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Topic: Global Assault / Thoughts

I do like the progression of the game, but I probably won’t play it for much longer. Here’s why:

1) Like just about EVERY OTHER game out there with microtransactions, these guys want roughly between 10 to 100 times as much for their currency as it’s worth. 5-14 Volts per buck? Disgusting. This is why I often say microtransactions are the STDs of the video game world.

2) Only one upgrade, one research and one fusion in-process at a time. I understand that this is intended to be a (blatant, completely un-subtle obnoxious money-grab) bottleneck that “encourages” players to buy Volts, but it’s just too slow. Which leads me to the third and most obvious reason I’ll likely stop playing soon…

3) Upgrade efforts that take DAYS. One day, and soon, I’ll click on some research bit that takes 2-4 DAYS to complete… and either I’ll just forget about GA completely, or I’ll realize that this means any appreciable change in my squad will require WEEKS or MONTHS to complete before I see any further progress…

.. and then I’ll be gone.

I’ve said it before, so many times over the years, and I’ll say it again: I’m not against microtransactions, per se, but given that it’s effectively money paid for nothing, the prices that are most common in the market are obscene. Everybody just wants way too much.

Other than that, decent game.

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Topic: Technical Support / Rotmg account

You can’t. The accounts are not transferable, so you’d have to play on their site with an account made on their site.

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Topic: Technical Support / Private Kong profiles are known to cause bugs in games?

I was told this by a regular concerning another issue I’d posted here.

Why is this a thing? Are private profiles necessary? How come this hasn’t been addressed if Kong insists on keeping them and they’re known to cause issues?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] Official: FO Help and Support

It’s sad that it never occurred to them that the current model of micro-transaction games is broken and maybe they’d have a better time of it if they reduced the cost of in-game goods to 20%-33% of their current prices to encourage spending.

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Topic: Cloudstone / The game could use...

When did I say a shield to use with a twohander? I think you’re missing the point, crawl.

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Topic: Cloudstone / The game could use...

That makes no sense, crawl. What does the nature of monk claws have to do with giving monks a half decent shield should they choose to use Crystal Dagger (monk-friendly tanking weapon) or Imbued Rapier (for 40s Sword Precision warmonk)?

It’s a question related to how the game could use more hybrid-friendly design. Not everybody should have to make (for instance) an EK+Aegis build to progress in the later game.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kong API Causing Serious Gameplay Issues in Cloudstone?

That seems like a big problem. Any word on what they’re doing to fix it?

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Topic: Cloudstone / The game could use...

On a related note, why are there no decent Discipline shields? There’s plenty of Monk-useable one-handed weapons but the only Disc shields are feeble.

It also seems that slower and two-handed weapons are at a disadvantage. They either need to generate more power per hit or their DPS should be greater to make up for the lack of offhand stats and defense (armor/health).

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Topic: Technical Support / Kong API Causing Serious Gameplay Issues in Cloudstone?

I’m told that the problem is on Kong’s end. It’s existed for a while. It really, REALLY sucks and is the #1 reason I’m not yet spending money on the game.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kong API Causing Serious Gameplay Issues in Cloudstone?

In Cloudstone here on Kong, if you add a Kong friend with a private Kong profile, it royally screws up your Allies list. This is a list of characters that belong to Kong players of Cloudstone that your character can summon to help with an area of gameplay and is a key feature of the game.

The bugs vary wildly from player to player. On mine, all my Allies’s names come from a select few. There should be only one “Zatoichi”, one “clambam”, one “scrollwinner” or “hpahpa” or “FredK180”… instead, there are many Allies on my list sharing each of these names, making it a chore to figure what character is actually good to summon for a given task because I have to check their stats instead of just remembering that “halfzue” is awesome. (halfzue appears in my list as one of the several Zatoichi’s.)

I’ve read that, with others, it can lead to bugs as severe as having no access to your Allies list at all! A real gamebreaker!

It seems that this bug has existed for a while. I’m curious as to why it hasn’t been resolved yet, and what steps are being taken.

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Topic: Cloudstone / The game could use...

… a little variety. There could definitely be more hybrid gear. In the spirit of Tin Claws (apparently the best hybrid weapon), how about a fury/sorc staff? Or a fury/disc sword?

And perhaps skill mods. A helm that’s weak as armor but adds an extra bat to Firebat? Or maybe just +10% to it’s damage. Something that boosted Mass Heal would be great for supporting your summons. Finding it on a shield would certainly encourage hybrid play.

