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Topic: Battle Pirates / Starting tips

Okay, I’ve been playing for about 4 hours, but there are some things the game did not make clear (to me), that I had to find the hard way-

Build buildings-
I couldn’t figure this out, at first. Was using the “Objective” go to build buttons. On the top right of your screen is a drop down menu. While on the “view base” click the arrow to choose “build”. Pick your building, then find a spot for it

Speed up- If you have less than 5 minutes remaining, its FREE to finish. Very helpful when repairing fleets…

Name Quest- CHANGE your name from “Blackheart”…. I didn’t, and I STILL don’t know how to find the name change page again…

Rogue Crews- buying rogue crews gives your fleet a bonus for 45 minutes, then the crew is gone again. You can get more Uranium from battles.

Campaign- At level 10, you can start a campaign. The first one has 4 battles in it. When you win a battle, your fleet will be filled with 500% fleet cargo- so be sure to improve those warehouses. If you fail a battle, you can try again… you have 12 hours to complete the first campaign… no idea what happens if you fail it. You can repeat it for a different reward, and a shorter completion time.

Blueprints- you need an inteligence building to use blueprints. You start with the blueprints to the Kong Marauder, and get others through campaigns, forsaken missions, battles

Kong Marauder- A bonus ship for playing on Kong. The free one has Thud IV cannons, Steel III armor, and engines. (you would need a level 5 Naval yard to build an identical one). I am told it can take out a level 5 military Stronghold by itself… but its better to send some others along. If an entire fleet is destroyed, it gets sent back to your base for repairs

Forsaken Mission- after level 10, you can start Forsaken missions. Apparantly, they change every week. Once you’ve started one, you have 72 hours to gain as many mission points as possible, to earn blue prints. I don’t know if the targets change week to week. Currently, the weakest target is the Level 5 Military Stronghold, and killing it gives you 2300 pts, and 30k of each resource. Partially killing it leaves it damaged, and gives you partial rewards. The lowest prize tier is 150k points, but since repairs under 5 min can be sped up for free…

Ship refitting/scrapping- in the repair dock, double click on an individual ship in a fleet. As ships earn experience, they gain rank bonuses (+5% per level up to Star [elite, 25% bonus], 2 stars is 29%). Unfortunately, you can’t swap out the guns/armor/special items of any hull weaker than the sub.

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Topic: Ninja Time Pirates / Feedback

Something seems wrong with my gold mine-
Level 4 mine has a Production of “800”. But after being away 18 hours, and hitting “collect” only received 2 gold. (410 raised to 412). Is that supposed to be 800 per week, month, day or hour?
( I don’t think gold could have been stolen, still have 1 day 12 hours of shield…)
As for play, could really use a change camera viewpoint, its fairly annoying that you can’t stop special attacks after choosing them, and that Out OF Bounds borders are not always readily apparant.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / how to increase creation speed? (aside from god power)

By increasing creation value, your creation speed goes up. Assuming the formula above is correct, speed increases a little each time Creating increases by a factor of 8. to see your current speed, hold the mouse over “creating” in the stats menu. (until creating reaches approx 4x 10^41 )

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Setting creation orders using a stack.

its been a while, CongS- but didn’t you guys BOTH do the same thing? Bob explained what his recursive stack would do, and you gave some pseudocode to implement it. [although I don’t see a check on bad coding (stack size over stack limit) in the sub routine calls…]

