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Topic: Game Programming / lighting demo


Pretty nifty I must say.

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Topic: Game Programming / Remove itself once the mc hits certain frame (AS3)

Originally posted by Senekis93:
Originally posted by Aesica:

How do they even find these old threads? It’s like they pull numbers out of a hat or something.

For me it always comes from using the search function on the kong site or google throwing up an old page first.

And if you look at the enormous page views for this short topic it’s pretty obvious a lot of people have had similar problems, searched around for it, and ended up here.

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Topic: Game Programming / DOUBLE_CLICK

Sensitivity version

import flash.utils.*; 
  var dblClick:boolean = false;
  var sensitivity:number = 75;
     function onClick(e:MouseEvent):void {
        if(dblClick) {
           //double click stuff
         } else {
           dblClick = true; 
           setTimeOut(resetBoolean, sensitivity);
      function resetBoolean():void {
        dblClick = false;
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Topic: Game Programming / Python Thread

I have it installed so I can save Gimp images as SWFs but that’s about it. I’ve thought about trying to code in it to fiddle with some of the plugins.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS3] [Performance] Function call speed

   64 bit Windows 7 x86 Release PlugIn
Local	401
Local Function var	379

Plain	434
NonLocal Function var	261
NonLocal Function var 'call' direct	259
NonLocal Function var 'apply' direct	268
NonLocal Function var 'call' indirect	546
NonLocal Function var 'apply' indirect	471

Private	89
Protected	89
Internal	89
Public	82

this.Private	89
this.Protected	89
this.Internal	89
this.Public	89

Static private	96
Static protected	104
Static internal	100
Static public	96

Override protected	87
Override internal	92
Override public	86

Super protected	92
Super internal	93
Super public	91

Interface direct	86
Interface via interface	88
Interface via class	93

Private Get	86
Protected Get	89
Internal Get	83
Public Get	87

Private Set	86
Protected Set	85
Internal Set	97
Public Set	96

Final Private	86
Final Protected	89
Final Internal	89
Final Public	89

Final Override protected	85
Final Override internal	93
Final Override public	85

AMD Athlon 7750 dual core 2.7 ghz

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Topic: Game Programming / Unreal Engine 3 comes to Flash

After seeing unitys export to flash feature and how the frame rate dropped for some reason I just assumed that MoleHill wouldn’t be capable of anything like this.

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Topic: Game Programming / Design Pattern

My current game is 2-3 attempts at making a game slapped onto each other.
First was a game I was making in timeline than I ported all the code to Classes.
Then I went about very hackishly adding features I wanted.
Then I decided to make a different game so I had to run through and change up a lot of my Code.

Now I’m in a very strange stage at my frankenstein cycle where I do my best not to go back and overhaul too much code so I can move forward, finish the game and maybe salvage the code after I publish.

My “structure” is:
-Main class loads all assets (‘cutscenes’, enemies, etc) and drops the title screen
-levelhandler handles enemy-player collisions and bullet detection (weak points on bosses). It’s also the middle man between the UI and the playerShip(both are its children). levelHandler drops the mapeventhandler
-mapeventhandler parses map data from a text file and tells the levelhandler how many waves and bosses a map has and when/how frequently to drop them and what/where triggers the end of the map. mapeventhandler also handles all speech related events a map may have.
- I have a static class keep track of player stats and control settings on the current profile.
- My map classes just handle their appearance and nothing more.

All in all looking over my game files I’d have to say it’s quite a mess (lots of commented out code and useless functions i’ve forgotten to remove). Everything works fairly well and the game runs without speed problems on 3 of the machines I have available, there are some things that are fundamentally wrong with the way I’ve set things up that and a lack of proper foresight and planning has really gummed up production.

My next big step is to create a main loop so that I can get rid of a nasty problem I get when someone quits the game right when a dying enemy is about to be removed.

This is all to say that it’s better to sit and think things out before you jump into your project, I don’t know which design pattern is best for your particular game but I’d think long and hard about what you want your game to do and what you want to do with your game before you start.