And weapons that bend the rules would be fun. A wand that shoots two weaker than normal bullets in a V pattern, or a sword that shoots a wave of energy a short way would change things up a bit.

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Topic: Cloudstone / My character build plan so far. Thoughts?

My description of SM is right on the money. It makes my next Healbomb or PK hit harder and cost less, because it restores 5 power when used. If SM is available, I always use it before hitting Healbomb or PK.

I skipped EK because I don’t want to count on getting hit any more than necessary to deal my damage, and EK only works when they’re successfully landing a hit, which means I must take damage. On the other hand, I can often run around gathering up a mass of smaller creatures, then usually move far enough away for the “bomb” part of healbomb to trigger and kill most incoming monsters before they hit me. It also heals me from the few hits I take in the process of the roundup.

The only reason I’m going hybrid at all is because my current skillset seems to do the things I need it to do (build power, escape if needed, close-range area damage, close range strong-monster extra damage, quick heal, secondary heal, large area attack/long-range attack, summon support), and I have extra skill points coming… but since I’m NOT going hybrid, Fury and Sorcery skills will do me no good, so I feel it’d be better to invest in other class skills that still support a monk. Thus: Grit, Enrage, Toughness, Aegis.

At this point, though, I’m debating whether to keep up with disc+crit gear (since +crit rate also affects skill attacks) or go with tankier disc gear. Also, my current plan still leaves me with 10 skill points unplanned for and I’m debating where to spend them.

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Topic: Cloudstone / My character build plan so far. Thoughts?

Just wanted to review my character skill build plan as a crit-build monk so far and see what folks had to say.

Healbomb 5: I use this both as a quick heal for myself and to deal damage. It’s my close range AE attack, where I charge into a swarm of creatures like mudballs and hit it… it makes sure I survive the move AND clears all the small things near me. I have a lot of crit, so it also tends to deal better damage one-on-one.

Claw Mastery 5: I’m using claws to deliver crits more consistently, and because it build Power faster.

Improved Healing 5: to ensure my heals keep me upright longer. More Discipline combines well with this to make for great heals.

Mass Heal 1: My secondary heal, mostly just so I continue to survive but also to help support a Summon. I only put one point in it because more points don’t increase the impact of more Discipline, so the better way to boost it is just more Discipline.

Preemptive Karma 1: My ranged attack disc. This combined with a staff is how I attack creatures out of melee range. As with Mass Heal, more points don’t improve the Discipline multiplier so more Discipline is the better damage booster. More points WOULD boost the targets hit, but it already hits 8 and if I need to clear a closing mob, I just fall back on Healbomb and THEN PE if I need it.

Haste 5: Increased attack speed helps me dish crits, deal damage and generate Power faster. Additionally, the run speed lets me escape trouble, catch runners or cover long distances quickly.

Spirit Mastery 1: To make that next Healbomb or PE punch harder and cost less.

Bikram Yoga 5: Once I had my action keyset planned out, I started working on passive boosts. Improved Healing makes the impact of this on Healbomb and Mass Heal greater for healing, while Spirit Mastery makes the impact of this on Healbomb and PE a bit more.

I skipped Power Surge because Healbomb is my close range AE damage dealer, and while PS pushes them away, Healbomb heals me. I usually need a heal. I skipped Express Karma for a similar reason… Healbomb being my up-close attack plus heal. I’ll chain Healbombs in a longer fight if I want something big dead, but I want them to hit me as little as possible and I want to survive. I have five action abilities (SM, Healbomb, MH, PK, Haste) and keys for jelly juice, speed pots and disc pots, giving me a short boost, a longer boost, two heals, a short range damage dealer and a long range damage dealer in skills.

For my next 16+ points, I was planning on Grit 5, Enrage 5 and Toughness 5 for more passive health and power generation, and then Aegis 1 for a massive survival boost.

But that only takes me to 45. I’m debating what to do with my remaining 10 skill points and WHEN I should spend them WHERE. Many skill require Fury or Sorcery prerequisites, so I can’t really use them except as gimp versions because I’m fully focused on Discipline. I could go Aegis 5 for a longer armor superboost. Stretch 5 would give me 15 more Disc, which impact would be boosted by IH for heals and SM for damage as before. The benefit per skill point of both is low, though… 3 Disc per point or 1 second of Aegis per point past the first. Or I could go Staff Mastery 5 (because I occasionally use a staff for ranged fighting), and then Ponderings 5 for +50 power… but I rarely use staves and have plenty of Power generation already (fast weapon, haste, spirit mastery, enrage).

Input would be helpful!

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Topic: Cloudstone / Is Cloudstone Pay to Win?

