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Topic: Football Saga / [GUIDE] Boxes & Footy Lab

In this thread I’ll be building the list of possible loot obtained from all the random loot boxes etc. Share your screenshots to contribute! Like this: White Souvenir Box

WHITE SOUVENIR BOX (daily quest reward & Youth league #1 team season reward)

  1. Sbomalaya Socks: rarity orange, level 8, durability 12, medals 5, upgrade cost 50k, SHO+14 SPC+14 MAR-8 TAC-7

XMAS: JACK FROST’S SNOW BOX (shop: 400k cash)


XMAS: REINDEER’S MELODY BOX (shop: 300k cash)

XMAS: THE GRINCH’S TREASURE (shop: 200k cash)

  1. Christmas Hat: rarity orange, level 12, durability 12, medals 5, upgrade cost ??, AER+12

FOOTY LAB: DAILY SUPPLIES (shop: 5 normal coins)

  1. Love Love Choco: +100 energy +100% condition
  2. random Element Card
  3. Premium Coin
  4. Cola Del Mondo: +5 energy +50% condition

FOOTY LAB: TOOLBOX (shop: 20 normal coins)

FOOTY LAB: STEEL (shop: 5 premium coins)

  1. Catalonia Socks: rarity orange, level 27, durability 15, medals 5, upgrade cost 100k, PAS+1 SPD+1 AER-5
  2. Safeguard Helmet: rarity green, level 17, durability 4, medals 3, upgrade cost 13k, PHY+3

FOOTY LAB: SILVER (shop: 10 premium coins)

  1. Vatreni Shorts: rarity teal, level 15, durability 13, medals 15, upgrade cost 110k, PHY+10 CON+7 REF+7 SPD-11
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Topic: Football Saga / [GUIDE] Talents

Talents are a different kind of training which benefit a multitude of game aspects.

  • New talents are unlocked each regeneration rank up (gen up).
  • Talents use and share your training points (TP) pool.
  • They will reset and refund the points when you gen up.

note: TP cost are cumulative; level 1 (4 TP) level 2 (12 TP) means it costs 12 TP total to reach level 2.

GENERATION 1 (where everyone starts at)

no talents


(Scout) Spy: Reveals information about a rival club.

level 1 (2 TP): Can be used 1 time per day. Costs 10 energy per use.


(Scout) Observer: Requires Scout level 1.
level 1 (12 TP): Can be used 2 times per day. Costs 7 energy per use.
level 2 (20 TP): Can be used 3 times per day. Costs 5 energy per use. More info.

(Craftsman) Cobbler: Improves equipment upgrading

level 1 (4 TP): 10% → 9% condition cost.
level 2 (12 TP): +1% success chance.
level 3 (24 TP): 9% → 8% condition cost.
level 4 (40 TP): -3% cash cost.
level 5 (60 TP): +2% success chance.


To be updated.

Feel free to chip in the info you find out!

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Red hero: God Erlang

Type: Blood

Skill: Special Hero Skill, 40% chance to activate each turn, deals* damage to a single target (Ignoring defense, with bonus damage based on caster’s ATK), recovers hp of own party members by 1/3 of caused damage, increases ATK&Crit for own party( based on caster’s AGI), decreases ATK&DEF of opponents by 30% (ignoring immune), lasts for 2 turns, grants 2 Rage.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Knights Fable v3.16.8: Sacred War