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Topic: Game Programming / [AS3] Alpha problem when using one bitmap instead of several sprites

In the first link at 23-24 Plain fires I’m running at 16 FPS.

In the second link at 100-106 plain fires I’m running at 16 FPS.

In the first link I can have 19 Blur + Glow fires at 16 FPS.

In the second link I have 1 Blur + Glow fire at 12 FPS

What’s going on with the blur/glow method when you’re using bitmaps?

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Topic: Game Programming / Mcbain Games Tutorials!

Originally posted by skyboy:
Originally posted by Senekis93:


that’s a joke, not spam. we can’t be robots all the time

If you already were one you’d find the task frighteningly easy.

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Topic: Game Programming / Progress Check

Watching Breaking Bad on netflix, probably my most important project I just pray that I finish before my deadline.

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Topic: Game Design / Key based Menu Navigation

Originally posted by truefire:

I was under the impression we were navigating a grid menu.

I guess some clarification is needed. It was originally just for a button handler for any number of buttons I’d populate a screen with that could also handle menu items.

Now I’m going to use Aesicas memory proposition to handle buttons propagating a menu (i.e. you click start game and menu appears to the right asking you to select a save file).

For normal non-menu like buttons I’m going to use A+C.

I’m still giving everything a once over to make sure I get things right and it’s as robust as I can make it.

edit: It still acts like a grid in terms of navigating it, however its appearance on the screen can vary.

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Topic: Game Design / Key based Menu Navigation

I guess this is sort of a poll.

When you navigate a menu with the arrow keys and you move over one column do you prefer to:

A) Occupy the same row you were in in the new column
B) Occupy row 0 in the new column

Or if your current row is greater than the length of the new column (moving from a smaller menu selection to a larger one), do you prefer to:

C) Occupy the last row in the new column
D) Occupy row 0 in the new column

Which combination is best?:





I want to poll the general populace to get an idea of how other people feel about this, I’m far too close to this to think clearly about it.

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Topic: Game Design / Proto-Mon, A New Project

A rastafarian proto-man?

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Topic: Game Programming / Problem with Sound Library

Originally posted by DainTrinity:

As simple as it sounds, I can’t seem to get sound to work with my library for no noticeable reason. I appreciate any help that comes my way.

I’ve tried importing .midi, .wav, and .mp3 but none of them will work. It simply says:

“One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them”

It has to be 44.1khz, 16 bit and an MP3 for it to work, flash is quite picky.

edit:not sure about the 16bit

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Topic: Game Design / How to design a design document?

Create a game Idea.
Work out the central focus, genre, and gameplay idea.
Let all the ideas come that usually do but section off ones that stray too far from the original concept.
Use the sectioned off ideas in a new game more focused on the aspect it caters too.

If at any point the sectioned off not being made game seems more fun than the one you’re making feel free to abandon your first concept and go after the new one.

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Topic: Game Programming / prevent Speed Hack Cheat engine ??

Originally posted by Senekis93:

It seems my file was removed. Here‘s a new link.
Cause lag and leave it running… you’ll see that Date tested against a counter isn’t a reliable option.,

As I said, leave it as it is, you’ll only hurt the players and do nothing against cheaters.

Would you mind loading up the source for this test? I wanna know how you create the lag and I wanted to test my timer class against it.

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Topic: Game Design / Load new assets or hide them?

I’ve been using swiffout lately and I’ve noticed that quite a few games populate the map with all of its elements (enemies, menus, and so on) and just pull them onto the screen when needed. I was wondering what the pros and cons were for this way of handling the map.

What kind of effect on memory would you get from having all of these objects on the map, but offscreen , at the same time?

Is it better to just get all the object adding/loading done at the start of the map than to potentially slow down the player when an object is added midgame?Also is it even likely that you’d have a single object that when loaded would cause a visible slowdown?

