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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Thanks for the reports. We will look into the unresolved issues.

Originally posted by bkb24:
Originally posted by cappi7:

I keep looking but, in the mall under the coupon tab the Bunny rabbit gear has failed to appear. I click blindly and furiously into the blackness with hope that it will ultimately lead me from the darkness to a fresh pair of rabbit ears . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but alas when I clench my fist in the blackness I am left holding disappointment.

same issue

This was caused by a text file caching feature we added recently and we didn’t force the clearing of the cache after the release of the new coupon items – this should be fixed now.

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Topic: Time World / Open question for playmage

There is no need to explain or defend the patching of an obvious exploit of the game mechanic. We will monitor things for next couple weeks and if it’s found that resource gathering indeed have become an issue due to the closing of a single exploit, then we will make changes in the next major update/expansion to address it in a proper way (eg. as how we improved exp rates in the past expansion).

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Topic: Time World / Announcements and Patch Notes

Update March 27, 2014
- Phantom Nebular will now filter out players who has too low of army/power ratio to prevent possible abuse.
- Minor bug fixes.

The next expansion is currently planned for early June. We are unable to share any other information at this point but will post more as time gets closer.

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Topic: Time World / If Shanks was banned, why is he allowed to use Nforcer's account?

We banned shanks and all the alts for cheating/exploitation, but we do not have the ability to prevent an actual player from playing as long as they can create infinite accounts and using different IPs and we have no way to fully proof the identity of the player. I believe this is the same strategy used by Kongregate.

As for the Nforcer account, we do allow babysitting another players account for indefinite time as long as the intention is that the original player may return and take back the account eventually. However, if the person uses the account, then he cannot use any other accounts in the game (including his main). We do not allow permanent transfer of the accounts and definitely do not allow selling of any accounts.

While we do not allow selling of Time World accounts, what ends up in the transaction is actually Kongregate account credentials. If anyone do have proof (which we don’t) that actual monetary transaction has been taken place on selling of any Kongregate account, it should be reported to Kongregate directly as Kongregate also has strict policy against selling of their accounts.

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Topic: Time World / Do NOT play multiple accounts

This is another reminder to not use multiple accounts to take advantage of the game, or risk permanently losing your account.

Today we have permanently banned an account that used hundreds of alts in a pyramid referral scheme and transferred 17K+ Gold to the main account via the trade gold system. This player had a previous account banned for the same reason and will not be given a another chance. We also found some evidence that this player used some these alts to refresh other galaxy lists so his main account can launch precise attacks on weaker players when they are changing assignments.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Thanks for the bug reports and the replies.

Originally posted by stalliga888:

Why are we all receiving items from advisor daily for no reason?

Originally posted by Chromis:
Originally posted by jul7493:

Xmas is back !
Event eqs in mall, snowman frags etc :P

PM just could not get enough of Xmas.. so I guess he wants Xmas to come around several times a year..

We are running a Valentine’s + Presidents day event right now. The Snowman still fitting since the winter isn’t quite over yet this year.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Thanks for all the reports.

Originally posted by Vinghiskhan:

XXXX promoted an blue hero to the purple hero! Congratulations.

Just a particularly bad grammatical error.

XXXX promoted a blue hero to a purple hero! Congratulations.

Not that it matters too much.

This should be fixed.

Originally posted by Vaylen:

On WoH:1 Planet in the War Tab, winning on the mission that says 0 actions points are used still uses an action point

War of Hero chapters do not get the discount – it’s a display error. It should be fixed now.

Originally posted by Flowerpot:

I have a hero I tried to promote from green lvl 50 to blue. I did not have the required crystals but it got changed to blue lvl 50 anyway. Now it appears to be stuck at level 50 with no way to promote it.

You should start on level 1 instead of 50 if actually succeeded, so you probably was looking at two different heroes. Send me a private message with the hero promoted if you are sure it worked. Also, you need to unlock chapter 10-16 before you can raise your hero level past 50.