1. Players get 3 free times and can purchase 5 more times per day.
2. When game starts, order is decided by card-draw.
3. Player and computer take turns to throw dice. When you get a pair, you can throw dice once more (except for Chaotic Area & Sorcery Circle). If you get 3 same numbers in a row, you are forced to move to Chaotic Area.
4. Occupy cities & miracles to grab funds out of your opponent.
5. City: maxed level is 5 & lvl 5 City cannot be grabbed. City of higher level grants more money. City can only be upgraded to lvl 3 in first turn, lvl 4 in second turn.
6. City Occupation: City Occupation consumes double the city construction funds. In first loop, player cannot upgrade a city which is occupied by the rival.
7. Miracle: Once miracle is occupied, it cannot be seized. More occupied miracles lead to more transit expenses.
8. Start: Once player passes Start, you will collect 300000 construction funds. You can upgrade whichever city you owned when you land at Start.
9. Chaotic Area: Player will be trapped for 3 rounds at Chaotic Area. Paying money or throwing a pair can help you break away from Chaotic Area ahead of the fourth round.
10. Magic League: Open a Magic League in any owned City or Miracle by consuming 50000 silvers, which will double transit expenses, with a maximum of 8 times of original transit expenses.
11. Sorcery Circle: Move to any destination except for Chaotic Area & Sorcery Circle in the next round by consuming 50 thousand silvers.
12. Divination House: Randomly meet Reward Event or Penalty Event.
13. Casino: Guess the number of 2 dices (Small: 2-6; Big: 7-12). Player can bet any amount of his funds and collect a double reward from a bet win, with a maximum of 3 winning streak & 8 times of the capital.
14. Joint Council : Need to pay 300000 silvers to Joint Council. Short of funds will lead to the interface of bankruptcy.
15. Win:(1) One side claims bankruptcy; (2) Comparing general assets of each side at the 25th turn, richer one wins; (3) Complete achievement of Well-decorated (Occupying all buildings in a line); (4) Complete achievement of Gaia Crusader (Occupying all cities of 3 countries).
16. Points: Losing gets 10 points; Winning gets 20 points + extra points; Well-decorated gets 30 points + extra points; Gaia Crusader gets 40 points + extra points; Light of Miracle gets 50 points + extra points.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Knights Fable v3.16.7: Combo Skill

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] Guild War reward issue (Top Guild)

Originally posted by synapticon:

This should now be resolved. Apologies for the issue and the brief delay!

You forgot someone:


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Topic: Spellstone: General / I made purchases that I did not mean to make.

Games like this should really add an option to “lock” your premium currency though, so many occasions a simple missclick screws over player. Sure it’s easy to tell people to be careful where they click but we all happen to be in a hurry or overly tired sometimes. Shouldn’t be hard at all to add a lock option.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Refund request

Hi Jak, I can understand your point of view but your request won’t be accepted. The pvp brawl is a temporary event, if it was a permanent change to pvp you’d have ground to make this request.

Like you said you could call your credit card company and you will likely get your money back but then you are at high risk of being banned from both synap games and kongregate.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Bug reports? Don't bother guys.

From this thread

Devs promising dust/shard rewards for helping with bug reports but don’t deliver.

I made a very detailed post following all their requirements thinking it would be appreciated. It took them 5 days to reply. They thought it was fixed and I confirmed to them it isn’t (if they thought it fixed and isn’t, I’m pretty sure that qualify for the “new information” requirement).

Their appreciation

So yeah don’t bother spending time and effort making a clear bug report.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] Dust/Shards for Bugs Program!

Okay, here’s how it’s done people. Also after typing it here so other people know what was reported already, copy paste there:

A clear description of the issue.
Manually adding cards to the vaporizing circle will return duplicates of the same card back to inventory.

What about the outcome is wrong.
Duplicates not being vaporized when added manually.

What the expected outcome is.
When adding 2 or more of the same card to the vaporizing circle manually, for all of them to be vaporized and yield their dust amount, as shown in the “Vaporize!” confirmation window (screenshot#3).

If possible, steps to reproduce the issue.
0- Own 2 or more of the exact same card (tested with “Group Inventory Cards” option checked & common quality cards)
1- Go to the vaporize screen.
2- Manually (not bulk) add 2+ of the card to the circle.
3- Click Vaporize.
4- Click Vaporize again on the confirmation window.
5- See the results.

If they are helpful, screenshots of the effects of the issue.
4 screenshots in one:

If relevant, information about the device and operating system you are playing on.
Desktop PC Windows7 64bit, amd built-in graphics and using Firefox.