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / How to play

hit “Start”, you’ll immediately start building shadow clones.[create tab]
click the [training] tab, and start 10 clones off “running”…
click the [skills] tab, and start 10 clones at learning “double punch”
continue adding clones to each job, until “sit-ups” and “high kick” are unlocked, then add clones to those skills…
hit the [Stats] button on the far left. Eventually, it will read “20,000” or higher under physical and Mystic. At that point, steal 200 clones from training/skills, and click the [Fight] tab. Set them all against slimy by hitting the [CAP] button on slimys line.
eventually, you’ll create 1000 clones. try to attack the first god. if you win, start creating light. if you lose, no big deal click the [rebirth] tab. Notice the green numbers, showing your new re-birth modifiers.
Now, grab all your 1000 clones together, and attack the frog. if you win, set the survivors against the bunny, until you have no clones left. then hit the “rebirth” button.
start from scratch again- you’ll notice your attack strength goes up MUCH faster now, because of the multipliers, and you can build 1100+ clones. this time, after you’ve killed the first god, and started building light, click the red ribbon to the left of the [Create] tab. Notice the acheivements in creation, especially the first, “build 500 light”. Don’t “rebirth” the game until you’ve built 500 light, as that will GREATLY increase your new “Creation” multiplier. you should also kill the 2nd god, its up to you if you want to stick around long enough to build 500 stone also. Then off to rebirth again… Always try to kill another god up the ladder, before you rebirth… or at least the highest one you killed the time before.
Eventually, you kill off Tyrant lord BAAL, create a couple universes, and defeat all the monsters in the fight tab

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Topic: Redshift / We need more use for Carbon

sorry, just started and I can see buying ships for carbon is worthless at that price (considering it takes 35k carbon for command center 4, 5k for an epic ship is ridiculously cheap … maybe if you started the Rares at 5k, epics at 25M, etc….) My only real question is, if I lose 25% of my carbon for fighting off an attack “that does no damage”… what do I lose If I actually LOSE??

sorry, even 5k for rares is too cheap- I forgot ships can be scrapped for experience…
(oh, and you CAN buy carbon for tokens- the level 3 command center is 4000 carbon, OR 40 tokens…)

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / bug

different bug, but very annoying- several of the NPC Buffs (weakening shot springs immediately to mind) remain on the “buff” display after they are no longer effective.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / hard badge

Badge is still broken (for me, it registered up to zone 2, then stopped)- as for zone 4, that one of the quest areas. The legacy zones under “Echoes” have zones 1-4
(hit quest, then world map, then world map AGAIN, then click on “echoes” in the lower right to choose the “Legacy” campaign, then finally “Echoes” again to start zone 1)

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Topic: Monsters & Dungeons / Player ID's


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Topic: Sky Ocean / Referral Code for New Players + Tips!

Azure fights- hover over the “hunt” button, to see possible finds
level 3 balloons- most everywhere
level 5 mantas- most everywhere
level 5 bandit clippers- Right below the pirate base
Level 9 sharks- south of bandit clippers, at edge (and over edge) of island

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Topic: Sky Ocean / Crew Invites


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Topic: Kamicat Football / multiplayer/friends

ecause I play on a couple of other kong games where it pays to have lots of “friends” (ie, I have 2500 or so, I believe the kong limit is 5000), my Friends spots seems to be filled with 10 people who don’t play the game anymore ( 6 are in league 20 with strengths of “29.8”)
I challenged 3 of the others, 2 of whom are way out of my range. But the “multiplayer” screen doesn’t appear anymore, just a circling “loading” arrow.
Any way to clear the unfinished matches (end of week didn’t appear to do it, unless thats why I can’t load multiplayer)
any way to delete friends, or pick the next ones to be posted?

THank You

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fortuna] Suggestions

there IS a method to give goods to alliance members- Farming(crop stealing). Its unwieldy, and tends to use up dispatch orders as you advance your time 30 minutes so they can be the first to steal, but it works…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fortuna] Bugs/Minor Annoyances

not a bug, merely a minor annoyance. First battle event, and the “blue” team has 6 players with higher legions than the highest on red team, and only 3 of the bottom 20. I realize there is a mechanism in place to deal with this (losers are healed, winners are not), and Dracula makes it fairly irrelevant, but it certainly “looks” like people join, then exit until they are on the proper team.
My grief is, if this can happen, why are the sides announced before the battle happens, instead of when its too late to change sides?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fortuna] Bugs/Minor Annoyances

what is bugging me, and I don’t remember from Aeria games (could be unique to kongregate), is the constant need to “refresh” after accomplishing certain tasks (IE, you can’t see your alliance until you refresh, your new city level doesn’t appear, until you refresh, etc)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fortuna] Farm mechanics

