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Topic: Off-topic / The Cyber-Bully post.

Well then, YOU just pulled off the caper of the century.
YOU should put that on your resumes.
All the good jobs are looking for ppl like YOU.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Cyber-Bully post.

Originally posted by CyberDenthis:

So, any issues, then?

Basically, your OP isn’t quite along the proper format. for SD.
Right at the top: Guidelines for making threads

If you wanna make SD some kind of confessional w/ YOU as the priest-in-charge of listening….OKAY.

But, ya’re likely gonna need to refine your premise a weeeebit.
I don’t have a clue as to who Gelvolk is and what his/her/its power to “certify” you as…as…as, WELL, I don’t know what you wanna be/do:
1) helping ppl believe they are being bullied?
2) alleviating their fear of stating complains?
3) seeing if they know the difference between “your” and the contraction “you’re”?
4) us have a jolly o’ time of seeing YOU demonstrate your keen “listening” talents?

Are you seriously (as in SERIOUS DISCUSSION forum) proposing some kind of pitch-A-bitch fest where ppl come to whine/tell you about how they are being bullied on Kong….on the whole internet? Is this pity-party going to be catered?

Darkscanner & radar already put some really large holes in your OP premise.
If ya really, REALLY want this thread to go anywhere, it is YOU who should probably do a little—how didgya put it?: I require clear examples of your situation, explaining them better.

Kong is a really good site for managing to keep the more serious forms of cyber bullying at a very minimum. At least in SD; OT is another matter. It’s not that there isn’t some moderation there. It’s just that there is so much shit going on there that really isn’t of much merit that only the truly offensively hurtful crap is able to be realistically managed.

Basically, with OT, what you see is what you get. It’s a bit of a madhouse. Just don’t get mad. None of those ppl are of any degree of authority. They can’t/shouldn’t dictate how one feels about them self. Simply consider the source; AND, don’t give that source any power to make judgments about you.

If you feel they’ve made an accurate assessment and you agree w/ it and it hurts your feelings… the mirror to blame? Or is it that you chose to look into the abyss of how another person sees you?

Bullying exists in all parts of the world, in many ways, in many degrees, by many names. It is a fact of life. This doesn’t mean that it has to be accepted as being unable to be challenged & battled. It is at the very core of the battle between good & evil.

So, if YOU think ya have some magic formula for how to handle the “evil doers”, lay it out for us.
However, if ya merely have nice warm, soft hands w/ which to hold those who don’t have the necessary tools to kick the shit outta their bully, maybe we can all hold hands and sing a few choruses of Kumbaya.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pope-uri: tidbits on Francis

Just a FYI.
I expanded my above post.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pope-uri: tidbits on Francis

I always found there to be a difference between adoration and high regard/respect.
Frank has certainly done a lot in a short amount of time.

I’m not sure of what “opinion piece” you, beauval, are referencing.
I’d like to read it.
I’d like to see how it can discredit the many things this man has done besides the two minor attributes you point out.
I’m disappointed that you would take that route.

A reading of the second & third links should be seen as having a lot more influence in the world than the sarcasm of the car he drives and his influence on a bimbo might be.

The Pope has a limited number of powers — mostly ones regarding the workings of the Church.
He certainly can’t tell governments what to do.

What this man is doing is what all theists should do; lead/convince by example — by love — by what Jesus did. I’d like to see Christians begin to ask: What Would Frank Do? WWFD.

Ya gotta gather wood before ya can build a fire.
Changes social magnitude take time.
The journey of a mile begins w/ a first step.
The Catholic Church has been dragging its feet for centuries now.
It has a long ways to go.

Only a few Catholics (Americans?) have been forging new, modern practices.
It’s very difficult to lead from behind (the times).
If the Catholic Church wants to have a serious influence on the world’s 7.2 billion ppl, it probably needs to start w/ its own 1.2 billion.

Pope Benedict made a speech that really pissed on Muslims (1.5 billion). Frank went a long way to mend fences with them. He also shows strong intent to be inclusive for Orthodox, Protestants, & Jews. As well as any official efforts, the personal opinions of a Pope shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Go Frankie….you da man!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Pope-uri: tidbits on Francis

Neil, while a time in the past might, on the surface, might well appear to be much better, picking a fruit before it is ripe just isn’t at all good.

