPORTS. We are creating this. For more info on how this is happening, John Oliver has some interesting insights.

Upon reading the OP, I’ve sent an E-mail to him in the hopes he might bring this issue to light something in the future. It obviously needs to be seen for what it is.

Originally posted by donseptico:
how can you spend what you don’t have?

Two things:
One: in the (distant?) past when kids could run up massive wireless bills by texting non-stop, they were basically spending money they “didn’t know about”. Of course, the service providers realized they were killing a Golden Goose via this charging system; so they modified their billing to conform to a more reasonable application of calling/texting plans.

The same is likely what will happen w/ Pay-2-Play/Win.

Two: waaaaaay too many American’s are basically spending money they don’t have. That is just for what most would consider to be the “normal things”. If we come at spending money one doesn’t have in the sense that they shouldn’t be spending money in an area of their budget that is done at the expense of more important ones.

This includes gambling, smoking/drinking, etc. … basically indulgences/vices that those of lesser incomes really can’t afford.

Speaking of those of lesser incomes spending money they don’t have, America’s Pay Day loan is nothing more than legal loan-sharking and blood-sucking vampirism.

Alas, as most “wrongs” in life, esp. when it comes to huge societies, they have to become really bad BEFORE they get seriously addressed and then have a beneficial outcome.
LoL, urine, that’s some mighty fine sarcasm.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States laws "Utah Shame" Edition

don, in America, we live as a Republic … as opposed to the popular, but mistaken, idea of being a Democracy. Under a Democracy, your concept there of it taking “enough ppl” (a plurality vote) to make a change is mostly correct. A Republic is governed, NOT by a majority vote, but by a set form of rules by which all laws must conform … be Constitutional.

However, that “enough ppl” can be only a very few (thirteen Topeka parents on behalf of their 20 children). And, it can take only ONE person to bring suit against a law that is UNCONSTITIONAL for it to be successfully stricken down—should the Supreme Court deem that law to be such. One might view this as something along the lines of: the king has no clothes. If no one speaks up, a bad law can continue to exist.

Of course, your MAY eventually result in …. for change” is just as applicable. If lower courts sufficiently kill a lawsuit, or the SOCTUS either won’t hear an appeal or it rules against it, that change can’t happen because it simply isn’t Unconstitutional.

All of that said, the OP’s point is that 55 yrs. w/o chance for parole is not only waaaaay out of the ordinary for such crime, it really isn’t that difficult to view it as being Unconstitutional because of it being unusual & cruel_. I wouldn’t be surprised were the ACLUUnion to become involved … not so much because of the harshness of the penalty; but, because of it involving the legality of pot.

Even though various states are making laws that deem cannabis to not longer be illegal in various ways, it is STILL Federally illegal in all ways. This sets up a damn good opportunity to have the ruling Federal laws conform to the wishes of the states (state’s rights).

I’m hoping the ACLU will use that man’s (ONE person suing the U.S.) case to set right the Federal laws to reflect what an overwhelming plurality of Americans think about the issue.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Human Stupidity

Originally posted by vikaTae:

What is the “average joe” whilst we’re on that topic?

Here, in case ya forgot how to Google.
That’s probably as decent a definition as anyone is going to be able to pin down.

It applies equally as well to intelligence as it does socioeconomic ability ….

Did I say it didn’t also apply?
And, as pointed out about subjectivity and perception, I wouldn’t be so rash as to say: EQUALLY.
Something more along the lines of INCLUSIVE works well enough for me.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Human Stupidity

Originally posted by goldphoenix3:

human stupidity is a serious problem, becase the majority of humans are really stupid for exemple stealing stuff like cars and bikes is really wrong you know that is not right then why are we still doing it? that why humans need to become smarter and need to know what is wrong is wrong and stop doing it.

You are equating “stupid” w/ wrong … I suppose both morally & legally wrong.

Stupid/intelligence/“smarts” and wrongs are entirely subjective, depend upon perspective (from wide & varying degrees), and their essences are continually changing as does the society they are applied to.

The issue of lack of “good” knowledge—through acquisition via both formal & informal education—is likely more a function of social disparities than it is of cognitive capabilities. Kinda like: GIGO.

When we have a group of very wealthy ppl who don’t want their working class to be educated to the point of understanding just how fucked they are getting by that economic system—one that creates an economic disparity that hugely “shuts down” those in the lowest classes, how hard can it be to understand that there is going to be a lot of disruptive behavior among those people who are the “have-nots/little”?

One cannot do better if they don’t have a decent idea of what it is.
One likely won’t do better, even if they know what it is, when they are extremely frustrated by a system that holds them down from having a good chance to improve their lot in life.

Look up the meanings of: plutocracy & oligarchy.
The biggest & most heinous “crooks” are ones that are the richest … how do ya think some (most?) of them got that way? Are they truly THAT MUCH superior to the average Joe?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Anyone got experience with wills and probate (uk law)?