Having played plenty of both kinds of games, I can tell you Cloudstone isn’t terribly pay-to-play.

You can do plenty of PvE with no limit other than your general level of power versus the content you’re in. A level 30 in level 55 content would likely get creamed, but in level 30 or even 40 content there’s a perfectly good chance to survive and progress. And there’s no cost to doing most of this content (just arena and rift).

Shards might come in slower, but by the time you can really farm them the difference isn’t game-cripplingly… well… different. If you get 100 more hp in the time it takes a paid player to get 150, that’s not a major difference, especially since 100 hp is still a solid difference in itself. The same would go for something like 60 disc over 40 disc… 40 disc is still quite a bump.

Rubies are easy to get. Kreds are easy to get. If this is a big difference to you, find ways to earn them if you don’t want to buy them. Personally, I have a “trash” email address I use to do surveys here on Kong, and only do surveys worth 20 Kreds or more. The trash email account lets me sign up for all of them without fear of spam in my main accounts, and surveys don’t have the same risk of malware that a lot of other offers lead to. Spend a little time, do a few surveys, earn 200-ish Kreds, buy rubies… no money spent, 200+ rubies earned, hotkey slots unlocked!

Are there advantages to pay-to-play? Of course. If you want top ranking, want to maximize shard gain and so forth, you’ll have to pay. But this game has PLENTY to do for free, unlike many games with similar structure. Here, you can do all of the story-driven PvE for free, summoning friends doesn’t penalize you at all (they don’t cost anything, there’s no level range limit, and they don’t eat your money, shards, vigor or anything else to use), all of the character levels are free, all of the skill points are free, none of the gear can find or earn via contracts requires you pay anything to use it and the gear you CAN buy has just fine in-game equivalents and the limited resources still regenerate at a reasonable rate for someone who doesn’t pay.

I DO feel the paid content costs too much… like just about every microtransaction game out there, the scale of prices is out of scale versus games you buy for something like $40-$60 bucks and enjoy in full… but I do appreciate that MOST of this game is free to enjoy, as compared to some other games out there.

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Topic: Cloudstone / How Critical Hit Rating works

Using this, it looks like you’ll need .4 CHR per level of the monster in question for each percentage point of crit rate you’d hope to achieve.

mlvl * .4 = CHR needed for 1% CC

And you still have to make up the first 5%, too.

Level 1 = .4 CHR per point. You’ll need a minimum of 2.4 CHR to see more than the base 5%
Level 2 = .8 CHR per %, minimum 4.8
Level 3 = 1.2 CHR per %, minimum 7.2
Level 5 = 2 CHR per %, minimum 12
Level 10 = 4 CHR per %, minimum 24
Level 25 = 10 CHR per %, minimum 60

The Crit Chance stat shown on the Inventory screen assumes your current CHR versus a monster of your exact level… that’s why it goes down as you level up if you don’t add better CHR gear.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / I hate pay to win

The only thing you get when you buy premium is the ability to push new records. There’s nothing stopping you from playing this game, beating it, and even taking most fields very far with the options available. Premium is just for the folks obsessed with numbers, like myself.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / "Ritual" skill

Heh thread resurrection, huh? Cool.
When the game starts, focus is applied first, and the bonus from ritual is added afterwards. If you look in your Amulets window, at the top of Battle Amulets (BAs), the total number of BA’s you’ve earned is kept track of. For instance, I’ve earned a total of 3100 BA’s at this point (Acquired: 33 of 33 (3100 total)). Ritual works with that number.

At max, ritual gives you 1 start mana and mana pool per 5 total earned BAs, so I get 3100/5 = 620… so 620 more starting mana and mana pool.

I currently have 182 in Focus skill (+1388% starting mana and mana pool at start, which is actually 1488% total when you take into account the initial 100% starting mana and pool), so since starting mana and mana pool is 300, that’s multiplied by 14.88 due to my starting amount and focus skill (4464 confirmed in game), and then the 620 from Ritual is added. Confirmed starting total: 5084.

So yes, Ritual stacks with Focus, and it gets better the more you play. Like chloe said, it’s not worth getting early on, but by the time you get to ~50 or so focus, you may as well grab it because it’ll be relatively cheap, and it’ll just get better and better for the 80 points you spent on it.

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Topic: Astroflux / 1000 Flux to reset upgrades??

There’s crap for info about what you’re getting, so I agree entirely that resets are way too expensive. I can see not making it free but 1k for a reset is just unreasonable.