The same is often the case for humanity, the man for the time won’t always be what would appear to be the most sensible.

It really isn’t how many things a man gets done over a long period of time that really makes differences. It is the great things that tell the depth of his worth, regardless of how short a time it takes.

I’m hoping to make a future post that lists the huge steps “Frank” has taken that will hopefully bring the Catholic Church into the 21st Century.

But, for now, I present this

As a young person, I soon found my religious thinking to go well past the simplemindedness of the wizardry of God. Any fool can go: PRESTO. A true “God” would make masterful strokes of evolution as would a great painter. After all, He has an eternity in which to do His work. Doing the start in only 6 days (does God really need a day off?) and be this far along w/ His universe in only 7,000 years?

Only utter fools have the capacity for the enormous ignorance to not see the marvel of His work. Yet, it is these same fools that so hugely believe they are acutely tuned in to what God is saying….AND, are quite adamant that others take their word on it…..AND, do what they say to do….in the name of God.

C’mon Frank, update religion for that huge part of the world that is Catholic.
I’m pullin’ for ya.
Okay, here are at least ten things Frank has done that, for me anyway, demonstrate that this man is something along the lines of the Second Coming of Christ. OR, in the very least, His brother. LOL

Twelve more

Time magazine’s Person of the Year

I’d become a Catholic if I wouldn’t look like I’d be such a hypocrite. lol
Instead, I’ll simply hold up this man as being the sensible side of religion.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Government is broken.

“Government” isn’t broken. It is the application of it that is twisted all out of recognizable shape. At the very least, government is a necessary “evil” wrought to combat the even greater evil of anarchy.

Regardless of what name one ascribes to the entity that performs the task of seeing to it that a very large group of ppl are able to live as ultimately harmoniously as is humanly possible, the simple fact is that the thing that is going to work best is the same effect that a governor device does to ensure that a power producing machine works at optimum efficiency – not too fast as to cause great stress on the moving parts; not to slow as to make the output value only slightly more than the investment costs.

“6. (Mechanical Engineering) a device that controls the speed of an engine, esp by regulating the supply of fuel, etc, either to limit the maximum speed or to maintain a constant speed.”

Government should control the efforts of social intercourse, via regulations, laws, etc. so that a particular EFFICIENT harmonious constant (no boom/bust economy) speed is maintained where all parties involved benefit to the maximum and little effort/resources are wasted.

If wealth/power distribution gets unreasonably out of balance, as would a tire on your auto, all hell is going to break loose…maybe even the wheel falling off the auto. Nobody will get anywhere that way: severe depression and/or dictatorship/oligarchy/plutocracy.

GREED is the most devastating factor in all of this human equation. If that isn’t regulated, within & without those who are the society, it becomes a cancer that likely will cause the demise of that particular society and bring about one that is far worse.

Regulatory control has to be just, reasonable, constant, tight, and very efficient – handling the problems as they arise; not playing catch-up.
No one wants a lot of regulations (govt.) in their lives. There doesn’t need to be all that much if greed is managed.

Poor regulations are like this old tractor I used to plow the fields when I was a boy. It was so old that the steering linkage was extremely worn. I could turn the steering wheel one-half turn before engaging an action. If I were going on the road (high gear), I couldn’t keep it out of the ditches because the slack in the steering wouldn’t allow me to make the minor steering adjustments needed.

I’d adjust to the center, but it would be too much. I’d have to crank the wheel a half turn to make the next normal/usual minor adjustment. It just wasn’t possible to use that steerage method to go that fast (less than 20 MPH).

The same is with a govt. If it isn’t a good form of steerage for the society it is supposed to guide, the tractor will end up in the ditch. And, todays global community is going a helluva lot faster than 20 MPH.

Regulations & laws must ensure that all parts of the tractor are seen as necessary for the tractor to do it’s OVERALL job.

When the wealthy are allowed to drive and do maintenance on the machinery, they will do ONLY what best benefits their pockets…AT THE EXPENSE of all these other ppl involved.

THAT is why most ppl see governance as being bad.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Individuality - What makes you so special?

