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Topic: The Arts / (HORRIBLE) Song cover! :D please tell me what you think

xXesandXx, please, don’t say you’re horrible! You’ve got a beautiful voice and technique.

The sound quality is poor indeed, but I could appreciate clearly your voice, and I think you should be less shy. I could hear you were singing in a low voice (right?). Don’t do that either! Remember thoracic diaphragm breathing and be less concerned about what others might think or not of what you do.

You truly surprised me in a good way, and I’d love listening to more of your stuff. Your voice is beautiful, bear that in mind. Keep it up.

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Topic: The Arts / [REQUESTS] Exquisite Llama Gallery, AKA: How do llamas type anyway?

Wow JTLL, that’s so cute. I adore your work on shades and the thickness of the bordelines.

Great job!

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Topic: The Arts / Aguspal art workshop

I know the arts forum needs more activity and I don’t like locking threads unless it’s necessary, but since this thread got bumped and it lacks of content, I’ll have to do so.

Feel free to start a new one whenever you have some pieces to share, or contact me to unlock this one, Aguspal!

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Topic: The Arts / New song [feedback wanted!]

Thank you xXensandXx! Thank you for the kind comment.

I actually write the lyrics for my band’s songs and the songs too, along with my brother (the band’s guitar player). We are recording our first work at the moment.

I will translate “Deberías” lyrics below for you :)

“You should, someday,
instead of fighting all the time
and then ending up
in my bed defeated…

It’s raining in the city and you’re getting wet.
When I’m with you the time passes strangely, backwards.

You should, someday,
when you go out for a walk
by the seashore
open the door for me…

it’s raining in the city…

It’s not about giving you
all those things I don’t even have for me
The lies dress up like truth
but as long as I wait for you someday you’ll arrive.

You should, someday,
instead of thinking that your smile
is like the magic of my days,
my everyday…"

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks once again for listening to my song and the nice comment. Happy easter.

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Topic: The Arts / New song [feedback wanted!]

Hello everybody!

It’s been a long time since I started a new topic on this forum, and I’m really a bit nervous.

I started writting this song a year and a half ago and after a lot of changes both in the metric and in the lyrics, I can finally share it with all of you.

The song’s name is “Deberías” (“You should” in spanish) and a week ago I played it with some band mates in a radio show. This is the acoustic version of the song.

P.S: know the voice take wasn’t great, but I wanted to show the concept of the song. Please don’t be harsh on the feedback. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Deberías by Es Tabú

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Topic: The Arts / A few paintings

WOW! How comes I haven’t seen this thread before?

I adore your style, impressive and inspiring work.

The detail in your pieces and the color pallette make your work really distinctive. Actually I was looking for an artist like you to do the cover art of the cd of my band.

My favorite one is Zappa’s one, it appears to be simple but you managed to made it recognizable and the look of those eyes is amazing.

Keep it up man! I hope to see some more soon.

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Topic: The Arts / [REQUESTS] Exquisite Llama Gallery, AKA: How do llamas type anyway?

Originally posted by JTtheLlama:

I hope this is satisfactory. :P I’m not sure how they’re both out of sync with each other, but it should be fine. I made them 140×140 so Kong doesn’t resize them when you change your avatar.

You may also notice that I made a wrist where there was none. :P

Sweet! Of course I wasn’t expecting you to redraw it at all lol. I love both outcomes! Great job. Thanks JTLL.

I will use the first one as my avatar.

By the way, did you listen the album? Hope you enjoy it :)

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Topic: The Arts / [REQUESTS] Exquisite Llama Gallery, AKA: How do llamas type anyway?

Originally posted by JTtheLlama:

Almost a month apart this time.

This is for my friend’s stream/thing. Not sure which font is the one yet.

I’d go for the 4th one, the one with the underlined “U”. You have improved a lot since I last saw one of your pieces, (and that was a loooong time ago!) and I’d like to make a request, if possible:

I’d like an animation of this image. It’s the cover art of Los Orfebres by Pez (an Argentinian band I dig a lot).

I know it’s a strange request, but feel free to do whatever you feel is fine. I would love to use it as my avatar!

Hey thanks in advance, JTLL!

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Topic: The Arts / I just started a speed drawing channel on youtube, check it out.

I just liked your Facebook page. Your technique is great and I’m looking forward to join that live stream.

Keep it up!

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Topic: The Arts / Amateur Artist - Student Kiwi

Hey Wiuk!

Nice job. I like your style, I checked your dA and found some interesting stuff. As far as I can notice, one of your strong points’ pen shading, as littlemike said above.

