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Topic: Crush Crush / <BUGS> Post your bugs here!

Loading a save might have just killed my game. At first when I tried loading it, I decided after 3-4 minutes of non-responsiveness that it must have frozen and refreshed the page. I skipped through the opening cutscene because my local save has been erased and tried again. It’s been frozen on the screen right after pressing “load” for 10+ minutes. I don’t think it should be taking this long on my fairly high-end computer. I might have to start over and I was 5 days away from lvl40 in all hobbies…

Also, a minor bug I’ve noticed – prestige resetting removes the “Watch Ad” button until you refresh the page.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / MEGATHREAD: Battle Arena

Sorry if it’s a stupid/misplaced question, but what weapon should I be using at rank 143? I’m currently using a Strong Machine Gun +7 with 281 dmg, 30 spd, 30 def, 50% crit chance, 38% acc, 275% hp regen and a 5% stun chance.
Is it good, or should I craft something new now or very soon?