We are definitely all unique.
Any specialness would be highly subjective and even that would vary from eye-of-beholder to another eye.

As stanwise points out, the variables involved are so complicated and changing that we likely would do much better were we to focus more on where our “specialty” can best be applied so that BOTH our self and society can obtain maximum results.

Here is a question that might better explain what I mean.
What makes a very tall guy, who can jump and put a ball through a hoop (entertainment), so much more monetarily & praise worthy than a person who is instrumental in the advancement of knowledge (teachers & their shitty income) for a society?

Even SPECIALIST doctors (neurosurgeons & heart & oncology) who save lives don’t make near the money sports & entertainment ppl do. Yet, a huge percentage of us are far more seriously impacted by the medical/health field than we are by those “celebrities”.

A celebrity can spit in the face of a game official and receive the mildest of penalty. Alomar was suspended for 5 games at the start of NEXT YEAR’S season. The suspension couldn’t have been immediate because we needed this bad boy to play in the postseason games. He was soooooo fucking special that the powers-that-be felt a player should receive only a mere slap on the wrist for a behavior that showed admiring kids that it’s okay to so vilely disrespect authority.

Other sports figures obviously think they are Gods because of the way they behave. These are ppl that are admired and should set a tone of what decent behavior involves since it is so highly regarded & rewarded.

So, just what is special and to whom is it?
Obviously not the things in life that really matter.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is body modification a form of self-harm?

Wow, guys….a lot of super-great discourse going on here.
I esp. like the way it ties into transgenderism;
AND, something I really hadn’t thought about: trans-“race”.
I should have remembered: one, two, and the more famous

But, in doing “catchup” reading of the more recent posts, some of those by DragonBlood caused me to wonder what is in his profile. Upon reading his desire to make body modifications that will more align it w/ what he “mentally/psychologically” identifies w/ really stirred the pot I call my mind.

My first thought, always good to start in the right frame of mind, was that his age of 73 would likely very much yield a body that looks somewhat “inhuman”….lol

But seriously, a lot of good “out-of-the-box” thinking is going on in this thread. I suppose some form of kudos is due DragonBlood for “fire-breathing” some life into what has recently rendered SD a tad on the dull side.

I wish I had the time to do more intensive responding via quoting the many great points being raised. But, I’m going to have to do a condensed version.

In it’s most general sense, I see nothing at all wrong w/ a person wanting to do most any modifications to their body they should so choose. As in most things in life, I see this as having a bell-curve application.

At the small-invasive level of modification (this is going to be a very skewed bell; almost only a half-bell), we have a very huge amount of commonly practiced modifications:
dying hair
shortening/removal of normal hair growth (early Man likely didn’t bother to shear their coats)
make up (even tattooing of eyebrows & eyeliner)
girdles, etc.
hosiery (false skin) for women
torturous foot wear to make (mostly) women look taller/sexier

Then, a little more towards the extreme end and significantly less in numbers (but not as less as one might think in today’s vanity/surgical world), we have utterly unnecessary surgeries done simply to accommodate ppl’s whims and deeply psychological desires to look different than what nature gave them.
boob enhancement/reduction
other body parts; both solid & liquid implants
Botox for lips and plumping-out facial wrinkles
skin peels
mole, wart, etc. removal
your own body-fat injections

Further toward the “more-involved” body modification and the number of ppl getting these dropping significantly, we have a lot more of them along the lines of what DragonBlood is talking about than most ppl would think there are.

Some of you have already mentioned a few of the more well-known. But, I’m going to drop a lot of them on you so that you can see the degree/extent AND not all that uncommon they are becoming.
Two, several repeats of # 1; but better views

From # 3: “People do some pretty weird stuff to try and be happier, feel more fulfilled, or get closer to transforming into what they see as the ideal person [SELF]. Besides the fact that there is plastic surgery for everything from pulling the skin back on one’s face to remove wrinkles to ass implants, people are always finding brand new ways to modify/mutilate their bodies and stand out more than the next weirdo.”

I object to calling this more “extreme” body modification being weirdo. Some (many?) see this as being weird. However, quite a large number of ppl engage in the activity in varying degrees. A California governor shows that such a “practice” doesn’t exclude participation in normal mainstream activities.

