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Topic: Serious Discussion / GM can unbanned Legendaku

Please use the appropriate forums for ban appeals. This is not the right forum.

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Topic: The Arts / Short story wrote by me (2k words)

I think for the first paragraph and a half, it feels like useful background and contextual information, however it is perhaps not necessary that early into the story. Personally, I think the story would start best at “Suddenly, he is awoken…”. The technique is called in media res, which basically attempts to start the story in the midst of action and provide the backstory later.

Another thing to pay attention to is the type of story you are wanting to write. The story feels scattered, moving across different time settings and zipping past them without fully developing the scene. For example, Johnston gets hurt in the downed C-130, and all the action of the scene concludes in two paragraphs. It would be interesting to get more of exactly what happened in that scenario. What choices much Johnston make? What are the implications of those choices? Try to dig into the character there and really figure out what a reasonable and realistic character would do in that scenario!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Malware?!

You are best to try using the Technical Discussion forums (

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Topic: Serious Discussion / some ideas for Kong to consider

This is a discussion forum, not one where we bring up information for other moderators or staff members to consider. Such threads are indeed best posted to a general forum and not a discussion-centric one where the goal is to have a discussion, not offer suggestions to be considered into the framework of the site.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Validity of Psychometric Analysis (i.e. IQ Testing) and its Principle Functions

I’m not sure I can effectively draw sources, but if my understanding is sound, “IQ Tests” are standardised (well the original intention was). The tests are standardised such that the average is always an IQ score of 100. Because of increasing levels of education, what may have once been a 100 in the past may only be a 90 now.

Personally, these tests suffer not just from educational differences, but also cultural differences. A person doing an IQ Test in their native language will do better than in a 2nd language. It is also the same reason why questions that ask about inches are likely to be better answered by countries that use Imperial Units rather than by people who use SI units. There’s also cultural differences in the types of knowledge valued, as well as the degree of education leading up to the IQ test.

I’m not really sure if this adds much to the topic or what you were hoping to go with the topic, but nonetheless.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Copyright law: is it fine as it is, should it be not as harsh, or must it be enforced more throughly?

Originally posted by thijser:

I think somewhere the rights of a copyright and a patent got reversed. If spend money on scientific research and finally get lucky enough to find something it’s protected for about 20 years. If you get copyright on your sketches those will last 80 years. That seems quite illogical to me.

That is very true. Copyright lasts a lot longer than it should in my opinion.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Copyright law: is it fine as it is, should it be not as harsh, or must it be enforced more throughly?

Are we specifically talking about copyright law, or are we also talking about patent law?

Personally, copyright law is a very messy affair at the moment, but for some people it is quite literally how they make money. I feel that it should be revised to take into account modern technologies more carefully. I also feel that the laws should make clearer grounds on what is and isn’t copyright infringement.

As for strict enforcement, I’m not so sure. It’s hard enough to identify intent of copyright infringement (can you be liable for copyright infringement if your friend uses your computer to play a song on his thumbdrive and leaves it on your computer?). There’s a lot of legal grey area (fair use laws, for example) which may make strict enforcement difficult.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Amanda Todd

Guys please get back on topic instead of arguing about language use and English grammar :/

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The EU and the Peace Prize

I know I haven’t posted in years.

Personally, I’ve been a bit bummed out by the peace prizes over the past few years. Not so much because they seem to be nonchalantly given, but rather because the grounds they are given on seem to differ from year to year.

I do share some sentiment with vika’s post, where it feels more like a political move rather than based of past achievements.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / why can moderaters troll and they don't get in the shit

Definitely. Do not call out moderators in public and use the “Report Abuse” option on their profiles.

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Topic: The Arts / Critiques

Things that are really necessary that I wish people realise:

But if you only want feedback on one aspect of the drawing, such as its realism, or emotional character, or action, then help your critical audience focus on those things.
Explain as much of the context, intent, process, and tools you used as you feel are appropriate. This can help your critics focus on solutions, rather than covering a bunch of stuff you already know should have been done differently. If there’s something you like, or don’t like, about your presentation, throw it out there right off the bat.

I really dislike it when people want comments and feedback, but give limited information into their background and areas that want feedback in. In my case, yes, you’ve written an interesting story, but what type of feedback do you want? It is also important to give context because it lets people evaluate how successful the artist is at accomplishing his or her task. No point trying to make a piece that invokes sadness when all it does is invoke anger instead; it may have been successful at doing the latter, but it was intended to do the former, so something is not working as it should be.