Originally posted by EmperorIvan:

Switched from fighters to ms and the raid started in the middle of the switch :P
Feel free to remove, otherwise I can salvage.

Thanks for the report, we will look into this.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Thanks for the report. The S3 set bonus has now been fixed. You may need to re-equip an item or re-login to apply the fix to your set bonus.

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Topic: Time World / locked

Please don’t post topics that mislead other players. We have no plans to stop supporting time world anywhere in the near future.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Thanks for the bug reports.

Originally posted by n0aX:
Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

I finally got it…but it was a stupid number of AP. Should double check the odds…and add guarantees..

While you are doing all those, please give everyone 20 gold gems also playmage, thanks.

Collection odds do not differ by chapter and is not configured separately for each chapter. For every chapter, there be bound to be ~50% of player taking longer than average number of tries to get the coin, and around 10% of players may take significantly longer than the average. We may add guarantees for this new feature in a future major update or expansion.

Originally posted by dkwz:

On EACH win of the boss in chapter 9 collection mode, you are presented with a dialog “chap 15 Mille Crag Lake: we have reach MCL, it seems …”, click Next a few time, and the chapter change to 15, so you have to get to Map screen, change page, back to chapter 9, scroll down to the boss.

And you have to do it after EVERY hit in collection mode (approximately 50 times?)

Seriously, test test test before release!!!

This should be fixed but may require reloading the game.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Thanks for bug reports.

Originally posted by Galaxy8:

Not sure if I should post this on bug or suggestion forum, but doing the collects has not given me any fragments, (I’ve completed chap1+2). So:

  1. If this is a bug, please fix it.
  2. If the collection chapters doesn’t give fragments, please make them do it.
  3. If I’ve just been really unlucky, ignore this post.

We were basing fragment drop logic based on the target chapter, but have changed to your current chapter now.

Originally posted by B3bomber:

Has the Mobile Fortress being lethaled bug been fixed? I’m still replacing them often. In fact it seems more often since the last update.

There was never such a bug as they can be destroyed, but there was a bug where some players MF were targeting much more often than others, which was already fixed.

Originally posted by GoDTim:

it is about mummy king. Frost Phantom’s range display wrong when my cursor pointing to it. it should be +2 range.

This should be fixed soon.
Update: this is now fixed but may require reloading the game if you logged in before the fix is in place.

Originally posted by n0aX:

Spent 220~230ap in total till 2.3. Spent 175~185 ap for 2.4. Still no gold coin drop.
Is anyone having such low drop issue or am I just jinxed?
I am asking if someone is around chapter 1-2 still. Before chapter7.2 was not bugged, now it is bugged. who knows what’s going on with the random “luck” in the game.

Jinxed on the Gold Coin. Chapter 7.2 is now fixed.

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Topic: Time World / Want to know what "Dodge" really mean?

Chapter 7.2 should now be fixed.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Originally posted by TheCleaner:

İ just hit twice phantom and once target screen, server kicked me out all 3 lost 8 ap and some quantity energy but got no battle report nor resources

Thanks for the report. This should be fixed now.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Hi guys. It looks like Mummy King achievements are not working right now. We will have it fixed ASAP when our dev team gets back into the office early Monday. Sorry for the inconveniences this has caused.

Also, the planet count will say 6 instead of 7 on the galaxy screen for players who completed chapter 16. This is just a display error and the fix will be rolled out when we fixed the achievement bug on Monday.

UPDATE: We just deployed a quick patch to fix these issues. The Mummy King achievements should start counting now (unfortunately no retroactive progress credit) and the planet count display should also be fixed.

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Topic: Time World / Announcements and Patch Notes

Update December 20, 2013 – “Escaped Memories” Expansion + Holiday Event

Sovereign’s Log Entry: Escaped Memories
As we got closer to our final objective, I am starting to forget the details on how we got here. Things start to become blank after having random headaches. My subordinates have filled me in but the description sound quite surreal and unbelievable. I have decided to revisit some of the places to recapture those escaped memories.