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

The right Jedi have a knack for being where they’re needed when they’re needed. If it were Halo vs SW straight out, the Jedi would do their thing, which would be to dismantle the Halo and/or Covenant forces from within, using guile and well-thought-out plans guided by something greater than either side… the Force. Squadrons of soldiers mean nothing when the Jedi isn’t in their crosshairs, and the story-driven luck of MC and Co would mean nothing when the Jedi are taking their system apart by manipulating key points like fingers manipulating the pressure points of a body… destroying this, converting that, taking over the other thing.

The Sith would be worse, in some ways. In the interest of letting the Jedi get as far into enemy territory as possible, the Sith stop interfering with their Force senses except to hide Sith selves. They’d plan to re-erect the interference at the worst possible time, while using subtle displays of strength and guise to woo factions of the Covenant into internal conflict for their own gains, while trying to take command of civil forces by seemingly legitimate means, all for the sake of establishing a complex network of control or involvement on all sides to ensure they’re always on the winning side. In the meantime, the apprentice does the same thing as the Jedi… going where the Force sends him for the most effective actions, but much deeper and more subtle to stay hidden. His master’s involvement with most major players will let him slip into many places as needed and further the Master’s plans with trickery, force or even assassination.

As illustrated by the Episode 4-6 crew, any force can brag about their worldkiller weapons, and I’m sure the Halo Array is pretty, but when a few key beings guided by the glue of the universe take out a few key elements of even the greatest weapon while also subverting or just coming to an understanding with the force’s leaders, victory over many can be ensured by the few.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Worst game ever (Poll)

Shaq-Fu WAS pretty awful. Another bad game was Journey Escape, which “starred” the band Journey and played a few simple midi-fied bars of Don’t Stop Believing over and over while the screen scrolled down at you, bringing obstacles to dodge. Over and over.

But yeah, E.T. pretty much tops the list. it’s everything Raider of the Lost Ark could have been if RotLA had sucked instead of being awesome… tedious, boring, frustrating and unfulfilling. Even for an Atari game.

Anyone here should take the time out to find and play it for a while. Then imagine this is the big deal in the gossip mill for months. You’ll see how bad it sucks.

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Topic: General Gaming / Game Developing Software?

Oh, fascinating… there’s more information available than I’d first expected. Looks like my best bet would be to sign up for the student edition of creative cloud. Exciting!

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Topic: General Gaming / Game Developing Software?

Okay, so… I’m a total newb when it comes to making games. I mean, kindergarten-level, know-nothing total beginner.

But I know what I like and I’d like to see more of it. I have some available cash and, since I’m on disability while looking for work, NOTHING BUT free time. I mean… I’m also taking piano lessons, but practice is the only other thing on my calendar for the foreseeable future.

My question is, what would be good, robust software to use that isn’t too limiting (I don’t want to get to the point of making Atari-style games and then realize I need better software to advance) but doesn’t have too intense a learning curve.

I don’t mind asking questions somewhere if I don’t understand something, but I also don’t quite have the head to learn an entire coding language from the ground up.


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Topic: Kongregate / Off-site content?!?

I think a lot of people are still missing my point about cross-site traffic. In my scenario, there’s still nothing stopping a developer from linking back to their page or site and vice versa, so all this talk about how people found one site through another is moot. That would still work just fine, nothing changes there.

As for GS influence, I found Kong via GS news, and got a GS points card because of Kong. I work with several people who have done the same thing in the same order, once one of them (“Matt”) found out about the whole deal in the first place. Given that we all spend on Kong… and not just tips, you guys need to move away from that coz I’m tired of the half-dozen-ish people who got stuck on it, but actual spending. To wit: I’m pretty sure we all now have debit cards linked to Kong AND, and it all started when we got wind of the deal in the first place.

So no, I don’t think I’m overestimating the exposure. With my colleagues and I, it did exactly what it was supposed to do, and I do suspect others are similarly influenced. I think you underestimate how advertising a site full of little games and opportunities to post your own AND make points for video game gear and services can be alluring to the general game-loving public.

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Topic: Kongregate / Am i the only Australian on Kong.

Not at all, I know at least two or three regulars in channel Babylon are Aussies. Just pop in there and say hey! =)

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Topic: Kongregate / Off-site content?!?

Ludicrous. This is productive.

However, I would like to note that I’m certain the site-specific contracts for some games (/me eyeballs Gemcraft and Bubble Tanks lines of games) have likely expired, as some of them are several years old.

And I seriously doubt developers would be less likely to publish a game of Kong… with it’s revenue opportunities and exceptional exposure… just because Kong asked that they post a game in full and not keep some content off-site.