I agree that the “stealing” is a flawed mechanic, since I first saw it in a different game.
However two minor points-
1) they don’t have to be your friend to steal from you, they can be enemies, or just someone who knows where your city is on the map. Friends/enemies just get harvest warnings, but you can still count down to harvest…
2) If the stuff is going to be stolen anyways, would you rather your friends got it, or someone else?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fortuna] Bugs/Minor Annoyances

as for Ballzacs pt #5- If I remember correctly, First is position (center front, sides front, wings front, center second row, etc). For two characters with same skill in same position, agility.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / How do you increase your fleet size?

very wierd- I Added both wistler and acidic snails to my kongfriends, and my fleet size increased by 2 within 60 seconds…. (628 increased to 630). I was going to ask for your in-game name and level, to check my Galaxy Dome- but the display froze- its stuck on page 1 of 47…. so I can only see around 50- 60 names (top 12 by level, name, rank, bottom 12 by level , name, rank), and I can only page through about 4 pages on my fleet page, before I get blank screens and “retrieving from database”.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Feedback and Bug Reports

After finishing first field in Agarabush alley. In Full screen, I watched the detective open the door, and my character followed him- But my screen did not so character ran off screen. could not move him- tried refreshing, which brought me character back to first field, when game restarted.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / How do you increase your fleet size?

I had thought this was fixed- you’ll notice the last post before yours is 2 years old
You SHOULD just be able to go to the kong chat box, achievement, hit the “view high scores” link, and add the top 10 players as kong friends. Then you would go to profile, and click the fleet button, and they would appear in that list. Then you could add 3 of them to your team. you may need to refresh your game/browser.
Failing that, the new “raid codes” function should work- that was introduced when the servers merged, within the last year. There is probably a thread for it on the forums, and people (Facebook?) seem to post a lot of them on every world raid

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / funny stuff you may have met(SPOILERS)

Well, I got a chuckle when Nate came to town and “Adjusted” my magic statue. How to I get an “Awesome Adventurer” title?

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Topic: Pirate Clan / Noob Guide [ Please contribute ]

Very early on (as in under level 10), put some points in Stamina. Although hitting bosses is nice, the real exp gain is from fighting battles.. you can get 9-11 exp points per point of stamina winning duels, which will make leveling a snap. As Nafredy said, hit bosses (especially the world boss) to get better items. Each captain you invite adds weapons, crewman and a ship to your combat strength, so get your name out there.
When buying islands/extending your rule, you get the largest return by purchasing in lots of 10, because income stays the same per item, but the cost increases by 10% for each item you already own.

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Topic: Pirate Clan / The Official Add-Me Thread!


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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / [Guide] Troop Formulas for Farming

Originally posted by rakimepps007:

First thanks for the information.

I have a question regarding the hero level.

To hit a lvl 12 orc camp (364guards, archers, spears, riders and warriors) the troops needed are: 1213 WM, 764 archers, 763 spears, 1213 hobliars, 690 warriors.

This uses the formula you gave but I did not apply any cmdr bonuses.

This is a total of 18504 spots.

So the hero would have to be at least LVL 23. (LVL 22 is 18000)

Is this correct?

If so then what do you recommend to use until you get a cmdr to lvl 23?

I hear many people swear to use thousands of WM. They seem weak to me why use them? I see if you are matching the numbers of guards, but otherwise it seem a waste.

Any advice is helpful. Thanks.

You have to remember his formulas were for killing the entire enemy force in the FIRST ROUND, to reduce his own deaths, and thus his healing times. So if you used half the forces you’ve listed, you should wipe out the orcs in 3 or 4 rounds. And to “win” the fight, you really only need to be stronger after the 5th round. You just have to deal with a longer delay between attacks, and higher healing costs.
For myself, I am not quite hitting level 12 orc camps- but my level 12 hero can win vs level 11 camps, with an 11 minute heal time.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / Suggestions and Improvements

Originally posted by Wistler:

I hope that the Continuum Transfunctioner (Personal) all be one day in shop instead of being only Raid drop or a casual gift when you post a raid on Public List….

How about putting it in the crystal facility? Something like- Personal Transfunctioner (Plus)- Summons a personal raid on NM diffleculty, 36 hour build time?