Do all of that using certifiable means (registered/signed for mail to be sure the right person actually does get the notices). Keeping a damn good journal/record of ALL such events. One doesn’t want to afford him a position of who, ME denial that he ever knew anything about the issue at all.

Most landlords are quite happy to have their property improved … especially if they can get it done free because the tenet is just that adamant about an improvement of the property to enhance their lifestyle … something along the lines of having new carpet installed so it will match their furniture. However, for an extensive/involved project, don’t be surprised if the landlord wants a performance bond put up to ensure that the project gets done & he isn’t left in the lurch of a mess for his property

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Kong forums useless for serious discusions.

YOU are doing a very nice job of proving your point here … including your last 2 threads of a few minutes ago; ya know, the that set record times for getting locked.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Anyone got experience with wills and probate (uk law)?

a) He should have gotten it in writing (and notarized) about the way in which she placed value on his work. To many things can happen that can null & void an oral “commitment”. Basically, he is screwed. It will likely cost more in legal fees than the amount of work (which is all he likely would be able to recoup should he prevail) he did.

b) Not knowing law in G.B., I would still venture to say that he is at the mercy of what the OWNER of the property wants to do … within the applicable laws.

Basic when dealing w/ anyone besides self (includes family): GET IT IN WRITING if it of a value that you aren’t willing to let slide/be screwed.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States bigotry "Mississippi Shame Edition"

Originally posted by petesahooligan:
but maybe there’s a therapist or counselor or something in your town that you can talk to about your unresolved feelings of bitterness.

Good grief.

Originally posted by cromagin2:
Lot’s of direction to discuss the issue. Less focus on attacking the poster Petesahooigan and start addressing the topic. Thank you!


And, what are we now doing … pulling a jhco and not allowing posters of nations other than the U.S. to comment on our issues? Pathetic.

While there are posters on SD that are not U.S. based, it does seem that there is a bit of a “general consensus” that when not specifically noted, the generical discussion is considered to be of the U.S. And, the U.S. certainly has plenty of shit to talk about.

These issues cromagin are bringing up are systemic across the U.S. and are horribly at the core of much of what is wrong w/ our society here … ultra conservatism on social issues that is being used to fuel the class warfare so that the whole of the political voting spectrum is blinded by what is going on in the economic area … yielding the red (conservative) states putting in legislators that are fucking the entire U.S. in BOTH the social & economic areas.

Thankfully, the economic area is getting some traction of late on it being exposed for what it is: the enemy of the masses. Hopefully, this will translate into something tangible in the next elections. But, if they aren’t discussed, how will we ever be able to even know the problem – let alone what the solutions can be?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The school lunch problem in the USA.

Originally posted by Helltank:

For some reason, America’s students seem to view other types of food other than unhealthy types as inferior. The key problem here is not in the school lunches, but in the way Americans view food and deliciousness in general. On average, I feel that Americans have become so used to unhealthy food that any deviation from this norm is automatically registered as “bad”.

^ THIS ^ mostly.

Were eating “healthy” to be more profitable, that is likely what we would be doing.
However, w/ the huge number/variety of fast-food restaurants (now more PC known in the industry as QC: quick service), one might think the numbers in this link were much lower than expected. There is even a niche called “fast casual”.

And, just because one goes to a counter, orders, carries to the table, and buses (not always) the disposable plates & flatware them self doesn’t mean that the food there can be considered to be any less “healthy” than that of a restaurant where you are seated by a hostess & a waitress comes to your table to take your order & then bring it.

The latter service begins to fail in the healthy department because of the high-calorie content of its food and the huge servings of it. This is likely a factor of competition in the industry … food costs aren’t as high a percentage as one might think. Other overhead is significant.

Obesity and its related illness in America is staggering.
If one really wants to lose weight, all they need do is go to an “all-you-can-eat” buffet restaurant and observe the cliental. First, you will lose your appetite in the immediate moment; then, for the long haul, you will generate a new resolve to eat much, MUCH MORE sensibly … giving rise to the saying I often hear from the seniors citizenry I’m often around: Had I known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of my body.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Charity begins at home...

Originally posted by cromagin2:
Originally posted by petesahooligan:

Is that part of the puzzle?

Yes, it is. It is one of the three parts. Two more, then you get the question but not the answer.

Who is Alex Trebek?
Originally posted by jhco50:

Don, I would like to ask for money. I need, need a Harley Davidson. I ask the guys on Teamspeak for donations toward the “get jh a Harley” fund and it went quiet. Sigh

While I haven’t much of a clue as to why this “pleasant surprise” popped up in here, it certainly got me to thinking about how one might use the Internet for the huge variety of options it offers, Don.