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Topic: Game Programming / Programming Paradigm Discussion

Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

Sometimes its hard to set up an object oriented approach when I could just use static variables and have all my classes interlinking without managing objects. I’m pretty sure that this is not terribly OOP.

Just a few hours ago i was toying with the idea of making most of my classes just have static variables and import each other if they needed to access functions outside of their class. And all my ship and enemy classes would just add their displayobject when called upon. It means I wouldn’t have to deal with that double called ‘ADDED_TO_STAGE’ bug, but mostly it means a lot of extra work so I decided against it.

I might try it later though.

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Topic: Game Programming / I really don't know what I should put for thread titles these days.

Who, Christer Erichson?

yeah, although hate might be too strong a word, he has more than a few posts banging on OOP, Design Patterns, and Imperative Language.

Here’s his one where he talks about the strengths of functional language.

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Topic: Game Programming / I really don't know what I should put for thread titles these days.

Originally posted by MoonlaughMaster:
Originally posted by qwerber:
Originally posted by MoonlaughMaster:
Originally posted by qwerber:

I’ll all good on the broad phase check; it’s the narrow phase that’s hard to debug.

Ah. Well, Rectangles on Rectangles are really easy to check for. Is it the actual separating of objects that you’re having issues with?

I’m doing sweep tests, have you implemented them before?

in reality, I’m really checking a Hexagon against a Rect, and finding the exact place to return it to. It works for objects traveling at 999999999+ pixels every frame ;)

I can’t say I have experimented with sweep testing.

If you have cash to spend, I suggest checking this out. It’s a brilliant collision detection book.

I’ve recently been reading some of his blog here and there, he really really hates OOP.

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Topic: Game Programming / AS3 - Comparing Classes

I’m not sure if this will help or not…

And I’m not sure why exactly simplegoogly’s methods didn’t work for what you need but here’s another similar to his suggestions.

private function classcheck(type:Class) {
     if(getDefinitionByName(getQualifiedClassName(type))  == EnemyClass){

The only difference is i’m not using prototype and I’m using getDefinitionByName.
I also checked it in the middle of my enemy spawner and the trace ran fine.

private var monsterCreationTimer:Timer;
private var m_class:Class;
private var monster:MovieClip:
private var m_type:Array;  //array of strings

   private function monsterCreation(e:TimerEvent){
      //blah blah blah unimportant stuff and if checks
      m_class = getDefinitionByName(m_type[index]) as Class;
      if(getDefintionByName(m_type[index]) == Monster_A){
         trace("This is silly.");
      monster = new m_class();
      //add relevant listeners and other unimportant stuff

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Topic: Game Design / RPG Scaling difficulty Issue

Originally posted by Aesica:…pulled it off quite nicely, as did FF8…

What? I remember the scaling in FF8 to be quite broken and iirc there was a significant lack of incentive for leveling up, in fact keeping your characters lvl 1-20 kept the game on permanent easy mode.

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Topic: Game Programming / Timers...

I found an interesting blog read on timers here:

And after reading some of the comments in the final section here:

Someone suggested a Sound based timer. The idea of one so possessed me so much that I had to try writing one up, in the end it works fairly well it might be an interesting thing for you to try for yourself in your game if you want something that won’t be affected by lag.

There is one caveat however, flash has a maximum of 32 soundchannels open at once so you can’t really go overboard on the sound timers I also heard that it’s a limit shared by all open flash instances so other games will eat up your sound channels it sounds wrong to me but I’m no expert on the subject.

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Topic: Game Programming / As3GameGears - find tools, libs and engines

Paid should be a category, when you pick a category from the right handside all of the paid and free items in that category get brought up but there’s no way to differentiate between them until their link is clicked.

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Topic: Game Design / The bread and butter of your game.

To the core features list I’d add:
1. Quit to title screen
2. Restart level (nothing’s worse than knowing you’ve lost and having to play through anyway).
3. Some sort of controller settings, not all games need it but when a game has a terrible control scheme it could be quite a saving grace.