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Topic: Technical Support / Kred charged card but said it wasnt processed

I tried a kred transaction for $20 and it charged me, but it said the request couldnt be processed, and i tried again, and it charged me again, with same response. Can someone fix this please? I dont want to be scammed 40$ in such a way.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mech Conquest] Problems loading

Stuck at “connecting to server….” screen, why wont it load past this? I want to try this game T.T

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Topic: Technical Support / Account Blocked (Kred Purchase Disabled)

My account username is bloodeyelfz2 and I’m having trouble purchasing kreds. Frankly I haven’t purchased kreds in about 2 years now, and now that I would like to it says my account is blocked? Can this be fixed? I also read the most asked questions which said to also leave full name on credit/debit card which should be Lou M Sullivan. – New to forum posting, sorry if I’m doing this wrong.