IOD, brought into the discussion the fine line of “ethics” involved in extreme modification surgeries. But, also introduced was the all-too-true fact that such surgeries can be had “for the money”. And, money goes a long way in the more unsophisticated nations.

What we have here is something that, as I see it, DragonBlood was wanting to discuss. Something that typically is the reaction to anything that is “off the beaten path”. This reaction can be both positive and negative; and to varying degrees of both.

Women w/ big boobs….usually good
Tall men….usually good
Fat ppl….usually bad
Skinny ppl…not so bad
Crooked/missing teeth…bad

What DragonBlood was doing by bringing up transgenderism & transrace was to show the kinship of extreme body medication and how they all are usually met w/ various degrees of negativity.

Some of the more (extremist themselves in their own way) religious folks think any of the simple changes to the body that God gives is sinful.

A lot more ppl think the more extreme body modifications are beyond just “unique”. There is typically strong bias and revulsion….something greatly seen as discrimination (not discernment), prejudice, intolerance, etc.

I can easily tie such bias as being something that happens in a more subtle way regarding the objections feminists have regarding their views of how they are being discriminated.

I can easily tie this penchant for humans to be suspicious/reject most anything that is far from the median of social behavior/looks.

One last shot: the fuzzy line I begin to draw that somewhat indicates my rejection of a person doing to their body what they want is the consequences. Who pays what in this “process”. I’m not talking so much about money (even a boob job isn’t covered by insurance—shared expense). I’m talking about the social impact of family…esp. the children. But, look at what a gender-mod can do in this area.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Money Fast

you’re 13
does she like flowers….OR YOU?
get a single flower
something like a yellow rose
it means friendship
impress her that you know that
tell her that is what you hope your relationship brings for the two of you

Or, ya could go the creative route
girls dig that kind of thing
show that you are deeper than just buying a flower
draw some
use crayons, markers, glue macaroni on cardboard
the fact that you care enough to make the effort is what counts
you’re not being judged on skill
(but, ya can copy some)

Get some “crazy” paper, a twig from the yard, and make one/some of these flowers

Be original, be yourself, be creative, THAT is what a gal likes
impress her by showing that ya care enough to do something special for her

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Topic: Serious Discussion / is feminism becoming an excuse for women to be sexist

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

Are you talking to me?

Of course not. You’re an ally on this issue
As ya said, you, I, and BSG are the predominate (male) 3rd wave, MODERN feminists on this forum.
I hope there are others; but, as of yet, they have not shown their “colors”.

I probably should have made the segue from Pawnzilla’s post clearer. Perhaps a little bit of a quote? I hoped the scolding I gave would have made it clear who the target was…

Originally posted by Pawnzilla:
We had a very long thread on this exact subject that you can review if you want.

From the post just above mine.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / is feminism becoming an excuse for women to be sexist

And, the below is from that very long thread:

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:
Originally posted by Pawnzilla:

I would not expect a woman to have equal opportunity if she applied to an ad requesting a male stripper. I would not expect a man to have equal opportunity if he applied to an ad as a hooters waitress.

Strawman. Modern feminists don’t object to these jobs because of equal rights but because they are inherently objectifiable and degrading.

AND, you are STILL strawmanning.

If you want to view MODERN feminism the way you choose.
Okay….so what.
It is you who stands to lose the most.
You will become ineffectual in being significant in presenting a valid viewpoint.
Your attitude really does little to hinder “the movement”.
It is so obtuse as to be easily dismissed.

What it does do is demonstrably show the true reasons why progress in some areas isn’t getting traction and MOVING forward.

I.E., you are a poster boy for what is truly wrong w/ equality.
All you do is bitch about what SOME ppl, who IDENTIFY w/ THEIR version of feminism, are loudly screaming and ALSO bitching about what you are bitching about.

That you told me there are no silent/moderate feminists is just plain sad.
That you believe the ONLY fems are the rad-fems is even more irrational.
That you believe you know this because you have encountered all of them is just plain nuts.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Like I said, I started this thread so we can have RELEVANT updates on gun issues (as in the title of the thread); NOT for you to just do more of your bloviating trite shit that has been hashed over&over&over on other threads.