Guilty of not giving context sometimes myself, but communication becomes so much easier when it is clear on what grounds feedback is desired.

Another thing I would suggest is to always follow-up on feedback given. If someone writes/offers a good lengthy amount of feedback on a piece, make sure you can at least devote half that much time reading and responding. Even something as simple as “Thank you, I’ll keep your feedback in mind and hope to hear from you some time in the future.” is useful in signalling to the critic that their feedback is acknowledged. That is not to say that you must agree with what someone has said, but at least acknowledge the time that they have spent. Likewise, don’t expect much from a curt paragraph.

Additionally, I sometimes find it necessary to prompt the people giving me feedback, not by asking them to tell me what they think, but to offer justification for it. Not liking a particular choice of image? If you don’t explain why, I will (almost always) demand that you do. I think it is within the recipient’s right to ask for justification or rationale for a particular piece of feedback if reasoning is not given. Otherwise, the feedback is really nothing more than just a flat out statement that holds little weight (IMO, others may disagree).

@ khnum:

more often than not I am my own biggest critic which leads me to be reluctant to post something without immediately pointing out everything that I find wrong with it

If you are proud enough to post it, more often than not it is better than you think it is. I tend to get very picky with what I put up and most of my stuff are either caveated as a writing exercise, or something to the degree that I’m close to finalising for informal submission. (Formal submissions become more complicated due to first-publishing rights and so on, but I guess creative writing is a bit different from visual arts, but I guess Pete can correct me here).

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Science vs Religion

Originally posted by Darkruler2005:

Different? There’s one topic about aliens and one topic about evolution. There’s multiple about religion. And even some about science. The question asked doesn’t reveal much would-be discussion.

Is it wrong to believe in aliens and evolution? Of course not. But it’s a very vague question in the first place.

I agree. Please use existing threads or present a more detailed introduction to your questions.

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Topic: The Arts / poem

I’d try to rely on liberal rhyming or literal rhyming, but not mix the two

Think you mean consonance, assonance and the variations on those words depending on the type of rhyme and where the rhyme exists in terms of syllables. Even I myself am not too familiar with labelling these things correctly, but I’ve read poems that do mix both forms of rhyme to interesting effect.

As a poetic element, if you use consistent rhyme, anything that doesn’t rhyme stands out. Use that to your advantage to draw emphasis to any particular phrase or statement, because the off-beat nature of the line will draw the attention of your reader very effectively.

I’d avoid the conjunctions whenever possible. Consider taking out every “and” you see. Utilitarian words can also be stripped almost wholesale… “he,” “his,” “a,” “the,” “with,” “that.” Each instance of these words, consider if it’s absolutely necessary.

Agreed in general, in the sense of poetic writing. The first poem qwerber posted seems more prose-poem than pure poetry (in the sense that it seems to function more like a piece of prose written in poetic form), so using conjunctions may be necessary for flow. Utilise repetition with some of these words to make them less mundane and more powerful.

As for Qwerber’s second poem, one of the fun things about writing is taking an idea and expanding it into an extended metaphor.

For example, Frost’s famous poem " The Road Not Taken " utilises the image of the forked road in the forest as a metaphor for choosing two different paths. The literal meaning is at a crossroad, but the metaphorical meaning is about choice and divergence. Note how the image presented is consistent throughout the poem, but the implications of the image expanded with each successive stanza.

In other words, one tried and true poetic way to approach something is to take the matter you wish to discuss (voices of differing moral values, for example), then take an overarching metaphor or image that describes it well and encompasses the discussion (television, newspaper headlines, books, etc) and expand it into something powerful.

For example, I may take your first stanza and take the image of a self-improvement book, and go:

Chapter One: You only live once,
dead bold words printed on cream,
“Live life to the fullest”, the words scream,
shouts of foolish people, knowing naught of the world
save written fiction grounded in fantasy.

As you work on your extended overarching metaphor, add in little bits that add into it. For example, above I noted “words scream”, giving words a voice. This voice has a possessive: “foolish people”.

I don’t dare claim my stanza above is any good, but my point really is that you can make your poem all that much better by taking a broad encompassing image and using it to discuss an issue. This is not the only way to write a poem, but one way of writing one that yields a lot more subtlety and intrigue.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: Do we really have free will?

Numerous threads on this topic, sans spirituality into it.