Fully expecting 1,000-2,000 shards.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Monopoly + Thanksgiving

2014’s 4th quarter event history

Starting Day – Ending Day → Event Name (# of full days)
December 29 – January 04 → New Year / Masterstroke (7 days)
December 22 – December 28 → Christmas (7 days)
December 16 – December 21 → Carnival (6 days)
December 10 – December 15 → Monopoly (6 days)
December 07 – December 09 → Lucky Strike (3 days)
December 02 – December 06 → Carnival (5 days)
November 27 – December 01 → Thanksgiving (5 days)
November 22 – November 26 → Monopoly (5 days)
November 18 – November 21 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
November 13 – November 17 → Carnival (5 days)
November 07 – November 12 → 1st Cross-Server Monopoly (5 days)
November 02 – November 06 → Lucky Strike (5 days)
October 28 – November 01 → Halloween (5 days)
October 23 – October 27 → Carnival (5 days)
October 18 – October 22 → Monopoly (5 days)
October 20 → K+ beta launch

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Topic: Knight's Fable / v3.16.3: All-Star

Greetings from the Knights Fable team! We’ve been hard at work putting this new All-Star system for you. Today we’re going to provide you with an overview. In this post, we’ll tell you about the guiding lights of the All-Star system.

1- You can complete up to 10 All-Star tasks per day.
2- Completing 10/10 daily tasks yields a great reward. It resets to 0/10 everyday, completed or not.
3- Tasks rank range from 1* to 5*.
4- You can spend 200k silver to increase the star rank.
5- Higher task rank give more exp and wisdom, but the main reward is the same.
6- Tasks can be changed 3 times total for free per day via the refresh button.

1- Shop items are changed and refilled at 8:00, 12:00, 18:00, 22:00 server time.
2- Unlimited refresh can be done with gold.
3- Buying All-Star shop items gives points toward your All-Star rank exp bar.
4- Higher rank gives high discounts.

1- You can view you current All-Star rank progress here
2- Daily, Weekly and Monthly rewards can be claimed under the devotion sub-tab.
3- All-Star rank progress is obtained by: completing All-Star tasks, buying All-Star shop items, recharging gold.

1- The badass rewards are here!
2- At rank 5 a Mikael tier hero of your choice can be gotten for free!
3- At rank 10 a Odin tier hero of your choice can be gotten for free!

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Monopoly + Thanksgiving

2015’s 1st quarter event history

Starting Day – Ending Day → Event Name (# of full days)
March 28 – March 31 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
March 23 – March 27 → Monopoly (5 days)
March 18 – March 22 → Carnival (5 days)
March 13 – March 17 → Camp War (5 days)
March 09 – March 12 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
March 04 – March 08 → Monopoly (5 days)
February 27 – March 04 → Carnival (6 days)
February 20 – February 26 → BrewFest (7 days)
February 13 – February 19 → Valentine (7 days)
February 08 – February 12 → Monopoly (5 days)
February 04 – February 07 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
January 30 – February 03 → Carnival (5 days)
January 25 – January 29 → Monopoly (5 days)
January 20 – January 24 → Camp War (5 days)
January 14 – January 19 → Carnival (6 days)
January 10 – January 13 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
January 05 – January 09 → Monopoly (5 days)

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Monopoly + Thanksgiving

2015’s 2nd quarter event history

Starting Day – Ending Day → Event Name (# of full days)
June 28 – July 01 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
June 23 – June 27 → Ludo (5 days)
June 18 – June 22 → Monopoly (5 days)
June 13 – June 17 → Carnival (5 days)
June 08 – June 12 → Brewfest (5 days) // 1st red beast
June 03 – June 07 → Camp War (5 days)
May 30 – June 02 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
May 29 – June 02 → 1st Cross-Server Tournament (5 days)
May 23 – May 29 → Red Anniversary (7 days)
May 18 – May 22 → Carnival (5 days)
May 13 – May 17 → Nian 2 (5 days)
May 08 – May 12 → Monopoly (5 days)
May 04 – May 07 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
April 28 – May 03 → Brewfest (6 days) & Camp War (5 days)
April 24 – April 27 → Masterstroke (4 days)
April 19 – April 23 → Monopoly (5 days)
April 15 – April 18 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
April 10 – April 14 → Carnival (5 days)
April 06 – April 09 → Camp War (4 days)
April 01 – April 05 → Easter Slots (5 days)

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Topic: Knight's Fable / v3.15.2: New beasts & powerful heroes for free players!