Have ya totally exhausted your online search for organizations that exist to help endeavors such as yours? There is a lot of money floating around “out there” that often goes wanting for lack specific requests. This is true of the U.S. govt. There are scads of programs for assistance of needs of all manner.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States respect for Women "South Carolina Shame Edition"

And some folks are still amazed that a few women get a little riled up over things like this. Sexism is much like racism … it will always be around. This is why vigilant feminist need to be there to shine the light of disgust on such vermin.

And yes, there will always be this “odd need” to have some firebrands that can fight fire with fire … when needed. And, it is assholes like Corbin that should be burned at the stake of “poor-cut-of-meat”.


Topic: Serious Discussion / Keystone Pipeline

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States Homosexual Rights. "Kansas shame edition"

Since the OP focuses on Kansas, I should be more involved in this thread.
However, RL is far more important to me than is SD.

I doubt any remember when I brought up this two years ago this month. Be it noted, Kansas isn’t the only state that is utterly serious about making Alabama look good by comparison.

While the Kansas Senate (thank you Susan) still had some rational ability, that was two years ago and we “what-the-fuck” RE-elected Brownback. He sees this as confirmation of his insane quest to take Kansas back to the Salem witch hunt days. He, and the Koch brothers, have gotten enough super-conservatives in both houses now that will pretty much do their biddings.

I look for the Gays vs. “religious freedom” bullshit to once again rear its ugly, vituperative head right after our legislature finishes robbing from our highway funds, govt. employee retirement funds, EDUCATION, etc. to balance the budget that Brownback’s Real Live Experiment totally fucked over the state financially … to the tune of over a BILLION $$$$$, and counting.

While Kansas might be in the spotlight on weirdness, mostly because Charles Koch lives here, we aren’t the only state that is slowing creeping into a world of shit conservatism.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Keystone Pipeline

Originally posted by beauval:
EDIT: I love that solar furnace, by the way!

So do I, but I seem to remember that it requires a lot of water to make it work. You can’t just plonk one down anywhere.

The ones you know of might require lots of water (like do nuke reactors?);
however, the ones I’m familiar w/ recycle the thermal fluids.

Such as this one. It is in the desert … meaning no rainfall and the clouds that come w/ that; but also, very little water resource. Note how little water is used per year.

While that one is CURRENTLY the largest in the world, this doesn’t mean that it is a rarity.
There are many … large & small.

Solar is going to be the energy-salvation of Man.
God put that huge energy source (furnace) up there for us to harness.
We are now beginning to wise up enough to realize that simple fact.
I began investing in solar in the early 80’s.
A lot of it wasn’t all that productive.
But, eventually I learned which areas were more viable … who was who and doing what.

Originally posted by petesahooligan:

I’m a firm believer in adbusters. If it’s advertised, I am instinctively drawn to question it. I was raised that way, and I taught my children that way. I think most big multinationals specialize in distributing bullshit, whether its Big Oil, Big Pharms or Big Arms. They sell fear and hope, and the product is ancillary.

I learned long ago that when someone is wanting to “sell” something (anything), the ol’ believe only half of what you see and NONE of what you hear is the best policy. The shit a company advertises should be backed up w/ a bond that ensures it is as close to the truth as is humanly possible.

But, when do ppl PROTEST because the burger in the commercial isn’t the one presented to them at the barf-0-torium? If we lie down and allow them to feed us bullshit, the business world will take that as us asking for more of the same.

This is demonstrated by the book Merchants of Doubt. There is a documentary film coming out soon. It shows how even scientists can be the ones “selling” the bullshit for very dark reasons. Well, “green” really isn’t all that hard to see. Like Pete points out … one just needs/wants to be able to look for it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / United States Homosexual Rights. "Kansas shame edition"

Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:

I personally, like most southern people I know, simply don’t care about LGBTQ rights.
Not because they don’t deserve them, or because we aren’t them, and therefore don’t care, but because the typical push is to force churches and other private institutions to comply with their requests, which if a gay couple wants to get married at a church that doesn’t believe it’s okay, then they should be able to deny it without lawsuit threats.

YOU know this … HOW?
Why say “typical”?
What studies have you accomplished that reveals this?
Are you not aware that this line of “reasoning” is proudly touted by the homophobes?

Also, I don’t care because most LGTBQ people, especially the non-trans, are often pretty vile to trans-people, and other minorities, be them sexual or not, and thus are really only doing it for their self, not society, not because it’s just, not for their kind, but for selfish reasons.

Again, YOU know this how?
This being said, I know family and close friends who are gay/trans, and they’re probably better than your average hetero, but most are often just as bad, which can be argued as worse, as they should understand what it mean to be a hated minority of some kind.
What number of these “family & close friends” of yours would you say you are using to apply such an opinion to the balance of “gaydom”? Let’s see if we can express it as some kind of a percentage. I’m guessing something like: 0.000001%