My personal take on the topic is that we get into semantic issues with defining “free-will”. If “free will” means being able to choose anything out of an infinitely available volume of choices, then we will never have true free will as we cannot possibly have a limit to an infinitely available amount of choice. If free will means being able to do what we want regardless of what some overarching authority (genetic or otherwise) tells us to do, then we will have to determine who or what this authority is.

For your genetics component, keep in mind that twins rarely behave the same way despite being in the same environment and sharing identical genetics. Cloning a person’s genetics does not change the fact that cognition (or what we might define as consciousness, which is arguably a component of free will) is also dependent on environmental cues.

If we separate twins, give them an identical environment and ensure that each and every parent of the split twin pair does the exact same thing, then we may be able to exactly determine if genetics truly ends up in this manner, or if there is some randomness involved, but the complexity of such an experiment may be more of a thought-challenge than a legitimate practicality.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / To Sleep With Open Eyes

The SD forums are for threads that bring up a topic of discussion and introduces relevant information in understanding the topic. It raises questions and attempts to explore the implications of the answers.

This forum is not a blog. Also, please cite the sources from which you get your information from.

Please read the SD Guidelines before making a thread or posting in here.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should the practice of pedophilia be legal?

Threads in SD should present a topic of discussion, but one that is reasoned and thought out. We want to hear your reasoning and rationale, not just your position on a particular issue.

Please read the SD Forum Guidelines before making a thread here.

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Topic: The Arts / BEST design software ?

Have you tried using the GIMP’s equivalent to the pentool (Can’t remember the name now. Paths?) ? I’m quite sure there are numerous tutorials on it.

I do say GIMP’s Pathtool is a bit more fiddly but I never had issues with using it…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How can we be sure bias didn't change History books?

Originally posted by NaturalReject:

History is written by the victors. You can’t be sure that there isn’t bias in any depiction of history.

Pretty much.

Another way of looking at it is that every document of civilisation is at once a document of barbarism (Walter Benjamin, “Theses on the Philosophy of History”).

We can never be sure. It’s one of the caveats of studying and learning about history. We can corroborate evidence from other fields (archaeology, social anthropology, the like), but there it is hard to reach some absolute certainty.

On another level, I think the notion of “truth” from a historical standpoint can be very fallacious; History is never going to be “true” in the sense of absolutes. History is often a compilation of partial truths, and sometimes, some things may seem more “truthful” than others.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Obama Again?

The Serious Discussion forum is not a personal blog. This is a place for starting discussion topics. It is perfectly fine to have an opinion, but we encourage discussion of topics, not for voicing one’s opinion alone.

Additionally, I am fairly sure there are numerous threads about US’ current debt, and feel free to bump one of the existing threads instead of making a new one if you have something new to add.

Please read the SD Forum Guidelines before posting here. Thanks!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Help, with my computer

Please try the Technical Support forum. Thanks!

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Topic: Kongregate / Aprils fools

Give all non K+ users K+ and all K+ users non K+… Oh wait.

Edit: Dibs on K++ :P

For the awesome price of $499.99, you will get Kongregate Plus Plus! All the features of Kongregate Plus plus even more features, such as:

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and so much more!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Mod's that do nothing

Please do not single out moderators specifically in posts made on any forum. The forums are not for speaking about grievances.

Issues with moderators can either be emailed to, or through the “Report Abuse” link on a moderator’s profile.

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Topic: The Arts / Shattered (A "Writing Based" FG similar to ITA)

I could feel the weight of the wood on my arms and shoulders as I tried to drag it open. A small slit formed between the door and its frame, letting in a sliver of darkness into the room. I tugged on it harder, heaving and panting as I pulled my weight to yank the wooden object open. Blackness started eating away at the harsh light, worming its way through the room and devouring the florescent light blinding me. When I could pull the door no more, I could not see anything anymore.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Does high school start too early in the morning?

One caveat is that school may have to end later if we take a fixed amount of time in school, which, while it means more awake teenagers in the morning, it may also mean less time after school to get things done, like homework or extra-curriculars, and staying up all night to finish it may erode the benefit of starting school a little later.

I personally hated waking up at 6am for classes at 7.30am, but starting school an hour later somewhere else meant ending a lot later too, and that was just as miserable sometimes, which I suppose in itself made it a little better.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Using him in an upcoming NaNoWriMo


Have you tried writing comics or doing some graphic work in that manner? Just a thought. Would be interesting to see a story or something unfold not only through pure words but through pictures as well.