Two new powerful heroes, Two new okay beasts. No kreds required.

New 250k CSA glory hero Laocoon, a Zophiel alternative:

New 10k tavern rep hero Kratos, a Paris alternative:

New explore exchange beast Chimera:

New 1500 melee badges beast Lampard:

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Topic: Knight's Fable / v3.15.1: Red Artifact!

Your long dreamed Gear Evolution is here in Knights Fable! Find this new function in Mystical Trader – Jayce. You can enhance your legendary gears to a higher level so as to make yourself much more stronger!

1.When Cultivation Process is full, orange gear can be evolved.
2.Gear Evolution consumes Artifact Crystal, which can be exchanged for from Magic Crystal Shop in Hell Portal, and can also be bought from Mystical Shop.
3.Evolution will promote the gear quality into Red to greatly enhance its base stats, add an additional stat and an extra gem slot.

Technical Info:
1- New item: “Artifact Crystal” used to upgrade to red gear.
2- New magic crystal shop in HP, uses artifact essences as currency.
3- Red HP summon cost 20 gold initially, boxes for it will be added later.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / V3.13.3: Absolution Tower

More about mounts—Absolution Tower comes!

Time to get skills for mounts!

Time to collect more mounts!

Open Character-Mount-Collection to activate additional bonuses.
Go to Train -Skill to activate and upgrade mount skills. (Do not forget to drag the skills to skill column!)
Now time to be a better mount trainer!

Technical Info:
1- New item: “Absolution Orb” used to upgrade mount skills.
2- AT (Absolution Tower) can be attempted 3 times per day for free.
3- Health is restored after each floor.
4- Mount skills have 2 modifiers. First is upgraded via beating floors, second is upgraded via using absolution orbs similarly to upgrading hero skills.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Sacred War

Update history (since arrival on kongregate)

First half-year

2015/04/15: Knights Fable v3.12.6: Holy Throne 5th promo & blitz
2015/04/10: Knights Fable v3.12.5: Legend of Samele
2015/04/02: Knights Fable v3.12.3: Rose titles
2015/03/17: Knights Fable v3.12.0: Expedition (lvl 60 required)
2015/03/01: Knights Fable v3.11.0: Hell blitz backpack
2015/02/15: Knights Fable v3.10.0: Mount Crush & Mount upgrades.
2015/02/10: Knights Fable v3.9.6: Fate Skills.
2015/01/29: Knights Fable v3.9.0: Alternate Hero.
2015/01/23: Knights Fable v3.7.2: Group Dungeon.
2014/12/25: Knights Fable v3.6.2: Maze & ornaments.
2014/12/10: Knights Fable v3.5.4: CSA group fighting.
2014/12/03: Knights Fable v3.5.0: Beast melee.
2014/11/21: Knights Fable v3.4.0: Hero collection.
2014/11/14: Knights Fable v3.3.0: Poseidon.
2014/11/07: Knights Fable v3.2.0: New CSA system.
2014/11/05: Knights Fable v3.1.0: Vestment collection.
2014/10/27: Knights Fable v3.0.0: New beast system.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / V3.12.9: Fight for Your Goddess

Goddess is here for you! Improve your characters with our fair Goddess.

*Access Goddess panel via Char panel, it’s right next to Mount tab.

1- There are 5 goddesses, each stronger than the other with increased stats and caps:
Green Venes: free default Goddess
Blue Latona: 388 gold or event-prize
Purple Helen: 888 gold or event-prize
Orange Fantasia: event only
Red Goddesia: event only

2- Changing your goddess will keep all of its upgrades and progress.