If you think what you, and your Bozo think-alikes, have to say (for the umpteenth time) needs to be presented, bring up one of the old threads and leave this one for the more serious submissions. That weirdo on the bike bitches about most anything, and then turns around and does some of it himself (I watched a couple more of his drizzle-fests). That man is so far from mainstream thinking that he can’t even say “dildo”; his wife has to say it for him. I pointed out a lot of his…er, “shortcomings” that greatly weakens his points.

Yes, he has points based in reality.
HOWEVER, his assessments of them are as biased as what YOU believe “liberals” to be.
In other words: using him to support YOUR position really ain’t all that smart.

Everything YOU submitted there has been countered and shown to be thinking that is waaaay off track as to what is involved in the real world as far as “liberal” protestations about gun CONTROL issue are concerned.

Now, do I need to necro one of the old gun threads for YOU; or, do ya think ya can manage that on your own?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / UFOs

I wish there was a little more data on how widespread this event was. The likelihood that a mass of migrating spiders would cover an area extremely large and do so in such a dense manner would seem to be a bit too much to explain the falling silver bits. Besides, there wasn’t any reports of wind—which I imagine the spiders would insist on were they to want to go sailing. lol

I won’t easily buy that one (or several?) tests on the silver wool reveal non-bio elements—just not enough testing to be all that conclusive. But, that so many ppl saw so much can’t be ignored either. I don’t think spiders could look like large objects. That one person might see one as being round and another see it as oblong could be a matter of perspective. A cigar viewed from the end looks round.

I wish there were some kind of interviewing that would triangulate the sightings so as to give some numbers as to the distances UP these objects were. For the observational effect I mention above to work, the objects would have to be fairly low for any two ppl to see two different forms.

But, for the sake of the OP, this appears to be undisputed:
""At the time the newspapers spoke of aliens from Mars. Of course now we know that is not so – but we may conclude [either easily or exhaustively researched] that it was an intelligent phenomenon, a technological phenomenon and a phenomenon that cannot be linked with anything we know on Earth.""

All this talk about “is it a bird or a bat—ergo it is an UFO” is just silly. Those who want to stand on such “technicality” need to grow up. The basic format for talking about UFO’s is that we are seeing flying objects of significant interest in regards to phenomenon that isn’t readily attributed to what common sense might accept.

As has been pointed out, a very high percentile of sightings can either be explained or highly speculated as being naturally Earth-occurring. It is the balance of that percentage which causes some really great interest—sometimes waaaay too much. lol

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

CROW, interestingly enough, having a gun in SOME ppl’s hands is something like being “possessed”….as this study offers.

“The reasons for this, the authors suggest, are manifold. “A gun may falsely empower its possessor to overreact, instigating and losing otherwise tractable conflicts with similarly armed persons. Along the same lines, individuals who are in possession of a gun may increase their risk of gun assault by entering dangerous environments that they would have normally avoided.”"

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Topic: Serious Discussion / is feminism becoming an excuse for women to be sexist

Originally posted by Pawnzilla:
Just because you can’t “see” them certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.
Aren’t you being a weeeebit naïve about that?

I don’t assume that the flying spaghetti monster exists without evidence of such. If nearly every feminist I encounter on forums, on blogs, in my daily life, and on the news are arguing for “radical” feminism then why should my default assumption be that there is a much larger community of reasonable feminists?

Are you seriously trying to tell me that YOUR limited experiences should be proof of what is obviously your very “cultured” bias?

So, the real question is: why shouldn’t you at least consider that your “default assumption be that there is a much larger community of reasonable feminists”? MY experiences in this area render just that. What part of SILENT majority do you not understand?

It means that you aren’t going to “hear” from it unless you know how to “listen” for it. Being pig-headedly biased about women in general certainly isn’t a good start.

Or, is it that you want so badly to ignore the obvious: this “political change” you speak of is either extremely necessary if only a few very vocal women are demanding and getting it; OR, those few are merely the titular PAC for that groundswell support from the silent majority ground-grunts who so greatly see those political changes as necessary and overdue?