  • New Collection Story Mode
    • Revisit previous defeated mobs and bosses and try to collected their figure coins by defeating them.
    • You will get the same experience/reward as fighting your current chapter, but their army strength are also scaled up.
    • Get 0.5% bonus exp per each silver coin collected, 1% bonus exp per each gold coin, and 5% bonus exp per each completed chapter set!
    • Drop rate is set to 5% for silver (mob) coins and 2% for gold (boss) coins.
    • In addition, you can collect a bonus achievement reward for completing each set in the Achievement screen!
    • The new mode is available for players Chapter 5+. You can only collect for chapters you fully completed.
  • New War of Heroes Raid Boss
    • Travel to the Land of the Dead and fight the Mummy King!
    • Added new obstacle elements in the battlefield!
    • Difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, Insane (no easy mode).
    • Collect new Zirconium Gear Set!
  • New Story Chapter 16
    • Captured the Escaped Charrluzar!
    • Fight the baddest opponents in the story so far!
    • No new planets after completion, but you can finally open the Chapter 17 box!
  • New War of Heroes Arena Gear Set
    • New S3 Arena Gear Set is here!
    • This week reward has been upgraded to the new S3 set!
  • Crystal trade system
    • You can trade inferior crystals for better crystals.
    • This is limited to up to purple crystals (golden crystal cannot be traded).
    • We may add ways to downward trade in the future.
  • New Player Catch-up Program
    • Increase new building and tech to level 20 will only require 10% of time and resource.
    • No AP is required to fight your current chapter mission up to chapter 8.
  • Strengthen Gem Guarantees
    • Added guarantees for gem enhance like skill book!
    • Lowered base success rate on higher levels so average expected tries remain same as before.
  • Added New Achievements
    • In addition to the new collection achievements, we added 11 War of Heroes Achievements!
    • Earn new achievement for Arena consecutive wins and winning the new raid boss.
  • 2013 Holiday Event
    • The Snowman returns!
    • New 2013 Christmas Coupon Gears!
    • Gold Bonus Sale through the event!
    • Ends on January 2nd, 2014
  • Ship Tier Balancing
    • Instead of flat 5% war reduction between each ship class it’s changed to below:
    • Between T1 and T5, war reduction increased to 10% per class)
    • Between T5 and above, reduction reduced to 4% (Note: T6/T7 is class 15/16, boss ships are between class 6-19)
  • Misc Improvements
    • War of Heroes items add to list of possible auction items.
    • Golden Hero now have 2 additional skill slots.
    • Added a button to auto-decline invites for the next hour.
    • Coupon gears sell value is now 10x of their previous sell value.
    • Number of helps remaining for each task in progress now listed the in command center.
    • Fixed a issue where bunny ears might cover hp in War of Heroes.
    • Fixed a rare case where galaxy member bids might not display in yellow italics.
    • Misc minor bug fixes.

Happy Holidays!
Playmage Team

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

Originally posted by stalliga888:

Hello PM,

Getting close to December now, any chance on a date for the next expansion?


It’s current tracking to be released between December 23rd and 27th. We are working hard to make it happens before Christmas so it can be released together with the Holiday Event, but there are no guarantees.

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

As long as we’re talking about future expansions, any more news on this?

Originally posted by playmage:
Originally posted by LordShoe:

I just had to use 12 command gems to get a 50% chance.
Thats what? a 1/4096 chance of that happening?

It took TWELVE to get something that is supposed to be a 1 out of 2 chance.

Something HAS to be implemented like the skills.
This is bullcrap. 12 command gems, we’re talking 96,000 coupons.