3- Upgrading your goddess will offer not only increase stats but also unlock tier 2 char skills.

4- Player experience can be sacrificed to increase stats.

New items:

Seal Stone: Can be obtained for 30 gold or from events. Used to upgrade Goddess “Realm”.
Seal Crystal: Can be obtained from events. Used to upgrade Goddess “Realm” after level 6.
Seal of [name]: Can be obtained from events. There are 12 different type of seals (not to be confused with Seal Stone/Crystal). Like gems, you can upgrade them and insert them in their appropriate slots.

Bonus info
Realm 1 free
Realm 2 costs 2 Seal Stones and unlocks t2 skill #1
Realm 3 costs 4 Seal Stones and unlocks t2 skill #2
Realm 4 costs 8 Seal Stones and unlocks t2 skill #3
Realm 5 costs 12 Seal Stones and unlocks t2 skill #4
Realm 6 costs 16 Seal Stones
Realm 7 costs 18 Seal Stones and 2 Seal Crystals and unlocks t2 skill #5
Realm 8 costs 21 Seal Stones and 5 Seal Crystals

Up to Realm 50!

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Topic: Knight's Fable / v3.12.5: Legend of Samele

Luck or Guard, which one will you meet? Are you lucky enough to access the last Stage and pick up the legendary hero Apollo or the powerful beast Unholy Blood Wolf? Be prepared for this adventure!

1. 1 free attempt everyday. 50 gold for the next 4 attempts. 100 gold after that.
2. Legend of Samele consists of 9 stages, each with a choice of 9 secret chambers, pick one to try your luck.
3. There are 3 types of secret chambers: Guard Chamber which kills the player instantly and gives no reward, Fortune Chamber which passes the stage but without the stage reward. Treasure Chamber which passes the stage AND gives the stage reward.
4. Players can use the “Refresh” button to repick randomly the treasures of all stages at once. This can be used to change the reward of the current stage and the future stages but not change the rewards of previously passed stages since each passed stage gives the reward instantly.
5. Players can use the “Remove” button to reveal 1 Guard Chamber in current stage.
6. After being killed, players can use the “Revive” button to continue exploring the current stage.
7. After being killed, players can use the “Reset” button to restart the current stage.

Additional info:
1- Each passed stage gives increasing amount of points (10,20,etc) to spend in the point shop.
2- Unspent points are saved.
3- Each stage has 1 additional Guard Chamber. Starting with none on stage 1 and 8 on stage 9.
4- Not all stage rewards have the same chance to appear when refreshing rewards.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Easter Slots Arrives!

Easter Day is coming! In celebration of this special day, we present you with a brand new event: Easter Slot, where you can experience extreme excitement and joy. Let’s see what’s this new event is about.

1.Easter Slot is a special event created for the Easter Day, where you can spin different items and win points according to the combos. You can also collect Easter Eggs from this event to exchange for fancy Easter Vestment.
2.You can bet Slot Coins before every spin. Higher bets give higher chances to get Easter Eggs.
3.Special rewards will be given when you have 3 Easter Eggs in your combination. Different bets give different amounts of rewards. For example, if you spin 3 Easter Eggs with a bet of 5 Slot Coins you will get 5 Easter Eggs.
4.One free chance is given every day. You can also collect more coins from shop and events.
5.Points will be given according to listed combos. After reaching points threshold, you can claim rewards from Point Rewards and Point Rank.
6.Easter Eggs can be used to exchange for rewards from Easter Shop and events.

Great event must have great rewards! In this new event, we will give out fancy Easter Clothing and Easter Weapon. Easter Clothing can be collected by exchange 90 Easter Eggs, and Easter Weapon will appear in rank rewards. 30 Easter Eggs will be sent out for free! You only need 60 Easter Eggs to get the clothing! Trust your luck and give it a try! In addition, Easter Wings and cute Easter mount will come out later in following events! Be prepared to embrace continuous surprise!