I gave you examples of the kind of political change that I am speaking of. Which parts do you see as necessary?

Yes, YOU gave “examples”.
However, those aren’t the ones I was referring to when I spoke of the more general “political changes”.
Sorry for the confusion.
I’d thought you might realize that political changes actually being made aren’t typically of the bullshit genre you mentioned.

You ask: what parts of feminism goals do I see as necessary?
" Third-wave feminism is continuing to address the financial, social and cultural inequalities and includes renewed campaigning for greater influence of women in politics and media. In reaction to political activism, feminists have also had to maintain focus on women’s reproductive rights."

If YOU didn’t have such a sad bias going, ya’d understand this.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Asset Forfeiture...Legal Overkill? - The ugly side of the police.

Originally posted by RollerCROWster:

if u dont want the police to beat u n take ur property, why dont u just not do anything illegal?

Ya’re not paying attention here, CROW.
One needn’t do ANYTHING illegal.
They merely need to be unable to defend themselves from a bully of a police dept.

This is the whole connection I’m trying to make about how things like Ferguson MO can happen. Police dept.‘s aren’t all that “legit” all the time everywhere in all ways w/ every member of the force. Usually, where there is smoke; there is a fire.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

For those who don’t want to spend the 18+ minutes listening to this friend of jhco’s bloviate about all nuances of problems in America, I present a box score of the vlog:



access to things we shouldn’t have

look at this parking lot over here
I KNOW there are PROBABLY drug deals going on there
(probably some screwing, too….lol)

no one has personal responsibility
if a person kills someone
big fucking deal
they just go to jail
so what
they’re back out in 8-10 years
that’s nothing to them

a rant about how he has to be responsible and deal w/ real life problems;

then proceeds to do a high speed wheelie,
putting not only himself (a father) in danger,
but also the others on the road w/ him.

a litany of diametrically opposed American issues:
want something?
work for it, get a better job, get an education, but don’t run up a student debt

drugs are the problem/reason for crime
too easy an access to them
London is the cesspool of England;
BUT, even rural areas of the U.S. are 3-4 times worse

I was a good kid in school
we didn’t do drugs
I didn’t even know anyone who did
EXCEPT for this one kid

even today (as an adult), I can find “shady ppl”,
and within an hour, get drugs from them
I’ve never done drugs in my life (then, how would he know pot from oregano?)
the strongest drug I’ve done is Aspirin
I don’t even have prescriptions (that’s a healthy mutherfucker)

ppl don’t take personal responsibility for the misery in their lives
so, they do drugs to relieve the stress
more blah…blah

someone who breaks into my house IS on drugs….just a fact
I tell them I’ve called the police; but I don’t really call the police in advance (of shooting them?)
he obviously is on drugs because he can BREAK DOWN my door w/out feeling pain
and, he knows I’ve called the police because I told his drug-addled brain that I have
so he is now adequately informed that I intend to kill his stinking ass
should he begin to rape my wife

anyone who breaks into your house doesn’t do so just to steal shit
they are there to ALSO do bodily harm

newsflash: cops don’t teleport
it actually takes 4-5 min. for them to arrive
the bads guy can do whatever they want w/ me
(even though I have a really huge gun aimed at them)

they’re on drugs
they don’t know what good behavior is
they might slit my throat….rape my wife
(even though I have a gun w/ big fucking nasty bullets)
then steal shit and run
just because they are on drugs

a .22 cal bullet just won’t get the job done on a meth-head
you have to use a fucking nasty bullet
and hit them in the chest or the head
and cause collateral damage (lol)

if I kill an intruder who is waving a machete upon breaking into my home
I will go to jail that night
I will have to go to court
and all kinds of shit
I will be “convicted” of being a murderer
even though it was justifiable homicide

(this fucking idiot doesn’t know the difference between murder and killing)

because all of us motorcyclists know of someone who has had their bike ran over by someone
all of us also know someone who has had their house broken into
an anecdotal account of a “friend” is proof of how bad this “always” can be
(there was a time that ALL motorcyclists were bad & pulled your teeth w/ rusty pliers)

let’s now include my children suffering at the hands of the drug-deranged intruder
9 time out of 9 times, the police are worthless at prevention
they only can identify who killed you (WHAT?)