Technically it’s 1 in 2048 because you failed only 11 times if it took you 12 tries. This means on average of every 2048 attempts to increase 1 enhance level, someone may get screwed with this crappy odds (so it’s not as unlikely as you think). It’s indeed pretty bad when bad luck like this happens, so we may likely add guarantees like skill books in the next expansion as one of the main improvements

however, it’s likely the success odds will be slightly reduced for higher enhance levels to balance things out a little if we add guarantees.

Since this has been asked many times – yes, the guarantee will be added and base odds will be lowered for equipment enhancing in the new expansion. Unfortunately, there is not much more than that we can reveal about the expansion however at this point.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Originally posted by fosto3D:
Originally posted by Grasnabe:

I lose every time with every hit my MF! that does not really have more fun

Grasnabe was advised to report by his galaxy mates (the same ones who suggested Alice to post his MF bug before)

I’ve hit with him and i think i have same bug
I get 100% of all the 1st hits (which everybody knows hurt the most)
We tried switching targets, leaders.. whatever i do I’m at the top and get all the 1st hits

I copied 3 battle logs here where WWW, XXX, YYY and ZZZ are the opponents and A, B, C are in my team
I’m not the strongest, highest in this team nor lowest
B gets hit least. he even got only 1 hit in all once.

I started having more spares.. lost 4MF on this pillar and had to stop whilst all the others went all out and lost 0-1 x.x
My MF has leth def 32, nearly 800 war and dodge, rep, def skills)

Why does 1 gets more hits (and the 1st hits) and others nearly nothing?? and this for each battle??

Originally posted by docauntry:

I have the same problem as gras, fosto and Mav. Every time I hit a pillar in a bigger team against a decent galaxy, I always lose my MF. I’m always targeted, with no exceptions. I believe AliceMagi also has this problem.

Originally posted by googol:

I had the same problem as docauntry. I used to mix up shanks and mav all the time in the forums because of their names, although they’re not even remotely similar. PM please fix

Thanks for the reports. This bug should have been fixed a while ago but it may seem to have resurfaced in a recent update/patch. We will redeploy the fix soon and hopefully will address this problem. If it still happens couple days after today, please send me a private message with battle report numbers so we can take a look.

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

Ok so I’ve been noticing this problem for a few days…but just to make sure it wasn’t my imagination I wrote down the numbers.

I logged off with 130494 of my lethal fighters (100,900 equiped and 29549 unequiped)

When I logged on today, there were no defense reports in my mail…only 4 pillar notices. But now I have 125,185 lethal fighters (100,900 equiped, 24285 unequiped)

So 5264 just vanished and are unaccounted for. My only guess is that it could have something to do with an incomplete ship build. Maybe MS builds don’t correctly account for the fractions of space that are taken by a small amount of fighters?

This normally happens if you have been attacked or have it set as reinforcement, and have enabled auto-assign.

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Topic: Time World / Half a Screen

Originally posted by AmISure:

its annoying I only get Half a Screen

If you still haven’t solved this, please try reseting both your browser’s zoom (from view menu or use ctrl+0 or command+0) and flash plugin’s zoom (right click in game and choose show all).

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Topic: Time World / Game flaws and suggestions

Sounds very insightful, but please post them on this thread instead.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Originally posted by Nforcer007:

RESTAT went wrong. . . the base com on a few of my restats ONLY went down to 226, 229, 203 on a lvl 80 hero. Thats almost 500 gold wasted when they should of dropped down to the 160 range. Could someone please check into this and refund the gold please.

Thanks for the report: Please check the following:
- Is it a gold hero, if so, they do gain 3 auto assigned points in the minor attribute (eg. 3 com/lv for war heroes)
- Did you put the gears back on before looking at the restat attributes?

If neither is true, please send me a whisper with your in-game name so we can take a look.

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Topic: Time World / The long, slow death

The game is doing quite well and we are still planning to release more expansions for the game and coordinate with Kong to promote the game. The next expansion will likely be released in roughly couple months from now, but we cannot provide any details at this time other than it will include ways for new players to catch up easier and new features that will keep both new player and old player engaged longer in the game.