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Monopoly + Thanksgiving

2015’s 3rd quarter event history

Starting Day – Ending Day → Event Name (# of full days)
September 23 – September 27 → Carnival (5 days)
September 18 – September 22 → Ludo (5 days)
September 14 – September 17 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
September 09 – September 13 → Brewfest (5 days) // 2nd red beast
September 04 – September 08 → Monopoly (5 days)
August 30 – September 03 → Carnival (5 days)
August 25 – August 29 → Camp War (5 days)
August 20 – August 24 → Ludo (5 days)
August 16 – August 19 → Lucky Strike (4 days)
August 11 – August 15 → Monopoly (5 days)
August 06 – August 10 → Brewfest (5 days)
August 01 – August 05 → Carnival (5 days)
Jule 27 – July 31 → Camp War (5 days)
July 26 – July 31 → 2nd Cross-Server Tournament (5 days)
July 22 – July 26 → Ludo (5 days)
July 17 – July 21 → Monopoly (5 days)
July 12 – July 16 → Carnival (5 days)
July 07 – July 11 → Brewfest (5 days)
July 02 – July 06 → Camp War (5 days)

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Topic: Knight's Fable / v3.12.0: Expedition (lvl 60 required)

Choose 3 heroes to fight their way through 12 random opponents with increasing rewards for each win.

1.Hero Expedition opens at lvl. 60.
2.Everyday from 0am to 1am EDT is the preparation period, your progress will reset during the period.
3.Everyday, all players have 1 attempt to conquer the Expedition. Players with VIP6 or above have 2 attempts.
4.All players can spend 100 gold to buy 1 more attempt everyday.
5.Your heroes and opponents will not recover HP after each fight.
6.Earn super prize after defeating all 12 enemies.
7.Your progress will be saved until the next preparation period, unless you reset it manually.
8.When you reset the Expedition, your attempt will be used and your progress will reset too.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / [ANNOUNCEMENT] CSA glory (final edit: march 13th)

March 7th: There are still cases of glory reset so they will try to fix it more before sending the glory back.
March 13th: All glory has now been given back, delay was compensated greatly, everyone’s happy!

Have you lost glory in CSA? Time has finally come to get it back!

Use the following template and do not double post. If you forgot how much glory you lost, then give your best approximation, be honest.

Glory lost:


IGN: Zgod
Glory lost: ~140k
Note: was saving up to reach 150k, I so sad ;_;

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Topic: Knight's Fable / BrewFest Event (with updated info)

BrewFest top 50 ranked players will get:

Duration: Feb 20th to Feb 26th
Conditions: For players of Lvl.20 and above.
1. Daily material pack will be given away at 12:00 and 18:00. With higher Brewmaster level, you can get more materials. (30 at initial level, then 35, etc.)
2. Players can brew alcoholic beverage with materials of different qualities. The higher quality, the better you brew.(1-4 pts for normal, 1-6 for uncommon, 1-8 for rare)
3. 1-3% Fatigue is accumulated with each brewing process. 1 material with Fatigue of 0-49%. 2 materials with Fatigue of 50-99%. 3 materials with Fatigue of 100%. (resets to 0% once the brew is sold)
4. Chances of getting double or triple points.
5. Only brew of Lvl.3 and above can be released for points.
6. Brew of Lvl.20 and above will be placed automatically into the party for all players to enjoy at 12:00, 18:00 and 22:00. Random item is rewarded after enjoy.
7. Each party lasts for 1 hour. Brew enjoyment has a 5 minutes cooldown.
8. After brew is depleted, the brewer can get popularity to raise Brewmaster level. (from 10 pts for lvl 20 brew to 15 pts for lvl 25 brew)
9. Players who get ranked can claim daily rank rewards. Players who obtain cumulative points no less than 1200 can get ranked in the overall rank and claim rewards at the end of the event.
10. Players can exchange rare items of a limited quantity with points in Brew Shop.