I’m going to philosophize and say there is anger all over the world

End of motorcycle (maintenance) & Zen rant.

conclusion: riding a bike is a drug of its own
causes ppl to say a lot of dumb shit
AND, causes amnesia about how much damage is done by LEGAL alcohol and prescription drugs

I now understand that jhco is saying that this vlogger is ALSO from Kansas (as am I).
This only confirms that I live w/ some really fucking weird ppl….lol

I started this thread as a way to keep abreast of NEW events, laws, etc. regarding gun issues.
It certainly isn’t for jhco to reiterate his hackneyed views via proxy.
Two grossly misinformed ppl only shows that ignorance isn’t special.


Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

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Topic: Serious Discussion / is feminism becoming an excuse for women to be sexist

More like a bowel movement…..IF you believe some ppl.
Personally, I think the movement is a good one; headed in the right direction, and should be propelled by everyone who had a woman for a mother.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Asset Forfeiture...Legal Overkill? - The ugly side of the police.

don, a person charged w/ a crime has a right to a lawyer appointed by the state should s/he not be able to afford one.

While having your asset “stolen” by the state should be a “crime”, you will have to hire a lawyer to get back your asset. That costs money which can likely be more than the cost of the asset—this is calculated by the police. And, the likelihood of winning is slim-to-none; a honest lawyer will tell you up front this. Basically, you are just screwed.

So screwed that even our American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) won’t take a case. It appears that all it will do is raise a stink about it.

One would think there to be a huge amount of grist for the mill since:
“Asset forfeiture practices often go hand-in-hand with racial profiling and disproportionately impact low-income African-American or Hispanic people who the police decide look suspicious and for whom the arcane process of trying to get one’s property back is an expensive challenge.”

When millions of dollars are stolen, NOT so much by the city, county, state, but by the police dept. (are any records kept?). This is typically done from ppl that aren’t even convicted of any crime, I’d like to think the ACLU would want to intervene a lot more than to: “call for reform of state and federal civil asset forfeiture laws.”

Obviously, the one case (in the link) they won wasn’t enough to send shivers down the cowardly backs of police depts. nationwide.

Those millions come from ppl usually least likely to lose it … esp if they weren’t doing anything illegal at all; only driving through the wrong jurisdiction w/ its new-found source of revenue.

It’s not like the ol’ speed traps aren’t still happening. Recently, my wife got a speeding ticket on the technicality of not having reduced speed (basically applying brakes quite hard) upon seeing a 30 MPH sign while legally driving 65. It seems that you ABSOLUTELY NEED to be going 30 by the time you pass the sign. I’m talking about this being within the (VERY SMALL) city limits; but still a quarter mile from any buildings/intersections. Basically, a speed trap. Smaller cities can place speed limits it wants on a highway running through it.

I had one happen in the hill-country of Texas. Key word there is HILL. Obviously with hills, a highway will have no passing zones. These signs are placed AT THE BEGINING of the zone; meaning that one shouldn’t begin to pass … there just won’t be enough time/distance to safely COMPLETE the pass BEFORE one enters the dangerous visual blind caused by the oncoming hill.

I was ticketed from failing to complete my pass before coming upon a sign. A sign that wasn’t even visible to me when I began my pass. Since I was out of town, I certainly wasn’t going to come back to protest the ticket.

I was lucky; today I would likely have lost a lot more than the $85. At least the money didn’t go directly into the county cop’s pocket. I had to follow him into town to the courthouse and pay there. But, that was 40 years ago and not on a super highway.

In a following post, I’ll relate something I just yesterday saw happen on our famous American show Cops.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Searching Existing Topics

LOL….shouldn’t being the operative word.
I find it also depends a lot upon who is pulling up the old thread; and who is making the “complaint”.
I’ve tried a couple of times to find an appropriate thread to add a “new” thought to.
But, I just wasn’t able to find one relevant enough.

I see this as a situation of: that was then; this is now.
Likely as not, a lot of the posters on that thread are no long around; new posters have appeared. And, esp. if the thread is a long one, I doubt the necroee will read all/most of it to see if their idea was addressed.