Your style reminds me a bit of MakoFufu , a local artist that recently moved to the States. Maybe you should check her work, she does some sweet Chibi characters and her work with colours is wonderful.

Keep it up and don’t forget to share some new ones with us! :)

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Topic: The Arts / :) Post your music and art here ;) AWESOME

Feel free to share your pieces, janis, but please don’t be vulgar.

I will lock this thread, please feel free to open a new one sharing your deviantart gallery!

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Topic: The Arts / Set of the week

Hey guys, how have you been? I finally think I’m back, and hopefully this time for good!

Anyway, in the past six months I have played a lot with my band, Es Tabú, and I have started DJing too. I’m not a great DJ at all, and that’s why I came up with an idea; making a ‘set of the week/month/whatever’ kind of contest to get some practice.

The main concept would be for each entrant to submit a set in order to compete with the rest, then a judge would rate each set and choose a winner.

Would anyone be interested? We’d need judges, someone to choose the theme/genre/requirements the set would have to fit and, of course, DJs!

So, for example, I’m participating, and the week’s genre is electro house and let’s suppose the set’s duration should be superior to 1 hour, I would enter something like this.


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Topic: The Arts / Some pen drawings I did lately and pencil

Great job, man!

I like your style, not only are you outstanding with the shading and depth, but also you did an amazing work on the backgrounds.

Nice, qwerber!

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Topic: The Arts / WANTED: kongregates musicians

If you ever resume this project please let me know!

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Topic: The Arts / Paintings: feel free to give your opinion

You have a very own style, that’s great. I’d work on the colours, as 1337al mentioned above.

Thanks for sharing!

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Topic: The Arts / First thoughts on my signature

Well, it looks nice but you could make it look much better :)

First, go for only one focal point. You have, like, three; text and both Pokémon.

The sig has no flow at all, it looks a bit plain. Maybe you should go for another background and a light source.

Don’t go for cool effects on the background, a nice render and a text. Sigs aren’t that hard to make and once you know the basics. Look for some tuts, I’m sure you’ll be great at it in no time!

You just need practice, patience and imagination! Do you use Gimp? Because if so I can give you some .xcf’s and maybe some tips :)

Keep it up!

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Topic: Off-topic / So I just watched Gangnam Style.

Oh, don’t worry, we all thought the same at first. Then, for some strange reason, everybody keeps listening the song and watching the video.

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Topic: The Arts / Deriaz's Armory (Cubone and Apple - 4/12)

Insane! Can’t wait to see the final piece.

By the way, Queen rules. The whole “A night at the opera” album is amazing.

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Topic: The Arts / Hey ya'll it has been awhile just checking back.

Oh, ok! It still looks nice.

Yeah, I’ve been really busy with my new job and stuff. I’ll try to be around more often :)

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Topic: The Arts / Hey ya'll it has been awhile just checking back.

Ohhh, I like it. It’d be a great scenario for a game, heh.

Great job on the grass details and shading. Maybe I’d add a clearer light source, and I would edit the background stock in order to look sharper, it makes a huge contrast with those vines.

Keep it up :)

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Topic: The Arts / Kong Arts Forum doesn't work

As far as I can see you have only had one post hidden by a forum mod, and they hid it because you were flaming another user.

I’m locking this thread since this isn’t the place to discuss these things, please send a mail to in order to get an answer from the site admins.

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Topic: The Arts / Me playing one of my tunes

Sweet, I can finally see your new controller in action!

I like that bass line a lot. Nice tune.

Hey, what do you think about the SL MKII? I mean, how do the keys feel? Would you mind making a short review? I want to buy a new controller and as far as I’ve seen I truly like that one :P

P.S: I’d love to make a piece with you. /randomthought.

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Topic: The Arts / Piano music!


And I suggested putting each part separately in this thread :)

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Topic: The Arts / My music in a Game Trailer

Hey DrumJ8, congratulations :) The game looks really good.

Would you mind posting a link to the full piece? You’ll make things easier for us to give you feedback and enjoy your song :)

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Topic: The Arts / Piano music!

Hey 0ii0, nice Youtube channel. I like your stuff!

For how long have you been playing? Are you learning to play with a teacher or alone?

I suggest you checking this channel, you’ll find lots of cool piano tutorials in there :) Hope that helps!

I suggest you embedding the links to the pieces next time instead of linking your channel. That wway the thread will be more appealing and neat, and you’ll get more feedback on each piece!

Good luck!