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Topic: Time World / predictions on new content

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

PM didn’t respond to my bug from about 2 weeks ago. I think he gave up on TW to work on those new games. :(

Your bug report was forwarded to the dev team to investigate. They have not gotten back to me yet because the main engineers on the project was on long vacation. I will ping them again.

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Topic: Time World / Collaboration for WoH arena wins...

Arena tournament is not intended to be a competition who has the most friend willing to spend AP and lose to them. This should be pretty obvious without stating explicitly. In fact, this is not even the first time the collaboration issue has been mentioned as people have been banned before. So no, we are not shocked it’s going on. This is just the first time we stated officially on a sticky. It’s not up for any debate.

The game already has mechanism where after 2 matches of same pairing, the winning points drops to 2 points, but we can set this to 1 point or 0 point and people will still find ways around it. So we keep it at 2 points incase two people are actually trying to fight each other several times instead of boosting each other. This is actually important as often there are not many participants waiting in the Arena.

For those who thinks helping boosting rank is okay: The next time you feel like helping someone “secure” their position, remember that if someone reports it to us, that person you try to help will loose all their rankings. It’s ridiculous when we have players complaining that they were told they must surrender in 2vs2 or 3vs3 to help out their teammate’s friend, and was shocked things like this is going on, because they wanted to play but can’t because their teammate surrendered. Remember you are hurting all other players ranking as well when you are helping someone else.

Originally posted by EvilGM:

I saw the post from PM, but I really have to shake my head…

Since arena gear makes a rat’s ass difference in combat, build a bridge and get over it, because the drama just isn’t worth it.

I am sorry that you are disappointed, but starting a thread like this is probably not the best way to avoid that drama you feel the gears aren’t worth. I will lock this thread but you can continue to PM me regarding your disappointment and how you think it should be fixed. If someone else also have better suggestions on how to automatically deter collaboration without making the Arena unplayable at times than the system we current have in place, please post it in the suggestion thread.

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Topic: Time World / Do NOT collaborate to boost WoH ranking

This has been mentioned before, but we will make an official sticky post because once in a while, a couple people will fail to see this as cheating and think it’s okay.

Under no circumstances it is okay to intentionally lose/surrender to friends and galaxy members with the purpose of boost their Woh Arena rankings. If we receive reports regarding a collaboration, the collaborated ranking will be immediately deleted. Repeat offenders and those who break other rules (such as using alts to boost) will also be banned from the game.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Thanks for the reports. We are looking into all unresolved issue.

Originally posted by exergo:

hi, i get attacked with fighters, i won 17-100 and the attacker loose 0 t1?? is that possible?
defense report 4085081

This is possible when all your attacks didn’t roll a lethality hit. E.g. a 70% lethality on a weapon (assuming other player has no lethality defense) means each attack has 70% of causing 70% of the ships to be lost in battle.

Originally posted by Dwarwen28:

Hi, it’s not really a bug/glitch, just a little mistake probably. The stun spells has 2 names: punch and strike. If you see the details of Punch the card is named strike (blue text). All other spells have same names on their cards…

It should say Punch as well just like the card. This should be fixed in the next update.

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

I played this game for like 5 min a long time ago, but now the tutorials glitches up and I can’t progress-
Tutorial-click on the “War” menu whenever you are ready to continue
Can’t click anything but war
Tutorial-click on the top pirate to finish her off!
Can’t click anything but attack
Tutorial-the enemy armies stronger than ours, build 4 more fighters and assign them to hero to proceed.
Can’t click anything but X button
Then it goes on in an infinite chain. Reset plz.
I can’t click anything other than

It looks like you originally created an account back in 2011 which isn’t compatible with the new tutorial sequence. You should be now able to start the tutorial again.