It would be interesting to count the numbers of threads about:

AND, the number of them locked because they were inane and not a meaningful contribution….at all. lol

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Topic: Serious Discussion / is feminism becoming an excuse for women to be sexist

Originally posted by Pawnzilla:

I am tired of hearing that the radical ones are the minority. I’m not buying it. From what I have seen they are the overwhelming majority of the voice of modern day feminism. If they are indeed the minority, then the majority is being awfully quiet while the radical ones bring about political change.

Yup, from what you have seen is largely due to the silent majority factor.
“The silent majority is an unspecified large majority of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly.1 The term was popularized by U.S. President Richard Nixon in a November 3, 1969, speech in which he said, “And so tonight—to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans—I ask for your support.”2 In this usage it referred to those Americans who did not join in the large demonstrations against the Vietnam War at the time, who did not join in the counterculture, and who did not participate in public discourse. Nixon along with many others saw this group of Middle Americans as being overshadowed in the media by the more vocal minority."

Just because you can’t “see” them certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.
Aren’t you being a weeeebit naïve about that?

Or, is it that you want so badly to ignore the obvious: this “political change” you speak of is either extremely necessary if only a few very vocal women are demanding and getting it; OR, those few are merely the titular PAC for that groundswell support from the silent majority ground-grunts who so greatly see those political changes as necessary and overdue?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Searching Existing Topics

Originally posted by SD_Destroyer:

To be honest, who cares? Most people won’t anyways and if you do you’ll get bitched out for necro’ing one.

The source notwithstanding, there is a lot of truth there.
I’d think a better search method would be to simply look over the more recent threads (2-4 pg.s back) and check the date.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ebola

Originally posted by teh_hobo:

I’m just saying some of the people scared shitless of ebola are the same ones refusing to get flu shots.

Ignorance tends to observe few boundaries.
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Political Correctness as a Barrier to Communication

OP, you appear to be confused about a few things.
You were representing the university as an orientation leader.
THEY had the right to dictate the manner in which you engaged the newbies.
They are fully aware of how innocent “microaggression” can be;
yet can have serious impacts.

I doubt the university made any micro’s against you for being “born into white skin”.
I imagine they either did or should have touched on issues regarding born into “comfortable wealth”. A lot of ppl don’t have the same economic means as some. Ergo, a little sensitivity (PC?) can go a long way to keep one from looking/sounding like a complete asshole.

Your making very superficial/formal interaction the same as being in a much more informal/social setting—in regard to using various “clues” as springboards for inquiry about culture interests—is something you should see as being hugely flawed.

You might want to consider this dichotomy when being in the workplace; as opposed to having a few drinks w/ coworkers AFTER work. The one is of a voluntary attendance nature where a person can leave at any time; the work place isn’t. I suggest ya do some research on what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace.

I suggest you do it w/ the thought in mind that ya just might have a touch of entitlement/privilege working for you (regardless of your gender/race). The very fact that you feel that you have a “right” to ask anyone anything could be a hint. If you truly want to make good inroads to others for communication, you will best be served by developing a workable “insight filter” that does a good job of previewing the things you are asking.

Lack of intent to be an asshole doesn’t at all mean that ya can’t be astoundingly good at it.

I see this word – microagression" as not accurately describing the issue. I think it should be: microassumption of personal data ….. sometimes coupled w/ micropresumption or microassertive that one has the right to ask.

Here is something that stanwise is talking about: “Assuming that he must be from a difficult culture because of his skin color is already something you’ve done that’s racist, and you haven’t even opened your mouth yet.”

Yes…yes, it IS difficult to not jump to biased conclusions when it comes to ppl who “appear different”. But, there is an old adage that well fits this: It is far better to keep thoughts to self and have others wonder if you are “lacking” than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Tell me, is your “people radar” truly all that accurate? Do you not wade in hip-deep often to find out that the river is teeming w/ piranha?

PC, for all of its failings—most of them merely perceived because of the scathing backlash from the assholes it so greatly impugned (everyone loves a hater)—is the attempt for our society to finally pull its head outta our asses and actually live up to what we tout ourselves as being when it comes to justice, rights, and liberty FOR ALL.